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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,

at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 30th July, 1927.

"O understanding Mind of Love, we ask Thee with humble hearts to prepare us for the great work which lies in front; we ask Thee because Thou art our Father, to give us that which is of Thyself - faith and a determined will to go on and on whatever the obstacles in front, whatever the enemies may have prepared on either side.

"O Christ, Thou who understandest the difficult path, the many temptations, the loneliness and that which seems as the forsaking by those loved best, help us in our need, teach us that we are inspired by the Holy Spirit to stand firm, and if any around turn from us because of our will and purpose, grant that we may stretch out and grasp those who are free from physical limitations, those who have proved Thy word.

"In the quietness of the night, the spirit, freed from the body, seeks its right environment, seeks those it loves the best. Oh, grant that something of the brightness, something of the peace may be passed back to the mind of the body, and that having penetrated into Light so that Light may shine out from us, that having learnt something of Truth so we may pass on of that wisdom to others...

"O Christ, give us the strength - whatever the conditions in which we are placed - give us the strength to hold fast to that which is Thyself... Father, as Thy children, we commence our work this night, nothing doubting, doing our part and leaving the great, great part to Thee, for Thou hast promised that as the need arises so the strength shall come... Father, we thank Thee once again. Amen...

"...My little children, tonight once more we gather together to learn something which represents the reality of Life in its wider sense, and I want you all to banish the things of the world - its trials, its disappointments and its many perplexities - and to come with me in thought for a brief while, and consider those things which are of God.

"You, in the work-a-day world, have much to contend with in this wise: The environment provided by the greater self, that is impinged upon by countless others and oft the thought comes: 'Does this belong to me or is it only some vibration which I have picked up from another?' Sometimes you observe correctly, and sometimes you are misled by one of the enemies who are around.

"I want you all to try and put into practice a simple method of protection, for as you assimilate this Truth, of necessity, you become more sensitive to vibrations in your conditions. Each one, as you release that which is Divine within, so, in a measure, you increase your tests; for out of the strength of the real self, so you draw to you those others who are weak in every sense there could be. As a light you pass along your daily way, and those not seen by the eyes of the body, they hurry after you, for, in degree, you represent protection to them.

"Oh, think of this, and thank God that you act as missionaries to others, but also ponder on the responsibility and be ever on your guard that you - the self which has seen and which understands something of the Heart and Mind of God - that that self is not swayed by those who, as yet, are unaware of the great purpose and the plan.

"My little ones, the only way to protect yourself from adopting the second best or the weakness of those who are children in experience - is by prayer; and prayer has many forms. Wherever you may be, however many may be around in the body or free from the body, you have within your province the capacity to, as it were, close your own vibrations, and to refuse admittance to thoughts and feelings which are not your own.

"Oh, think of this, for many will find it is the next test, and it is in the nature of a spiritual temptation. You, each one, have a wonderful work to do for God. Keep that which you represent as a pure and sweet vessel, and remember that trouble and sorrow - these things are as purification, yes, as a gift which cannot be estimated by the values of the world; and having paid the price, having drawn to yourself by the force of your sorrow and your difficulty, those whom you name the 'bright ones', oh, hold fast to them and let not others take their place.

"Yet, there are those anxious to so act, there are those free from the body who seek, by subtle means, to influence you, aye, in the very soothing of the mind so that which you name conscience - and that which we name Spirit-consciousness - in a measure is covered o'er. Each one is open to this temptation if the cloak of protection which Christ represents, is not held fast, if the mind is not pledged to the highest and the best.

"Tonight, dear children, by direction of the Holy One, I would speak to you on: 'The Will to Endure'.

"But lest the mind of the body gathers from this that much which causes pain lies still in front, then, my little ones, at once I dispatch that cloud and I affirm again that, with Christ, your protection is complete. But the will to endure has not its roots in the physical world at all. It has, as a seedling, passed through many stages and stages, and with some, at this day, represents a tree which will not give although storms may beat upon it, although the world may deride, although expediency may call with a loud voice and refuse to be silenced...

"My children, once again I take you back to the Sacred Record and I ask you to consider this: In that narrative - so true in essentials, if misunderstanding did arise because of the imprisonment of the mind of the body - in that narrative the characters you love the best are those who had the will to endure. In the history of this little world - aye, and in these days, so this rule applies - you have your heroes and heroines, and their courage, that capacity to go on in spite of desperate forces, that calls out the admiration of the mind and the veneration of the heart.

