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The Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church of Jersey

Picture of Jesus Christ received through a medium

Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church

13, Dorset Street, St Helier,
Jersey, Channel Islands, JE2 3YH

Greater World
Christian Spiritualism...
More Than a Religion...
A Way of Life


History of the Jersey Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church (1935-1985)

Jesus and The Zodiac Messages

The Greater World Declaration Of Belief And Pledge

Greater World Christian Spiritualist Philosophy

Greater World Christian Spiritualist philosophy has been handed down by trustworthy and highly developed Spirit messengers through Spirit Communion - spirit to human. The much misunderstood "discerning of spirits" (1 Cor. 12:10) is meant to be a sacred gift to be used for the raising up of humanity in a spiritual sense.

The sacred gift of Spirit Communion was not meant to be used for entertainment, amusement or astonishment (1 John 4:1), but rather for the comforting of the bereaved, the evolution of the soul, and the education, uplifting and development of humankind.

According to this steadfast philosophy, the Spiritual Christ - who manifested as the man Jesus of Nazareth - is none other than the materialisation of the Redeemer in God, in other words, the saving Being who permeates all creation seeking to uplift and redeem for the Godhead. God is, as it were, the Great Spirit - and the Spiritual Christ is, as it were, the Soul of the Great Spirit who enters imperfection on behalf of the Godhead. And it is this Spiritual Christ who gave up the powers and privileges of the Godhead and became a man with all the associated limitations, with the capacity for hunger, exposure to severe temptations, and so on. Jesus Christ was a human being like all others - very much a man; and yet Christ was like no other human being because of His perfect purity, untainted by the lesser self in any form, and therefore He was unique as a man.

In effect, Divine Purity became the man Jesus Christ, the Saviour of mankind - and yet the man had separated Himself from the transcendant Supreme Being, the Godhead, because Jesus Christ the man was: "The image of the invisible God" (Col. 1:15) and also Jesus Christ " the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of His nature" (Heb. 1:3), and "in Him dwelt the fullness of the Godhead bodily" (Col. 2:9); also "God no one has ever seen. The only-begotten God (Christ), Who is in the bosom of the Father, He (Christ) unfolds Him (God)" (John 1:18) and in Christ's face is "the light of the knowledge of the glory of God" (2 Cor. 4:6).

Yet, as a man He was Truth Personified for the benefit of mankind; He demonstrated to man how his God truly felt towards him; by His Teaching and demonstratively perfect Life as a man He exemplified the path of spiritual salvation, i.e., the Way - Gr. "eimi hodos" "I am the Way" (John 14:6); hodos i. properly (a) a traveller's way, road (b) journey; ii. metaph. (a) a course of conduct (b) manner of thinking, feeling, deciding.

Jesus the man, who separated Himself from His Godhead so that He might be one of us, was, to all intents and purposes, God on Earth. However, we must be careful to remember that although we attribute Divinity to Him, we should not rob Him of the humanity that was His purpose to partake in without any alleviation of human suffering; nor should we steal from Him His personal honour and love for the Father God; nor should we derogate the simple and perfect pattern that He laid down as an individual human being for a humanity so desperately in need of guidance.

This human aspect of Divinity is something so simple that the Christianity of the last two millennia has overlooked it, preferring to set aside Christ's Gospel as secondary and instead to base the core of Christianity on the acceptance of a metaphysical concept - that of so-named vicarious atonement. Such an idea is something that Jesus never taught in His own Gospel of Divine Love for mankind which is found in the Kingdom of God (Matt. 4:23; 9:35; 24:14; Mark 1:14,15; Luke 4:43; 8:1). Nor did Jesus Christ ever mention about Himself the idea of so-named penal substitution - not once. Indeed, this is an idea which really dishonours the God who is Love; such an idea is chiefly responsible for often divisive denominations and sects which have arisen ever since Jesus walked the Earth with His Message of Divine Love, which replaced one of fear and domination (i.e. "...No longer is it an eye for an eye...").

