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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Usher Hall, Edinburgh, on Sunday, June 1st, 1947.

..."So today I come to urge you to do three things. First of all, to develop your practical common-sense on spiritual lines, not to allow your thoughts to rest too much upon this short earth day, because in time to come, in the measure that you do so, so the brightness in your real life will have been darkened by the past.

"Secondly, to be a joy-bringer unto others. Some may say: 'But I do not know anything of joy; life is full of anxiety and hard work. How can I preach of that which I do not understand?' I remind such as these that there is the joy of the earth plane and the joy of the real self within; the peace that comes from a task well done, the sense of relief that fills the being when one in trouble has been comforted and reassured, the rising up of the leadership-spirit, when those baffled by the troubles of today come to you for advice, and you find the courage within to acclaim Divine Law which transcends physical and material law, and is worked out entirely for man's benefit and emancipation.

"Then, thirdly, beloved, to remember this: that every day and every hour you are only a traveller on this dark plane; but because it holds so much that causes your heart to ache, by your attitude of mind, by your courage, you can ensure protection for yourselves for evermore! Live as one in the world but not of the world; remember that around you there are those bright with the glory of God, and they are there to minister, to guide and to help you; but they cannot interfere with free-will, and there are those spirits who have not yet seen the Light and they, too, may be very close.

"Brothers and sisters, like attracts like, and as you seek to serve your neighbour, as you try to raise your consciousness, as you pray for understanding, then those bright and glorious to behold will come and walk with you; they will raise you when you fall, they will reassure you when the clouds draw close, and the time will come when the soul, in the Name of Christ, shall arise in spiritual strength and conquer the earth, because such as these have sought to do the little things and have done them to the best of their ability.

"Oh, I plead with you one and all to realise the deep urgency of my tones, because I desire for you the very best. I know that there are many in the world today, through the false teachings that have been given forth, who have thrown away their inheritance for a stage or two, and their sorrow and humiliation are great when their eyes are opened and they see that by so little, they could have rectified, could have saved the subjection of their soul, even in spite of the enemies who were around them.

"And to those who have the courage to struggle through the pains of the body and to hold on to faith, I say to each and everyone that they will see the justification for everything that seems to have gone wrong in their lives; yes, their eyes shall be opened and they shall see how God can be justified because those in the body have the courage to struggle on and to hold fast to the faith unto journey's end.

"Time is slipping by, there is much to be done. The call has gone out for pioneers, those who are not afraid to sacrifice, those who will remember the saints and martyrs of old, those who are willing to give up the trumpery toys of today for the sake of the great Life to come, when the faculties of the mind shall be shows in a power absolutely undreamed of by anyone in the body.

"And forget not this: education matters not in the World of Spirit so far as the physical mind is concerned. How are you educated spiritually; what are the gifts that you have sought to release? Oh, make haste, for time is slipping by; great things spiritually are coming to pass, and those great things are held back only because of the waywardness that holds the human mind, by the wrong teaching that has been given out, the false ideas, the folly of placing the material before the spiritual, the lack of common-sense and practical outlook of many men and women today.

"So I come amongst you, beloved, pleading with you not only for your own future but for the future of those countless ones to be born in the flesh, so that they may purify the conditions, so that they may not suffer as you have suffered. Is it not worth a little more striving, is it not worth a little more sacrifice? Yes, there are many answering me in spirit, and because they answer 'yes!', when they pass out of the body their joy and their peace shall be complete. God has them under His care; the old and the young, the feeble, the strong and the dominant, all are His; and it is yours to choose whether the earth life shall represent Life or Death for you."...

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