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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 21st September, 1924.

"O Love Divine, we meet at Thy Feet tonight in thankfulness, in trustfulness, certain that where Thou art all is wonderfully well.

"O Saviour, grant that the revelation of the Spirit may so sink into the physical mind that doubt for ever will be cast aside. Grant that Thy little children may feel the Light as well as talk about it; that they may see it with that greater, nobler self within - see it and make it their own - when chill and hopelessness will be no more...

"Father, Thy Love is like a sun shining down when the day is dark. Grant that we may indeed raise our eyes to that which is of Thee - given out as a free gift to all. Grant that we may be able to approach to something of Thy Holiness, something of Thy Purity and something of Thy Love; that we may be bound more closely to the things of the Spirit, and that the world, with its snares and its deceptions, may cease to attract us ever again...

"Into Thy Hands once more we leave everything - our sorrows, the weakness of the body and, more especially, those disappointments over self - leave it all in Thy Hands, knowing that Thou wilt make good that which was faulty, because the wish was there to do better than we did.

"Father, with grateful hearts we thank Thee that always Thou art within reach, that close beside Thee nothing can hurt or harm us anymore... Father, we thank Thee...

"...My very dear children, we meet together tonight with joy. Yes, I am sure that you feel it is an occasion for rejoicing that we, who are all so linked together in Christ, that we meet together to listen to the Voice of the Spirit as it comes through the servants of the Most High - listen to the directions, to the comfortings, and to the call to go on.

"Tonight then, without more ado, we will take it for granted that Love is in command here, that God has passed His blessing upon us, and that those you love and who love you so extraordinarily well - that all are here, and the conditions as to peace and unity are complete. Just rest you then, my children, in this thought: That on either side you are closed in by love; and that love is but a faint reflection of the great and mighty Love which is showered on this sad old world of yours, and which never shall be taken away so long as it may last.

"You see, dear children, we are talking of a big thing; we are not speaking of that which you associate with the trivial round of everyday life - the things you can see and touch and possess. No, we are talking of that much bigger, greater thing altogether - the need of humanity, the need of humanity for help, for understanding and, above all, for courage to rise.

"Tonight then, my little ones, I want to direct your thoughts right away from what you call the earth, and for you to try, as much as you are able, to fix your minds on those great uncountable splendours of the Spirit. I want you to try and grasp something of the stupendous Plan - to get away from the personal, from the purely individual, and to send your thoughts out over the vast expanse of humanity which has passed and had its day upon this little planet, and also to those who at present are treading the path of experience and finding it none too easy without the Saviour's guidance...

"Often at night-time in the quietness, you have raised your eyes to the stars - those little symbols of God's love which reassure you in rather a pretty way that your world is not alone... In those quiet moments, if you are receptive, we can open the doors of the physical mind a little, and then within you you feel this: The mightiness, the grandeur of the Mind of God. Yes, it is impossible to look at what you call the 'heavens', with its million beacons of light, and to remain unmoved, if you have any imagination at all.

"And then on another occasion the doors of the physical mind are forced open - just a little when you gaze at an open stretch of sea, or, if may be, at those seemingly never-ending downs which some of you know so well, then the thought comes as to the bigness of nature and also to the littleness of the individual soul. That is the effect that these huge outlines have upon a restricted mind.

"But I have come tonight to direct your thoughts in another direction - so far as the effect these scenes have upon you. I have come to say that mighty though the creation of nature may be, stupendous although the spheres of the Spirit are as well, yet, in God's sight, dear children, you and I and all those countless millions who are thrown off from Him and bear the sign of His Godhead within - that you and I, dear children, are of far more importance than that which calls out your admiration.

"In the days of old there was one who asked: 'What is man that Thou art mindful of him? (Psalms 8:4; Hebrews 2:6)' And tonight I answer that question in as comprehensive a way as my children can take in at this stage. I have come - in God's Name - to tell you, without any qualification whatever, that in the sight of the Father the individual soul stands pre-eminent over everything else - and all the other things that you could think of, are simply created as a background, if I may use the expression, for the evolving soul of man.