On this material planet, humans in physical bodies are limited in comprehension and cannot even take in the time-span of the physical universe which is but a blink, as it were, in relation to "time-immemorial" in the Spirit. We should not be surprised that Jesus the Christ, as Pure Spirit in human form, can be "One with the Father" (John 10:30) and yet the "Father be greater" (John 14:28). The Christ Sphere has at its core, so to speak, the Sacred Being of the Supreme. The exquisite beauty of the Divine mixture of humility and majesty found in Jesus the Christ in Human Form is something well nigh impossible for a human to grasp. Nevertheless, we accept Christ as our Leader and Guide in faith and in trust.

One Must "Work It Out For Oneself"

In everything to do with spiritual knowledge, everybody is asked to "work it out for ones self" and not to just accept what is being offered. It is therefore "made ones own", so to speak, in the way which is right for oneself. Also, please consider the fact that while God has allowed spiritual knowledge to come in an overwhelming abundance to those who knock at the Door of Spirit Communion, neither God nor His Host is here to do our thinking for us - but to present us with Truth as it stands for all time.

The Sacred Gift Of Spirit Communion Is As Old As The Hills

Spirit Communion or Spirit Communication has always existed, and it is given by God for the spiritual progression of humankind. Any major Scripture will have come into existence through the collective use of the gifts of Spirit Communion. All visions, prophesies and inspired teachings are through the utilisation of talents which go to make up the often misunderstood spiritual gifts of mediumship.

Where the Truth exists there is always the largest amount of misinformation. There are chained spirits always seeking to bring down those in the flesh simply because of their own self-induced captivity - this is true whether a person seeks Spirit Communication or not. It is better to be informed of the Truth rather than be ignorant of it. One reason for the pre-Christ injunctions forbidding spirit-discourse (the abrogated Law of Moses) is that the culture was without a moral or ethical framework; indeed, there existed a mindset that certain gods required child sacrifice. Among self-seeking and wicked people, seeking spirit-intercourse will only bring disaster.

And in regard to such pre-Christ injunctions, some people who have not truly understood the New Testament which came with God's Incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth, and who are certain that they are correct as they interpret the Scriptures with their physical minds - which may include the condemnation of Christian Spiritualism. However, a person should not seek to communicate with the denizens of another world unless the motive is purely altruistic and free from self - if this is not the case then it should be left alone or trouble will ensue. Christ is the Door, He is the safe Gatekeeper (John 10:9).

But why does man assume that some of the angels who are shown to appear throughout the Bible, had not once lived in bodies of flesh many, many thousands of years before? Or why does man assume that because the Vedas were given by rishis (Seers), that they are not mediums? Indeed, the whole of the battle which is the body of the Bhagavad-Gita was received by clairaudience and clairvoyance. Or why disassociate Spirit Return from the bestowal upon Muhammad of the wisdom of Islam through an exalted spiritual being, an angel, Gabriel, to uplift a fallen and degraded people? Why does man associate all Spirit Return with 'evil' spirits thereby disregarding beneficent spirits or '...ministering spirits sent forth to minister to the heirs of salvation (humanity)'? (Heb.1:14)

The following is an extract from an Address called "The Next Stage" (13th March, 1927) given by the Unnamed Scribe (Mark 12:28-34) who was a teacher in the temple of Jerusalem at the time of Christ, through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes.

"...I speak to the teachers and the guardians, I speak to the healers and to all who have the ear of the people, those to whom the masses turn for knowledge and instruction, and I say to them:

"Do your part now before it is too late. Prepare the minds of the uninformed for their Next Life, for that stage which lies beyond the Physical; for many - so unprepared, so chained to the things of the earth, so wedded to the material, to the acquirement of this and the hoarding of that - many pass out into an imprisonment, into a confinement most terrible to behold.

"And those who were older and wiser - the guardians, the instructors upon the earth - these suffer ten thousand times the pangs of a mother giving physical birth
; for they know that had they done their part, had they had the courage to learn so that they might teach, then those newcomers into fresh conditions would have found themselves upright and strong and beautiful, instead of maimed and awful to gaze upon because of the marks of their thoughts, of their past, upon that body in which they find themselves after physical death..."

