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A brief explanation of how 'Zodiac' came to deliver the 'Zodiac Messages'

Zodiac, the 'Unnamed Scribe' of the New Testament

A Spirit-picture Received By A Medium Of The Unnamed Scribe 'Zodiac'

The primary purpose of the Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association, is to give out the teachings and philosophy which were responsible for the Church being started in the first place. Thus, the purpose for being is to disseminate the teachings of highly evolved Spirit-messengers dedicated to the Christ Mission, to spread the truth about the continuity of life after physical death, and to give out the truth about the real love of God for His creation.

Towards the first half of the twentieth century, the spirit of a man who had lived two thousand years ago during the time of Christ and who was a teacher in the temple of Jerusalem, delivered by total control, around 1,475 addresses about a vast array of subjects concerning spiritual life from a perspective of Christ. These messages were transmitted regularly between 1921 to 1957, the preparation having been put in by Zodiac since contact was first made in 1920. The method used (deep trance mediumship) is one of many gifts of the Spirit, and is one of the main ways that the post-Ascension disciples (having retreated to quiet places away from the busy towns) received their knowledge and comfort.

"Test The Spirits, Whether They Are Of God"

This is one reason for the warning to "test the spirits to see whether they are of God", and one disciple or another would be the instrument for the benefit of the others. In the case of Miss Winifred Moyes, she was a wheelchair bound woman, who, when in "trance", was able to walk quite energetically although normally crippled, her body controlled and protected by the celestial Messenger. In the light of this knowledge, the spiritual gift described in the Bible of "the discerning of spirits" (diakrisis pneuma, 1 Corinthians 12:10), takes on a much clearer and fuller meaning than the one normally ascribed to it by many naming themselves Christians.

"What Is The Greatest Commandment Of All?"

It transpired that this humble soul ("Zodiac") was the soul who occupied the body of the Jew who asked Jesus which was the most important commandment of all. Christ's answer to this question, as many know, was, in short, that man was to truly love his God and to serve his neighbour too (which the 'unnamed scribe' had perceived, and knew this to be better than all ritualistic observances put together). As the records show (Mark 12:28-34), Jesus had told this man that he was already not far from the Kingdom of God, and the Christ-Messenger's message today, purposefully sent by Jesus Christ, is, and shall be, a major catalyst in the transformation of this world because of the purity of this celestial messenger.

He Spoke Things Which They Did Not Want To Hear So They Killed Him

When Zodiac was in the flesh 2,000 years ago, he became a follower of Jesus and was martyred because he was supposed to be a teacher of Mosaic law (the law passed on by Moses). He has been with Jesus in the World of Spirit ever since, and it is clear to anyone who has made an in-depth study of his messages, that they are destined to renew spirituality throughout the world. This wise teacher has given himself the name 'Zodiac' in order to encourage the individual, Christian or otherwise, to lift their thoughts away from the earth and up to the heavens; his real celestial name would be far beyond any human being on earth to hear, pronounce or understand (all celestial names have a greater significance than do earthly names). His use of the term 'children' is merely one of endearment, for he loves all creatures of God; he has mentioned that such a term is not to imply a distance of spiritual states but is used rather more in the sense of an older brother seeking to guide and protect.

Well Prepared To Explain God's Truth

Zodiac's wisdom and awareness of God's Truth become evermore apparent as the path of Truth is pursued, and the many centuries of preparation which he had to undertake - before he could be despatched by Christ to come forward with the Christ Mission - have enabled him to gain a deep grasp of the workings of the human mind in order to provide the greatest aid in understanding the Spiritual and spiritual matters.


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The Mission Of Zodiac
(Taken from the Introduction to the "Reference Edition" of The Zodiac Messages)

The Beginning of the Work

In 1921, in an "upper room" in the South of London, a Heavenly Messenger manifested through the mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes. It was soon realised that this communicator, who called himself Zodiac was able to give a teaching of great wisdom, and without any doubt was inspired by the Love vibration of the Christ. The Messages were taken down by Miss Dorrie Moyes, and reproduced in typewritten and duplicated form by Mr. Ralph Goddard. Other spoke through the same medium, and gradually the Zodiac Circle, held every Sunday evening, became known to hundreds of people, who received the Scripts by private circulation. By 1928, some 600 copies were mimeographed each week and distributed to eager readers, who passed them on to others.

By 1925, the Scripts had established themselves into definite form of Teaching. Up to this time the Scripts had been of a preparatory nature. Zodiac began to work on some special theme at each sitting, and gradually built up what may be termed an Address.

