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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"...MY children, I want you to come with me in thought for this short time while we are together. I have endeavoured over the past to help you in your thinking; to so prepare your mind with the aid of others that when I speak, under the direction of the Master, you will be able to say with truth: 'Ah, we are one in sympathy, in aim and in purpose.' I bring in myself for this reason and this reason alone: The Great Shepherd has commanded that those who love Him should seek for the straying flock and endeavour to bring others back into the fold. We are shepherds, lesser shepherds, under the Great Shepherd of all, and when I bring myself to your notice it is entirely out of the love which I have for you, and that is according to the Will of God.

"I want you to remember ever that were it not for the direct bestowal of the Holy Spirit, then I might come to this instrument in vain, for no words could pass her lips; indeed, God's law of protection would forbid. I come in the Name of Christ, sent by the Master to the children upon the earth plane, because the Master has need of workers in the great vineyard. When a worker is found, then through the Grace which is His alone, so the power comes; and those who have passed out of the physical body for a long period of time - to you - these, as it were, can sweep the years aside and come into your midst bringing a message of love, and of infinite hope from the great Peace-Bringer to us all.

"Oh, think of God! Aye, and as your thoughts rise above the earth seeking to pierce the density of physical conditions, oh I entreat you to believe that the Master does not wait for all the effort to come from you, for hath He not said: 'Where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there am I'?

"So, my children, I ask you to think of God, aye, of that aspect of the great Godhead which has been given so that the physical mind might be able to conjure up something bearing resemblance to the real. The aspect of the great Godhead given to us in Christ - that, dear children - is not only yours to make your own, but, indeed, the One so typified is ministering to you direct. If your minds reject this, then you deny your God. And if you say that His humble servants, those who were trained by Him, cannot come back to you and minister to you, then, again I say, you are denying your God, for where love is, no barriers can exist.

"When our minds seek to grapple with something approaching to the God Who created all things, so we are humbled, for out of our thinking arises, in all its majesty, the generosity and the humility of the Creator. So in the past these thoughts have come to others, and one exclaimed out of the stupendous wonder of the link between God and man: 'What is man that Thou art mindful of him? (Psalm 8:4)'

"So, little ones, the Master bids me speak on man - the link between man and his God. Oh, think you as to this. I have told you, speaking under the direction of Truth Itself, that long before this little earth was brought into use to further the emancipation of the children of God, so there were numerous stages or conditions through which the individual has passed. Aye, indeed it is true that, in miniature, the history of this little planet is a symbol of the arising of man from bondage into a measure of freedom.

"One other point I would bring in, and that is in regard to the unborn child. There are those who have culled the knowledge of the earth who wish to demonstrate the proof of the emerging of man from the animal by that (the embryo) represented in the mother before physical birth.

"Oh, listen and learn, for these things to us are as a child's lesson; yet those bound by the earth, chained by the very knowledge they prize so highly, these use such facts in order to deny their God and the God within the human frame. That illustration is exactly on the same lines as the illustration afforded by the evolution of the little earth upon which you live. It is a demonstration of the truth of God.

"In the far past man, created in the likeness of his Maker - gifted, in miniature, with His gifts, His love, His wisdom, yet without experience - man commenced the long journey in order to win those gifts and to make them his own by suffering, by enduring, yes, for evermore. That which emerges into the child but indicates what is laid down in the Sacred Record - that into man's hand was given dominion over all other creations. Aye, in the make-up, as you name it, of each one, there is this miracle - particles of the whole creation of God.

"My children, I realise that I am trying to pass on spiritual truths in physical language, but as the Master bids so I speak. Hold the thought in your mind that this earth, back from the stage of chaos, is a physical illustration of the emerging of man out of that into which he sank.

"Oh keep in mind the glorious hope portrayed in this great fact: That man was created in the image of God; and follow in your imagination - that which remains of the Divine gift of memory - and think of all that was lost; and once more pause and think of all that has been gained: for at this state or stage, so man can demonstrate something of the Divine within.

"Aye, I know that within the individual at times, yielding to temptation, there is illustration again of all that he has lost; but God is so kind, and out of the suffering which follows the betrayal of the greater self, so God restores, and that so contrary to the Almighty plan is wiped out, wiped out by the effort, the suffering entailed to draw back that which was thrown away.