The Corner-Stone That The Builders Rejected

The gift of Spirit Communion is sacred, and it is best to keep an open mind rather than repudiate this gift from God, for although forgiveness is never withheld, it shall be very difficult to forgive oneself when the physical body is relinquished if one has slandered what is so precious to the Most High. There would be no religion at all if it were not for Spirit Communion.

Indeed, there would be no Bible but for Spirit Communication. The Bible itself tells us that Moses received messages from spirit-messengers: Mosaic Law was "received from the commission of angels" (Acts 7: 53). Indeed, the Law of Moses was "ordained through angels in a mediator's hand" (Gal. 3:19), i.e. God commissioned angels to impress Moses with laws.

God has always spoken to humankind through spiritual beings: "The message God delivered through angels has always proved true" (Heb. 2:2 NLT); the prophets of old spoke "according to the word of the Lord". The disciples were very mediumistic: Peter and Paul both admitted to receiving visions while in a trance state and John reveals a whole range of personal mediumistic qualities including clairaudience, clairvoyance (internal visions and external visions), spirit travel, among other diverse manners utilized by communicating spirits or messengers (Spirit Agency).

It must also be pointed out (as a matter of principle and wisdom when telling others that communication is possible with those who have climbed further up the hill to God than those in the body of flesh and blood) that there is a right way to use such a gift, and there is a way fraught with danger. The gift of Spirit Communion is meant to be for sacred purposes only and the abuse of such a gift can only bring much misery to the misguided medium and the spirits who use the abusing medium. It should be remembered that it is the motives, desires and the attitude of the individual which attract certain disembodied spirits with similar attitudes into their vibrations. Like attracts like in the spiritual sense and this applies to all because all are mediums every moment of their lives.

This point should explain the reason for the God of old having to prohibit the spiritually ignorant Israelites from spirit-intercourse. Such people were utterly ignorant - worshipping demonic gods, and even burning their own children on altars for such gods (Jer.7:31) - among all sorts of other abominable deeds. They were controlled by debased spirits, and only misery could possibly come from contact with the Spirit World at that time amongst such a backward people.

It should also be noted that Israelite law, the Law of Moses of the Old Testament (often erroneously quoted by some Fundamentalists as being applicable to Christians) was repealed and replaced with a quite different Law by Christ Jesus (Gal.5:14, 18) of the New Testament, which was a spiritual law not even written down on paper but rather into the hearts and minds of God's children (Heb.8:10).

Special Envoys

But concerning the purpose of this particular church - the Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church: As there has always been Spirit Return, information given to mankind from the "heavens" has always been occurring. Sometimes certain sets of advanced souls are given particular missions to carry out for the Most High. In that case, there would be a leader or 'captain' and a team or 'host' of empowered co-workers. The Greater World has a "classics" range which preserves a number of scripts given and recorded for humanity's benefit. One beautiful collection of such scripts, The Zodiac Messages, stands out from others in a unique and inimitable way and in its power to enlighten, and yet is not completely independent of the other collections of scripts (within the Classics Range), and clearly all are intertwined and interconnected in meaning and purpose.

Spiritual Realms And How To Better Understand Them

This particular writer recommends literature which is kept in trust by the Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association (Conway Street, London) in the "Classics" section, with a particular recommendation for the five volumes of "The Life Beyond The Veil" series given to Rev. Vale Owen by advanced spirits of varying degrees of progression. Also most highly recommended are "Paul and Albert", "Spiritual Realms", "The Ministry of Angels", and, of course, the unique and unparalleled wisdom found in "The Zodiac Messages".

The Christ Mission - Bread Not Stones

It is partly from the above mentioned collection of scripts that further knowledge of the mission of Christ can be gained and understood. The Christ Mission is found and taught in the Bible but the Christ Mission becomes much clearer once the multitude of false ideas and erroneous thought built up in the past is shown for what it is to the seeker. It is that collection of scripts which is dealt with primarily here. The principle is the bringing of further illumination to remove the shadows - the introduction of the second element, so to speak. Yet it speaks of nothing new, for it is the Christ Teaching of old expounded in correlation to humanity's capacity to receive it.

