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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 16th October, 1926 

"Most understanding Saviour, we thank Thee that we can come to Thee whatever the past, whatever the present, and in coming receive not only Thy blessing but that Love which nothing can quell.

"O Christ, remembering the earthly way, Thou canst enter into all our fears, all our apprehensions, all that conflicting war of doubt which surges against the human mind. Because Thou hast worn a body of flesh, Thou understandest that to the little children the way seems complicated and the lessons hard to learn; so tonight we ask Thee to give us that greatest blessing of all - comprehension of the journey in front, realisation that the present is but building up for the future, that the little tasks we do today are preparing us for that work which Thou has reserved for us in the sweet by and by when illumination is all around...

"O Christ, help us to learn our lessons and, above all, teach us how to come to Thee, our most loving Instructor, and to take from Thee not only the strength to learn, but the balm which shall wipe out the remembrance of the pain entailed...

"Father, we thank Thee, and we ask Thee to use us once again to bring comfort and revelation to others, and to prepare the way for all that mighty manifestation of Spirit which Thou art waiting to bestow... Father we thank Thee...

"...My little children all, tonight we meet together in love, in sympathy, and in the desire to so combine our forces that we shall provide for the Creator that which He will use and use again. Perhaps to some it sounds rather an audacious thing to say - that His little children can provide anything for the Lord God of all; but oh, if you could once grasp how your Father regards you, so you would see that He delights in your efforts, He delights when you, out of the greater consciousness within, set into being that power which is Spirit force.

"And tonight in this little room, by your fellowship, by your wish to aid each other so, little ones, could you see it, you would find that something resembling a golden cloud, aye, touched with rose, was flowing out beyond these walls - flowing out, and it will be caught in those realms where Light is scarcely known...

"A little illustration of power. You cannot grasp how, within, there is the capacity to create for God, but out of the gift which is of Himself you can give back to the generous Bestower and render Him aid in that missionary work which must go on until every straying sheep has been gathered back into the fold of Love.

"Tonight, my little ones, it has been ordained that I speak to you on that which you would call: 'Working out your own salvation' (Phil.2:12). And to that, I bracket the statement that: 'Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap' (Gal.6:7).

"Yet, my little ones, no consternation should be caused in your minds by the seeming sternness of those decrees. You and I have been introduced to God as He is, in that measure that we can understand, and we have learnt that the Creator, the Lord God of all is our Father and Mother combined, is the One who loves us best, is the only One who never misunderstands us however much we may misunderstand Him.

"So, my children, keeping the Love-aspect of God in the forefront of your mind, so we will talk together for a brief space on that which each one must face, if not in this world of sense, then in other conditions, some, alas, less favourable to development than your little earth.

"My children, I have underlined - and especially when last we met together - I have underlined that the 'Redeemer' side of God has scarce been grasped by man. That from the beginning, when those of His children turned from Him to that which was the second best, so from that moment the work of redemption was commenced. Yet, dear children, because the Lord God gifted mankind with free-will, so also He cannot interfere with his inclinations, with his many desires, with his folly and his confidence in himself.

"And then, dear children, I bring you back to your own lives, in the sense that I would use a little illustration common to all to indicate, in miniature, how your Father God is placed in regard to His children.

"You see, my little ones, that with your own children, the time comes when they must go to school, and sometimes it happens when perhaps the previous training has been resisted, that the learning processes come very hard indeed. The will is difficult to curb, aye, a thousand things distract the attention, and the parent grieves over the tears which the learning of the lessons provoke; and because love dictates, so the mother draws her child to her and she goes over the points, seeking to make the difficulties clear, hoping by her sympathy as well as her desire to help, that that which seems so obscure may be made the possession of the little one she loves so well.

"But, my children, no parent, however great the affection may be, can learn any lesson for their child - they can instruct, they can explain, they can reason, and they can help - but the time comes when the child is forced to have those facts embedded in the physical mind. Without them it cannot get on; without them its progress is barred.

"So, my children, transfer your thoughts from yourselves and the other mothers whom you know, and think of the Great Parent; how, over the centuries, He has instructed, directed and guided, and again and again reasoned with His children so that the difficult processes of the acquirement of experience may not only be shortened but may be sweetened as they go...

