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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Bilston, Staffordshire, on Sunday, 18th July, 1948.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"MY CHILDREN, with great happiness I come amongst you, and I know that there are some here who are in need of comfort, in need of explanation, for they find that as the months go by the burden of life seems to rest still more heavily upon them.

"And now you have had another kind of test, you looked forward to the bright sunshine but so little of it has been your own, and it has had a depressing effect upon your spirits. But I remind you that even though the clouds of the physical have shut off the sunshine from you, the sun has been shining beyond those clouds, and in this little illustration there is something of a parable in regard to the darkness and the worry and the sadness of the earth life.

"So let us get away from the subject of the sad side and let us think of something which will bring us a sense of cheer; and I have been instructed to speak to you on that which is a question: 'Where Is the Spirit World, and What Is It Like'?

"Yes, there are millions who have asked this question to receive no logical reply; only some vague statement is made as to a Celestial City, but where it is located is another matter; and because it is all so vague, there are many who have lost faith in the thought of that bright Home which they have inherited.

"First of all, my children, let us think of what is meant by 'The Spirit World'; and it cannot be confined to one star or one planet or one condition. God is SPIRIT, therefore because God is the Author of all things good, and the Promoter of Life, there must be something of Spirit and the Spirit World, in every condition.

"You may ask: 'Where is it upon the earth plane?' And I answer that you have illustrations of it in the beauty of Nature, in the kindness of individuals, in the love of little children. You have examples of the Spirit World and Spirit Power perhaps in your own homes.

"When overcome by sorrow, when sickness has fallen upon an individual, very often it brings out the best in others. They forget for a time their own desires, they are touched by the fact that one linked to them is going through an ordeal, and in the measure that unselfishness is shown, so also is the power of Spirit demonstrated in that home.

"The trouble is that through the materialism built up in the conditions over the centuries - just the same as those physical clouds cut off the sunshine you long to have - so the materialism on earth makes it impossible for the majority to see the real life in their own conditions; they are witnessing only a travesty of Life. The real form of life, in many cases, is absent because it is something that must be brought into being by the will of men and women upon the earth plane.

"If you go into a humble home and find there is trouble on either side, I ask you to exercise spiritual vision, which is not the same as clairvoyance; spiritual vision is something which is born from character. As you stand there, surrounded by trouble in many forms, I ask you, by an act of faith, a positive act, to try to visualise that poor home turned into a bower of beauty. The bleakness is no more, the lack of material things has been provided for by supplanting those things of the Spirit which never fade, which never become tawdry or shabby and which never pass away.

" - 'Yes,' - you may say unto me - 'that is all very comforting, but we want to know more about the Spirit World; that condition into which our dear ones pass after the transition!' -

"It is a very natural question, but it is not too easy to answer in the language of the earth plane; and because there has been no effort made, because so often the teachers are altogether too vague about God's Home, many people have been conscious of an utter sense of loss when the one so dear has passed through the change called death.

"But, my children, I will attempt to describe to you, as far as I am able in earthly language, the Spirit World.

"Again I direct you to the sky. On a clear night you see many stars and planets, but you see only as it were the outer edge of that great constellation set into being by God and given unto man as his inheritance.

"There are light and dark stars, as you name them, and there are those planets which the scientists think may be inhabited; but the point is this: the scientists are thinking of life in physical terms, they are trying to build up some idea of conditions in a planet where it would be possible for physical life, life as demonstrated upon the earth plane, to have its being. But that is all nonsense.

"There are, as you have been told in the Holy Book, bodies terrestrial and bodies celestial (1 Corinthians 15,40), and in those different worlds or conditions there are different kinds of bodies and different 'climates,' as you would name it, suitable for the carrying on of the evolution of man.

"Here today you find yourselves encased in flesh, but the flesh is suitable for this one state only. The next body that you will don will be different. I hope it will be a spiritual body; it will be if you have tried to do your little best.

"But some, the wilful ones, they pass out of the physical world and find themselves in a body that is far denser, far more material than the physical. They have done it themselves, they have built up that body by their own evil thoughts and desires.

"I ask you to hold that thought in mind, and to try to extend your consciousness in regard to the Spirit World - that great wide area which surpasses any human language even to indicate in miniature. Think of God, the great Creator. You have the theory of man about the 'worlds' being cast off from the sun, and you have theories about the sun itself; but man in this stage has a very limited intelligence. He is wise to exercise it, and as he seeks to understand, so there should come inspiration. But as you know, dear-children, the majority of the mentalists do not believe in inspiration; they believe only in that which they can see and touch and experiment with.

