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There Are No Innocent People In The Hells

The hells, which are in varying degrees further away from that which is Light and Love, are of man's own making, or rather, the consequence of the abuse of the freewill and the continual violation of beneficial spiritual and evolutionary laws, by the children of God.

Innocent people who are killed in war or perhaps die through an accident or disease, do not go to any so called purgatory but are compensated for what has happened to them. Sometimes it is asked where little children go after death. It is necessary to state in clear tones that there are special Children's Spheres where those who leave this Earth in their early years go and live. They are looked after, often, by people who suffered in their hearts while on Earth because they could not themselves have children. The children are very happy, well taught, and they are also very well behaved!

But those out to cause harm to others while upon Earth out of malice and wickedness, these reap what they sow and receive back every portion of pain and suffering that they have enjoyed inflicting upon others.

An Extract From
"Preparation For Revelation"
Zodiac scroll gif

The following is a short extract from an address given by Zodiac, a teacher in the Temple of Jerusalem at the time of the earthly sojourn of Christ Jesus (through the mediumship of trance medium Miss Winifred Moyes).

The extract is Taken from an Address entitled:
"Preparation For Revelation",
and was delivered at the Co-operative Hall, Ipswich, on June 10th, 1945.

"...I bring in this thought because there will be many sufferers from war conditions who will come upon hard times, many who have lost their health, and it needs a ready explanation to comfort the sufferers, and it represents a great responsibility upon those who understand Spirit Communion if they have not the words to heal the wounds in the heart and mind of those who have given the best of their physical life at the call of duty.

"...Picture for a moment the position of one of those torturers after physical death. Does he sleep? No. His nature was of a restless kind; force he expressed, and these characteristics are not in alignment with sleep. Sooner than you can imagine, after wreaking upon the helpless indescribable horrors, the suicide opens his eyes to find, so it appears to him, that his suicide has failed. It is impossible, beloved, to describe in any detail the conditions in which such an unhappy soul finds himself, but I want to underline that in the hells of man's own making there are no helpless victims, there are no children or old men, there are only those influenced by the same instinct of cruelty as the one concerned; and I leave it to your minds to visualize the violence of two or many desiring to devour each other..."

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