After seven years of continuous widening interest, THE GREATER WORLD was started for the sole purpose of spreading these helpful teachings, for it was clearly realised that Zodiac was engaged on a great spiritual Mission. This weekly paper was founded on Good Friday, 1928, and now circulates in many countries.

In August, 1928, Zodiac gave his first address in public, and afterwards, for twenty-two years, his weekly Messages were given through Miss Moyes to great gatherings in Town Halls, Theatres, Cinemas and Churches in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland; visits were also made to Paris and Holland. In 1938, a tour of Canada and the U.S.A. was undertaken, and had it not been for the Second World War further overseas tours were contemplated. At home, all the through the war years, 1939-1945, in spite of the black-out and terrible air-raids, which disorganised roads and railways, the weekly journeys were carried through without a break and the addresses were given. The Zodiac Messages have been regularly published in French, German and Dutch editions of the Greater World. Translations have also been given in Spanish, Italian and Arabic.

Zodiac - A Heavenly Messenger Sent By Christ

The earthly name of Zodiac has not been disclosed, but he has always described himself as "a humble servant of the Master". He chose the name Zodiac in order to lift up our thoughts from the earth to the heavens. Zodiac has revealed that he was the unnamed scribe, mentioned in St. Mark's Gospel (12, 28-34), who asked Jesus: Which is the first commandment of all?" The answer which was given expresses the essence of religion: Thou shalt love God with all thy being, and thy neighbour as thyself.

Zodiac was a teacher in the Temple at Jerusalem. He came of a long line of teachers, and was of the House of Abraham. His duty was to expound the Scriptures and to define the Law - "that intricate and so often misconstrued Law which ruled the lives and thoughts of the people". In his address, given at the Zodiac Circle in March 1925 (published under the title "Zodiac's Life on Earth"), he states:

"Experienced though I might have been regarding the Word of God - of the Lord Jehovah, there were times when, in sadness of spirit, I asked myself whether I should ever see God - whether indeed such a One existed. The Voice of God had been lost in an incredible amount of furniture, of embellishment, of misrepresentation, which had come from the minds of those who were appointed to teach.

"I want you to try and get some conception of the effect of traditional thought, of theories, of dogma and doctrine, which had been handed down from generation to generation. The Word had been added to and suffocated by the trappings which man, in his pride, thought necessary to support the Truth as given by God.

"Then, out of the night of complicated thinking, out of the greyness of the dissatisfaction which was within, out of my blunted life I stepped - for Christ came! Christ came and brought me the Light which never fades, brought me the Love which no words can tell. I watched Him. I studied Him. I was used to judging human nature in all its forms; and as I watched I marvelled, and as I listened - how I loved!

"This is the whole explanation of my mission upon earth - the Mission which has been entrusted to me: - I saw Christ and He made me free. When Christ came into my life it seemed to me that never before had I lived, had I thought, had I seen, had I heard. My life grew strangely impersonal - yes! I want you to understand that once the Truth had been made my own, the details of life, or what it had to offer, or what it took away, were as nothing to me - nothing to those who loved Him as He only could be loved".

Zodiac's own partisanship of the new Prophet, who was attracting so much attention, was regarded a s a serious crime by the Chief Priests and Elders; moreover, he had openly belittled to time honoured custom of burnt offerings and sacrifices. The result was inevitable! No longer was he a venerated teacher in the Temple; his symbols of office were torn from him, and he was turned into the streets as an outcast.

Zodiac joined the disciples. He witnessed with them the Crucifixion which followed soon afterwards, and was also among those who saw the Risen Christ. After the Ascension, the little company - the first Christian Missionaries - divided up, going to different parts of the country, travelling long distances on foot in order to spread Christ's Gospel of Love. Sometimes they were received kindly, but more often the spies sent out from the Temple at Jerusalem had reached the hamlets and villages before their arrival, and they were greeted with stoning and beating and driven away. Zodiac has said that death came near them so many times that when he was slain he did not know that the physical end had come: -

"When those who hated me had done their worst - and in the times of long ago the beatings were severe, and there were forms of torture hidden from your consciousness now - then God's Will came to pass and the great transition took place for me. But I knew so little of the great Life of Spirit, I knew so little, but something within told me that I should be with Christ, and nothing else mattered, nothing else held me at all. And when I awakened, there was the Master, and the greatest crisis of my life found me upon my knees with gratitude pouring from my heart; for my eyes were opened, and I saw the sunshine of a future of work for Him".

