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The Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church of Jersey
is affiliated to the G.W.C.S.A.

Contact / Information


Note: During Covid times services are on demand. If you want to attend a Divine Service on Sunday, please email and a service will be held to which you can attend.

Good Friday Service at 10 am

On Sundays, there is a Divine Service at 6.30 pm.

Please Note:

At present we do not have a local medium serving the church.

Until we have a medium serving the church we have the following Divine Service:

* A hymn or two
* Some prayers
* A Bible reading
* A reading of a Message from the Spirit

We are very few on the ground at present yet the services are full of uplifting spiritual power. Anyone is welcome to this spiritual home.

13 Dorset Street, St. Helier, Jersey, JE2 3YH

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