"I have told you ever that the journey of the spirit, of necessity, must be long; that the hill to God, again of necessity, must be steep. But have I not added as well that there are countless helpers all around, that the hardness and the steepness can be ignored if you will take Christ into your confidence and learn of Him.

"My children, that which man calls: 'The Atonement', has raised many difficulties on every side. Reason argues: How could one, even God, atone for the sins of the whole world? And yet there are others, who, while holding in their minds that: 'Whatsoever a man sows that must he reap', still affirm that Christ on the Cross 'atoned' for the sins of humanity...

"Children, consider: What does that word mean? To atone suggests not only sacrifice, but also that there is a Being of power who demands that sacrifice, that there is one to be propitiated, one whose wrath must be assuaged.

"Atonement - think you again. Is there anyone who can atone for another? They can suffer for them, ah yes, and they suffer in a measure far greater than perhaps the culprit realised until too late... If, by that word Atonement suffering is meant, then I say to all that Christ suffers for us in a way impossible to be grasped. That He forgives us our weaknesses and our failures is taken for granted, for where Love is, unforgiveness or forgiveness are unknown. Where love is, even amongst the primitive children of the earth, unforgiveness can find no place, for love being love, brooks no rival...

"That word Atonement has misled so many. My little ones, your Father and Mother God would gladly learn your lessons for you if that were possible, but in so doing He would be depriving you of your greatest gain. Sweet it is to have gifts from those we love, yes, but they are gifts, and the soaring soul longs to give some little thing in return. All-Wisdom has traversed the path, that journey of the spirit with His children, each one. He has shared their sorrows, He has borne their griefs; but if those sorrows and if those griefs had been absent from their lives, so, little ones, the wonderful experience which they bring could not be their own...

"You cannot take of another's experience unless you too have suffered; you cannot get that illumination of the Spirit, that higher, purer wisdom, unless you have been willing to work through the earlier stages, to make your own the knowledge of this and the knowledge of that; for lo, though the Light might be gifted it would but shine on darkness, and that darkness would be too resisting to give it place.

"So simple is God's Truth but man has complicated that simplicity, and in so doing has lost the greatest gift of all - that close contact with Love, that link with the Holy Spirit which God meant should be within the scope of all.

"Children, in those days when the Holy One trod the earthly way, power - in a way unimaginable by you - held first place in the thoughts of man. It is not easy to take your minds back to those early days when there were so many restrictions and barriers between the masses and those in authority: Life was cheap. The only law which was recognised as unanswerable was the law of property, of possession. Justice, if you can call it thus, was meted out chained by a thousand traditions, suffocated by a million desires; and those who held the power wielded that power in a way terrible to behold. And in regard to that which you name Religion, fear played a very great part. The attitude of the individual towards his God was that of conciliation, that of the presenting of gifts, that of turning the wrath of the Most High by the offering up of the spoils and the treasure which they had brought to themselves by methods which were against the Light...

"Children, I find it difficult to present a true picture of that time, but that which you call disease was rampant, and the disease was of the mind as well as of the body. Those who were in authority not only wrested from their victims that which they thought was their rightful due, but through fear and by the force which lay behind the fear, so tyranny in every form was the order of the day. And this, dear children, relates in a measure greater than you can grasp to those who named themselves the representatives of the Most High. I have told you before that here and there was a pure heart, a faithful heart, but these were so sadly in the minority that their voices were never heard...

"It was necessary to build up in your minds some picture of those times, so far away to you, yet even as yesterday to myself. Those who loved the Master had been trained from babyhood in that attitude towards God which held fear instead of love, conciliation instead of confidence.

"My children, those whom you love who have spoken to you direct, have gathered here tonight to give me of their strength, and they entreat me to underline so that all may read, that, obsessed by traditional thought and the habit of regarding God, it came naturally to them that the Master was the living Sacrifice offered up to propitiate that great and awesome Being who ruled all worlds.