The Prophets And The Holy Ones Of Old

The Scriptures are full of evidence of the power of the Holy Spirit, manifested through prophets, messengers, angels, and those faithful to the Will of God. By the Spirit the Law was given to Moses on Mount Sinai, when the Lord talked with Moses "face to face" (Exo. 33,11). The tabernacle in the Wilderness was an instrument to manifest the Lord God of all to His people Israel. At Pentecost the disciples were used by heavenly messengers of Christ; they "spoke with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance" (Acts 2, 4), they healed the sick in the name of Christ, they preached the Word with "signs following" (St. Mark 16, 20). Today, through the same gift of Spirit Communion, we are witnessing a new dispensation of the Holy Spirit - the lifting of the Veil separating the earthly and heavenly worlds.

The Truth Of Spirit Communion Over The Ages

Extracts from Zodiac's address: 'The Borders of Consciousness', given at the Zodiac Circle on Saturday, 14th May, 1927.

"I appeal to all the teachers and the preachers to ponder on this. They recognise, they admit, that these holy ones talked with God; that angelic presences were seen by them and that they followed the guidance which was passed on in that way. Yes, all this they not only accept but they direct that others should believe as well. They go through the sacred history, they pick out examples of faith, and they say, in effect: 'see how great a one was this, mark his obedience to God! God spake and he obeyed; God said: Lay aside this or that, and the sacrifice was made!' They point to the father (Abraham) of the great prophets, and of the child who was laid on the altar to be given to God as the greatest gift he possessed - ah, far dearer than his own life; and they draw the moral, they say to those under their care: this is the truth passed on through reliable witnesses from the past, ponder on it, and if the call comes to you respond in like manner.

"All this is taught as part of that great combined teaching of Holy Scripture which is accepted without a murmur of doubt. And the appearances of holy ones, that is not questioned, nay! reprimand would fall from the lips of the teachers if doubt arose in the mind of those under their care; they would send them back to God for God to cleanse their hearts and minds.

"Yes, dear children, you see this in the world at large; within that which you name the Press, in books, and by word of mouth these things are forced upon the consciousness, that blunt consciousness of the masses. Yet at the same time those who write and preach and teach, they deny the outward manifestation of the Holy Spirit in this age even amongst prepared instruments (Spirit Communion), amongst those who have God's work to do. An illustration in very truth of the dual working of the mind of the body, and, strangely enough, such as these see nothing illogical in their position! Whence came this severance, or when the withdrawal of that which was promised by the Master Himself?

"Little ones, the teachers and the preachers to-day recognise that manifestation of the Holy Spirit at work, they claim it and they pass it on to others; but should you approach them and say: 'If you could detach yourself sufficiently from the mind of the body, from the desires, the hopes and the fears of the physical mind - you too could be used in like manner', they would at once turn from you as though you had suggested the bringing into use of an evil force - so illogical is the mind of man!"

The Zodiac Circle

The Zodiac Circle, which cradled the work in its tiny beginning, was continued, as circumstances permitted, after public meetings were started. It had a special function in preserving the close ties in the work, and gathering together the power needed for those who were responsible for carrying on propagating the Mission. It also provided an opportunity to draw in fresh workers. These Circles were held in a dedicated atmosphere, and were limited to those specially invited. They were, in a very real sense, personal to those present. In addition to Zodiac's address, it was his practice to give a brief message of encouragement to each sitter. Other spirits also spoke, each one having been chosen to bring a particular message of experience bearing upon the mission side of the work. These varied in rank from those who, when on earth, had lived very humble lives, unfortunate and sad lives, to those well-known in public life, as well as the disciples and holy ones of old. Their messages have all been published. In this way, there was demonstrated to those present mediumship in its most sacred sense, a "holy communion" which has the power to uplift mankind with new revelation, new spiritual realities, and the knowledge that Love awaits each one in the Life to come.

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A Brief Explanation Of 'Total Control'

Total control refers to one of the deeper trance states into which a person (still in the flesh) goes when he or she is willing to allow another soul (no longer in the flesh) to pass on messages and spiritual teachings to others (still in the flesh) through the use of the physical vocal chords, for their benefit and for the benefit of humanity at large.

The deep trance state of total control is a genuine mediumship trance and should not be confused with mediums who may call themselves trance mediums yet provide an individual interpretation of something they have sensed and yet do not enter a state of 'total control' where another living being uses the human voice box.

