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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 29th March, 1925.

"FATHER of Infinite Love, we ask Thee to lead us on tonight just another step towards the brightness which lies in front. We ask Thee to clear from the physical minds of Thy children all those thoughts which may hold them back. Grant that they may stand free from doubt, that they may be able to hold on to the staff of faith and, by its strength and support, not only to go forward but to cover the distance with increasing gladness.

"O God, Thou understandest so well how to little children the path seems difficult; and yet, by Thy wonderful grace, by Thy enveloping Love even now they have caught a glimpse of the beauty which awaits them...

"Then, O Father, we pray for those who are living in spiritual twilight, those who are going through dark days of suffering - that they may feel the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives, directing, helping, giving them strength to rise above their conditions.

"And for ourselves we ask that the power may be vouchsafed to us tonight, to demonstrate once again that the Holy Spirit, in command, can recharge each one, can control their thoughts and their actions, so that indeed the physical is powerless to intervene. Grant to us the conviction that where Thou art - where Thy Love is called upon, so that which is of the world gives place to that which is of the Spirit... Amen...

"...Good evening, my children. First of all, I want to say a word to my little secretary, who rather anticipates that tonight is going to present obstructions which will not be easy to overcome. I want to reassure her that she is companioned on either side; and the Father does not ask from any child - whether they be old or young, in a physical sense - the Father does not ask from any child more than they can accomplish. Let her then give up thoughts of strain and rest her spirit in all the power which is around.

"My children, tonight it seems to me that there is a promise of spring in the air. Yes! I know it happens very often that these 'promises' are only half worked out, yet, even so, that sense of new life, of brighter, warmer days to come - with their accompanying flowers and sunshine - does hearten all of you, who, more or less, are very much affected by conditions.

"And I want you to realise, if you can, that as with the promise of spring - of new life, new hope, wider joys in every sense - so the promises made in regard to your physical lives not only stand firm but ever are nearing that time when you will see that the fulfilment is being worked out...

"My little ones, I find this evening that in your minds there is an element of peace. The peace to which I refer is that restfulness when the physical mind can say to the Spirit: 'I hand over the future to you!' Of course, dear children, the physical mind, being very much like a little boy, does not give up the reins of government for long. Yet, as all mothers know, even that brief space of time when their little son can say to them: 'You do it!' is a relief, and the remembrance brings a sense of comfort when the position is reversed...

"I just give these few opening remarks so that you may know how we watch for any little signs of acquiescence to those marvellous spiritual laws which are operating - if the world could but grasp it - operating entirely in favour of the children of the earth.

"Some of you have noticed that there are times when it is possible to get into vibrations which are as harmonious as the earth can offer. And then it seems that everything goes so wonderfully well; and those who wish to love God - well, they feel they are at last in harmony with Him and His purpose, and they rejoice to think that the shadows have been so far overcome.

"My children, I can understand so well how it pains you when, all unconsciously, you step a little to the left or to the right and find yourselves outside the direct rays of the sunshine of God's Love; and tonight I want you to try and make a big effort to keep this promise to yourselves: that when you feel those sympathetic vibrations are getting a little knotted up, to pray - yes, to pray earnestly - even though the physical mind may be unwilling to do its part.

"These times are tests, and they are severe ones when the pilgrim is strong enough to stand them. Yet, dear children, the enemy could be despatched in the easiest, simplest way imaginable, if only you would remember that Christ is waiting - waiting for you to appeal to Him direct.

"You see, dear children, it is not that the Tender Saviour waits in the sense that no help is forthcoming until you ask. The help is there in an unlimited way, but free-will cannot be gainsayed. It is just as though you were offered that best gift of all - best from a physical standpoint - the gift of water, precious indeed to the parched or to the one who is stricken by disease; yet, dear children, as you know, it is most difficult to force that liquid through the lips when those same lips are closed, and the teeth behind.

"It is exactly the same with the gift of God's unlimited peace - you must do your part as well. And I entreat you, with all the force of my love for you - I entreat you to appeal to Christ more and more in your daily life, during the trying moments, during those periods of 'tests' - tests to see whether you are ready for use, whether the Father can count upon you what'er betide...

"You see, dear children, privileges bring always their responsibilities. They bring their joys and powers as well, but it is impossible for anyone to have great possessions without at once incurring deep responsibilities, not only in regard to others but also in regard to themselves.