"Yes, though His disciples loved Him with a love which penetrated heart and mind, they understood Him but little. The Love-aspect of God in Christ was so hard to grasp. As a man, ah yes, they could understand love between man and man, but love between God and man was something entirely beyond their comprehension. Jehovah, the Lord God of all, the Ruler - He issued His instructions and He laid down His laws, and His children, in disobeying, opened themselves to a punishment greater and more frightful than the human mind could conceive. That was the general aspect of the Creator - fear held the place of love, and fright that of confidence in His promises...

"Oh, my children, let not your hearts be sad over that far-off time and the gigantic difficulties which those who loved the Master encountered on every side, for lo, the comforters were around, helpers in plenty, and though they suffered, yet the consciousness remained that that suffering was their greatest gift of all.

"And then, my children, I bring you back to that statement, which, as it were, lies side by side with the thought of the Beloved as the propitiation for sin: 'Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap'; and this great revelation which came to the one you love so well, this indeed is true in many aspects not yet considered by the mind of man.

"My children, why is it that so often these statements are used entirely to express censure and so seldom to express encouragement? You have it plainly stated that: 'Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he reap'; and think you of the million little seeds put in by the individual - a kind thought here, a compassionate desire there, the wish to do better, the craving to help on that cause and this for the succouring of humanity.

"Tiny seeds perhaps, ah yes, but I say that there are countless thousands who, after they have passed out of physical life, look back over the field which represented their earthly experience and see, with joy, that although weeds grew up yet there were flowers too; that though tares appeared amongst the wheat, still the wheat stood firm, and by God's over-seeing care they reaped that which they had sown in ignorance, they gathered in the flowers and the good grain; and these, having created for themselves, have the gift of recreating for others those possessions which remain for aye.

"My children, you are entreated by the One who loves you best to work out your own salvation; for the Saviour is a Saviour in very truth, and what you have overlooked perchance, or have allowed to slip aside, lo, because He is your Redeemer He has made it possible - by a little sorrow here, by a little anguish there - to make that omission as though it had never been.

"That is the secret of your life, that is the clue to your troubles, that is the explanation why to the soaring soul that which represents grief comes so close. So simple are the ways of God, so saving, so redeeming, so inexpressibly like Love. And you, my little ones, when you look around amongst your friends and see this one hard beset and that one harassed by much which frets, say to her, say to him: 'All is well - you are greater than you understand; you are stronger than you would dare to hope. You are working out your own salvation, yet let it not be with fear and trembling but with faith and trust in God'...

"Ah, my children, you see again how traditional thought comes out in that sentence: 'Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling': The mark of authority, of the ruler, the judge, and the condemner. Now those, once bound, are free; those who had the half-light have the full illumination; and they are pouring down upon you tonight their gifts, hoping thereby to still further release the Divine within, so that you too may go out to that which represents your little world and spread the message of God's Love.

"Oh, cannot you understand that the Saviour would learn your lessons for you if He could? But He knows that in order to make anything our own, it must be learnt ourselves. Yet, dear children, think not of Him as standing aside criticising your feeble efforts, but rather remember that which He said to Peter: 'I have prayed for you'. Prayed for you so that strength may take the place of weakness, determination that of a shrinking will...

"I bring in that phrase tonight because the children of the earth know not what lies within that word Prayer. To the majority it represents a petition for this or an entreaty to be spared from that; but when you are free, you will find that prayer, in its true aspect, is power, it is creating that which you call Spirit in its highest form; which in beating upon the spirit within is able, in a measure, to link up with it and to so strengthen the individual that the sorrow is borne leaving no hampering marks behind... Yes, Christ prays for us in the true aspect of prayer.

"When His little ones are sore beset, so then, if spiritual sight was your own, you would see your Redeemer, by His thought, by His compassion, by His love, bringing into being that power, that Spirit force, which has enabled countless thousands to pass through their troubles and to express amazement that so much help could have been provided, that the pangs could have been so lessened when the grief or the pain itself was so great.

"Children, in the sweet by and by - and with some not so far ahead - you will change your form of praying and aim at that which is prayer indeed. And when you reach that point, so, because your prayers are for the strengthening of others rather than for the solace of yourself - so, my little ones, you will be sowing that which you will reap with joy when you are in that Home which is rightly your own.

