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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Monday, 2nd March, 1925

NB. A continuation of the meeting held the previous evening,
("ZODIAC'S LIFE ON EARTH" Sunday, 1st March, 1925)

"O Understanding Mind of Love, we thank Thee with most grateful hearts that Thou guidest Thy children into the safe and secure path, that Thou ever lendest aid, and that we can come to Thee again and again - taking - and yet instructed to ask for more...

"Heavenly Father, bless us in our work, bless this physical life which Thy children have undertaken; grant that the sense of 'hurt' may go, that there may be harmony between the body and the spirit, and that they may see, in the working through of experience, only Love - Thy infinite Love - and may be conscious that Thy understanding never fails.

"Father and Mother God, we indeed long to be as we might be - we long, with all our hearts, to be able to rise out of those conditions of feeling and of thinking which are used by the shadows to hinder and hold us back.

"Thou, O Father of Love, in Thy tender regard, are able to brush aside these intervening obstacles, and, holding Thy children close, bid them take courage and continue the path with brave hearts, and with eyes which can see beyond the present.

"Take us and make us just what Thou wilt. We hand our wills over to Thee tonight, and we ask Thee to give us strength and determination, and joyful anticipation for that which lies in front... Amen...

"...My little children, you will see once more that God's Love is so bountiful, so all-embracing, and that He ever listens to the petitions of His little ones.

"I want you to regard our little experience just in the way which He intends - not to be cast down in thought but to realise that because you have undertaken this work, in His Name, of necessity, there must be times when you must be tried; tried to see how firm is your determination; tried to prove how strong is your love for God.

"For, dear children, the love you give to me belongs to God indeed. Only by His power and His grace have I been able to come into your lives in this way; only through the Holy Spirit can I draw sufficient strength to portray to you - in limited expression indeed - but to portray to you something of those things which are of God.

"Yes, dear children, although you sometimes forget it, it is God and God alone whom you love. I say 'forget it' because so often the shadows intervene, and, so far as you are concerned, for the moment block out the radiance which is of Him.

"There is only One - only One who can understand us through and through; only One who has that same infinite patience, infinite love, infinite resource, which can anticipate all the future may hold...

"Think you, my little ones, on Christ here in your midst, tending you, cheering you, comforting you, and yet not distressed that you do not realise His Presence - the Presence of the One who gives and gives again, and never waits for a response before giving still further...

"Oh, my children, open the doors of your minds and let the Saviour in. Not the conventional God; not He who acts as a stern and a ruling parent; not as the father who only overlooks his children's lessons to find fault and to bid them turn to again...

"No, my children. You and the world at large, have got to alter your views, your understanding, your conception of the Divine. Where Love is - there is Christ expressed. Where beauty is - that again but indicates a little of the Beauty of His Mind. Where hope and joy and happiness hold up their bright lamps - these but express a glimmering of the Light, of the Joy which comes from Him...

"My children, tell it far and wide: Say that God, the Creator, the great Thinker of all things that have been and will be - that this same Lord of lords and King of kings is their most tender companion, their most understanding Friend, the ideal of everything that man's mind could conjure up.

"To love God is not enough; to serve Him is not enough. There is that wider vision which allows you to take in something of His infinite Love for you - and until man understands more of the Love of God, so he fails in his 'message' to those he would teach...

"GOD - that symbol, that expression, that explanation of Love in its magnitude and beauty and radiance. Let this statement go out to those who are serving Him in office; let them proclaim, again and again, that Love which the Father has for His children - yea, even though those children wish to know Him not.

"My little ones, it is necessary for me to impress upon you once more how tender is the Father, how compassionate in all His deeds. Because a little thing went wrong, immediately - flying to the earth view - you thought it was 'punishment' - punishment for those straying thoughts, a punishment which a vindictive physical father, without love or understanding, would inflict on the helpless child in his grasp.

"I tell you tonight, as I have told you before, that you cannot exaggerate the Love of God. And how could you think then, that after these years of loving communion - the effort and the thoughts and the time so spent - how could you think that the Mother-and-Father God could treat His children so?

"Then I would pass on to another little point in explanation: There are some who have wondered why it is that this particular gift of the Spirit is bestowed upon one here and there. They question, in their minds, why others hear 'the voices' and they remain deaf to those finer vibrations.

"Children, it is even thus, and I want you to take it in its broadest sense:

"I refer to my child's life because it illustrates my meaning exactly. Away back in the past, long before she knew me, long before she had anything but the haziest idea of the fatherhood of God, she heard 'a voice'. Now, I want you to consider this and to get things into their right proportion.