"Such as these are examples. The lesson which they teach, unconsciously to themselves, is that by the will to suffer so we bring to ourselves imperishable gain. Amongst your friends and in the wider circle of toil, you look upon those with endurance in quite a different way from the vast majority, who, by every means in their power, seek to extricate themselves from the experiences which they came into the body to make their own. You look round on that one and this. Sympathy for their lot is drawn out from you and you say: 'A strong soul is here. If my conditions were the same, could I show that high courage, that buoyancy of spirit?' Around you are human documents with their narratives of joy and pain, and you long to help the one who struggles, and - from the earth point of view - seems to struggle in vain.

"Take from this instinct, holy in very truth, what is worked out in fact regarding the ones who are free. Those with the strength, those who have seen God, they gather to the child hard beset on earth, and though the enemies may be manifold, the pilgrim thus companioned goes forward, and when the earth life is o'er is surrounded by that which no one can name, for only Spirit can interpret Spirit in its true sense...

"My little ones, all of you here have known the 'bitter wind of sorrow', and I use that phrase, for when you are free, you shall see that as a breeze so that sorrow swept out of your environment much that would have appalled you had you known it was there. All of you have experienced an aching heart and a sense of desolation, and if some in greater measure than another, then remember this - that each one in turn goes through the Garden and that which you name the Crucifixion in order to be born again.

"This night, my children, I would have you consider that which is your spirit's equipment over the past - and I speak not now of this brief life upon the earth plane; over the past, you have weathered much. In degree, that which you experience now is as naught, yet the tests and trials and temptations were spread over a longer span, and thus it is when the earth stage is entered upon, so you bring with you either the capacity to endure or the desire to shirk.

"Yes, during the past, you have faced many enemies, and at times you were overcome; and again, at times, you conquered. And out of the strength within, out of the experience gained, so the choice was made - the choice of that burden which you would carry during the time the physical body was worn.

"But oh, confuse not this choice with acts of free-will, with that which has transpired through those many influences which you spurned not. The way of the earth is steep, in the sense that there is much to contend with, much to control; but man - out of his blindness, out of the desire to have and to hold, out of the weed of self - crushes the flowers of spiritual emancipation, and thus the pattern, when looked back upon, is marred. Oh, remember, though the trials were there, that in a measure which you cannot understand at this stage, so also was the protection of Almighty Love...

"Little children, you and I have walked together and talked together in conditions which would seem to you as Heaven itself, and during those sweet hours of converse so you have instructed me, even as I seek to instruct now. You have said: 'Stand not between me and that which my spirit desires'. And when I have questioned as to the endurance of the mind of the body, so you have answered me: 'The night is so short and God's day is everlasting'.

"And, thus it is that, at times, things seem to have gone wrong; you have, as it were, felt strangers around, your best efforts have been checked or thwarted, and out of your ignorance of the purpose and the plan you have asked: 'Why? why? why?' And the echo which has come seemed to mock you in the grief which was your own.

"But the question is answered by the spirit within; you have, in a measure, the will to endure, and you know that though the flowers of the earth fade in your grasp, the blossoms of the Spirit they are untouched by earthly hands, and your garden in the by and by shall be free from that which is a desecration of the love and the purity harvested within.

"And thus, my little ones, I bring you to those you love so well, those mentioned in the Sacred Record, but remember this: As it were, a seed here and there came up, and the physical eyes saw and noted, but there were thousands, who, with the will to endure, had their little day which was 'night' indeed, and passed out into the real day which is as the glory of God. Such as these, ah, they are enshrined in the Book of Life. Obscure, so the world regards them, but they are the treasures of God.

"And those you name the martyrs, an uncountable host who gave their little all for Truth - these, because of the will to endure, have long since worked upon the earth plane, gathering close to those who are sore beset, giving them of their strength, their endurance, and their love ('martus': Hebrews 12:1); and though the mind of the body may be conscious of loneliness, the spirit within is conscious of a companionship which nothing could sever, nothing could destroy...

"And so to each one I say that around you are many who would amaze the mind of the body, for you would ask: 'How can such as these bear to endure that which represents my life?' But such as these, over the past, have endured many things for the sake of the Christ within; and, time to come, so you, my little ones, because you endured during this brief stage, so you shall come back and inspire others to fight and not be afraid...