"So I ask you to dismiss the thought of the many suns and moons and stars and planets being thrown off from any other 'body,' whatever that 'body' might represent in scientific terms, and to visualise something of the far, far past - God, the Great Creator of all Life, in illimitable space - 'space' only in man's terms - in illimitable vast areas, throwing off as it were tiny seeds, each seed being so small that it has much to do to grow.

"You may ask: 'How can it grow?' And here I bring in Divine Law, God's wonderful plan, where He shares creation with those He has created. There are millions and millions of souls, God's children, in many conditions and worlds - you upon the earth plane representing but a handful. You have been taught that man goes to 'his own place' when the body is laid aside. Therefore man has built up by his own thoughts and efforts and deeds that 'place' which is his own. Now carry on this thought a little further, and you will find how it is that those other worlds - which represent part of the great Spirit World, the World of Spirit - how they grow by the contributions made by God's own creation, His children the sons and daughters of the Most High, inheritors with God of Eternity and the Eternal Kingdom.

"So you see, dear children, you have to take into consideration something which is far beyond your imagination at this stage, yet you are partakers of it, you are workers now upon a world set into being as a tiny seed by God, to be brought into beauty and power through the efforts of His countless children living in one condition or another. It is perhaps too hard a thought to be grasped as I am giving it out, but the opportunity will come when I will give further explanation; but I ask you, my children, never to separate one world from the other, and certainly not to separate the earth plane from the World of Spirit.

"All Life is God's. There have been many forms of life marred by the will of man - travesties of life which you see in those things which are dangerous or repulsive; but as created by God, they were meant to have full utility, full beauty, and full power; they were part of the Great Plan for the bringing of man out of ignorance into that wisdom, to which the Divinity within him entitles him in time to come.

"Therefore, it is not wise to say: 'My dear ones are in the Spirit World,' and to relegate yourselves to this dark plane. When sleep holds the body, you are in that part of the Spirit World to which you are entitled by your thoughts and your desires. You are with your dear ones who have given up the vehicle of flesh; indeed they wait impatiently for the hour to come when you shall join them, for you have much to discuss together, many plans to make, many hopes to exchange. So never again say 'My loved one has gone.' There is no separation; the links of Life, held by God, cannot be severed, not even by the disbelief and the wickedness in the heart and mind of those who spurn their Father.

"So again we come to what the Spirit World is like, and you can see, my children, where your thoughts have been led. In those countless conditions there are wonderful forms of Spirit Life, and also upon the earth plane, which cannot be seen except by the few, and these are an indication of what the Spirit World is like.

"You may be tired of work and the drudgery of the day may still be before you. You are blind to the fact that there are bright and glorious ones in your own conditions seeking to cheer you, and not with words alone - they bring the sweet flowers of the Spirit and those celestial herbs which can restore some of the vitality of the body. And there are many men and women who have said, and will say: 'When I started out I thought I should never get through the day, but, somehow as the hours went on I became stronger and at the end of the day I felt better than when I began it!'

"What is the explanation of this? The answer is plain, the unseen healers were in the conditions of the one concerned. The sick, the old, the weary, the broken-hearted and the disappointed, they are never alone! Those in the body may grow impatient over their murmurings, those in the body may not feel in sympathy with them, but with the servants of the Most High things are very different.

"So I say to you who suffer, to you who are struggling against the ills of the flesh, remember the Spirit World - that you are contacting with it moment by moment during your physical consciousness. And when sleep holds the body, then you can see and feel and contact with that finer form of Life shut off from you - even as the clouds shut off the light of the sun - shut off from you by the materialism of this age.

"As we look back over the past we are saddened because so few have sought, when they would have found, so many have said that this, that and the other is a Divine mystery, that we are not meant to probe, and because they have no answers to give to anxious, yearning men, the religion of the day in great measure has lost its influence. Would to God that all your churches were full, that men and women, beset by many cares, could go into them and question the teachers and the preachers and receive from them a reply that appealed to their commonsense, and closed the wounds in their hearts and minds.