"Yet, tonight, I would not have you think that I am scolding anyone. My children make mistakes it is true, but never willingly, never without regret; and so these few words are rather in the nature of an assurance that those times of strain and chill - spiritual chill - can be lessened until they disappear never to return again. God wishes the children of the Light not only to demonstrate a little of that Light to others, but also to be centred in that perfect joy, that exquisite harmony which is their right by service. Yes, their own in every sense there could be, and soon - thank God! - soon they will have learned enough to be able to grasp and hold that which the Father has given...

"Now, my children, I want to talk to you a little about Work - or, perhaps I should say, about the Toilers - those who, whether they will or not, have to work the long day through, and sometimes give even of the hours of sleep as well...

"As you know, conditions are very much better today than they were a generation ago in regard to the rank and file, and I am quite prepared to admit that very large sections work only as much, or hardly as much, as their physical strength allows. Yet, dear children, we - looking at things with the eyes of the spirit, going through not only the details of many lives but also the hearts and minds of countless numbers - we see that there are many, yes, far too many from Love's point of view, who are working - as I said - throughout the long day, with very little rest at night.

"In the first place, dear children, I want you to try and realise that in regard to such as these - who are hard-pressed by physical conditions - that those in the Spirit never cease in their efforts to help; indeed were it not for the tremendous power built up around such toilers, it would be a physical impossibility for them to get through the tasks they have in hand; moreover, the body itself would refuse to act under the command of the will...

"Some of you have experienced the kind of help to which I refer. You know quite well that in physical tasks - by which I mean those which make a demand upon the muscles and the strength of the body - that in regard to these tasks our power is enormous; and if you, and others, could remember to call upon that power more consistently than you do, you would have a revelation of its unlimited strength and durability.

"You see, my children, it is not selfishness to ask the aid of those in the Spirit when you are hard-pressed by conditions which are beyond your control; it is not selfishness in any sense of the word; in fact, it is conferring upon us a privilege - a privilege which, in a way impossible to explain to you at this stage, has a far-reaching effect, not only on the ones concerned but on many others.

"Tonight I want to speak to you a little about those same toilers - unnoticed, for the most part - who indeed are working into the pattern of their lives something which will stand for all time. And, children, there are many such as these in the world today; many in your own city, in your own country, and many more in those countries which you regard as separated from you by customs and conditions.

"My children, the Father never expects His children to undertake these great tasks - in the sense of using that word 'expects' as an injunction. No, you will find as you go on and expand the borders of your thoughts, that - so far as God is concerned - it is He who gives and gives and gives, expecting nothing in return except that His children might love Him, and seek to get free from that which comes in between them and their love for Him.

"Yet, as you know, there are certain strong souls who, in taking on the physical experience, were rather drastic over the programme they laid down for themselves; and so, dear children, I would ask you, more and more, to try and look at the hardships in the lives of others solely as a mark of spiritual progress - of the ambition and the determination of that which is Divine within.

"You will find in the world today that there are large sections who do not wear out their bodies with work which has any relation either to service to their fellow-beings or to the Creator of mankind. It is more common, my children, for a man to over-work in order to gather something unto himself which he prizes, and that 'something' is generally of the earth. The body is a tool, the mind a weapon, and with these two confederates he sets out to conquer and obtain.

"Then, of course, there are many who over-strain that same physical body in their pursuit of pleasure - of those transitory joys which seem so attractive until they have been tried; then once again, on these restless ones go, seeking to obtain something a little more satisfying and lasting.

"These, dear children, work hard - both the ambitious and the pleasure-loving - and very often the body suffers considerably in the process; and, sad to relate, so much effort, so much planning and contriving and looking ahead, leaves no mark on the side of the spirit at all.

"I want you to get this clear. Those who work for others, those who strain their mental powers and physical capacities in order to provide the necessaries of life for their dependants, these - unconsciously though it may be to themselves - are dominated by the Divine which is within. But, as you know, with so many - ambition, power, self-advancement - these are the glittering baubles which they pursue ever more feverishly as the years go on.

"And then, dear children, I turn to a brighter aspect of this subject - to those who are anxious to do, as they would say, their 'little bit' before they pass Yonder. There are countless thousands who, in their free time, throw themselves into social work, trying in one way or another to serve; and these, whether they blunder in that service, whether they fail to do what the Voice directs, whether they leave but little mark behind - these indeed are the servants of God - useful servants, just in the same way as you regard your limbs as servants to your self.