Getting The Message Across With The "Zodiac Messages"

Spirit-picture of "the 'Unnamed Scribe' of the Bible"
from an impression received by a medium

About Zodiac

"...In regard to the name Zodiac: It was chosen in order to lift the mind of those upon earth from the ground to the sky, nothing more than that..." (From 'Zodiac's Life on Earth', June 10th 1923).

The following is an extract from an Address called "The Power of Spirit Communion" given by the celestial messenger "Zodiac" (through the mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes) at Kingsley Hall, Old Market, Bristol, on Sunday June 17th, 1934...

"I speak to the mediums here, and to those who are training to be mediums, and I ask them to ponder upon this great fact, for one time they must face Reality, and if they have swerved from the Law of God they must work out that swerving with pain, and in some cases with an anguish no words can portray.

"The instruments of God were meant to demonstrate something of that spirituality for which the Master stands; the instruments of God were not meant to give messages to please the physical minds of those who listen; the instruments of God were meant to make clear to those who listen their deep responsibility, to show that what they sow they must reap, that the life of the physical is short in comparison with the life of the Spirit, and by the preparation now, or the lack of it, so will be their fate, their lot, their destiny in time to come.

"There are instruments who had well-known names who have passed into the Great Beyond and they this day are anguished, not because God is not generous unto them, not because they have not many good gifts and privileges and opportunities - for in a measure they were used to help others - but they are anguished because they desecrated their divine gifts by using them amiss, forgetting that they were something intensely sacred, intensely holy, something allied to the Divinity housed within.

"There are mediums who come on to these platforms and give out that which raises a laugh; they give out that which seems as earth cleverness, and there are those who listen, who applaud, knowing not that the instrument must suffer in time to come, for these things are sacred, and this treatment of a holy gift comes nigh unto blasphemy against the Lord God of all.

"We are dealing with fundamentals, we are dealing with truths that never pass away, we are dealing with God's great privileges and opportunities, and I say to the men and women who are prostituting their gifts: Take care, beware! for indeed you will be tortured in time to come when realisation dawns upon you. This is not a gift that was meant to entertain the minds of others.

Towards the first half of this century, the spirit of a man who had lived two thousand years ago made contact with a young sensitive woman and asked if she would permit herself to be the means whereby he could transmit, by total control, around 1,500 addresses about a vast array of subjects concerning spiritual life and Christ. These messages were transmitted regularly between 1924 to 1957. The method used is one of many gifts of the Spirit, and is one of the main ways that the post-Ascension disciples (having retreated to quiet places away from the busy towns) received their knowledge and comfort.

"Test The Spirits, Whether They Are Of God"

This is one reason for the warning: "do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God" (1 John 4:1), and one disciple or another would be the instrument for the benefit of the others. In the case of Miss Winifred Moyes, she was a wheel-chair bound woman, who, when in "trance", was able to walk quite energetically although normally crippled, her body controlled and protected by the celestial Messenger. In the light of this knowledge, the spiritual gift described in the Bible of "discerning of spirits" (diakrisis pneuma, 1Cor. 12:10), takes on a much clearer and fuller meaning than the one normally ascribed to it by some naming themselves Christians (i.e. judging other human beings).

"What Is The Greatest Commandment Of All?"

It transpired that this humble soul was the soul who occupied the body of the Jew who asked Jesus which was the most important commandment of all. Christ's answer to this question, as many know, was, in short, that man was to truly love his God and to serve his neighbour too (which the 'Unnamed Scribe' had perceived, and knew this to be better than all ritualistic observances put together). As the records show (Mark 12:28-34), Jesus had told this man that he was already not far from the Kingdom of God, and the Christ-Messenger's message today, purposefully sent by Jesus Christ, is, and shall be, a major catalyst in the transformation of this world because of the purity of this celestial messenger.

