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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Co-operative Hall, Leyton, under the auspices of the Walthamstow First Christian Spiritualist Church on Sunday, December 14th, 1947

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"It is my privilege to come back into the earth conditions and show how God is watching over you and how the angelic hosts would take care of all those troubles and trials of the physical life. However, I would remind you that you have come into a physical body to learn certain lessons, and the brave soul within you must carry through its task. But those with the power stand close by to give you healing of heart and healing of mind, rejoicing with you when each experience has done its work and you have gained thereby.

"There is so much trouble in the world. So many things seem to go wrong, so many heartaches and so much wondering.

"There are many who love Christmas. Little ones rejoice at the very thought. But there are older ones who believe that it is a time for memories, and are glad when it is passed. Others, with material appetites, regard Christmas merely as a time to satisfy the appetites of the body. Is it wrong to feast at Christmas time? Feasting on the material things of life was meant to be a symbol of the gathering together of spiritual treasure. For those who indulge in over satiation of food and alcohol, then the same connection between the feasts of the earth and the feasts of the spirit cannot be made.

"What is the right kind of Christmas, which shall build up the power that shall build up the strength for the year which is to come? It is pleasant to give gifts at Christmas time - and once again it is a symbol of the real self within desiring to pass on its treasures to others. Sometimes this is burdensome, a task that you would like to shake off; but shall lead you - in time - to All-Truth. There are always presents that you can give to your loved ones, to your acquaintances and to the stranger outside the gate.

"It is only because man has been deceived by material thinking that he takes it for granted that a present must be something to eat, something to wear, or something to be used in a material way.

"So what does the Christmas spirit bring to the earth? Thinking about this we also have to take into consideration the preparations made by the Unseen.

"What does Christmas represent to the children in the Spirit World? Do they look for something to eat and something to wear? Yes, but in an entirely different way from that presented upon the earth. To the children in the Spirit World it is a very joyous season and they prepare for it a long time ahead, always co-operating with each other so that they may bring to their loved ones something that will be noticed, something that will remind those in the body of their dear ones in the Spirit life.

"The plans made by the children are on very practical lines. You may think of someone that you have not thought of for years. You receive a card or letter again from someone not seen or heard from for years. These things and many others are the result of the influence of the children. They try to remind you of this one or that, of the sorrows of the old and of the plight of the sick, but sometimes you are too busy, you have too much to do, too much on hand, and these things pass you by.

"Yet the children, as it were, are pulling at your skirts, trying to attract your attention even as you go about your busy life. Sometimes you glance at one here and there, thinking how tired they look, how sorrowful, and are not too busy to pray for them, pray that God will comfort them, to pray that they may be helped and that they may not feel lonely.

"Can you realise the joyous ecstasy that seizes the children in the Spirit World when this happens, but how disappointed they are when, after their best efforts, they cannot attract your attention and the opportunity is missed?

"When your thoughts go out in this way you are literally giving a present to a stranger, to someone who is overcome by the vicissitudes of physical life. The person may not know it, may have no idea that you have looked at them, but you will find later, when the body is no more, that something wonderful occurred.

"The one whom you helped owes you a debt of gratitude. You may push that aside, saying that it was only of the moment and you do not want paying back. But by the joy that comes to those concerned to be able to pay back - and they do pay back by loving you, by holding out the hand of friendship - as you look into their eyes you realise that out of so little so much has come.

"At Christmas time it is easier for the children from the Spirit World to attract your attention. There is something about the conditions; there is a greater kindness, a little more sympathy - and as a consequence they are more successful in what they wish to bring to pass. So as your attention is attracted to one here and there, strangers that you may never see again - remember my words.

"Think what this world would be like if the Christmas spirit could always be retained. People who find it hard to give, sometimes pass on to others, by impulse, that which is precious to them because it means food or coal or medicine for the sick. Think what it would mean to the earth if only it were a common practice for everyone throughout the year to be inspired by the Christmas spirit.