"I should like this to be known by those who have given up so much time and thought to these tributaries of service - I use that word because they work out of the great, broad river of service. They are just pulling their little boat up some side-stream, out of sight, forgotten, unmarked by the great majority who are doing the big things which will stand for all time.

"Those who are working on a big scale have their reward both now and hereafter, and I am not belittling their magnificent results by drawing your attention to the efforts of those who are limited by reason of time and opportunity. But there are many who get rather tired of giving in this way; they feel they are working on a pattern which never grows. Yet I would remind you that the seeds strewn on the mind of the body shall make a showing in the mind of the spirit, hereafter - if the soil of that physical mind was not quite suitable for production.

"Well, dear children, I have gone rather a long way round, perhaps, but I wanted to show you the broad aspect of work, and then to bring you back to those who have not even the satisfaction of feeling that they are contributing something toward that 'service' which God has entreated for His little ones on earth...

"Yes, I have come back to the plain toilers in the home, and in those many cul-de-sacs of employment that exist in bulk and which the world, as a whole, so often forgets.

"You have one in your mind (Mrs. Beams). She is often in your minds as typical of those who toil and yet finds at the end of the day that there seems nothing on the gain side, certainly not in a material sense; those who work not only in their own homes but in other people's homes as well - work as you would say, 'to keep body and soul together' - and it seems hard, strangely hard, that more help is not forthcoming to lighten the burden.

"Well, dear children, I brought in this sturdy soul in order to point a moral. You will remember that she has said - and she meant it: 'I'll never give in!' In those few words you have the quest which is ever before her spirit, and that will carry her through not only the physical stages but through many of those stages which lead ever from brightness into greater brightness, from peace into the peace which is of God.

"I want you, in thinking of the one I have used as an illustration, to make it applicable to countless numbers whom you know not with your physical minds. There are multitudes of such toilers - patient, unknown and, for the most part, unthought about by their fellow-beings.

"Let your prayers go out to those - not that their burden should be taken from them, but that the power of the Holy Spirit may be so built up around them that, even though the body faints, that which is Divine within shall rise triumphant again and again.

"You see, dear children, there are many in the world who are working - unconsciously, may be - on a very big pattern. They work with the eyes bound, yet the instinct of the Spirit guides them and leads them along the narrow, up-hill path. And when the body has finished its part, so will the bandage be removed, and then with joy they will see that not only was it well worth while but that all along God's Love, the power of the Spirit and His messengers - not only helped them but literally supported them as they climbed. Yet because they knew it not but went on in faith - or, sometimes, with determination only - but because they knew it not, they reap alone what they and others have together sown.

"I want you to take a very wide view in regard to Work. You have been told by me, many times, that the physical body should have its share of attention, that it should be treated as something of great importance because of the Holiness stored therein. Yet, dear children, I should be misleading you if I did not say at the same time that those who work so hard, straining the resources of mind and body almost to the breaking-point, that such as these if they work for God directly - or indirectly, in the sense that their labours are for others - these, dear children, are building up strength and power and wonderful opportunities in the life which has no end.

"There is another point. You have been told before that those in the Spirit have very active lives; indeed you have suspected that this activity is on so large a plan that it escapes your comprehension altogether; and this is true.

"When you come here, free from the restrictions of thought, of effort and of action, you will find that within you, you have a capacity for work enhanced beyond anything your imagination could conjure up. Yet, dear children, you can understand when I say that those who on earth had never trained themselves for service for God, cannot step into that knowledge. Moreover, in regard to the physically indolent - well, that habit, being cemented by years of practise - that habit is brought over with them when the work-reluctant mind has been left behind. You cannot alter yourselves by stepping out of the physical tabernacle. If a man or a woman preferred ease to work while upon earth, that will be their attitude of mind when they come here, and it will take many, many experiences to eradicate it.

"You see what I am trying to bring out? That the capacity for work while on earth is building up for you something which will give you a joy and a power when you are in the Spirit - something which will represent to you, then, your heart's desire. The hard workers - those who toiled, ignoring the calls of the physical - these indeed shall work for God, and the pains and the weaknesses they endured in the flesh shall be as weapons before which evil will give again and again. That concentration, that spirit of never giving in, is wanted in a way you cannot understand until you come here. There is so much to do, there is such an enormous work before each one; and those who, as I said, have steadied their will for work while on earth, they indeed shall reap a glorious harvest when they work in the Gardens of the Lord.