In the deeper trance state the person does not generally remain 'physically conscious' of what is happening; sometimes, perhaps, while the person's physical body is being used for God's work, a 'band' of missionary spirits may take the soul temporarily to a spiritual garden, yet in the Spirit that soul is very conscious. This is known as genuine Deep Trance Mediumship, and this is one way in which highly evolved ministering spirits were able to address the disciples of Jesus (one being used while the others listened) and thereby comfort and direct them after He had left them as He promised He would do. (This promise of comfort and instruction is not, however, to be confused with another comforting gift of the Spirit which is the powerful enkindling of a spiritual fire of love within the soul, which burns with such power that the soul totally surrenders and is literally overcome with the love given forth from the Divine union, such as that experienced by David, Solomon [Song of Songs], the disciples and others).

This method of communication, guidance and comforting has been available to man since time immemorial, but sadly has not always been used to man's advantage. One reason for the failure of mankind to utilize the priceless gift of Spirit-Communication has been because the 'conventional' Church has failed to recognize God's Will in this matter. But another reason is because many mediums have not been prepared to practise the turning away from the desires of the lesser self, and as a consequence the human instruments have thereby unwittingly allowed those souls who are not spiritually awakened (disembodied souls still seeking to attract to themselves that which is desired by the lesser self) to pass on messages which are harmful to the individual.

If a spirit comes and passes on the soft and flattering word and does not seek to safeguard the soul by pointing to the steep path - the hard and difficult way that Christ exemplified and trod Himself - then that spirit is to be regarded as an ignorant spirit, and those in the flesh should pray for him or her, pray that he or she will leave behind their lesser desires and climb the hill to God.

This is one reason for the return of 'Zodiac' the unnamed scribe of the New Testament, who, using the trance medium Miss Winifred Moyes, was sent by Christ to explain as much Truth as the human mind can take in at this stage. One thing he comes for, is to explain to the followers of creeds, doctrines, rules, observance and words; that they should be seeking to cling to the Spirit instead; that they should read the plain truth in the Scriptures that Christ said to follow Him into the joy of God by picking up their cross and taking the Way He has shown. 'Zodiac' explains that so many have misunderstood Spirit-Communion, and also if they think they have achieved God's will for their life on the basis of having a belief, then they are indeed deceived.

Another reason for 'Zodiac' coming through a trance medium, is to explain to those with mediumistic abilities that they need to follow in the footsteps of *Christ-as-Man* in order to remain free from the misguiding messages and 'teachings' of unawakened or deluded spirits. Anyone who has the desire and patience to study a number of the Zodiac Messages will eventually have no problem in understanding this simple message, and thus they shall reach another ridge of revelation as they climb to the plateau of Peace and full illumination, by effort, and by the help and through the grace of God, their loving Parent.

*Christ-as-Man*... i.e. the way of turning away from the wish to hold the things of the earth plane with all the vanity and temporary 'fame' and 'glory' associated with them; the way of fighting temptation until temptation is overcome; the way of purity, of holiness, of not taking but giving, of sacrifice and self-denial, of selflessness, of effort, of kindness, compassion, endurance and extreme humility; the Way that He laid down and followed Himself so that man had a clear example to follow for spiritual protection and advancement.

Using The Medium's Vocal Cords

Extract From "Influences, Imagination And Inspiration" By Zodiac

"...Well, my children, I think we will not strain things too much tonight. God has been so good - has vouchsafed so much power, that we have carried through the evening with very little strain, except on the vocal cords.

"Now, dear children, you often wonder, amongst yourselves, how it is that sometimes I can control - or, rather, produce the voice of the one I use - and yet, at other times, that same voice seems in danger of disappearing altogether.

"It is a little difficult to explain; and yet, of course, all these things have a perfectly simple explanation, because they relate to those spiritual laws which are in evidence right through physical life, as well as through those conditions of Spirit, which you are even now learning a little about.

"Children, I have told you that although unlimited power, drawn direct from God, is at my disposal, yet there are times when I refrain from using that power, because of the strain, in a physical sense, on my child...

"...Here again, you get a distinction. The conditions and the weakness of the body directly affect those cords, in an entirely physical way. On the other hand, there are emotional influences which have also to be taken into account. You have noticed that when some are speaking in this way, that the voice drops almost to a whisper. You must remember that during the time another inhabits the body of my child, their feelings - to a limited extent, it is true, because of the protection - their feelings act directly on the organs they are using.

