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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Wimbledon Spiritualist Church Sunday, January 24th 1937

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"The years pass, changes come, but still the work goes on. Those unseen are bestowing upon you their loving greetings. This message is not mine, but that entrusted to me by the Master, and indeed where the servant is received, so the Master, the Great One of all the spheres blesses and safeguards.

"The history of this planet tells of the worship of idols of wood and stone, the sun, the moon and the stars. All things had their times and seasons and were adored by those ignorant of the Father-Heart of God. This reveals a deep longing of something that could be seen by the physical eyes. It reveals the loneliness of the heart.

"Out of the travail of spirit, came a light. Those who had been taught concerning Jehovah sought to understand the Great Spirit. But it was too much for them and they fell into the worship of false gods and were sucked down by the abuses that those in authority not only allowed, but also advocated and taught.

"We cannot turn from the truth. It is no use to say that the educated classes of any country have a right to the possessions that are theirs. We know that there is only One Giver of every good gift and that is God. They should render to God the things that are of God, even as the Master taught. So many worship the treasures of the earth, who are willing to barter their souls, if need be, to own adornments of the body or to satisfy the baser impulses that are within. Men, who are called Christians, want this and want that, who believe they should be able to spend their money as they wish. So amongst such as these the temptations of the flesh hold them fast.

"Neither must we overlook the powerful god of intellect. The mind has its fascinations. A sense of exhilaration pours through the body when difficult tasks are grappled with and overcome.

"Blessed are they who are not afraid of difficulties and who are determined to overcome them. But what of Divine Truth? Of what character are those problems and difficulties? Are they for the upraising of man or are they for the destruction of his body or his morals?

"There is no fencing off the truth. You are a divine being linked to God with immortality to face. Think about the gifts of the mind and the gifts of the hand, consciously realise what they actually represent and also the place that they occupy in your life. Man is meant to exercise his talent. In this early stage of learning, a lesson well learned is well blessed. You have to keep your vision clear.

"What of the gift of Spirit return and communion? This wonderful gift was meant to be raised from the earth and held aloft from all material things as an offering to God. Think of the great responsibility that rests upon mediums and those who receive their gifts.

"Sometimes there is hero-worship in the attitude of mind between those of the earth and their ancestors. Love is meant to be the greatest gift that anyone can have, but never forget that by loving those flesh of your flesh and bone of your bone better than you love Christ, you are breaking a divine law and there must be repercussions upon you and upon the one so dear.

"This also applies to the guides who come to link the conditions of those in the body closer to the Father. When you are free of the body you will see not only the folly of this but also the danger that it represents. We are the servants who come into your conditions and bring you comfort and revelation.

"We are but intermediaries from those in the Christ sphere who pass on to us, who have left the Christ sphere to work on earth, the light that man shall have. Who are those angels and archangels to be worshipped when they get their power from God?

"Can you not see how those on earth can thwart the plan and hinder the redemption of man by seeking the lesser and ignoring the greater? If you ask your loved ones, free from the body, to do things for you, without going first to Christ, you are hindering them in the aid they so long to give.

"Peace comes with thought, and bliss swings through the vibrations when those on earth pray to the Father for help. Loving His children so much, the Father allows the help to be passed down through the Chain of Life in many forms. Does this not show you that by worshipping God the Father and God the Son you can not only link more closely with those you love so well, but you can set into being a mighty line of service. Each one is blessed in the degree that he is being used to help.

"Many people think of a Creator as one all powerful, far away and unresponsive to their petitions. They do not know that God is within them and that they themselves possess a fragment of the Divine.

"So I plead for more missionaries. Daily more and more people are being drawn into the belief of Spirit return and Spirit communion. Let your part be that of guide, seeking to protect and informing them that their loved ones in the Spirit World can be hindered if such as these come first in their affections before their God. Impress upon them that the guides are merely guides and to guide truly they must draw the power from the Master Christ.

"You have been told to test those who come back to you. There are disembodied souls chained to the mental plane that will tell you that they have searched and found no one to represent the Messiah. Be careful how you meet such enemies in disguise.

"These are the ones who are inspiring the scientists to bring into being that which is for the annihilation of man. They are the ones who are the enemies of peace. The guides and helpers, the true friends, are those who have laid aside the trappings of the physical mind and who have come back, as Jesus said, with the mind of a little child before its great Teachers.