He Spoke Things Which They Did Not Want To Hear So They Killed Him

When the 'Unnamed Scribe' was in the flesh 2,000 years ago, he became a follower of Jesus and was martyred because he was supposed to be a teacher of the laws of the Pentateuch (the hundreds of laws passed on by Moses). "Zodiac" has been with Jesus in the World of Spirit ever since, and it is clear to anyone who has made an in-depth study of his messages, that they are destined to renew spirituality throughout the world. This wise teacher has given himself the name 'Zodiac' in order to encourage the individual, Christian or otherwise, to lift their thoughts up to the heavens; his real celestial name would be far beyond any human being on earth to hear, pronounce or understand (all celestial names have a greater significance than do earthly names). His use of the term 'children' is merely one of endearment, for he loves all creatures of God; he has mentioned that such a term is not to imply a distance of spiritual states but is used rather more in the sense of an older brother seeking to guide and protect.

Well Prepared To Explain God's Truth

Zodiac's wisdom and awareness of God's Truth become evermore apparent as the path of Truth is pursued, and the many centuries of preparation which he had to undertake - before he could be despatched by Christ to come forward with the Christ Mission - have enabled him to gain a deep grasp of the workings of the human mind in order to provide the greatest aid in understanding the Spiritual and spiritual matters.

Philosophy Before The Outer Manifestations Of The Spirit

The primary purpose of the Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church of Jersey, is to give out the teachings and philosophy which were responsible for the Church being started in the first place: To disseminate the teachings of highly evolved spiritual messengers, to spread the truth about life after death, and to give out the truth about the real love of God for His creation. Some churches may place the demonstration of spiritual gifts on an even level with philosophy, however the Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church of Jersey recognises the importance and sacredness of the philosophy which is the original purpose for the Greater World's inception, and therefore puts the philosophy before the demonstration of spiritual gifts.

The Wonders Of The World Of Spirit

Thus, a Divine Service will be centred around the spiritual philosophy and the teachings of Jesus Christ, rather than the demonstration of the gifts of the Spirit, although there are occasions for demonstrations. The original purpose for the demonstration of aspects of the outer manifestation of the Spirit (with regard to Spirit-Communion) was simply to arrest the attention of the passer-by but this will die away as collective consciousness increases in understanding over the generations, and people no longer feel the need to 'hear' their loved ones because faith will make that unnecessary, 'knowing' that loved ones have their own path to follow and it is better to try to reach out to their conception of truth rather than to continually desire to call them to Earth. Furthermore, future development shall allow the individual personal contact themselves when it is necessary rather than when the whim arises. Then Spirit-Communion shall be recognised for the everlasting spiritual treasure it offers.

However, this is not to diminish the importance of the use of spiritual gifts, and people must be prepared to undergo the discipline necessary to use their gifts in the correct way, in order that there can be more and more who are able to testify to the continuity of life and the wonders and glories which a loving Father has prepared for those who love Him and seek to do His Will.

Warning: Great Danger In Playing With Material Objects And Spirits

Spirit Communion should not be treated as entertainment, and material phenomena are unnecessary and should be avoided at all times. Spirit Communion is as divorced from material phenomena, as receiving the Eucharist is as divorced from worshipping the golden cow. Only the correct development of the individual's gift (or gifts) produces protection and safe contact with the 'Unseen', and this does not include the use of material phenomena; it is the spirit within which communes with the Being without. One Greater World minister has said that ninety percent of all cases of obsession which he has been asked to deal with, have come about from people idly using material phenomena eg. Ouija board; etc.; in other words, what has been given for the raising up and comforting of humankind is used instead as a form of entertainment for the mind - a party trick, a stage show, a cabaret. Unprepared mediums seeking to entertain the minds of those gathered in, attract earth-bound spirits with a low level of spirituality and morality, and the abuse of such a gift must be worked out with pain and suffering in time to come by the medium because of the harm caused not only to those in the flesh but also to the spirits permitted to address them. Low material vibrations attract low spiritual vibrations. It is distressing, and it is utter ignorance and sheer folly that some parents buy their children 'Ouija boards' to play with.