"The will to endure - and how is it built up, how is it brought together? Children, once again I remind you that in the real self there is something of the endurance of God, and it waits but to be released; but the only way to gain that which represents freedom, a freedom beyond your minds to grasp, is by shouldering the burdens, taking the next step upward and the next. And in this I would direct your minds to the examples in daily life. There are those who shrink from pain, from the pangs of the body and the weakness which follows; something like horror steals o'er the mind when they hear of others sore beset in this manner.

"Little ones, can you not grasp that the contemplation of pain by the physical mind, of necessity, is repugnant? But the spirit has no fear, the spirit is all courage, faith and trust, and all that is necessary to secure a mighty protection round you is the desire to be brave and not to quail, the hoping for endurance; and out of the desire and hope, so endurance shall be found your own.

"This is a spiritual law. Certain experiences are taken on by the spirit within. The physical mind, out of its limitations, struggles in the coil of that experience, and, in some cases, cuts a way out instead of gathering up the coil, for such as this represents the saving-line to throw to others. There are those who, taking the law into their own hands, have said: 'I can stand no more'. The life of the body is snapped and they awake in their new surroundings, and find, to their distress, that the coil is still there, and also that they have done this: They have thrown away that which is their greatest asset - they have destroyed three-fold of their wherewithal to fight and overcome.

"Yet, my little ones, I would not have you think that they are not worthy of your tender compassion and your love. By the very fact that they have struck themselves, so you are right to send to them of your very best; and so those who are free who struggled and overcame, their gifts are brought to the wilful one, the blind one, the one who fainted by the way.

"And sometimes such as these, by the very shock of the folly of their act, find an endurance ten times greater than that which was their own when in the body working upon earth; out of the shock of the contemplation of what they have done, so they arise, and, by the mercy of God, many take the road in strides whereas before they crawled and rested and found only weakness within.

"Little ones, your work lies here, as in many other quarters. In the measure that you have endured, so you are supplying power to those who, as yet, have neither the will nor the strength to endure that which the spirit has chosen as its lot. Oh, think of this. Go back over the past and remember that day, that hour, when it seemed that everything that made life worth having had been torn from you, and take comfort in the thought that, out of your anguish, you have sent to another like-placed the strength to take up their burden and go on.

"And had it not been for those others, who, in their turn, endured and endured, you would not be in this little room tonight. You, as others have done, you would have taken the law into your own hands and your spiritual emancipation would not have reached this stage for many a weary year to come.

"That is God's Truth. And so, my little ones, I would impress upon you, more and more, that by the fact of that which you have endured, that which caused sorrow to the physical heart and mind, you have brought to yourself something which will last forever, and you have brought to others in terrible conditions a little strength, a faint flicker of determination to try again to reach the Light.

"And this, my children, is not confined to that which you name sorrow and trouble; it applies equally to the pangs of the body. I have told you that the strong soul very often takes upon itself a garment which is imperfect, but that (the imperfection) is not the will of God. The will of God is that the garment which you wear for the brief earth stage should be something which represents a fitting equipment, something which will help and not thwart or harry.

"But man, by forsaking the law of Life and Love, has damaged - in some cases in an irretrievable way - the physical tabernacle which others must wear. And such as these have much to retrieve, for, as it were, they have put between the aspiring soul and its object, traps and pitfalls; and many fell, and many, again, though they fell, arose and staggered on, but the faith and the trust were gone.

"Little ones, it is, according to the law of the earth plane, a crime to sever the physical life of another. In the law of the Spirit, it is a greater crime to kill the faith and the trust of another. Ponder on this. Countless thousands - pandering to the weakness within, swayed by the world's view, putting up little or no resistance to the temptations on either side - they, by an act of free-will, have put between the child they bear and the Love of God, something which, during the earth experience, represents a cloud which obscures the Sun.

"The responsibility is great indeed; yet, remember God's promise that those who cleave to the best shall receive mercy - ah, mercy in a way you cannot grasp. And thus it is that the babe, weak and ailing, oft grows strong. Yet again, the scene is changed. Sometimes that strength is abused in turn, and the next generation pays the price; yet God's way of mercy is called back again.

"And this has gone on over the ages which have passed. One suffers and retrieves; another has and throws away; but justice, Divine justice, is immovable, and out of the pangs so the power has come, out of the wilfulness so come the burdens also, and those who wrecked the lives of others, find, to their horror, that the wreckage is marked upon themselves.