"What is man? Man is of God! What is man that Thou art mindful of him, oh most gracious God, Bestower of so many gifts? And the answer comes from Love: 'Thou art even as Myself. Your sorrows are My sorrows, your sufferings My sufferings; yet out of our mutual pangs, so I draw you back into the joy which never fades.' Oh Master, speak! Let Thy words ring out. Let the blind see something of Light. Let those whose ears are only attuned to the voices of the earth, oh let them catch that which Thou wouldst give...And Love goes on: 'Little ones, have no fear. I have overcome the world and thou shalt overcome in turn.'

"Ah, if you could but grasp that for ever, across the vibrations of this earth, scattering all the materialistic thought, the selfishness and the cruelty thrown out upon the atmosphere, piercing that which is as a dark and ugly cloud, so the sweet Voice comes, and as it travels far and wide, gleams of sunshine illumine the grey; and here and there a child, all unconsciously to itself, catches the gleam, and gladness is born within.

"And the voice of Christ is ever the same: 'I condemn not, but I come to save. Little children, lean on Me. My yoke is easy and My burden light.' And again and again the prisoner is set free; and again and again those who are slaves to the ones who are base, they arise and stretch out the hand of help to another. Spirits in prison; but God has said that the prison doors shall be opened.

"Little ones, there have been those upon the earth plane, influenced by others stronger, freer than themselves, who have asked: 'Where are the dead?' and I come to answer. There are countless thousands as the dead, for indeed they have stifled and crushed the God within. These, unconscious, lying in what you name coma, these wait for the missionaries of the Christ. They are the children of God, but many bear little resemblance even to the lowest animal; but God is mindful of them, and the time will come when His love shall be irresistible and the sleeper shall awake.

"Oh, to those so obsessed by the views of the earth and its little knowledge - for the most part gathered from false and treacherous teachers - those who are bound are asking out of some glimmering of spiritual intelligence: 'Where are the dead?' And I say that as the physical garment is cast from them, so the first grain of truth shall be made their own, and they will see, and it will be impossible to turn from the truth, that death is of man, life is of God and love. The dead wait for the living! Oh think not I speak of those in the physical garment, that body which is one out of tens of thousands which each individual child of God must don. I speak of the living in the God-sense, those who have tried - be it ever so little - tried to take the path of duty and to hold close to Christ. These are the living, and they abound in conditions, planes and worlds which, in comparison to this, represent each one a universe of space.

"Oh, my little ones, enlarge your vision and seek to widen the minds of others. Who are we that God is mindful of us? And the answer comes: 'We are His sons and daughters, inheritors of everlasting life.' The living are around the 'dead', yet I remind you that which is of God, even in the stones underneath your feet, cannot die except for one stage. Out of that which it was, into that which it is, are but two stages; but there are millions of stages. The life within the stone, what is it? Some may say it represents that which is called electricity; but those who have passed into the Light know that the power within that stone is of God. The physical, the trivial, the seeming, that is all that man can grasp. There is life within the stone, and that life comes from All-Life and is imperishable.

"So, my children, when those of the world in their blindness and foolishness speak of the next stage as death, oh seek to reason with them, for in the measure that they cling to the idea of death so a measure of death must be their own, for freewill cannot be interfered with. The individual, out of his pride, out of his spiritual ignorance, cries: 'There is no after-state. Dust I am: to dust I return.' The body indeed, being of the physical world, returns to the physical world, but meanwhile, by the free-will act of shutting the door between himself and the Life-giver, so, as physical death takes place, that which is death in part assumes the nature of a fact.

"Yet here again God's love breaks the darkness, casts off the chains; and those who are alive go to those who are as dead, and by the power of their love, aye, and borrowing love from those who are stronger and wiser, and the stronger and wiser borrowing the love of Christ, thus God's Will is done; and the one who was dead to Life, as it were, staggers to his feet and commences to learn the lessons he refused to consider when the priceless opportunity was his own.

"So to all I speak. To the many who will read my words I send out once more this entreaty, and though the words are mine, the thought comes from the Master: Why seek ye the dead amongst the living? Those who have laid aside the garment of flesh, if they sought to take the hard road, they not only represent life more abundant, but they have powers and gifts impossible for your minds to grasp. Then why seek the living amongst the dead? Rather prepare yourselves in the Christ way, ever bringing back the so-called dead to a measure of life, for - forget not, oh forget not - the only way to have life more abundantly is by the way of service, by seeking to give life to another.

