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Darwin's Theory Of Evolution Is But A Small Part
Of God's Great Plan Of Spiritual Evolution

Often, those actively promoting Darwin's theory of physical evolution which fundamentally enbodies growth through conflict - are at extremes with those claiming to follow Christ. Clearly, those who think the Earth to be but a few thousand years old do hold an extreme view to Darwin's theories, but the neo-Darwinian makes a grave mistake by tarring all with the Fundamentalist brush.

With regard to the part of Darwinian evolutionary theory that observes that physical evolution is a consequence of all life being in conflict with itself is easy to explain (note: the false assumption is inferred that physical life is the entirety of life). For one who has studied original Greater World spiritual philosophy, the Life of Christ and the Example He set along with the suffering represented by the Cross, it is clear that spiritual progression does not occur without conflicting forces.

By the same token, one would realise that what is found represented in physical Nature is but a working out of spiritual laws functioning on a far greater scale. Real life is considered to be spiritual life, and conflict is but grist for the mill of real life in the spiritual sense. Darwin's Theory of Evolution is but a small part of God's Great Plan of Spiritual Evolution.

It was time for the ultra condensed blueprint of existence - the parable of Creation in Genesis - to receive a realignment and readjustment of human perspective. This in itself is also proving to be a slow process while conflicting and apparently irreconcilable ideas battle with each other in the minds of men and women, until the time comes when a satisfactory blend with the unified undercurrent of truth can be achieved.

The simple truths that there was chaos, then water and life in the water, then life on the land, then finally humankind, are apparently discovered by Darwin and his ilk, yet they have always been there, just misunderstood by many.

At this time of exploration and 'new' thinking (enlightenment period), coupled with a greater force of inspiration from Spirit, it was inevitable that a greater understanding of the play of life on our Earth would ensue. If Charles Darwin had not conceived of this, then another, sufficiently inspired, would surely have done so. Indeed, even in Darwin's lifetime it is recorded that Alfred Wallace came up with the theory independently.

In the British Museum can be seen a fascinating cutting tool chiselled from volcanic rock 1,800,000 years ago. Tools, not altogether dissimilar, from periods of 60,000 years, 30,000 years and so on, can also be seen. One who has an open mind and who has not been made purblind at the altar of material science, and who is willing to give credence to the possibility that humankind is a class apart from other species, can observe that even after many more millions of years of material evolution, there will never be a British Museum for chimpanzees and there will never be a British Museum for gorillas. This is because the spiritual laws and the evolutionary impetus behind the development of humankind is different than that behind other forms of life, which themselves each adhere to their own original, as it were, seedling pattern. This is also because humankind is not only meant to be the caretaker of the humbler creations but because humankind is the evolutionary vehicle – in the spiritual sense – for the children of God.

A Brief Spiritual Explanation Of Creation   

The following is a somewhat inadequate and abridged explanation of spiritual creation, but this is given for balance and contrast to the Big Bang Theory and Darwin's Origin of Species, and to hopefully demonstrate that the secular scientist need not refute a Divine Creator at all. Indeed, if time and explanation permitted, it could be shown that Darwin was indeed "inspired", meaning that input and encouragement was forthcoming from Spirit - Divine inspiration no less.

For a human to explain, in a few sentences, a viewpoint of spiritual evolution, may be somewhat ambitious but it must be attempted here or there will be no balance to the viewpoint of physical evolution.

Simply put, the Greater World's spiritual explanation for Life, is that there has always been Pure Existence and that that Pure Existence is an attribute of Pure Consciousness, and Pure Consciousness is an attribute of Pure Love, and Perfect Love is synonymous with the all-loving, all-compassionate conscious Supreme Being - God.

This All-encompassing Love is perfect, and because Love always wants to give and expand, so It has consciously given out from Itself small fragments of Itself, and to these minute fragments of individual Purity was gifted freedom of choice - something that would never be taken away. The very existence of these countless billions of free-willed beings acting in harmony with - or against - spiritual laws, is responsible for the myriad conditions and spheres which permeate spiritual creation, each condition varying in greater or lesser degree from Perfection.

