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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 5th July, 1925

"Father and Mother God, we ask Thee in Thy great Love, to lead Thy children out of the twilight into the light - the light of understanding the happiness and the joy which comes from following Thy will, from keeping to the straight, hard road, from giving up self and all it represents, and laying their lives in Thy Hands, certain and sure that what is is best...

"Father, there are so many things which seem to escape the physical consciousness; there are so many avenues of thought which lead not into the Light which shines from Thee, but rather into the half-light which indeed obstructs that free view of the Divine purpose which Thou hast ordained shall be their own. Yet tonight once more, relying on Thy Love, we know we shall pass out of this twilight into joy and peace and security.

"Then, O Father, we pray for all who are gathered together at this moment to praise Thy Name; to listen to the words of those who seek to show others how to find Thee - how to make their own the consciousness of Thy unfailing Love and care. Bless each one and minister unto their needs; comfort the heart-broken, strengthen the weary, and grant that those who teach Thy Word may indeed reveal something of the precious Truth which has been entrusted to them.

"And, O Christ, we ask Thee in faith to bind together those many forms of worship - all those who are seeking to hold on to Truth. Grant that the divisions, that the differences of opinion may be laid aside, and that all Thy children, as children of the Father, may be knit together in love and understanding...

"Thanking Thee for all Thy good gifts, we ask tonight that the power may be given; and that we may do our little part in the unfoldment of the Truth and Thy mighty Love... Amen...

"...My children, tonight, as always, we have much to talk over, and I want you - again as always - to do your part, to send out into this little room thoughts of love - yes, and of true desire that you may be used by the Father in making the conditions perfect in every sense there could be.

"You know, dear children, that every day brings its tasks, and every day seems to bring its burden too; but there are some who forget this simple fact: That because of the work and the burden, so every day brings the protecting care of the Father.

"You see, dear children, that in taking one side only, you have got a story which is incomplete. There are many who on rising in the morning feel a shrinking - yes, it is akin to pain itself - a shrinking from what lies in front during the hours which are associated with work.

"Nay, dear children, I am speaking not of those who turn instinctively from labour; I am speaking of the vast majority, for, sad to say, the vast majority are engaged on those tasks which, as they think, are the least congenial to them. But doesn't this fact explain itself? Cannot you see beneath the surface? Is it not possible to grasp that there must be something of God which lies hidden under the ugly aspect which is presented to you?

"Oh, my children, though I have tried to teach you much, yet still you have much to learn - not, as you think, of the unpleasant side of physical life but, thank God, of the beauty, of the brightness, of the steady flow of the Spirit-life which ever daily is growing stronger, more dominant, until - in a little time to come - it will entirely overrule that which still remains allied to the world and to physical things.

"My children, these few words in commencement, are entirely of sympathy and not of censure. It is impossible to go out into the streets of any large city and not be appalled by the sadness, by the disappointments which earthly life seem to hold for all - and the chill comes. Yes, perhaps over one's own condition, but still more so does the chill come on looking at what represents greyness, hopelessness, and that deep despair - despair over tomorrow and all the tomorrows to come...

"I wish, dear children, that it were possible to take from your eyes the physical bandage, and to allow you to see with that sight which is God's free gift to all, which would have been in the possession of humanity long since had not the children of the earth turned from the things of God and all they represent. Yes, dear children, the eyes of the spirit see far indeed, and what to you represents sadness, literally is worked out in definite form as beauty - and believe me I do not use language which is figurative merely when I tell you that that beauty lies all around the sufferers in concrete, tangible form.

"A little while the earthly experience goes on. To those so bound by 'time' it seems long indeed; yet one day - thank God - you will see with me, and you will realise with amazement how little was asked and how much was given in return.

"And now, dear children, I want to speak to you about a very large and important subject. I use the word 'important' in its spiritual sense, because what I am about to say is of first importance in regard to the progress of the soul - to the getting free from those things which are as chains, fettering and torturing while they are borne.

"Children, I have told you before, or I have indicated it in outline, that the spiritual history of your little world has been divided - I use the word in the earth sense - has been divided into three periods or eras. I have given you to understand that in the first, God was represented as a mighty King, full of power; one who gave many injunctions and who expected to be obeyed.

"Then, dear children, as the mind of man grew a little more tutored - a little more prepared for a further expansion of the Truth, God came as Christ, and as 'Christ', the whole aspect of the Fatherhood of God was changed for evermore.

"Children, there are few, in reading the old Records, who do not at once see that although God was regarded as King and Ruler, yet again and again His Love and care was shown towards His children, in spite of many failings, many treacheries, much forgetfulness of the past and the protection vouchsafed to them.

"I put that in because I want to underline tonight what I told you before: That Christ as Christ - tender, understanding, everything that represents Perfect Love - that Christ and God the Ruler were the same.

"And then, dear children, I want to speak to you a little about the third era, about this time of revelation, this period which already we have entered upon, when the Spirit - that which some of you designate as the 'Holy Ghost' - is being, and will be, demonstrated again and again on earth amongst those children who are wishful to find the Light.