Consider Deeply The Motive For Seeking The Denizens Of Another World

It is strange that the church will usually fill up when a demonstration of clairvoyance is advertised, but ironically most of the people who come rarely ever return when there is a Divine Service with spiritual philosophy only (perhaps the reading of an extract of an Address that has come from Spirit), which is far more important for the individual's ultimate happiness. Some people come when 'clairvoyance' is advertised perhaps as an alternative to their usual activity (not the best attitude to participate in Spirit-Communion), or perhaps some may come hoping to receive a message from a loved one (a more preferable reason and yet still not the best or correct motive for coming); and yet when there is no clairvoyance and the Service is given to the spiritual philosophy only, then the majority of those people do not come back to learn about their own life and what they can do to improve their own spiritual development, and how best to prepare for their happiness and future work when they eventually pass into the Hereafter (and such preparation is the most important thing of all).

As far as spiritual development is concerned, if it is only and solely personal messages through a medium that people seek - with no desire or motive at all for the progress of the soul - then they would be better off not bothering.

Hearing messages which simply flatter are not reasons why God has given Spirit Communion to man; in the initial stages, messages from loved ones may help to call people in from the hustle-and-bustle - but contrary to popular belief - that is not the reason for Spirit Communion. Indeed, many souls who come back have not themselves progressed very much in spiritual terms and may merely seek to contact their loved ones on earth without realising they need to safeguard their souls with the correct message - Spirit Communion is given not simply to comfort God's fallen children, but to teach them how to advance their souls. Again, Spirit Communion may be used to avoid calamity (Matt.2:12), but this is not the original reason that Spirit Communion has been given for mankind's use. These facts may not be welcomed or understood by mediums who contact the Disincarnate (and such facts may perhaps be despised by degree according to the measure that worldly gain is sought by the one who uses free Divine gifts for earthly purposes). But nevertheless they are spiritual facts and therefore spiritual truth, and must be explained to those with a desire to know the truth of the matter.

Messages from departed loved ones do catch the attention in this day and age, and for the majority it will lose its attraction more quickly in times to come, when people in general will look for something spiritually deeper and more profound. There may always be people who just want a night of so-called entertainment, but the mediums who permit this should be told there are consequences; and one reason why emphasis must be put on the Divine side of mediumship is to awaken people to the fact that there is something more than messages from departed loved ones. Another reason is to awaken people to the fact that not all messages from beyond the grave are spiritual and there are consequences which affect happiness at a future time.

We will keep the church open as intended - which is for the giving of the knowledge of the Christ Mission - because the future demand for such spiritual knowledge will grow in time.

Having Gone On Increasing In The Knowledge Of God

There is a point which should be borne in mind concerning the Greater World: Why would a disciple of Jesus Christ come back and spend nearly forty years giving different addresses each week, if they were to be forgotten and dismissed as having 'been-and-gone' and 'old hat'?

Truth, by its nature, is consistent, and the Truth which unfolds in each and every one of these enlightened messages is consistent, and performs many little miracles, generally unseen, which go to make up a mighty whole.

The More One Learns, The More There Is To Learn

It should always be remembered that simply because a soul has crossed through the Veil, this does not mean that that soul becomes omniscient, and indeed many centuries and millenniums must pass before spiritual knowledge in its higher sense becomes unfolded to that soul.

Moreover, time spent in the Spiritual World should not be taken as a complete requisite for the accumulation of the highest knowledge. Indeed, centuries can pass and there may have been little advancement although sometimes the soul might think otherwise. There are also spirits who know that they have a long way to go and certain elements of truth can still be passed on from such spirits which are of great benefit to man in the flesh, and yet much of that knowledge may only be true if taken symbolically rather than literally.

The Purpose Of The Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church Of Jersey

The purpose of the Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church in Jersey is to spread knowledge of: the existence of life after death; the gifts of Spirit-return and Spirit-Communion; the teachings of highly evolved spiritual agents such as the celestial messenger 'Zodiac'; the true message and reasons for the Manifestation of Christ Jesus; and most importantly, the unlimited and unbounded love which God has for all of His creations - whether they recognise that love or not.

Many Spiritualist churches consider the first of the above mentioned purposes as the main purpose of Spiritualism, but the Greater World philosophy shows us how spiritual teachings of the Christ Mission are of a higher purpose than spreading knowledge of life after death.