"Those in the World of Spirit are anguished if those on earth place them in the forefront of their lives. They are the tools of the Great Weaver of all good things. More instruments are wanted, loving to obey their God.

"The uneducated of the earth have a glorious fact that shines like a light illuminating the dark passages of their way. God is no respecter of persons. Man does not pass into the Kingdom of God through what he knows, but by what he is. The Heart of God is wider than the ocean and His mind of Love is unlimited in its scope.

"Remember always that there is the Guide of all guides, the Shepherd of all souls, the Light-Bringer of all conditions, and this is that aspect of God that you recognise in Jesus the Christ. As you think over all your problems, let the light stream upon you.

"As you probe deeper you will realise that all the trouble upon this earth, all the woe that must come has been and is caused by one thing alone, the worshipping of false gods and the turning aside from the Voice of Love.

"There are many worlds where life dwells. Those in the dark worlds called into being by the worshippers of false gods, will in time have the light of God brought to them. Today, by your attitude of mind, being brave when you have much to contend with, by your patience over illness, by your loving care, you have a glorious divine opportunity of sending light into darkened places and setting free the prisoners that are therein.

"By the degree that you have resisted the temptation to worship false gods and cleaved to the One True God, you are power-creators. You are bringing into being a saving grace that shall not only ensure your own future, but shall safeguard the future of many on this plane and in other spheres.

"It is worthwhile to come to grips with reality in the here and now. In the by-and-by, when the veil of physical consciousness no longer hangs between you and reality, you must come face to face with divine truth and the postponement of this operation means that it is more serious, more painful as time goes on.

"Those on the steep hillside grow tired. Those who are still in the valley paths hinder some seeking to do their best.

"Remember that there was never a soul who had the courage to stand firm for Christ who was not persecuted by enemies. The soldiers of Christ who are not persecuted are only toy soldiers. They have not won their real armour. They are only deceiving themselves and trying to deceive others. No pioneer in the forefront has ever escaped persecution and slander and the evil thoughts of those who have not the wish or the strength to climb.

"The mind of man has sought to complicate and confuse. They worship their own theories and until illumination comes, bought by suffering, they do not awaken to the truth.

"So arise in spirit and seek to play your most important part. You can be missionaries in the here and now. You are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses to the law of sowing and reaping. They are all God's beloved and He yearns over every one. Help the Father by being a willing, patient and obedient instrument. Co-operate with God the Father, God the Son, so that these straying souls may stray no more. You are a child of the Most High. You are a direct contact with the Godhead. Because the Father is the Father, He uses a long, long chain of many links.

"This is guidance for you. When you start your churches you like to find work for others to do. Perchance you are more experienced, no doubt you could do the task better yourself, but others must learn, others must be trained. All these things that are so natural, so part of everyday life have a special message for you, illustrating divine truth.

"Together, let us pledge ourselves anew to spread this glorious truth, made possible by the Grace of God, through the omnipresence of His children, who by their gift of Divinity can penetrate where they will so long as they prepare themselves. As you spread the truth, underline the warning that the guides and helpers all draw from the One Great Source of power and that is God. Without the Father life could not be.

"Before you is a vista so glorious, so miraculous that the human mind cannot grasp it at this stage. You were created in the Image of the Divine and within you, in miniature, are the same gifts as possessed by the Creator. As you seek by simple means, through kindliness of heart, service to others, patience under trial, and as you seek to make yourselves fitting instruments for God's use, so those wonderful qualities and gifts and powers will be released within. But without the Giver you too would have known nothing of existence.

"Seek and you shall find explanation for all the wonderings that the earthly mind can hold. Seek and you shall find full consolation for the stones of the past and the trials of the present. In the sweet by-and-by shall come compensation in full, strength, holy power, the breaking down of barriers that hold your love, and the gates thrown wide open for you to pass where're you will in God's Land.

"Bestowed upon you is the Cross of Christ. With that you are unassailable, with the desire to be true to the Master, the enemies shall fall back and their evil intent shall be transformed by God into bringing to the one so struck a little more for the wheel of endeavour. By the justification of faith so others shall be cheered and the good work shall go on.

"Races shall be linked to races. Peoples shall look into the eyes of other peoples and see friendship shining there. Through the link of the Father, through the great bond of Immortal Love, so at last shall be brought the Kingdom of Peace, which shall never pass away."

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