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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes at in the first half of the twentieth century

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership).

"MY children, we have been called together by the One Who has watched over you through the long past - our Saviour Christ, and I want you to commune within, to reason with yourselves thus: For what purpose have I been called to listen and to make these links? And I would entreat you to answer out of the wisdom that is within: It is for the furtherance of the work upon this little plane; it is for the spreading of the Light and for the safeguarding of others.

"These words, perchance, seem great in importance, indeed, they are fraught with much, and I address you tonight as instruments, as tools ready in part to do that which is the Divine Will. I speak to you not as little children in understanding, but as those who want to rise out of the past and to clasp the hand of the One Who for ever goes in front.

"Now, my children, this night I would discuss with you that which you, in turn, must pass on to others, and so I take for my subject: "The Power or the Will to Create".

"Oh, think you as to this: The power to create! That power is housed within the individual - not one here or one there - it is part of the equipment of each one; but there is a great dividing line between the power to create and the will to create. This is where personal responsibility comes in. Follow me in thought while I seek to gather up a few threads of that which I have sought to impart before.

"You have been told that in the far past you had all the gifts, that indeed, in miniature, you were as God Himself; but over the lone stages of Life in its greater form, through the tests, the trials and the temptations, so then these gifts in their beauty and in their freedom were lost. But mark you this: That which has been, though it may be lost, it can be found! Oh, never forget this, that once God has created something, whatever it may be, it is charged with life and nothing can kill it; it is only, as it were, buried beneath that which is antagonistic to itself.

"In the long past you had creative faculties in so wide and stupendous a form that no words can portray to you that which is fact. You may say: 'There are those whom I know who have the power to create beauty, those who have the power to create strength and that which seems miraculous to me'; but again I say that the highest powers possessed by man today are indeed as weakness in comparison to that which God intended should be his own. So, my children, I come into your presence and I seek to tell you - because your part it is to tell others - how to restore to yourselves something of the creative gifts as bestowed by the great Mother and Father God.

"Now I bring you back to those which seem as trivial things. First of all, in regard to that which you name self-government. Aye, and I get nearer to the earth than that; I focus your minds on those little self-indulgences which, assuming a pleasant guise, are able to masquerade as that which is harmless, as that which has no lasting effect.

"Little ones, I want you to remember always that the truly spiritual is the divinely practical. Now think you as to this: You at this same time are in a garment which is governed by physical laws. You have within you a wonderful machinery, as it were, which enables you to carry on your toil during the day and to build something that will be lasting, something precious in the sight of God. I speak of the flesh, of the muscles, of the bones and the blood as a great machine controlled by certain laws.

"It is the Father's will that this machinery should work in harmony; that it should be protected from the foolish ones, and still more from the individual who, as it were, holds the key to the great machine. I speak of yourselves; I speak of the one who owns the body. So many are unconscious as to the gift, as to the privilege, as to the priceless opportunity presented by the physical garment.

"Now let your thoughts pass from yourselves. Think of your attitude towards those who are ignorant of physical laws. The mother's watchful care, the safeguarding so that the little one shall not damage that which it must hold over the years, and which must do the work which the spirit within has taken on the earth journey to accomplish. Oh, how loving is the care! That harmful of nature is pushed from the clinging hands; the bright blade is carefully removed beyond the reach of the longing eyes; and when that which you name disease overtakes the little one, how that form is guarded and watched over until it has safely passed through the physical ordeal.

"Now, hold this thought in mind, for indeed it applies to those who have grown to man's and woman's estate: For the safeguarding of the unwary that which you name hygiene and laws of health have been broadcast - warnings as to this, injunctions as to that. All this is according to the Divine Will, but it is the merest symbol of something wider, bigger, which concerns the soul-body, that next garment into which you - the Spirit within - must step.

"So I bring back your minds to that which I name self-denial or self-government. The individual is conscious that if he or she errs against the laws of health - that which you recognise as commonsense - the body at once suffers in great or little part, and the man and woman with judgement condemn themselves. They say: 'I was foolish, I should have remembered; I allowed myself to be persuaded by others'; or 'through some trivial self-indulgence I did that for which I have suffered since' - and they recognise it as justice, but I say it is more, it is Divine protection. Again, a marvellous symbol of that which concerns the soul-body and the laws which govern it. Now I come to that which matters so much. The physical garment soon recovers from the abuse of its powers or the carelessness of its owner, but, alas, that recovery is not so speedy and not so sure where the soul-body is concerned.