"I look beyond the earth plane and there, revealed through the sight which is of God, I see multitude upon multitude. They are even as the dead, and the thought cannot be dashed aside - Where are the wakers? Here and there a few, there and here a few; but the vast majority wait for those with the Christ spirit, the Christ love, to do the Christ work, for, alas and alas! the gift of free-will cannot be taken away even by the Giver. God waits for the desire to be born within those of His children who have a measure of light and of life, the desire to share their gifts with those who have no light, so it seems, and dwell in darkness. They are the 'dead,' real and terrible to look upon.

"Those of the earth, restricted by the physical body and the physical mind, who would pierce the Veil to find the dead - ah, by that mighty provision of the Lord God of all - as sleep claims them so indeed they pass out of their own conditions into the conditions of those who are as the dead; and the question is not only answered, but again, through the grace of God, so the power comes, the same power as the Master used Himself. And those who have long since forgotten the body, and the many who are not sufficiently freed to have had a physical body, these, under the call of Love, arise and leave their tomb, and there is joy in the heavens.

"Why seek ye the dead amongst the living? In this world, surrounding the individual, so is the greater world of Spirit, aye, those with the real life, those with the real wisdom, those who have seen Christ face to face. And again, because free-will cannot be interfered with, around the individual are those with lesser life than yourselves, lesser wisdom, lesser freedom; and those who deny their God, they mix among their own kind, and when they look into the eyes of another they see there the bondage and the blindness reflected from their own.

"And such as these, if the heart and mind of the earth children are not allied to Christ, such as these tempt and deceive. They reason with the physical mind. They implant in it thoughts and emotions from baser conditions; and those who listen, those who heed, in turn spread their terrible influence far and wide; and out of their ignorance even as the spirits in prison they cry: 'The earth is all; God is but a myth.'

"Where are the dead? The 'dead' are around the so-called living; but also around the so-called living are those with the real life, the true wisdom. So the battle goes on, but never forget, oh never forget that one thought of right has double the strength of two thoughts of weakness; for God is God, although man denies, and God's law is love.

"The only power which is known to us is the power of love, and love has such a power that it can triumph over the weakness, the treachery and the vanity of man. And over that which is bondage, that which is darkness, that which is hideous to behold, comes once more the light of God's love, and the individual cries out: 'Oh, what is man that Thou art mindful of Him?' And God answers 'My child is of Myself, and My love shall draw him back into the peace which has no end.'

"So, my little ones, I pass from you for a space, yet in time to come I see, again through the grace of God, that we have much to do together; that there will be those who will seek to break down that which we desire to build up; but Christ has promised that where faith is, even as the grain of mustard seed, so the power will come, and the love of God shall yet be demonstrated in a way irresistible and impossible to be overlooked. The love of God shall be demonstrated to doubting man, and here and there one who was nigh unto spiritual death shall be drawn into life and hope and gladness, for this is the will of God.

"So keep your faith higher and higher still. Let nought cause dismay. Let the enemies be faced with courage. Let the certainty be born within, that Christ stands by you, works for you, has overseen all things; and in the measure that you prove a true instrument so the plan can be worked in, and in the measure that the plan is worked in, so joy will fill your hearts.

"And when the body is no more, as radiant beings you shall appear unto yourselves, yet out of that which you have done so you shall draw to you the servants of God who have worked for Him over the ages, and their glory shall indeed instruct, in degree, as to the glory of God; for you cannot look upon the Bright Ones without your thoughts being drawn in awe and wonder to the Bestower, the Giver, the One Who indeed is the Light of all conditions, all spheres.

"Aye, as you look upon the angelic messengers of the Most High, so humility fills your heart and mind, and again you ask, 'What is man, O God, that Thou shouldst give unto him so much?' And once more the sweet Voice comes: 'Man is My beloved, the child of My heart, and all I have I long to bestow upon that which I have created.'

"So the mystery and the majesty and the marvel of the Christ goes on. Christ waits upon us. The Master - because He is the Master, the God of all - the Master delights to serve His creation; and when release has come in any measure, so, remembering the example of the Christ, we seek to serve others, to minister to the weak, to safeguard the young, to guide the wayward and the careless. And when, out of our strength we give strength - when, out of our love we give love, so indeed the words of the Christ ring through the conditions that are around: 'Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these My children, ye have done it unto me.'

"I bless you with consciousness of the Christ within. I bless you with realisation of something of the Great Mind of Love which conceived all Life; and I bless you with faith in the Holy Spirit; with certainty in the power which cannot fail. God instructs; the Divine within responds, and the Almighty Plan is worked out. Thus love conquers and peace and joy, they dwell within. Farewell."

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