"For instance: You have had those who have wept, or, at any rate, have shed tears; you have those who have laughed; those who have struggled - successfully or unsuccessfully - with memories of past emotions. Just as the effect of feeling is noticeable at once in your voice, so the same is worked out - in a perfectly practical, feasible way - with the instrument that is used.

"You will notice now, although it is the end of a long evening, that the voice is strong and shows no sign of failure - and why is this? Not only because we are happy together, not only because I am in full control, but, as the evening went on, the spirit (of the medium) was able to rise above and forget the physical conditions of the day, and, as it were - again perfectly naturally - to join hands with me. And so, doubly charged, we emerge out of apparent weakness into definite, greater strength".

Total Control: Forcing the Physical Mind Can Do Very Serious Damage

Extract From "The Temptation of Pain" By Zodiac

"There is a terrible lot to oversee, one way and another - I am sure you can follow me in that, but what I want you to grasp especially tonight, is this: That if that 'terrible lot' were magnified a million, million times over, we should do it. There is nothing over here that expresses, what, in your world, is called: 'Can't' - Nothing. But sometimes we have to wait a little while in order to weave in the necessary strands here and there to make the finished article stand the strain when completed. And that's why it is that I am rather hampered before the strength is built up.

"It is difficult to explain to you what happens. I am fully in control, just in the same way as when my child (the medium) is unfatigued, but it is like this: You must remember that in speaking through the body of another, in addition to the spiritual tools lent by God, we are bound to use the physical ones which are supplied by the medium through whom we speak. And when the blood runs slowly, as it does when the body is overtired, that same slowness affects the mind; and although I can use the mind - still the necessary fuel is missing.

"It is just the same as it would be with an engine if there was insufficient fuel, and if by spiritual power I forced the engine of the physical mind beyond the capacity provided by the physical body, I might do very serious damage indeed. You cannot work against nature to that extent without doing damage. It could be done, of course, and it has been done by many in the past, with sad results on the one who has been generous enough to put her body at the use of those who have passed over - and who abused their responsibility.

"You see my point? In taking control, I am not here to rob, but to give, and that is the thing in a nutshell. It takes time to replenish that which is absent - but by slow means, working through the channels provided by God, I can bring strength to that which was weak, precisely in the same way as your old friend (Lonsdale) told you he was able to pass on to his patients the strength which came from God.

"These points sometimes cause confusion in the physical mind and I like to get things clear, because to some it would seem a sin against nature to hold these evenings when the vitality of the body had already been called upon to a serious extent. Make no mistake - those who want to love God and not themselves always bring to the instrument they use, and do not take away.

"It is the test that all should have to pass. Eager though we may be to speak to you direct, good in the long run cannot come from that which was tainted by self in the beginning. God does not work on those lines as you do not need me to tell you. He protects you far, far more comprehensively than you could imagine protection could be."

Total Control: An Explanation By Mr Selwyn

Extract From "Partial Faith"

"...I want to make things a bit clearer to those who, perhaps, don't really understand. In regard to this 'mediumship', as you call it - we don't look at it like that, but you have got in the way of regarding it as mediumship - well, in order to get the work done, certain tests, as well as preparation, have to be faced.

"I'd like to tell you really what does happen when we are here. It is not easy to describe spiritual things in physical language, but I think you would like me to try.

"Well, when Winnie is sitting on that chair, before the prayer is finished, the body is vacated. You must understand this: That with such a wonderful leader as Zodiac, what seems to you almost an automatic transference, is made so only by his marvellous linking up... I've done badly but I cannot do better... What you have got to grasp is this: The body is never vacated for one second of time - it can't be. Directly the spirit starts the process of removal so - as you would say - inch by inch, is the other presence occupying the space which is vacant. And you know this well, without my telling you, that if anyone stepped in between the body vacated by the rightful owner and the spirit, which is just beyond it, well, what you call 'death' might ensue. I only say 'might' because with a leader like ours - through whom God is able to work so perfectly - ordinary rules do not stand.

"When we are speaking through Winnie, she is so close to us that she is conscious, not only of the physical side of her own body, but of the things which affect us in a physical sense - but not in a spiritual. During the sleep state only is that possible - when the body is left behind.

"Now, I am telling you this because I want you to know that while 'under control' - to her own sensitiveness, of necessity, is added part of the sensitiveness of the person speaking, which they had when upon earth, but not what they feel now.

"You see it takes some thinking out. The sensitiveness that we feel now is so enormously greater than when we were protected by the body, that it would be impossible for anyone still in the physical body to bear the burden..."

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