"Here we come to the will to create, and I fasten your minds to that which I underlined - the marvellous powers and ability housed within to build something that shall not pass away. Children of God, gifted with God-like powers! Yet the children upon the earth plane at this same time are not ready, are not sufficiently grown, are not sufficiently released to have the use of those gifts, for they would bring unto them something resembling disaster, for self-government is only in its infant stages.

"My children, I want you to be intensely practical. I am here to teach you, to safeguard, to show you how marvellous is the protection, how unbounded is the love of God. The little things in daily life, that which you name the slack will, the taking of the easier course, the pandering to the desires of the body, in whatever form that may be, and, again, the heeding of the desires of the mind of the body, all this means, as it were, tares sown to be reaped when that body has passed away.

"Little ones, have I not taught you that elimination is not according to the Divine Will? Have I not said to you that God understands the desires and the longings of the human heart? But also I have shown you that in place of elimination should be protection of the gifts which are your own - the spiritualising, the holding up of the gift so that in the near future it shall represent something of the God-gift which the Father desires you should have. Oh, never forget that I am not taking away, that I say not to you, 'Give up'; but I say in the Name of Christ: Little children of the Light, prepare to take! Be not deceived by that which in time to come shall have rung the death knell of your creative powers. The death knell, ah yes, and the burial takes place; but because God is Love, so even though the gifts of the mind and the body and the spirit may be buried fathoms deep, the resurrection must and shall come though that time may be far ahead.

"I would teach you, I would show you! The little acts of self-denial, the curbing of the physical will, the silencing of the physical mind, all these things cannot be done at once, but your Father and Mother God, out of His deep desire to give you unlimited power, asks you to try and to try again; aye, over the thoughts and the feelings, the hopes and the anticipations, the tricks of that which you name the imagination - which is remembrance of other conditions, other states - just day by day, hour by hour, not to kill, but to transform. Children, no one can arise out of the rubbish accumulated by self in an instant. These things take time to be pushed aside. The individual cannot extricate himself at a moment's call, even though the call may come from God. Little things, little weaknesses, little bondages, may be, but the chains have been riveted by the one concerned, and it takes struggle and effort to get free.

"Oh, think not that I say to anyone: Cut yourself off from the joys of life, turn your eyes from the beauties of Nature, forbid yourself all that which is natural according to the garment that is worn. Nay, nay, I say not that, but I say, because you are out on a grand and glorious mission: Oh, take of the desires, take of the hopes, take of the ambitions and strengthen them, purify them, beautify them; for the time is coming when, with a joy surpassing anything I can portray, you will look around and see the rubbish of self and earthly desire behind you with no power to impede, and by your side and in front the tools which are Divine, the power to create as God intends.

"I speak in urgent tones to all who have gathered in. I speak to my brothers who listened to my words in the little temple of light (at Bickington). I speak to my children who have worked for me over the years that have gone, and I say: Little ones, what I would have for you is not the lesser but the greater, is not elimination but those same gifts in fuller, grander freedom.

"The will to create, the will to work! Oh children, would that you could grasp what the will to work has the power to create for the one concerned. I say not to you that there are not many grades of power in connection with work, but I say that there is no work that has not the power to create for God, for indeed the energy and the will - even the unwilling will - draws its strength from the great grand Worker, our God.

"The will to create! What is it that is confined in the physical garment? Gifts in plenty, so it seems to you, but I say that these gifts are in their merest infancy; yet even while the body binds and holds, so, my little ones, it shall be possible for you to do that which seems miraculous in the eyes of others. And again, when you pass into the light of understanding, that which is miraculous to the physical eyes shall be seen but as a shadow of the powers you then possess; the powers purchased by that built up over the past, purchased by the will to create, although so unconscious of that which was imprisoned within.

"Little children, you are called by the Master to demonstrate the power of the Spirit upon the earth plane, but the power of the Holy Spirit available to the individual is limited by the individual himself. Illimitable is the power, but until those upon the earth plane become in a measure conscious of their great destiny and are willing to turn their eyes from the false to the true, from the trivial to the great, from weakness to strength, so the power of the Holy Spirit - though it beats upon the one concerned - cannot link up with the Divine within, for the Divine within is still bound and fettered.

"I speak to many. I speak to the thinkers, I speak to the toilers and I speak to the idlers. Oh children, take care! Within your power it lies to create that which is indeed of God or that which is indeed as a barrier between humanity and the One Who seeks to save. From small beginnings commence to release that nobler self within; for, little ones, God meant that you should be creators, aye, lesser creators under the Great Creator; God meant that you should do that which reflects the Divinity within. But by taking the easy way, by self-indulgences, by hesitating over the trivial sacrifices, you are binding yourselves; and though the world may speak to you in other tones, when the physical is no more grief must be yours, for no one can bear for you what you have done unto yourselves. 'I am to blame!' 'I did it myself!' These words are torn from the lips of countless thousands of newly released souls.