"A child hears a voice, is unable to place it, but connects it, vaguely, with the God in Heaven, which she little understands. The voice guides her life - not into pleasant places - and here is the most important point of all: During the years of training, the voice of the Spirit led her down through the valley of suffering. Again and Again the injunction came: 'Give it up - let it go!' and, grieving, maybe, she followed the voice out into the wilderness, far from the sunny haunts of youth...

"Children, this choice comes to all - but face it squarely. Those who wish to be 'used' in this way, those who would hear the voices of those who are passed on before - these have to go through much from which the physical mind shrinks and shrinks again. Always - and this must be so, it is the testing and the trying of the instrument - always the voice leads away from happiness, away from brightness; always it urges disentanglement from those closest desires of the heart. And then, when all has been relinquished - and I speak in deliberate tones as regards this - when those sweetest gifts of youth, of happiness, and of affection, have been laid down - willingly by the spirit if unwillingly so far as the physical mind is concerned - then, and then only, the voice, directed by God, leads them back out of the desert into the garden of happiness, out of the sorrow into the joy, out of the turmoil into the peace of the Spirit...

"Children, if anyone should say to you: 'How can I hear the voices?' - tell them what I have told you tonight. That and that only, admits the soaring soul into the brightness of revelation.

"I speak with great understanding for you all. And though I bring in my child, yet it is necessary that each one should face the problem which lies before them - should make the choice, should say: 'Whither Thou leadest I will follow'.

"You must realise that in coming into your presence in this way, you get so much more of the personality of the one who loves you. Yet, think you if it was but 'a voice' coming from you know not where, echoing through the mind, and passing away, even as light passes in its course.

"This obedience to 'the voice' has built up much, it has allowed me to save her from many physical, mental and spiritual dangers - dangers which cannot be understood until you are free from the body.

"I say - and she would wish it - that the physical mind may betray and betray; yet would I add that God does not forget - that my child is bound in the things of the Spirit for ever and for ever. There is no force, either on the earth plane or on any of those planes beyond, which can intervene between me and my trust...

"Children, perhaps I spoke with undue vehemence, but you all know that when enemies draw close it rouses in you every scrap of determination and fire there is. You are strong for your own, you are resolved that what has been shall not be interfered with - and that is the lesson of the little experience we had last night. Oh, be not dismayed - let not your spirits go down when such incidents occur. Say to yourself: 'God is stronger than all; and because God loves me He will never allow the enemy to intervene, except to be overcome, so that we go on our way rejoicing'.

"That is the keynote - that is the song you should ever sing: That, because you belong to God - because, in spite of weakness, you wish to be as He would have you be - the powers of darkness must give and give again.

"It was a test for you all. And tonight I can say, with so much happiness, that the test has been taken and has been overcome - by God's grace and the willingness in your hearts.

"Yes, dear children, we love each other well - oh, so well. And we are bound for a far, far country - a long, long journey which shall never find us weary, and never find us ever but eager to see what lies in front.

"Children, the journey on earth, perhaps, is wearisome in its detail - yes, I know all about that. But the journey to which I refer is that which you undertake, oh, so gladly, when sleep claims you.

"And when this little life of yours is over, you - in your new-found, wonderful, unlimited freedom - will stand with me; and looking at that which is Love in so marvellous a way - looking at Christ - you will say, indeed, that weariness, that unexpectation of the joys to come, never existed and never could - because the spirit sees always where it is bound, sees the Great Purpose, sees the part which it plays itself, sees - and this is best of all - sees the strength, the help, and the power, poured down on each striving soul by the Father, by the Good Shepherd, by the One who made us all...

" - 'Let not your hearts be troubled, for I will send you a Comforter' (John 14). That Comforter is in your lives in a way you little understand, that Comforter will heal up all hearts and minds, will guide you on your way, will lead you into the peace which passeth all understanding, because God called and you have answered...

"My children, I leave you now for a short space of time because there are others who wish to speak, and their disappointment was as real as yours, only with this difference: They knew the goodness of God would overcome everything and give them, for that which was missing, greater gifts instead...

"I said, last night, that it was 'a happy evening'. By faith, you have turned that evening into a happy one indeed. Just remember this, and try and take it to heart: That always, by faith, by trust, by confidence, you can turn that which draws close to failure into the greatest success of all... and now I leave you..."

(After others had spoken Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, I have a few more words to say to you, but not very many.

