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Defining Commonly Used Terms

Please note that within some of these articles the terms 'Literalist' and 'Fundamentalist' are used to describe somebody who states that whatever is written in the Bible must be taken as literal fact without interpretation or perhaps without metaphor, and also as being the literal, perfect, precise and exact 'intention' by God whether it is called 'inspired' or not, completely and totally unaffected, influenced or altered by the minds of men. The terms 'Literalist' and 'Fundamentalist' are similar to an 'Inerrantist' (who believes the Bible cannot contain error in any way, written or recorded), and all are used within the context of these articles to best portray the stance taken by people who think a certain way.

There is no intention whatsoever to be rude or disrespectful by using such terms; if we cannot accept the points of view of others with true depth of goodness and honest grace, then how can we expect others to learn to accept our points of view? Simply put, all must learn not to judge others.

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