These "areas" (or states of existence) are in a state of imperfection according the degree they are "distanced" from that original Perfection (or how far removed they are from Perfection, in greater or lesser degree). The individual entity continually creates conditions around itself as it interacts with the always-existing spiritual laws; the ultimate and inevitable goal being to evolve to a state of complete individual experience whereby free-will will always work in harmony with spiritual laws and never violate those laws again even unconsciously. But until then, the individual creates conditions for good or for ill, and the conditions are formed accordingly - Perfection being transcendental to all that is imperfect.

Extending Material Reason With A Spiritual Dimension

The physical Evolutionist need not be too indignant at these assertions. The famous Big Bang Theory is not ruled out as such. What is ruled out is the assertion that LIFE is singularly and solely a consequence of either a Big Bang or of physical evolution upon this planet Earth. Please note the intended emphasis between life and physical existence.

Life has always existed and if there have been intergalactic or inter-universal or any other type of Big Bangs, these would be but consequences of spiritual involution where that which was once created in purity had devolved to such an extent that chaos was the by-product.

The length of time that the earth-plane has been in existence is relatively insignificant in comparison to the duration of the myriad spirals of spiritual evolution and involution which have been in existence since long before the material-plane came into actual being. The earth-plane has only been in existence for as long as it takes a proper spiritual star to twinkle, as it were.

With this background, it is so very easy to see how life - spiritual life - did not originate through Darwinian evolution. Life existed for "aeons" before God brought this material plane into being for use in His Plan for the raising up of His children, and therefore our planet Earth is even younger. God created the laws of evolution. The Earth was a consequence of the laws of evolution, and out of the chaos brought about through man's involution long before the material plane came into being, came the Earth - because God's laws of spiritual creation are redemptive, and no matter how opposed to those laws man becomes collectively, those same laws are there to help man redeem himself. And out of the Earth came various forms of physical life that were going to enable all other forms of pre-existing spiritual life to gain spiritual evolution through material existence.

The children of God had fallen from perfection through abuse of freewill, and because God's children were supposed to be guardians of the humbler forms of creation, man brought those forms down with him to the various levels of involution to which he fell. Now here on Earth, God's beneficial evolutionary laws have worked so that there would be physical evolution capable of sustaining the souls of the children of God along with the souls of the lesser creations in his charge. God's wisdom would not be defeated by the lesser selves of His free-willed children.

While physical evolution appears to be purely according to environmental circumstances, this is only part of the picture. The Divine laws of spiritual Creation have always been the impetus behind all physical evolution, working on behalf of the original forms of the humbler creations of God, not just man. Thus what has been promoted on this Earth during physical evolution has been that which will accommodate those creations previously created.

If this has been read correctly, it explains the outline as to how Charles Darwin's natural selection theory and God's Divine Plan for the redemption of all creatures that have endured involution, including His own children - work in perfect harmony.

Reviewing physical evolution in the spiritual manner laid out here, it should be possible to see how spiritual evolutionary laws have been the genesis for the varied forms of physical evolutionary growth. From this it can be understood that the difference between ape and man is for a reason. The children of God required modern human-being physical bodies whereas the souls of creatures more akin to apes required the bodies of physical apes. As for the physical stage between so-called primitive man and modern man, those former physical bodies were used for soul-bodies of entities created by God which were neither the children of God nor of primitive apes but which still had an essential part to play in the Divine scheme of things. The boundaries of belief of the reader have probably already been pushed beyond their limit therefore suffice it to say that the clues for the existence of these latter-mentioned creatures are fairly abundant in contemporary human history but may not be too obvious and may remain a missing link in many minds.

