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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
the Strand Cinema, Grimsby, under the auspices of St. Peter's Christian Spiritualist Church, Cleethorpes. Sunday, April 30th 1933

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"There are many who would say that the world’s great need is for more work. That is a great need. There are many who suffer because there is no work to do. However, you need to think a little deeper than that.

"Think of what you are and where you came from. You are cabined in a body of flesh and it seems to you that your restrictions are many; there is so much that you long to accomplish but the doors are closed all around; that is true so far as the physical self is concerned: You were created by God - in the long ago - in the likeness of Himself. You are reminded for your comfort that the earth stage is but one short span of the life which goes on for evermore.

"The world's greatest need today is for explanation. When light is thrown over the dark path of physical experience, then reassurance takes the place of doubt and sorrow and misunderstanding. It is possible to explain why things go wrong in your lives. You need to understand that you have that great gift of Spirit Communion.

"When you seek the aid of 'instruments', find out first whether they put God first in their life. If they do, then as you listen, hold in reserve your conviction and your belief. Listen and wait until you find out what they say is true. Do not believe at once, because that means that you will often be deceived. Usually, when man is deceived, he does not blame himself, he does not blame his own heedlessness and folly, but blames the Lord of All, and sorrow is caused to the Father and Mother God.

"What of those who have lost loved ones? Many such look around and question why could they not have been spared. Thought of mistrust and even of hatred against God spring up in the unwary mind, and they ask themselves: 'How can I believe in God when He has taken my loved one away from me?' God does not take them away; He receives them; and they in turn receive love and understanding.

"Go back over the past. Why is it today that people have weak bodies? Why is it that people today sometimes have to be put into institutions because their mind has failed them? Is it not man's own fault over the past? By yielding to the appetites of the body, man not only undermines his own constitution, but those of his offspring and those who follow after. They too have to bear their part of the dreadful penalty. Thus, in the physical body - not God's will but the falling away from the path of righteousness - innocent people pay a terrible price.

"The meaning of pain is so hard to understand. Those who suffer physically, when the body is cast aside, shall be surprised to find that the pain they bore has given them an understanding which nothing else could have done. By the pains of the physical, so the strength of the spiritual is built up. Therefore, to the weak in body: Be brave, keep your eyes upon the star of the great Hereafter, and know that - moment by moment - God is compensating you for those pains which you must bear; He is able to rectify what man has brought to pass. The laws of the earth cannot be interfered with, and so - for a while - His creation must endure because another has sinned.

"Thus, sorrow is brought into your own life. What of your own record? What of your own self-denial? Is it always of that high standard so that those you bring into the earth plane may have their chance? You may say that you cannot rectify what your forebears have done. No, but because of the striving, because of the endeavouring to live a pure and temperate life - in time - the damage can be rectified, the sick can be cleansed and the disease stayed - the disease which has permeated all. So, you are able to see your part.

"There is another point that has a great influence on the mind of man while in the body. Many exclaim that the earth life is so unequal. Why is it that some have so much and others so little? Why is it that your high ambitions have been thwarted from the outset, and yet others, who have not worked as hard as you have worked, have succeeded? The answer to that is so plain when viewed from the example of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus the Christ. Here was a Man; a Man with the highest wisdom of anyone who has ever inhabited a body of flesh; here is One whose thoughts and feelings and actions were perfect. Yet, what was His Lot? Were His ambitions realised? Yes and No. But the Christ had the gift of infinite patience, and in time to come that great gift shall be made your own as well.

"Jesus, the Christ, born in so humble a way, lived a life of struggle, of great material care. Then when He responded to the Call of the Divine within, He found nearly all were against Him. Yet, because He persisted, because He put His sweet mission before Himself, so - as well you know full well - He was despised; He was stoned and He was crucified; and to some it seemed that the uttermost failure was His lot.

"Yet we have long vision, and so we look not only on the Day of Resurrection but also we look on what has been accomplished since; accomplished through the sacrifice of Love, through the death and the arising again of the One who loves us best.

"So, those of you who suffer from thwarted ambition, do not be dismayed. The earth life is so short and the great life of Spirit goes on forever more. There is not one impulse which has a flicker of good in it which shall not be worked out in time to come; there is not one ideal, one effort to build, that shall not be accomplished when the body is no more - if it is not possible while the earth life holds.

"Remember this, that although to others you may seem a failure, to God you are a great success - if you are brave, if you are faithful, if you seek to do your best in spite of the sneers of your neighbours. When they are free, they will be seen by all to represent something which indeed is a loss; while the humble ones, the striving ones, the disciplined ones, will have a little kingdom of their own, and sorrow - as sorrow - will be ended for them forever more.

"When you consider those things which are of the earth, see that the things of the earth have their explanation by the things of the Spirit. Today, the world's great need is for revelation. The world's great need is for the Light of the World to walk amongst men and to minister direct. Thus, Jesus the Christ walks among men and He ministers direct, and many lives are changed.