"Your prayers for others will enable them to work out their salvation, and because your own salvation loomed not so large upon the horizon as that of another, so you shall see that you have redeemed and restored to yourself for ever that which you will never have to lay aside, for it will be of the Spirit, and the Spirit is of God!

"My children, there are many aspects of the redemption of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ, of that most precious gift which He bestowed for all time - many aspects, and tonight I have covered but one or two. In the future I must return to this subject, and I will show you then that the coming of the Messiah, of the Lord God of all, not only saved humanity but contributed to the redemption of all those who had passed out of physical life, of the millions yet to be born, and of a myriad other beings of which, as yet, you are ignorant.

"Christ came to earth to remind man of His Father God, and that reminder - paid for so dearly, so it seems to some - that reminder has had a deep effect in conditions which have never yet been considered by the human mind...

"And now, my children, I will leave you for a little space. We have work to do tonight, as usual, and I want you to rise above the physical, and to regard yourselves not only as spirits but surrounded by the spirits who are charged with power - that power which love represents, for power in its highest form is Love. And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)

(Author of 'The Christian Year', etc.)

"...Good evening, my friends. I'm a stranger in one sense but a very old friend in another, and I think as an introduction I will take you back to that time when our old comrade, John Bunyan, spoke to you in this little room (19.12.25). I am honoured in calling him friend, and because you are his friends so then we are all friends together. It's John Keble and I come for a special purpose tonight...

"Strange how time flies; curious it seems to me to speak to those who regard me only as a memory, and some scarcely as tangible as that. Well, you young people, I can understand. You see, every generation has its memories and, after all, in busy days like these, each one has much ado even to remember all their Christian names, or so I should think.

"I want you, in thinking of me, to allow me to present myself in a little fresh light. Yes, my thoughts in that time were considered rather advanced; nowadays, I am classed among the old-fashioned, but there are still some who can forgive me for being old-fashioned and take comfort from my words; and for this I thank the good God who has given me so much.

"But tonight I come to speak to the one amongst you (Mrs. White) who, a short time ago, appeared as a stranger too, and I pass on words of cheer to her friends (Mr and Mrs Gregory).

"My child - oh, I am much older than you are - give this message to those who remember me: Tell them that old-fashioned as I was, the aspect of a loving God forced a way into my mind. For ever it seemed I was trying to reconcile the two - the God of judgment and the Saviour I loved so well. I did not doubt that the Christ was God - I knew He must be God to be so sweet, and the light of His Love shone like the brightest sun into my soul. I had not only found Christ but, by the grace of God, I had opened up a tiny path on which others might travel and find Him too...

"Tonight, dear friends, it gives me an inexpressible joy to come into your presence and to put on record the Love of God. Yes, tell the troubled ones that tonight they have got their explanation; they are sowing so that they may reap those wonderful fruits of the Spirit which will feed them and others for ever and for ever. Tell them that I count myself not only as their friend, but as a fellow-worker. Tell them that I can help them, that I have helped them, and that God has shown me that through me - so generously - He is going to lead them out of shadowy places into the sunlight of understanding...

"Oh, I praise my God with all my heart and being that He should have found me worthy to work for Him and to help His children on earth.

"Times may change, my dear young people, but Love never! Customs and ideas and habits may alter, but the human heart is the same. The human longings, yes, and most of all, the yearnings of the spirit for freedom.

"In the long ago, at times I felt that the angels were around. They were around in a way I can't express, and to the child (Mrs. White) present who has been so sore beset, and to her friends, I would give this comfort: The angels are around, ministering, healing, inspiring, for as good sowers you and they are putting in good seed; yes, by toil and the weariness of the body, and, sometimes, the anguish of the mind...

"Ah, we grow old in body but the spirit is eternally young; and when the time came to change my garment, I found, waiting for me, something so beautiful that I thought there must have been a grave mistake. The illumination grew and grew, and tonight, with a humble and thankful heart, I stand as a stranger - yet as a friend - amongst you, and receive this most precious blessing of all: To come back and testify to the amazing, unlimited Love of God, and the mighty provision which He has made for His children, even though some of them think they are so unworthy.

"I shall come again, and I should like to tell you about some little incidents in my life - people I met and what they taught me, and how I found them in the Spirit World, or they found me; the wonderful links and the wonderful grace of God which allows us to have that harvest of effort, when we thought we had scarcely commenced to sow.