"Little ones, the will to endure is of the Spirit, and, in a measure, can be made the gift of the mind of the body. Just the raising of the heart to God, asking for strength; and, again, the raising of the mind asking the Father that the physical will, with its reluctance, may be laid aside; and trusting that out of your desire to do as the spirit directs so the Father will ensure that the strength and the endurance shall come...

"Children, in the tomorrow of time much tribulation must come upon this little earth, and why? Why, because only in this wise can it be cleansed. There are those who have to learn their lessons again and again. Today, it is remembered, tomorrow, it has passed away. The spirit within, fighting for its own, seeks to enlighten and guide the physical will, but the enemies are around and Christ finds no place in their heart, and so the damage is done.

"In the tomorrow of time much must come, and you, each one, will find that on all sides there will be those who will need instruction and explanation. Forget not this and thank your Heavenly Father that you have learnt something of that endurance, which, at one time, must be made our own. For out of your example those who were weak shall become strong, those who were blind shall see; and, again, in turn, they shall release others. And when the physical stage is o'er, as happy pilgrims - pilgrims who turned not back - you shall find within and around, a joy of which the first contact shall wipe out forever the sorrow of the past...

"The will to endure: And this, my little ones, is explanation in part, of the suffering which goes on in certain parts of this little world; it is explanation, in miniature, of the sorrows and the trials of the workless, the sick and the crippled. For the time is coming when this little earth, out of its resources, must draw endurance, for the vast majority - those who were called and would not listen - the vast majority have brought into the vibrations of all, powers and forces which must be banished.

"Again, my children, in a measure, this explains that you call warfare upon the earth plane. Those who come together to discuss the management of the land and the people which are theirs, these also have companions unknown and unseen by them, and thoughts which are black thoughts, thoughts which are charged with self, are scattered in all directions. And those in authority, because Christ has no definite place in their lives, they are influenced, and, again, they influence others, and masses of innocents are slaughtered as direct result.

"Yet, think not that God is mocked, or that the All-Mighty Mind cannot draw out of weakness strength. By the will to endure, by the anguish entailed, by the broken hearts, in a measure the enemies from the dark planes are overcome and are driven back; for that which is weak quails before the humble heart which cries to its God for help; that which is weak is abashed by all the mighty throng who gather to the ones on earth who are tortured in mind and body by all that which has transpired.

"And thus it is, my little ones, that after that which you name war has taken place, there is a lull; but the wave comes back again, for man so soon forgets. And the powerful on earth, the ones who hold the weapon of authority, again they are tempted, and again they fall. Christ is but a name, they neither seek Him for guidance nor do they relinquish the will of the body, and the desire to have and to hold rules their lives.

"Oh, remember this: That it is always the few who have the capacity to bring an avalanche of suffering upon the masses, upon the great majority; thus, the enemies of God work. Yet, again I say that God is not mocked, and out of the stripes so the victims see in the sweet by and by that they have brought to themselves that which otherwise might have taken aeons to make their own.

"Keep your vision clear. This refers to the victims alone. Those who should have guarded, the shepherds who betrayed their flock - these find a reckoning awaiting them which no words can express. God is All-Love but man, because of the hate allowed to remain within, punishes and thwarts his real self, and only pain can bring back that which he, in his folly, cast from him as of little worth.

"Children, it seems perhaps I speak in over-grave tones this night, but I see beyond today and I must prepare you. Oh, forget not my words. Draw out from within the will to endure, and, even as those of old, you shall pass through that which is as the earth's crucifixion with peace in your heart and a faith which never fails.

"To the many I speak: Flee not from temptation but call upon Christ to fight with you to overcome. To the shirkers, to those who must have ease and comfort, to the many who have cast their burdens upon another, to such as these I speak: Prepare, prepare - for when the night cometh, if your light has not been trimmed, the darkness will be terrifying in very truth...

"So, my children, you will forgive me if I have cast a shade upon this happy throng. You are linked together as soldiers and your Leader is Christ; and I have told you before that the Father's decree has gone out and that we go forward to do battle for right. Then let not your hearts be sad but rejoice that you are amongst the called, who have listened and have tried to respond.

"Thank your Creator that, at this stage, sufficient illumination has been made your own, and that you are in the ranks under your Leader, Christ. For the struggle is coming, and brave hearts and steady minds are wanted, those who, though the shrinking may be within, will still go forward not knowing what tomorrow brings, still go forward, for God has called them.