"You see, dear children, that taking the spiritual view of things, the responsibility of each one is very great indeed - great because of this: That all those forces in the atmosphere, all those marvels of nature - hidden or discovered, all the glorious homes which have been prepared for you in the Land where sorrow is unknown, all these things - the sun, the moon and the stars, the great waters and the flowers that so decorate your world if they are allowed - all these things, dear children, were created by the Loving Father as gifts for the bringing on, and the bringing out of, that which is in man.

"It is a stupendous thought. It makes one pause, in this sense: That the realisation comes that life, whether here or in any other state, is not a thing to be got through and forgotten as quickly as may be; it is not a thing that is to be taken in the easiest way possible; nor is it given to you to despise or to maltreat. Each day works out its part of the pattern, each night sees the weaving in. And more than that - hourly, aye, minutely, is the spirit demanding of the personal self an account for this and for that...

"I want you, my children, not to be depressed by the picture I have drawn. It should indeed have the opposite effect - it should encourage you, it should say to your physical mind: 'Ah, at last I know what it is all about, and sorrow can wound me no more!'

"You, and all humanity, have to be gathered in, and each one is responsible for his or her bit of the pattern. And remember this: That until that little part of the pattern is worked out to the best of their ability, so they are sent back - or rather, they send themselves back - to, as it were, pick out the stitches and start again. You see, you are not dealing with one who says: 'That will do!' No, within you all is that dominant, courageous, all-seeing, all-wise spark of God - and only the best is good enough for that.

"My children, I want you to read between the lines. If on earth you heard of a father who thought so much about his children, who had created so many attractions and diversions and exercises for their minds in order that they might never be dull and never seek another companion - if such an illustration were possible you would say at once: 'What a wonderful thing to have a father's love like that!' Don't you see that, with you all this is applicable exactly? That you - all of you, and I myself - are in that most happy position of having a Father who thinks that nothing could be too beautiful, too wonderful for His children...

"Yes, I think it does alter things a little, and I want you to look at life - the daily round - more in this way. Ah, I know it is trying, I know that the physical body can be very tiresome indeed - but that is only one of the gifts bestowed by the Father. Surely with so much spread out around you, you can sense it even if you cannot see it? But surely with so much in your world and in the Realms of the Spirit, you can turn your attention from the one gift which, it seems to you, is very much in the nature of a 'white elephant' or worse. Of course, when you come here, you will see that the physical body - with its limitations and its capacity for suffering - was a precious gift indeed, and has worked out something which nothing else could do... (words missed through faintness of medium)...

"Just a little interruption, but my child and I have fought through a great deal - many enemies seen and unseen - and by God's grace we have conquered in the end...

"My children, I want you to be certain that God's way of answering those words: 'What is man?' is simplicity itself. He says: 'Man not only belongs to Me, but is of Me, and in time to come shall be so linked to Me again, that we shall be as One!'... (interruption through faintness of medium)...

"I thank you all for your patience and your help. Never fear, the Spirit is stronger than all, and you shall see that into the hands of Zodiac power of an amazing nature has been given. I cannot, as you know, work against nature's laws, but when my child is 'controlled' by me in this way, then, as a gift direct from God, I can bid the enemy retreat...

"There is a little simile in this for you all to take to heart, and that is how God looks after everything in spite of the fact that you sometimes feel He has forgotten your very existence. Take today as an illustration. My child found that all had been thought out; that the Father does not allow the evil forces to strain endurance beyond a certain point, and we, acting under His direction, had arranged everything - but it was necessary that the effort should have been made...

"Don't you see, my little ones, that this applies to everything in life? You have to do your part; you have not to give up – no, at a certain point here and there the Father's love is shown. You just do your little bit, and then, without worry, without misgiving, say to your self - and mean it too: 'God is looking after me and He has thought of everything to carry me through'. Yes, in daily life, with those who seek to serve the Master, this is worked out again and again.