"Goodnight, and I hope you will forgive me if I seem a little ponderous. I am not used to speaking in these conditions, but I'm happy and grateful right through. Goodnight..."

(Note: Mrs. White said that Mr. Gregory had received over a hundred poems through automatic writing but could not find out who was using his hand, although Mrs. White had heard, clairaudiently, the name of 'Keble'. Mrs. White had brought over specimen verses to see if anyone could recognise the style, but forgot to mention the subject before the circle commenced.)


"...Mrs. Moyes, it's Ethel Morgan, and I know you won't mind my coming because it's such a very long time since I came before. I've got a little to tell you which I think will interest you, because you do so love to learn about things over Here.

"Mrs. Moyes, in regard to the flowers and the music - all that harmony and melody and beauty which is in the Spirit World, there are little fragments which we can get through, but it's very difficult because on earth there is no parallel.

"I told you, didn't I, about the music that permeates everything? You see, in raising a finger in those conditions which are Spirit, it immediately, as it were, creates a beautiful light, or - and sometimes both - melody, but that is relative, it's according to development. Of course, there are some very wise people who would assure you that Fairyland is all nonsense. Won't they be surprised when they are free, for they will find that Fairyland is not only in our conditions but all over the place on earth! Yes, and in Fairyland, you will remember, there was the ogre's castle too, and the garden which was all weeds, and the trees which had grown so thick that no one could get through... That's on earth, as well as in those conditions which are darker than the world.

"But what I want to tell you is more about the music-side. Dorrie, you know that when the flowers pass out of physical conditions into their next setting, they at once gain in beauty and in sensitiveness; and when they have reached that stage of development when they more resemble what they were like when God created them, then they have ever so many more faculties. They have fragrance on earth, most of them, and texture and beauty and sensitiveness and commonsense, oh, particularly commonsense, because a flower always struggles up towards the sun.

"But when you are in realms which are Spirit, then the flowers each one have the gift of music... Now how can I explain? They respond to a certain note; when I say 'note', I don't mean anything physical, but a quality... No, that's not the right word, is it! Ah, a vibration of melody - and each flower, as it progresses, can respond, and, in turn, echo the vibration of melody which is in those particular conditions.

"And do you know, Dorrie, I've shown you this: There are some people who have got the power - you know, who are sufficiently near to the Creator - to bring out of the flowers their music; and when the Bright Ones pass by the flowers, as it were, a most beautiful symphony is brought out, like a wonderful peal of bells, and yet it's more like an orchestra. Can you understand? As the Bright One passes, the harmony in him draws out of the flowers their tiny portion of harmony too, and the result is exquisite melody...

"Mrs. Moyes, if you told that to a man who, say, had a scientific type of mind, he would say at once: 'More fairy-tales; give it to the babies!' And unconsciously, he has revealed a truth, for doesn't it say in the Bible that things shall be revealed to the babies which are hidden from the grown-ups?

"And then I'm allowed to tell you another thing. You remember, Margaret, that a long time ago, a wise and kind instructor came down through a wood, and, looking across the little river which lay between him and those on earth, he blessed them. And the one who saw him described how, as he came down the little hill, flowers sprang up on each side, and the trees were illuminated by his presence; and if he (Mr. Carpenter) could have heard the Spirit music, he would have told his listeners that out of the very ground itself melody arose.

"It isn't wonderful to us in the same way as it is wonderful to you - it's just Love. When we see on every side these miracles, we are always reminded that it isn't a miracle in the sense of a miracle, it's just Love. How, from the Divine Mind, Love gushes forth over everything and everyone, and that great river of Love creates life and beauty and sweetness and golden music, because it can't help itself - it's Love.

"Well, dear Mrs. Moyes, I know you are saying to yourself that you were always fond of me, and I loved you, and I do love you very much; and when you are in the sleep state, I've shown you wonderful things. I have shown you how it is possible to take up in your hand, as though it were a little cup, some of the River of Life. You said to me: 'But it will run away!' But I said: 'The River of Life will stay because it is your own'. And there, like a lovely little pool - you know those wonderful opal tints which some of you have seen - you've brought it back to earth. Precious drops of the River of Life, and that's not only feeding your body but it's healing your mind and soul... Yes, to us, the River of Life holds all the properties of food and drink and raiment, because it comes from God...