"In holy calm, with the power of the Holy Spirit streaming in, comfort and reassurance are found. Those of you with hard lives and many trials and much anxiety over the lack of material things - know that you are building better than you can understand. Your home is not poverty-laden, as it seems to you; your home is as a temple, and if your eyes were opened you would see celestial beings ministering to you, children bringing gifts of flowers, and the mother and father – forebears - coming with their treasures, trying to make up in spiritual worth what is lacking on the material side. Then because of your link with the Man of Poverty, so when the earth life is over you will have those spiritual riches which no one can take from you; you will have earned them. Think deeply on these things.

"The need of the world today is for more Light. By your mode of living, by your striving, by your seeking to contact with the bright ones, by refusing to be content to be guided by spirits who know so little more than yourselves, so you in turn represent a light in a darkened plane, so you in turn can be a saviour of your fellows.

"But the price must be paid. What is the price? It is so simple: The giving up of something when you want to hold on to it; the loving when another hates you; the patience when the angry word would pour forth. So simple and yet so difficult - but only when you rule out the saving grace, the power, and the strength of the Christ; only difficult when you refuse the aid of the holy ones of old who draw close to you to minister direct.

"So, think over your lives; answer truly: What is it you lack? You lack that happiness for which you crave. But many a rich man or woman know nothing of happiness in any form. Those who fill their bodies with the rich foods of the earth - in time and in turn - pay a heavy price. They are as a dustbin of disease, and their lot becomes harder and harder to bear.

"Happiness can be your own, but the only happiness which has joy in it is the peace which comes from following the path of duty, seeking to help your neighbour, stilling the cries of a child, raising the fallen. The only peace which is real peace comes in ministering to and releasing the Divine within you, and in time - whether you postpone it or not - in time, each person will have to become a saviour, for we have been told that we must be even as Jesus the Christ.

"So, when thinking over your lot and counting up your troubles, will you try to bring the light of the Holy Spirit to shine upon them? Then it will be thus: 'I am poor', and the spirit answers: 'You are rich'; 'I am weak', and the Spirit will answer: 'you are strong'; 'I fail so often', but the Voice of the Christ rings out: 'Come unto Me and I will give you rest'.

"When you meet together with holiness in your heart, when you seek to tear asunder the veil between you and the World of the Spirit, this is not only the will of God but those who are strong in the strength of Christ are there to assist you; they will lead you onto the right pathway, away from the dark wood of self.

"When you are free from that which holds you back, and in turn you come back into the earth plane to impress upon your loved ones your message, then you will remember the words that you were told. If you were content with the second best, then those you love will not listen to your counsel; rather, they will go here and there to gain those material messages which so often are proved to be false. And how your heart will ache; how you will be tortured when you see your child grown into adulthood and yet not able to hear your voice. The voice of love speaks, but so often it gains no answer at all.

"So, as we think together, we come nearer to the truth. There are many avenues of thought, many avenues of knowledge. You could learn about other worlds and the inhabitants therein. Sadly, although the mind would be fed, the soul would go hungry. Therefore, seek to follow the example of the Master, and in simple terms seek to feed that which is the 'Real Self'. The Bread of Life can be given by so many - whether young or old, whether experienced or inexperienced. By showing faith, by trying to be brave, by helping and loving, so each one passes on the Bread of Life which shall feed the soul for evermore.

"Thus, the world's great need is for pioneer souls, for those who, knowing this truth, will have the courage to stand up before those who criticise and say: 'I am out for the best and the best alone'. If the materially-minded should overwhelm you for a while, remember that even the materially-minded, one day, must be spiritually-minded and spiritually led. It is just a case of waiting; just a case of praying; just a case of trying; and at last, each soul will be drawn into the Eternal Fold...each soul, whether that soul denies the Christ while in the body or not, each soul in time to come will acknowledge the Master as their Lord indeed, and in that time shall be revealed to them manifestations of the Holy Spirit, and they shall be shown their affinity with the Lord God of All.

"Those who respond and are aware of the power of God, shall be blessed, and they shall be used, and they shall scatter the seeds which shall spring up and bring a harvest that shall be abundant indeed. For God gives to the humble heart and mind, and His treasure has no end.

"You are blessed with courage; you are blessed with illumination regarding the troubles of your daily life; you are blessed with the power to become a saviour for others even as Christ intends. As you tread the path - trembling yet hoping - so it shall be shown to you and to those around you, that God’s Hand is over you and that He shall leave you never more. Miracles shall take place upon the earth, miracles of grace, miracles that shall bring conviction to the doubting heart and mind, and this shall be done by the humble souls, even as the disciples did in days of old. By the humble souls so shall the sick be healed and the blind receive their sight, and when those bound with conceit view these miracles of grace, their pride shall fall from them, and like little children, they will come to Christ and will beseech Him to teach and to lead.

"The workers are blessed with a valiant heart. They are marked by the Cross of Jesus the Christ - a symbol of their sweet discipleship. The sorrowful days shall pass, and the brightness of the power of the spirit within shall illumine their way. Each one shall raise the desire, the irresistible impulse, to release the Divine within his neighbours so that they too can share in the joy and the blessing that it brings."

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