Divine Services, Weddings And Funerals Are Always Free

It is church policy that the generation of money must not be a prime focus, a collection plate is not passed around although there is a plate by the exit door if people want to leave something in gratitude towards the flowers, electricity bill or general upkeep of the Church building itself; regular attendees do not make any money at all from anything to do with our church or what generally goes under the name of Spiritualism, although occasionally we might have a medium from the mainland visit us to demonstrate clairvoyance, in which case we think it is fair that the visiting medium can cover the cost of often expensive airfares to this Island through private readings or small donations towards a demonstration of clairvoyance, which is only reasonable as people have to live, and the cost of travel can be prohibitive. But profit should not be accumulated nor is it desirable as far as our policy and ethical stance is concerned, and there is no comparison between the small amounts our few visiting mediums receive to cover their costs and the high amounts asked by commercial mediums who make a business profit from gifts that should be treated as spiritual and highly sacred at all times - or should not be in use at all as far as our original philosophy is concerned. This fact must always be kept in mind. Many sceptics think Spiritualist churches are about making money but they cannot have been to our church. God provides for this church in a big way and we contribute a very small part without feeling we have to ask people for any money. The Christ Mission is too sacred to bring it down to a material level although the nitty-gritty of church maintenance can be a challenge.

There are varying levels of Truth, and it is a fact that due to the nature of the make-up of the physical mind, not every one can think the same way or believe the same thing. However, we pray that the individual may choose to follow the Way laid down by Christ as revealed through the Greater World for humanity to follow - the Christ Way - the way of service to others without the desire for earthly reward, the way of understanding, the way of sanity, the way of transforming the lesser into the greater; the way of giving and not taking; the way of compassion; the way of forgiving; the way of self-denial of the things which still reflect the earth in their lower sense by keeping the heart and mind fixed on Divine values and the Light of the Cross which was reared on a dark hill as a guiding Light to all men; the way of lasting spiritual joy in place of transient material falsehoods; the way of self-government gained by harmonising with Spiritual Law; the way of turning the eyes from the darkness of the earth towards the beauty, the brightness and the peace of the heavenly Realms of Light. The Christ Way is the path which leads to a happiness and inward joy which is beyond words to describe.

The Christ Way is something real and tangible for the individual to grasp with courage for both his or her spiritual development, and the furtherance of humanity as a whole in the highest sense. Indeed, those who genuinely seek the Master Christ shall find that the Door which opens all doors is the Door of the Christ Himself: His Way and not the way formulated by the mind of man; for having found the true Nature of the Christ, the individual sees so clearly how, out of His unbounded love, He works through many methods to bring the children of God onto a safer path spiritually. The Way that Jesus the Christ laid down for man to follow is a stark contrast to the 'values' associated with the lesser, baser self - or the desires which are still 'earthly' and aimed solely at attempting to satisfy the lesser self - selfishness. The Way that Christ trod was not one of self-indulgence, of vanity, of the accumulation of unnecessary personal riches, or of the pursuit of excessive material pleasure at any stage, but rather the opposite.

Thus, by choosing the leadership of Jesus Christ, one chooses to try to follow in His footsteps without holding anything back; and, should the burdens sometimes appear too heavy and failure seem to present itself, then with renewed determination and faith one readjusts the thoughts and sets the sight upon the Great Example, when one becomes recharged by the One Who is forever fighting for His children; then one is able to pick up the burdens to try yet again. Thus, in accordance with spiritual law, one becomes able to see beyond the tests, troubles and trials of this short life on earth and into the everlasting Light beyond, with its unending future - the inevitability of everlasting life in joy, fulfilment and love. Once one truly sees the perfect Example set by Christ Jesus and the perfect portrayal of Divine Love, then one knows that one needs no other.


The Greater World Church Jersey C.I. held its first Service on July 28th 1935 (Espero Hall, the Parade), and was affiliated to the Greater World League, London, in 1936. The first Service held in David Place was in 1938. The first Service held in Dumaresq Street was on September 29th, 1940. The Dedication Service for 13 Dorset Street was on October 11th, 1970.

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