"Little ones, never forget the promises; never forget that where you are, those of God's army are there to do battle for you; never forget that on the earth or any other plane, between you and those you name the bright ones, between you and Christ, nothing can come.

"Out of the endurance gathered together over the past, set your house in order and do your little best with those who will listen to your voice; and hold in your heart this comfort: That out of the anguish which has been your own, you can be used by God to quieten and calm those who have no such gift; that you can stand firm - firm, whatever the storms of physical life, and proclaim your faith and trust in the One who over-rules all things.

"Let the past be past; let the present be sanctified by the thought that you can be instruments of God; let the future be glorified by the consciousness of what awaits you and of that which you can call your own. Yet, remember always, that you have but to pass on to others, that the brightness and the sweetness of your heavenly home, why, it is as unlimited treasure to give to the starving, to those who have not yet tasted of the true Waters of Life.

"This is that which you came to hear. The spirit communing with Spirit, by the power which it has gained, provided the opportunity that you should hear - through that which is holy in every sense - that you should hear with the mind of the body, and be forewarned so that the preparation might go on apace. This blessing you have drawn to you by your wish to get nearer to the things of God.

"And thus I leave you for a space, yet let not either misgiving or apprehension hold a place in the mind of the body; banish it by the thought that you are a child of God and that the Father has you under His most loving care, and, as a Father, has provided all that which the circumstances require. Yet, the Father, out of His Love, robs not the spirit within of that which is rightly its own... And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...My little children, I pray you give me a welcome. It is the one you name Joseph of Arimathaea. An old man I was when the body was discarded, and it seems as I don it again (full control) that the age is still upon me, I would call on your patient attention for it is my most anxious desire to obtain a little place in your heart and mind.

"This night, by the gracious will of the everlasting God, I am here, but it is the narration of the past as concerns myself which I am instructed to impart. Yes, I was the one who followed the Master of us all, but I pray you, little children, listen to my story, for there was much that showed a weak and foolish mind, much that showed the bondage that held me so fast.

"In those days of old I had much possessions and many waited upon my will; yet, the Great and Tender Stranger attracted me by that which issued from His mouth. I was constrained to leave my comforts and my many bowls of that which you cannot understand - the bowls of merchandise which attracted the eyes of the body - I was constrained to seek the Gentle Stranger, and I listened with the many who were there. Strange words He spake. Who was this God He sought to lay open before our minds? Doctrine and creed were as the weeds which grew on the wild hillside, doctrine and creed, my mind was weary of such accumulated furniture and rubbish - but the Gentle Stranger spake not of argument but of Love. And in my heart and mind there rose up even as a battle, and thus the enemies argued: 'Throw over the faith of your forefathers for such a one as this?' But the answer came: 'The faith of my forefathers no longer bears the guise of it'.

"I knew the law, I had pondered on that which our Father Abraham had taught and lived. Around me there was naught of that, for that which you call envy, hatred and malice, abounded on all sides, but - and this thought is as the fire upon the altar-place - but I considered and I considered; I weighed that which the Stranger taught and I sought to reconcile it with that which was the so-called faith of those around - and so the battle went on.

"I gave of my moneys - it was as naught to me - and oft at eventide I sought out one of the followers of the Sacred One, and pressed upon him the necessities for the time to come, but beyond that I did not go. And then my punishment came. Those in the Temple, I knew them; it seemed as brothers we were, and when some dim anxiety tortured my mind I would take myself to them and question, but with fair words they sent me back to my dwelling place; and fear slept, yet it always woke again. And then I took me to those in authority and sought to find what were the plans, whether treachery was afoot, for fear would not let me rest. But they deceived me ever, and I departed from them, seeking to hold some comfort to my mind. And then I awoke - awoke to the horror which was all around, for the Stranger was taken and, ere the dawn, was separated from me by that which was as a forest of those who meant to slay.

"Children, pity this old man, yet I bid you condemn him as well. Too late I awoke, but in the anguish of the days which followed, so I was born again. Standing with the women at the foot of the sacred Cross, powerless, helpless was I. What of my treasures, what of my slaves? Too late, too late! When I begged the body of the One who meant all in all to me, and as I straightened the limbs and bound the head, so this old man even died and rose again...