"I've got heaps of things to tell you, yet I mustn't stay longer tonight; but, Mrs. Whittaker, I took Laddie to hear the flowers talk, and you can imagine how delighted he was. He wanted to plant some of them in a little flower-box - like you have upon earth - and to bring it to you and put it on the windowsill so that when you pushed up the window you could hear the music too. And although he couldn't exactly bring those flowers, he has got a little window-box with flowers in it, just ready for use when you push up the window; and if sometimes you haven't heard the music, well, he asks me to say that he didn't think you were listening very hard, and that next time he is going to remind you.

"I've got messages for everyone but I mustn't give them tonight. Another time, perhaps, I'll tell you a little more about the beauty, because during the daily round the remembrance of it helps; and so often the busy workers forget the Fairyland in which their real selves are centred... Fairyland - by which God teaches us and prepares us for the wonderful conditions of Spirit which await us when we are free.

"Goodnight, everybody. There is so much love here that sorrow has been puffed away right out of the vibrations. Yes, love is all around, and it comforts us as nothing else can do because it comes straight from God. Goodbye..."

(Note: Four or five years ago during a service of concentration, Mr. Harold Carpenter had a wonderful vision, which he described in detail. Not until two years afterwards, when Zodiac had been seen by several people, was it known that the wise and kind instructor was Zodiac.)

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, we close tonight on the note of peace and understanding, but before I give the blessing which the Master allows me to pass on from Him, so to the stranger present (Mrs. White) I would speak:

"Child, tonight you have been linked up with work which is sacred indeed. I want you to weigh in your mind the position. It is this: You have been told that as you sow so shall you reap. In your own life there has been much which has caused the heart to quail. Have you not understood, have you not seen God's Hand at work? Go back in memory. But a short while since you were asked to join these children and to listen to the voice of the Spirit gifted direct to them by God. Child, I know you longed to be here, but the circumstances of your life presented difficulties and the shadows used those conditions to block the way. Had you come then, by the grace of God, protection could have been folded round you, and, though the blows might have fallen, yet the pangs experienced would have been naught in comparison with what has taken place.

"In this, my child, read no reproach but only a reminder of the far-seeing Love of God. He sought then to give you that extra protection and confidence, which He saw was lacking and which would bring its pain; yet out of the suffering so joy shall come, out of the doubts so faith shall be established, but let no barrier come between you and the One who loves you best. Put Christ first, and though enemies may beset your path, you shall smile your way through, for God has called you to work for Him in the Christ way...

"And then, my little ones - so precious to me, so bound to my life, so centred in my thoughts - to you all I speak: Though the east wind may blow, though the clouds may obscure the sun, yet with the children of the Light there should be no dismay; for the children of the Light have their own source of supply from that Sun which is stronger than anything of the physical, stronger than the darkness, stronger than the cold.

"You, little ones, can draw down upon you that warmth, that brightness, that comfort which is of the Holy Spirit; and even if you only desire to hold on to Christ and yet can scarce find the will to make the necessary advance, so those who love you, linking themselves together as in a chain, they shall draw you out of the waters of adversity, draw you out of their chilly depths, and you shall find yourselves safe and secure on that Land of Promise which has been provided for you, and protected by God...

"And now, dear children, I commend you to the Father's care. I entreat you to hold fast to simple faith; to let the complicated thinking of the physical mind fade away, and in its place to put childlike trust - the child's trust in the mother she adores. Yes, and your Father and Mother God, leading, guiding, directing, so He will bring you out of that which perchance represents not only of God's Love but the realisation that, with Him, the past and the present and the future are secure.

"Realisation of God - that, in the Master's Name, I bequeath to you: Realisation of the Love of God.

"Goodnight, my little ones, and remember when sleep claims you that you are mingling with those you love so well, free from the physical, enjoying that freedom which one day will be your own, when, with those who love you, you shall enter into that peace and joy which passeth all understanding because it is of God... Goodnight, my children."

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