"It is a terrible thing that those who work in the Name of Christ have not more courage to put into practice that which the Master has laid down that His own followers should do - to heal the sick, to demonstrate the gifts of the Spirit, to prove to man in the body that the Spirit World is not some far-off region, cut off from him until death severs the chains. The Spirit World, it should have been explained over the centuries, is around you here and now, and in the degree that you seek to do your best, so that world of your own is far more beautiful than earthly terms can express.

"And by your life of hardship, by the hoping to be brave, by stemming the word of complaint, you are contributing to those other worlds, to those tiny 'seeds'; and according to that to which man is acclimatised, so he will be able to go; for like attracts like.

"Yes! The Heavens are not closed to the sinner; but the sinner, knowing nothing of holiness, is terrified when he contacts purity and holiness, and he flies away in fear, seeking his own kind in the dark spheres. You know that this is true with life today. Men and women migrate to those with whom they feel most at home. The worldly ones want the worldly ones; the spiritual ones want those who understand something of life, who love their Master and their Lord.

"Those with the missionary spirit are searching for others with the missionary spirit; and are not those sent back from the World of Spirit searching among you upon the earth plane for men and women, boys and girls, who have the missionary spirit, for those who will repudiate the materialistic teaching of the day, for those who regard Jesus as the Christ, the Good Shepherd Who shall lead the flock out of the valley on to the high hills of attainment? Aye, the Master of all wisdom, as we approach Him in prayer and in honest desire shall, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, lead us eventually into all truth and set us free.

"My children, how I yearn over each and everyone, how I yearn over those who have strayed and repudiated religion because it did not satisfy their questioning minds, how I long to go amongst such as these and argue with the mind of the body, and to prove to them logically and on the lines of commonsense, that they have lost their way. For peace cannot be their own until they come back into the Way laid down by Christ for man to follow - the way of love, the way of health, the way of sanity and the way of turning the earth plane into a little paradise where men shall live as brothers, where women shall greet each other as friends, and the family spirit shall be manifested in very truth.

"Now I would come amongst you for I know that there are many - and their auras are bright to behold - there are many who have tried to do their best; they have tried to leave upon the conditions strength and sweetness and purity and unselfishness for the benefit of others. And I say unto such as these: whatever your environment, whatever your lot, you are blessed by God, and you shall see in a short time to come when the body is no more, that the World of Spirit was all around you and that you were ministered to direct by the angelic host.

"The time has come for the challenge to go out to man! What is the challenge? To get back to the teaching of the Christ, to push aside the tangled thought of this same age, all the hypnotism exercised by materialism, and to get back to truth, truth in the inward parts. Thus man can be saved, and thus only can man be saved.

"So I plead with you to do your part to give out the good news, to lift man's thoughts from the troubles of this same time and induce him to focus his mind on what is true - the World of Spirit; and try to learn a little more about the World of Spirit because it is his inheritance, because in God's good time he will see that he has been a creator, for good or for ill, in those countless worlds where 'Life' continues its experiences until the children of God can learn their lessons; and when they are not afraid of sacrifice, of suffering, their emancipation shall take place.

"There are glorious conditions everywhere, conditions surpassing human imagination, and they have been built up by humble workers, by faithful men and women who did not scorn to value religion, who turned to the Holy Book for comfort and for guidance, who tried to believe when the clouds of earthly life were almost suffocating them, that God lived, God ruled and that God's ways are best. They triumphed over trouble by faith and love and simple trust.

"With joy I come amongst you, and indeed it is my privilege, as I go up and down the countryside, to bless the workers. There are countless unseen with me and they are seeking to link those who are hesitating, to the great Christ Army, for times are urgent and unless man can take the way of service and of sacrifice, can lay aside ambition and the desire for power further trouble indeed must fall upon the earth plane, and those who are innocent, once again will suffer equally with those who are the culprits.

"So I bless the workers and I say to all who have tried, that as their efforts so shall their strength be! If you have made great strides in the past, tomorrow you can climb still more quickly; and as you remember your goal - the Master Christ, all He suffered for us and His mighty understanding - I know that each and everyone will try to do a little more to make this world a better place to live in. Then when you pass out and see the loveliness of your spiritual home, how you will thank God, thank God that you were a contributor and not a destroyer.

"In the Name of the radiant Christ I bless you all with a higher courage, with a firmer determination to work for Him. Peace and again peace! When sleep holds the body this night we shall meet again. Farewell!"

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