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Spirit Messages In Tune With Original
Greater World Spiritual Philosophy...

All of the above books should be obtainable from...
The G.W.C.S.A. Bookshop

Priceless and beautiful revelations of the Bible from the World of Spirit (1907)
by a Spirit Messenger for any follower of Jesus the Christ...

Christ In You (.pdf)

Christ In You (.pdf) with the footnote references written out as biblical quotes

Nine chronologically-ordered PDF volumes of
Zodiac Messages - 1923-1928 (chapters hyperlinked)...

File containing the web pages of all the Zodiac Messages on this website...

Books By The Reverend Arthur Chambers...

Also recommended but not in the Greater World Classics Section...

A rare and lovely little book written by Mr Charles Hedges,
the founder of our local Jersey church

(only two known copies in existence)

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