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As Mr. Hillyard has insisted that my name shall appear, I feel I must say a word or two in regard to all the effort and thought he has put into this Book of SERVICES. The lack of Services suitable for these modern times is very noticeable among different denominations, and still more so for those who do not profess any specified belief, and this may include members of the Forces. Quite apart from this there are many people in private life, with sympathetic natures, who find themselves suddenly called upon to give verbal help in times of trouble. They refuse simply because of lack of experience, and the fact that no suitable book is available to give them guidance. We all know such people. Many are grand souls, and their ministrations are badly needed by those who find themselves overwhelmed with sorrow.

This Book of SERVICES is offered with great diffidence by Mr. Hillyard, but he has felt an irresistible urge from Spirit Life to compile it. We are sure that all who make use of it will feel the sincerity of his motive and accept the gift in the spirit in which it is made - love and understanding.


Because of copyright issues, a portion of each Church Service has been removed.
However, it is possible to acquire a new Book of Services from:
Bookshop of the Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association (G.W.C.S.A.)

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