"Again I bring back your thoughts to the Mother and Father God, for I would not leave upon your minds any thought that God would deny His little ones the pleasures and the joys and the happiness of the earth plane. Nay, the Father desires that you should have the very best, and so He has sent me to give this word of warning, for joy and pleasure and happiness as represented by the spiritually bound, these kill the real joy, the real happiness and the real pleasures of the earth plane. Oh, think you as to the abuse of the physical garment and how it brings suffering to the physical body.

"Therefore, with the creative gifts, whether they be of the mind or the Spirit or, again, of the physical body, remember this: By the abuse of the gift so in time the gift as meant by God is beyond your reach. So, then, commune within. Be practical in the God-sense. Say not to yourselves, 'Then I must give up this and I must forego that.' Nay, keep your heart and your eyes and your mind upon the gift as God meant that gift to be; and soon - oh, how soon - you will be out of love with that poor representation of the gift which at one time stood for reality itself.

"I would teach and I would guide, I would warn and I would send out on the vibrations the protection which knowledge brings. You, little children of the light, have offered to you by the Lord God of all, gifts in so Divine a guise that no physical language can portray them. You are asked not to give up or to forego. You are asked to fix your eyes and your minds on that which is worth having, worth keeping; and I say to you in the name of Christ that as you strive for that which has been laid down, so a joy inconceivable to you now shall come, so a peace undreamt of shall be made your own, and gifts in plenty - the power to create, purchased by the will to create - the power to create shall be as a flowing stream through the garment that you wear, for the channel has been opened between you and the Holy Spirit. The channel has been opened by the will and the desire to transform the lesser into that which bears resemblance to the gifts as bestowed by God.

"Great things are coming to pass. You, each one, will be hard put to find the essentials, the spiritual essentials; yet, again, I promise in the name of Christ that by starting from small beginnings so in that time the essentials which you possess shall appear as miraculous in the eyes of those who have them not. Forget not that your gifts, your powers will be needed to safeguard, to protect, to encourage and to inspire those foolish children who are without that which they need so much.

"I ask you to pass on this message to all within your surroundings: to show them the sweetness of self-denial, to unravel the mystery of 'sacrifice' which is not loss but a stupendous gain; to urge them to strive for the beauties of the Spirit, for the strength of the soul-body, and thus allow the Father's Will to be done. Aye, to release something of those Divine gifts housed, imprisoned within, to be creators under the Great Creator, and to demonstrate the joy and the freedom which come from extricating yourselves from that which binds.

"The Master blesses the man or the woman who attempts that which is self-government, and I have much to teach you concerning this, much to reveal. God blesses the man or the woman who desires to arise, and to answer the call to give up that which is the lesser and cling to the greater.

"I bring you back to the will to create - to create for God - the will to take up your staff of faith, to put aside the persuasions of others, the misgivings of the physical mind and those desires which still reflect the earth, to put all that aside and take your stand by Christ, the One Who started from small beginnings and taught and showed how great and permanent things could be built up to the glory of God.

"Oh little children, what is held out for you I cannot portray. Lightly you will step from that which is the rubbish of the past; for the gifts of the Spirit weigh not down, they are supports, they bring to you the strength and the vitality which triumphs over physical fatigue, weariness of the mind and the doubts and the misgivings which have been fastened to you through the weakness of yourself and others in the past.

"So I draw back your thoughts and, as it were, I weave together not only the thoughts which have passed through your minds but the thoughts and the desires of the guides, the companions and the loved ones (in Spirit) who are gathered round so thickly, seizing this opportunity to tighten the links. I take of this and I weave it in by the power of the Holy Spirit; it shall represent a strong rope and in the time of test, the time of strain - because of the unity, because of the will to work together - so you shall have something that shall not give. Ah, by the desire to do you have purchased the power to create.

"I bless you in the name of the Most High with illumination and with a will so strong that it shall resist all attacks. I bless you with determination, and I say: Hesitate not, go forth, challenge your enemies, defy seeming failure and build for God! May the Holy Spirit instruct and may the presence of the Master so fill your hearts and minds with joy that as pilgrims you may take up your Cross and follow into the light of revelation, aye, into that which awaits your swift advance.

"Farewell, my children, but we shall meet again."

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