"Each of you, at times, have been brought up against such adverse forces that you have felt with all your being: 'I can't go on!' But in quietness, and with faith, do not take the initiative yourself - be certain that God has it all worked out, and that when you feel you can do no more, then Love will lift you out of it and put you upon that safe, high hill where evil cannot touch you...

"I speak to Agnes as well as to my child, because she too is in it; I speak to her and I say that whatever may happen in her life, either in a physical way or in regard to those spiritual tests which are very hard to grapple with, I say: Take it to Christ and leave it there. Be certain that the Father, being your Father, will not forsake His child when she tries so hard to do His will.

"To all of you I send out a message - a wide message of love. I say that whatever the need of anyone in the world, with those who wish to do the right thing, all has been overlooked by the Father; it has been overseen that nothing shall go wrong - and all He asks of you is to go on without fear and with perfect confidence that not only in front, but keeping step with you on either side, are the messengers of God.

"Faith, dear children, is a wonderful thing, especially when you get it in one who says sometimes that she feels she has no faith at all.

"That, too, is an illustration of how you misunderstand yourselves, and, of course, each other. I can understand how it is that you don't always understand each other because the physical mind makes very big barriers indeed, but I say that when you come here you will see still more plainly how little you understood yourselves - how little you understood the spirit which was animating your actions, which was responsible for your experiences, and which knew God and loved Him as much as was possible with the development you had reached.

"And now, my children, I am going to leave you for a little while, but I shall not be very far away. And I want you to take everything that happens in that spiritual way which I have been speaking about tonight - to remember that nothing has been overlooked by the Father and that we are attempting, by His Grace, that which has never been attempted before. No one has ever used a medium - an instrument - under these conditions. But I want, if I can, to work through...

Owing to the faintness of the medium,
the meeting had to be closed.
Zodiac returned and continued...

"...Zodiac has come back. I have been asked by those on our side not to press things any further. Don't think you have lost this evening, my children; choose a day in the week when we can meet together, and then I can promise you that instead of having lost, you will have gained by the waiting.

"The fight has been well fought, and I want my child to have no misgiving about that. Well fought - and she shall reap what she has sown.

"I leave all the love with you, and your dear ones are gathered round you in a way you little understand. They ask me to say that it was their wish that the evening was abandoned, because they understand so well.

"Goodnight, my little ones. Be quite sure that all, all is well, and that God's Love never fails - never, whatever may happen. You are going to see His Love translated into a joy and brightness far beyond your imagination - and you will say, far beyond your deserts as well... Goodnight."

The meeting was continued on the following
Tuesday evening, 23rd September

(Zodiac continued...)

"O Father and Mother God, we thank Thee for this great privilege of carrying on Thy work, thank Thee that always Thou art more ready to give than we are to receive, thank Thee that Thy blessing is over this little family and those they love, thank Thee that we can see the linking up of many, and the strengthening of the ties between the spiritual and physical worlds...

"Give us this day our daily bread, as we have petitioned, and grant that it may so feed the soul that new strength and understanding may be ours; and thus fortified to meet the battles of life, we may go forward as valiant soldiers of Christ, rejoicing that we have been called to follow such a Leader into the Land of Promise, into the realms of right desire.

"Thy Peace is on us; grant that we may forget the busy day and may rest in Thee for this short time that we meet together... Amen...

"...My children, if you could but grasp it, you would realise that tonight is a very holy occasion – holy, because in God's sight, you are trying to make good that which remained unfinished; holy even to your comprehension because of the bountiful grace supplied so readily by the Giver of all.

"Oh, cast from your minds every thought that is not of Him, bid weariness depart, bid those pains of the body retreat - because the Holy Presence of the Master is here, and at this moment He is laying upon each heart and mind that balm, that perfect balm of Love, which only He has the power to bestow. Just as you would fit yourselves to meet the Master in the Realms of the Spirit, so attune yourselves tonight to listen, and to make your own, that which He bids us pass on, with His blessing and His most holy peace.