So there is the chance for the Neo-Darwinians to see where their theory remains almost intact except that they need to go much further back in time and open their minds to the fact that life did not begin with single-celled amoeba but rather life began long before when the Divine Spirit created individual spirits out of Self which possessed freedom of will and which was predestined to be fully experienced children of God, and along with this individuality was created many other forms of life. The souls that modern day human bodies carry are designated as God's children and those children are responsible for the plight of the souls inhabiting God's humbler creations.

Does It Matter?

Does it matter if people go out of their way to teach that life was an "accident" created from microbes and there was never any conscious design, and that life is encompassed solely in the physical birth and death of an organism, and to entertain any life after death notions is foolishness? Yes, according to information received from Spirit and recorded in original Greater World records (spiritual history), most assuredly it matters. Too many real accounts as well as the philosophical teaching itself demonstrate the same thing.

Without wishing to create erroneous notions with generalisations, an attempt must be made to explain this. The wiseacres who preach the foolishness of a Divine Creator, those who go out of their way to instil into the minds of others that to believe in anything supernatural such as a God or Afterlife, those who think that their intellectual understanding of life and its origin is somehow superior to others less inclined to leave their minds open to further possibilities of life beyond the earthly frame - such as these will find themselves in classes for the very young when they pass over into the Next World, and this only after they have accepted their gross error with burning humiliation.

It can be no other way. When we pass over we take our characters with us, we take our memories, we take the causation of consequences not yet worked out, we take what we have become. What we have moulded ourselves to, has become, as it were, hardened as clay in a potters kiln. We cannot change immediately with the change called death, we are very much the same but no longer do we possess a body of flesh. 

Now we find ourselves in Another Land. Can it be imagined how the one who was utterly convinced, and went to great lengths convincing others, that there was nothing whatsoever after physical death - can it be imagined how confusing this will be to such a one? Can it be imagined how devastatingly idiotic and betrayed by self such a person, once endowed with great intellectual ability of the earth mind perhaps, now feels?

Can it be imagined how impossible it would be for one who taught with such commanding determination and persuasive authority that to believe in anything other than pure material existence was something that belonged to a primitive culture that had not developed its thinking powers - how impossible that such a one could be told anything of life by anyone who had given credence to the thinking of that supposedly primitive culture and who had perhaps led an unnoticed and quiet life doing their humble duty, knowing deep within that Someone or Something far greater than themselves, had their best interests at heart?

The confusion and hurt experienced by the Neo-Darwinian at the assertion that he or she could possibly be wrong when all these other apparently less intelligent people who were foolish and superstitious enough to have faith in something supernatural, appear to be coping so naturally and happily with these New Surroundings in the Next World - the confusion that the wiseacre finds himself or herself experiencing is indeed painfully profound. And because of such confusion, much loneliness and aimless wandering is undergone until such a person is able to accept, slowly but surely, the new conditions.

And as it has been said, these are generalizations for the sake of explanation. Each character is different, and in relation to our subject, perhaps for someone who knew that he or she was dying and who was utterly convinced that consciousness would cease to exist with death because mankind is nothing but a cosmic accident, it may be the case that they do not initially demonstrate much consciousness, perhaps thinking they should have none at all (freewill is never interfered with). But this is not a lasting condition.

In essence and quite simply, it boils down to this spiritual fundamental - humility. The mind of the human in the flesh, whether religionist, materialist or scientist - needs to be open. Pride of mind should find no place in any single human being because when free from the restrictions of the flesh they will see that nothing they did or achieved was on their own, but rather they will see (perhaps not at first) that without the aid of unseen inspirers - they would have achieved nothing of worth. 

Understanding this should allow pride of mind to wither and die. The narrower the mind concerning the unknown, the more future trouble lies in wait. The warnings have been there throughout history concerning the necessity for humility. They should be heeded.

