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'Paul and Albert'

The Rev. G. Vale Owen

Paul and Albert

The Rev. G. Vale Owen

This is a book given through amanuensis the Rev. G. Vale Owen, received in the same manner as the 'Life Beyond The Veil' series. 'Paul and Albert' is a true story based upon spiritual records of real events which are available in the spiritual Spheres. This book deals with the entering into the 'hells' of a once selfish surgeon, who, having abused his position for the satisfaction of his own lesser self and often cruel nature, finds himself in an unfamiliar place.

The strangeness of the place in which he has awoken confuses him, and at first he does not find it at all easy to realize that he is no longer in a body of flesh - that he is in fact 'dead'. However, even after realization that he has passed out of the earthly body, he continues with the same attitude and in the same manner as on Earth, and he tries various methods to achieve satisfaction for his own selfish ways, thus falling further and further into increasingly hideous and vile realms.

The various levels of existence into which "Paul" passes each contain inhabitants of very much the same spiritual development, or rather decremented spiritual health. However, some are stronger willed than others, and these generally always seek to be the leader through the imposition of a pain-causing will upon others. Paul - the name given to this unfortunate soul for the sake of this narrative - tries to impose his strong will on others until he is eventually so sick of it all, that a small spark of repentance is kindled, which is to eventually grow and aid him in his great struggle, literally and metaphorically, out of those awful planes.

The narrative shows by graphically explained example that every action which has been committed must have its consequences, and that such consequences must be faced by the doer of the action. Thus, for example, we see that those who wilfully inflicted pain on others are in some cases subjected to having vicious and sickening 'operations' carried out on them by other equally cruel inhabitants who have learned how to control such situations; the pain is really felt, but the spiritual-body merely continues to live on. It is explained that some of the events in those dark conditions are beyond the power of description, and even if it was possible for them to be described, the content would be not be considered suitable by any reputable publisher.

This book is one of hope for all, but it is also a severe warning to those who act and think with a total disregard for others, with the aim of bringing to themselves those things which are merely to please the lower, lesser self. If the world could realize that the events in this book are literally a part of history, then the betterment of the Earth would be a natural consequence.

Tony Bisson

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