"Keep the point clear in your mind. God does not lay upon anyone those heavy burdens, but the spirit within, determined and valiant, says: 'I will!' - and because of that, the power of the Holy Spirit works with them and for them, from the beginning until the end... that 'end', dear children, which, as you know, is the beginning again of work so akin to joy, so expressive of the Love which is everywhere in the Realms of Light, that you cannot think of one without the other. You cannot think of God without thinking of Work in an unlimited sense, for while our little efforts go on, the Father works on the big plan - works and works and works...

"Well, dear children, I think I will leave you now, although there is so much more to be said regarding the inner aspects of Work, regarding the special gifts it develops, regarding also the power that it circulates both on the earth plane and in the Realms of the Spirit. It is as though the one concerned were pouring out power - power which, when it contacts with the power of the Spirit which is everywhere - in all the vibrations - is, as it were, transformed into part of the Great Power which dominates all the worlds, all that is and has been.

"Remember this: That, unconsciously to yourselves, you are circulating power - power which is wanted urgently by those in the Spirit - to be used and re-used again and again...

"On another occasion I will try and tell you a little more about the motive power of Work... And now I will go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, we will draw this quiet time to a close because I do not want to strain my little secretary too much; but I have just a few words to say which I want you to carry in your memory during the week.

"There are certain instincts in each one which are very indicative of the spiritual desires within. I am referring to those who have never lost their childish love of play - active play in the way of running and of climbing...

"Well, of course, when bodies are not too strong it is just as well to keep these surviving desires under control. There are two to whom this applies particularly - I speak of Agnes and I speak of my own child. In these, perhaps more than in the majority, that love of play, of outdoor games, of running and of keeping the body supple has never lessened. Well, as I said, it is not wise to overstrain the physical, but I would like to say that these instincts have also their spiritual aspect.

"I know, dear children, that at times the body feels too heavy for you, just in the same way as cumbersome clothing retards your speed, both in walking and in thinking. It is a restriction and a closing-in which frets the nerves. For those who feel like this in regard to the body, I have a special word of comfort. I tell them that although that physical body cannot be dispensed with - not just yet - yet it is even as this: During the winter-time, you put on heavier and warmer clothing, and although you are conscious of a certain weight and discomfort, yet if you discarded that warmer clothing the damage might be serious indeed.

"It is exactly the same with the spirit. At times the physical garment seems almost more than you can carry, and yet, dear children, it is a protection, and without it - well, things wouldn't be just as God and you and I desired...

"I want you to look at it in this way: You have been told that there are bodies terrestrial and bodies celestial. When my children come Home, we want that next body to be of the celestial order; we want to leave anything which is not akin to the Spirit far behind. And so, dear children, I am sure you will understand that it is better to wait awhile - not to throw off that rather cumbersome garment of the flesh until the spirit within is ready with that celestial covering, which it has been working so hard to bring together in beauty and stability.

"And then one last thought. It has been said in prophecy, in many different ways, that God's strength is focussed on those who are physically weak as well as on those who are spiritually immature. Here we get a little accompanying thought in regard to 'running'.

"You have read in your sacred records that the children of the Lord shall run and not grow weary, and I take you on to this: That better than running is soaring, because although you may run fast, you cannot take more than a little incline; yet with wings - with those same strong eagle-wings - you can soar above the earth, above your lesser selves, above all that seeks to hold you back. On the strength of the Spirit you can soar into the Realms of the Infinite, where God's Love will be demonstrated in a way which will satisfy you for ever more...

"Just the few connecting links: The wish to run, to be vigorous - which the passing of childhood has not killed; then the heavy garment of the body, and then the promise that those who love God shall never grow weary, leading on not only to the possibility but to the definite assurance that you shall soar as on eagle-wings - far from the earth and all it represents, into the bright Realms of the Spirit, into understanding of the Love which the Father has for His little children.

"And now I go - leaving you in peace, leaving with you feelings of tenderness towards that which is Love Divine, tenderness towards those who come with so much joy to speak to you, and tenderness one towards another... sympathy and unity, because God's power and blessing has been over us all this evening... Goodnight, my little ones."

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