Often, as the slow realization dawns on the wiseacre that he or she was tricked by their own physical mind when on Earth, at that stage the excuse goes up that he or she was only able to follow facts and physical science presented those facts, therefore all else had to be disregarded because it appeared obvious to the thinking mind that the evolution of humanity was a consequence of aeons of randomness, and entertaining the thought of some kind of Supreme Being and plan behind it all was opposed to fact. However, such an excuse is quite empty and feeble because it was possible to know and understand the incomparably bigger picture of God's Greater World - He said that those who asked would receive and that those who sought would find. After all, it's summarized here by a human.

As a brief aside, and for the sake of context and wider persepective, this is not what happens to religious fundamentalists with very closed minds concerning their future life, who thoroughly believe and who have it firmly ingrained into their minds, that they are of the relatively few millions who shall be saved in Heaven out of many billions who shall be lost in Hell. Such as these, having never done anything particularly evil, find themselves in a pleasant land (pleasant in relation to an earthly existence) but see no others except those akin to themselves in eschatological thought. They incorrectly assume this is their rightful place for the coming eternity and fail to recognize in any form those, more spiritually advanced than themselves who have progressed much further into the spiritual spheres and who must wait - sometimes a long time - for the narrow-minded fundamentalists to understand that they are only just removed a sphere or two from the Earth in spirituality, and that there is yet far more spiritual growth to be undertaken by them.

Now, having said that about a type of narrow-minded Fundamentalist, it is necessary to once again draw us back so that we are in less danger of creating incorrect perceptions through generalisations. Some Fundamentalists are extremely sincere, and while they may have a firm belief that appears quite contrary to common sense, they display commendable self-denial, a spiritual humility, and an awareness of helplessness without the generous power given by their Creator to all (whether others realise it or not). On passing over, such as these devout and sincere believers do not find themselves in classes for the spiritually young along with those filled with conceitedness or a self-satisfaction at their own elitist position - whether secular/scientific or religious/narrow-minded.

In Conclusion

So, in conclusion, perhaps we should reorder our way of thinking. Let's look at this subject from the point of view of the Greater World philosophy.

The human beings that exist today on earth house the spirits of the children of God - the real humankind, as it were. The spirits of the children of God existed long before the physical universe came into the scheme of things for their development and evolution.

There also existed, long before the physical universe, God's humbler creatures, which were the responsibility of the children of God and over which the children of God had dominion.

But the children of God were undeveloped in the sense they had no experience. In essence, many followed a path of involution and in order for their redemption in the form of spiritual evolution (growth) to occur, the children of God had to each go through many stages of spiritual evolution, and one of the most important and difficult stages was a single existence in an earthly body.

Thus it was the need for spiritual growth and the very existence of the children of God that drove, via pre-existent spiritual laws of evolution, the development of physical bodies able to provide the required experience.

In like manner, it was the pre-existence of the humbler creations of God that was the impetus for the physical development of vehicles (bodies) suitable for their development.

The children of God were responsible for bringing the humbler creations down to such a level through inexperience, through violating the spiritual laws of Divine Love, through selfishness and the desire for power they were not supposed to have at that stage. It is us who are responsible for suffering and pain in all spheres of life.

We should not be blinded by the fact that what today represents humankind on earth is how the children of God will ultimately end up. No, far from it, even on this earth the physical bodies of humans will change and adapt and over time will not remain in the exact form represented today.

But this earth life is so short and there is much development yet to undergo. The form, Divinely ordained that we should achieve, is not able to be comprehended by us presently encabined in the time, space and causation of the physical universe.

When a man revels at the thought of the theory of evolution as proposed by Charles Darwin as if it was the definitive reason for the existence of all LIFE while not entertaining even the smallest possibility of a far grander scheme set into being by a perfect Mind - when the wiseacre loses himself in three-dimensional facts but fails to recognise that for truth to be found all states and conditions of life but be taken into account - that man grants to himself a false impression of truth and has much, much to unlearn, before being in any kind of prepared state to learn anything about the Greater World into which he must eventually pass.

There is a much larger vista to be truly amazed at, a vision of the wondrous eternal life that his all-wise and all-loving Parent has pre-ordained for him.

Tony Bisson

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