"Far away, out in the night, the busy life goes on. There the world seems very close, but I would say to you, dear children, that, even so, the Father recognises all these as His children. But, as you have been told before, some are chosen for the better part, and so tonight thank Him again and again that you have been chosen for this better part; that you have heard the Voice of the Spirit - that quiet, sweet Voice, which ever must be listened for, if it is to be heard - that you have heard the Voice of Love, and have dedicated yourselves to His service, which indeed is that of serving humanity at large.

"Oh, be not deceived if here and there one falls out; be not discouraged if those you think should do the most seem to make excuses. All has been thought of, no link is missing; and you shall see, if only you go forward with faith and with patience, you shall see that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand - is at hand - because the individual soul has responded to God's Voice, and instantly you do know that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. You have only to make one step forward to grasp it - when the kingdom of earth, with its pain, its sorrows, its disillusionments, passes away from the heart and mind - you hold the Kingdom of Heaven...

"My children, I love to talk to you in this way; I love to gather up your thoughts and knit them to the things which are of God; I long still more to bind you to that strong anchor which never gives, and in time to come I see that each one is fettered safe and sound, willingly, to the anchor of faith and trust in God.

"Tonight, my children, I must not stay, because, as you know, your dear ones wish to speak to you direct. I ask you, as always, to give out of yourselves that which is exclusively your own - thoughts of love and dedication, straight from the human heart - which is able to build bridges of which, as yet, you know nothing, but which you shall see, in God's good time, are intact and complete, and the way will lie open for ever more..."

(Others then spoke...)

(Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, the conditions are so wonderfully fine tonight, that we could go on for hours. I refrain because the time is all too short to get the records written out, and we have to be business-like over these things, as well as you have over the affairs of daily life.

"I want you all to know that you have done well this evening - done well; and I think there are very few words which, to those who want to love the Saviour, ring out so sweetly and are so wonderfully comforting as those: 'You have done well'.

"Yesterday and tomorrow and today - all are weaved in now and for ever. And I want you, in continuing in the path laid down, to keep this ever before you: That yesterday, today and tomorrow - this week, next week and the years to come - all are bound together and make a complete whole to construct that which God thinks you are suitable to put together.

"When you regard life like this - the daily task, those many unpleasant duties, the tired bodies, the fighting against seemingly unequal odds - all these things are hallowed and made sacred - because you are working at the task given you - with so much loving attention, by your all-Wise, all-Seeing, Heavenly Father, who knows just what is best for each one, just those things which are necessary to bring out the gold from the earth, just that refining process of the thinking mind of the body which shall fit it for the thoughts of the spirit, and make it possible, when your time comes to lay aside the garment of the body - which has served you very well - make it possible that you shall feel no strangeness, no isolation from the things which are of God.

"Let your whole soul then rise free from the sadness which would keep you back, let your spirit have room to grow, and as you go forward in faith, in the knowledge of the Fatherhood of God, so shall the vista open and the vision be your own, and you shall know that God not only says: 'Blessed are the pure in Heart', but that He pours down upon those the blessing to pass on to others, and that blessing, growing in strength and in volume, shall do good work throughout the trend of time.

"Yes, dear children, it is of things beyond the human ken that I speak, but you have been prepared by sorrow - ah, yes, by the withholding of that which your heart longed for most, we know all about that - but you shall see and realise in its completeness, that by the very pangs you bore and those things you did without, you have brought into your possession the soul's desire, when the desire of the heart seems trivial in comparison.

"Oh, the peace and the joy and the unity of being in touch with Christ - that wonderful cloak of Love, once thrown around you, you can withstand all wind and storm, and when you come here you shall see that the robes of the spirit were, for the most part, worn during the earth stages as well.

"And so God's will is being done, and you, as instruments, are in His sight far more precious than you can understand - but that too will be made good in the happy days to come.

"God's peace and love gather you in, satisfy your thoughts, enrich your lives, and keep you close unto Him for ever more... Amen."

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