"In regard to the statement I gave concerning my own life: Let it go forth, because, although it is incomplete and unfinished, yet even as it stands, it conveys something of the meaning - something of the message I wished to give.

"There is one who I have in mind tonight. You call him 'Mr Allen' (the Rev. Hugh Allen)... and I think, in reading my words, he will be able to gather just this: That although the tools of the physical mind may be useful indeed, yet the gifts of the Spirit far and away out-value them, and bring a peace and a joy which physical knowledge never can hold.

"He is learning fast, even as yet - I mean in this way: Those who have the scientific, logical type of mind, are inclined - when any expansion of the Truth is presented to them - they are inclined to say: 'Ah, but how does this work in with science?' - meaning with the theories which have been 'proved', with these many so-called facts which take so large a place in the mind of man today. Yet, as I said, he is learning fast, and even at this early stage the balance of thought is being readjusted. The scientific side, more and more, he will find, will have to balance itself according to the spiritual. You see the transference of position which is taking place.

"At first, this further revelation of the Truth, of the unlimited Love of the Father, as demonstrated in this way - this has to be brought into harmony with the scientific side of the physical mind. The next stage, when the spirit asserts itself and takes charge of its own, is that the things of the Spirit stand immovable, and the theories and accumulated evidence resulting from the mind of man - that these have to be adjusted to the spiritual, and not the spiritual to the physical.

"Tell him just this: That there are those in the Spirit who would wish to help him, who are surrounding him with love and understanding. And if he can 'take' more easily, he will find that much of the strain, in regard to certain things in his life, will pass away.

"God understands the human heart and mind so well. Did He not create the physical mind as well as the spiritual? And all He ever wishes is this: That man, by his own efforts, by the strength of the spirit within, should emerge out of the toils, out of the bondage of the mind which belongs to the body - and should use those greater, freer gifts, which belong to the mind which he will bring with him into the Realms of Light.

"Then there is one other to whom I would refer (name not given). He thinks he knows me not; but we are friends - even as brothers - in the Spirit.

"I tell him that what the Father promises, that He fulfils - not only in the word but in the spirit. That as he has given, so he shall take, and that which lies before him is fair indeed. God has bestowed certain gifts which are for use in His service - that he well knows. And I tell him that when he comes here he will look back and marvel again and again at the protection - the physical and spiritual protection - and the Guiding Hand which has led him all the way; the Guiding Hand which leads him on and on, not into new paths, but along the same old path with fresh beauty gathered in on either side. That is the path to which he has been called from the beginning, for which he has been prepared, for which every experience has been endured... That which the Father promises is fulfilled, and God's Love is around him in a way he little understands... Faith and trust, service and effort, courage and determination - these gifts, and many more, shall bring him into a revelation and an illumination of the Divine Purpose, which, of necessity, will grow and expand ever as he advances. And there I leave it.

"My children, that last message was given with a certain amount of strain. But it was necessary to speak; and there are times when, following God's Will, I use every weapon and power at my disposal in order that it shall be accomplished.

"Children, one last word, and that is purely and only of love - and tell my little Margaret that she, as well as the others, is in it too. Think ever of me just as one of yourselves. Think always of Zodiac so interested, so keen, so entirely one with you in all those bigger, nobler desires, which, although you recognise it not, are surging through your minds, gaining force and strength and stability as they go.

"Regret nothing, my little ones, but render up thanks to the Great Father, who, out of His tenderness to His children, gives them not only that which they ask and understand, but indeed is endowing them with that which escapes the physical mind and belongs to the spirit alone.

"Yes, we are tired tonight; but the body must stand aside. The weariness of the physical is powerless to come between us, and so I say, as I said last night - we finish stronger than we began.

"We go on - one point farther, we scale one more difficult peak, and ever, as we climb, so the experience comes, so the faith arises, and so the determination comes to follow the Light, to listen to the Voice.

"Ah, my children, if the world at large could understand what this means: Just to follow the Light and to listen for the Voice of the Spirit. If only it could understand, sorrow and grief and suffering could be surmounted, could be used as God means them to be used - merely as stepping-stones which allow us to enter into that which has no ending - that Harmony, that unity of Spirit, that linking up with Love Divine.

"Goodnight, my little ones, and rest content. God's peace is all around and you are safe for ever more - safe because, obediently answering the Call, you are wishful to follow in the steps of Christ. And although it may seem to you that, again and again, you get off the path, yet, in the happy days to come, I will show you that the path was never forsaken - it was but a cloud between you and the Light... Goodnight, my children."

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