"As I speak thus, it seems to me that perhaps in spite of my warning words, I have, as it were, separated one period from the other; but, as you must know, each and all form one perfect whole - and when Christ came, God the Father or the Ruler, was not lost but was shown by example as representing Love Itself.

"So, dear children, I would remind you that the power of the Holy Spirit has been in operation right from the beginning of time, right from the beginning of creation. Through the ages here and there, sometimes in noticeable numbers, there have been those who have allied themselves to God, and these have manifested and demonstrated that the power of the Holy Spirit was the gift of all, and not reserved for any portion of the history of mankind; that it was there waiting to be taken up, when there were those who were willing to accept the responsibility...

"Children, I want you to go back on your sacred records again and again. I want you to re-read some of those older portions of the Scriptures because therein is prophecy, there - involved in strange language it is true - but there is the Truth preserved and handed down from generation to generation, notwithstanding the fact that that same Truth has suffered from the conceptions, or the misconceptions, of those who were the custodians of the Holy Word.

"God said that in the days to come He would make a new covenant; that His words should be written on the hearts and minds of those who loved Him, and there should be none who would teach the other but all would get the Truth direct from Him...

"Now, dear children, I have put the statement in somewhat different words from those which were used, but the meaning is perfectly clear to all who read with a wish to understand. And here I must ask you to try and allow yourselves a little more latitude in regard to quotations from those Records which were prepared by man in the days of long ago. Some of my children are really distressed when I, or those who speak to you in this way, swerve a hair's breadth from what you call the 'correct text'. Well, dear children, as I think you will understand, that attitude is entirely physical and associated only with the limitations of the physical mind. In reading the Holy Word, get down to the meaning; once that meaning is enshrined in your heart and mind, then you are at liberty to clothe it in any language you think most adequate to express that which God wishes to teach.

"Now, dear children, when Christ came, that new covenant was given; and I want you in thinking over this, to try and remember the gigantic change which came over religious thought. Slowly, it is true, but even as a mighty ocean covering that which was dry and barren land, so the teachings of Christ, so the interpretation of the Truth imparted by those who followed, swept over, engulfing all.

"And then, dear children, I remind you of those who were closest to the Master during His earthly life. The majority, as you know full well, were as little children in regard to spiritual things; and yet, so marvellously, so astoundingly to all who listened, the power came which enabled them to speak without preparation - to speak the Truth which God had implanted in their hearts and minds...

"You see, dear children, to what I am trying to lead you. Over and over again, there have been those who love God who have been able to use this same gift, who have been able to demonstrate in a definite form that He had written the Truth on their hearts and minds. The prophecy has been fulfilled in a way impossible to exaggerate; yet there is one terrific obstacle to be overcome - the obstacle of the physical mind, which by reason of its very limitations relies upon itself alone.

"You see, dear children, that although it may seem to you rather a cruel fact that the physical mind, itself so limited, should be punished by its limitations, yet does it not show you that God, being God, has provided something which is greater and stronger and better?... (interrupted by faintness of medium).

"In regard to those trained by The Master, you will remember with what faith they followed the instruction given, and how each time they waited - as God promised in the days of old - for His Word to be written on their heart and mind before speaking His Truth.

"Then we come to the phrase: 'They shall not teach each other.' Children, it is hardly necessary for me to point out that for a long time to come man will not be sufficiently in touch with his God to be able to get the Word direct. And so I bring you round - after taking a very circuitous course - to those who are the missioners of God, whatever their particular creed, however they represent their Master - to all those who have God in their heart - and tonight I wish to say to them just a word which will be interpreted, I hope, as understanding a little of the disappointments and discouragements connected with a life devoted to the spiritual education of others... (unable to proceed owing to faintness of medium).

"My children, I am going to close this evening, and I ask you if you will meet together tomorrow night so that we may continue. There are conditions tonight against which it is hard to work; and although I seem to leave you with sadness, yet I would ask you to have faith in the thought that we shall meet together again in happiness, and that all will be as God intends...

"Rest in peace and commend yourselves to the great Father Heart, who understands all things and how it is that sometimes it is difficult to disentangle yourselves from the physical when it is a little troublesome. Just leave everything definitely and personally in the Hands of the Father, not forgetting what has been, but saying to yourselves, in faith and trust, that God will provide...

"We are indeed bound together by such close ties that when the body is laid aside it will be found by all that, in reality, the physical was powerless to come in between...

"Oh, I thank God ever and ever for my little children; I thank God that He has permitted me to guard and guide and care for them. And here and now I say to you all, that my love for you, and your love for me - by God's grace - passes all expression in words, because through the long years we have worked and we have suffered together, and because where love is, only perfect understanding has a place... Yes, I thank God for His over-seeing care; and in His Hands everything is safe, and all, all is well... Goodnight, my children."

There is another meeting of the Zodiac Circle the following evening as requested by Zodiac, on Monday, 6th July, 1925. It has been given the title: "THE GIFT OF PORTRAYING CHRIST"

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