"And this, my message, I speak to those who know their God: Ponder within; let not that suffering come to you, my brothers, never let the words 'too late' break your heart as they break mine.

"Thousands, as you name it in your language, thousands know their Christ. Are they ready or are they deceived by those in authority? Are they ready to take their place in the arena even though the lions are loose upon them? Aye, could they see things as they are, they would choose the lions rather than listen to the voice of those who seek to guide. Let them forget not my words, let them not be anguished as this old man. 'All's well, all's well', cry the deceivers, and even as they speak, their plans are complete to torture Divine Love Itself. Too late, too late - the soldiers look for their arms and seize their arrows and make ready for war.

"By the great mercy of the Divine so I send out my strength and my love to the teachers and those who instruct: I tell them to arm, to put on that only armour which can withstand the forces arrayed against them, and to battle for Christ now, ere it is too late to save themselves from the anguish which lies in front.

"My little children all, the old days with their pain and persecution, they are preserved as this and covered over like that. Radiant those who suffered, glorious the women who were trampled underfoot, victors they who were scourged to death - aye, gifted with a vision impossible for your minds to grasp are the ones whose eyes were torn from them, for the Light was housed within...

"The past is present, the future is transformed by God, and out of our stripes so we come to the little ones on earth today, and bear with them, holding them fast, that which seems as sorrow to them; and our comfort comes even over their broken hearts, for one day they shall be as ourselves, one day they shall see God face to face, and the past, as a treasure, will be held by the Divine within.

"I pass from you, yet I come anon, and to the strangers present I would but underline this word: Little ones, out of your wish to serve, oft have I gathered close to your side, out of your desire to get nearer to the Holy One, so you have drawn to you those of ancient times. Keep the faith, oh, keep the faith, for there is much which lies beyond this fleeting day. Keep the faith, and think of those who hold you in their hearts as children entrusted to their care...

"Only by the provision made through the great God and my brother here (Zodiac), have I been permitted to come in this way. It is the turning of the page, and there I write my name, and there shall follow after strangers to the mind of the body but comrades and friends to the spirit within, for we are one, one in aim and in purpose.

"Farewell. As I speak, I see that all around gather the throng, and they bid me underline once more that they are here and you are there (in Spirit conditions). Canst you understand?... Farewell..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Now, my children, just a word or two in closing and then those who write shall have their rest. I want you to get back to fundamentals; I want you to realise that your real selves are fettered to other things than the material, that you belong to a world which is not physical in any respect.

"You are spirits, part of the great controlling Spirit who is the Creator of all life; therefore, with Him you are at home. For a little while, in order to gain experience, you seem to leave that home, but the Father's care, the Father's Hand, is over you all the time. In a second, by the sending out of a thought, you can contact with the One who loves you best. That, my children, is your gift, yet also it is the gift of all.

"Oh, think upon this and at once it banishes strangeness, loneliness, and all sense of isolation. You, as a child of the Father and Mother God, you cannot be separated from Him or from the heavenly home. The real you, even as you go about your daily task, can be holding sweet communion with those who are called the saints of God. This should bring you strength and complete reassurance over everything that your life can represent...

"So, in parting, I would but impress upon you that in calling upon Christ, either mentally or verbally, you are doing three things at once:

You are cementing the connection between you and the Father.
You are giving those who are free something of power.
And, in your own environment, you have created strength.


It is strength to you.
Strength to those who love you.
And strength to the stranger upon the earth plane.

This is indeed God's Truth.

"So we part, yet, my little ones, I bind you fast to me, and in the little while that will elapse before we meet again, so fetter this thought to the physical mind: That I am so closely in your lives that separation in any sense of the word is impossible.

"And to the little ones of this home I add a word: Take of your rest, yet remember ever that the only rest the spirit craves is doing God's work, and you can work for Him even as the minutes pass, work for Him by raising your heart and mind to the Divine and bringing the three-fold blessing, which shall grow and grow...

"Thus I go. The blessing of peace and of sweet content rest upon you; the Light of the Holy Spirit illumine the pathway in front; the Love of the Tender Shepherd close in the memories of the past, and the Strength of the Christ prepare you for the days to come...

"God's will has been accomplished this night. Keep these holy vibrations as long as you can, for while they remain the blessing is worked out upon you. That is spiritual law...

"Goodnight, my little ones, and be happy in the chain which binds you all together."

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(New Revelation, 1923-1928)

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