"Some would say that it could not be kept up. Yet, I remind you of the wonderful gifts which lie in your province that you give out day by day, hour by hour, to those who are sorely in need of what it is your privilege to pass on. Do not forget how those in the World of Spirit rejoice when they have an instrument that they can use. Imagine the position of God, Who, by His own Law, has to depend upon human agency for kindness to His own creation and to the animals. God has limited Himself so that His love can be expressed only through those in the body. Many feel that God has forgotten them. But really it is because those in the body are too occupied with themselves to think of anybody else.

"What joy rises when your compassion has been roused and someone sick feels your kind hand upon them. Then we see that the Love of the Father is recognised at once and the words are torn from the patient: ‘Thank God you have come, there was no one else to care.’

"Having thought about the children trying to do their part, trying to get your attention, longing to share with you the joy of helping others - what are the grown-ups doing in the Spirit World? They have heavier responsibilities as they have to deal with communities, with countries or with continents. They band together in the same way because co-operation is the Law of the Spirit World, in order to bring a better state of being for those who live upon the earth. They try to inspire mankind with higher ideals, with the fellowship spirit, with a sense of comradeship - and you saw, during those years of tribulation (war years), that they were successful.

"All sorts of people met together, strangers to each other, and yet in a moment the barriers were down, and in so marvellous a way one helped the other, one comforted the other, one carried the burden of another. Was not that a presentation of the Christmas spirit shown among the majority? That is why this country was not so sorrowful as it might have been. In fact, there are people who think that the conditions then were far better than at the present time. People were not so selfish and there were those always willing to give a word of cheer. There was very little complaining. Even after a terrible night you were surprised to see the courage and the faith that had risen to meet the ordeal. As people passed each other in the street there was no lamentation, rather, an effort was made to give forth a little joke to cheer each other, to reassure each other.

"Thus impressed upon the condition was the valiant spirit of the warriors of the Lord.

"Your attitude of mind is so very important and the attitude of mind of those around you. It is so easy for the fungus of selfishness to spoil things for everybody and spoil things for your loved ones in the Spirit World. They are fighting for the real self, and praying for the release of the Divinity within you. They are leaving no stone unturned to bring the Christ Child - which is your own gift - to birth, in all its beauty and in all its love.

"There are many kind hearts, many who would not turn a deaf ear to a call for help from others, many who have proved themselves as staunch and faithful friends. It is your part to impress upon everyone the importance of the Christmas spirit not only once a year but for always. If only people would learn, this world would not be drenched with sorrow, trouble, poverty and disease. It would become a paradise where the sunshine of Eternal Love brightened the path of everyone. Power is needed upon the earth plane, the power to send back the forces of evil. They fought a dreadful war - they tried to bring about the crashing of civilisation. But they failed in their object because of the courage of the masses, because they were prepared to fight on until the end.

"If only this same spirit could be roused now, how different things could be. Nation would no longer struggle against nation, or individual against individual, or master against man and man against master.

"I warn you dear-children, that although the forces of evil lost the war between men and women who were meant to be as brethren during this earthly stage, they have not ceased their dreadful work! They have only changed the aspect of it. Why is it that there is turmoil and despair, so much falsifying of even the claims of friendship? This is the work of unseen enemies, thwarted, defeated and sent back over the war with earthly weapons. I come this day to put you on your guard because there is still more intensified war going on in the conditions to stir up strife and to bring unhappiness, not only upon today but upon the coming generations.

"There is not one point that is overlooked by those who are fighting against God, and as you know there are some in the body who have repudiated their Creator. They want none of the Christ Spirit. They are too embedded in their foolish conceit to take the way laid down by the Bringer of peace, hope and joy.

"I understand your lives and the difficulties that assail your path. It is hard to fight against pain and sorrow and anxiety and the fears of tomorrow. The message from the World of Spirit brings you hope and reminds you that you are still soldiers and the battle must go on. As in the earthly war, those who are bravest, those most experienced have to do the dangerous work. Thus the explanation is given as to why those who are so good and so kind seem to have the heaviest burdens to bear. They are the ones who have the experience, the courage, and because the spirit within them is valiant, they want to learn as many lessons as possible while the earth stage lasts.

"It is not God's Will that men and women suffer so much. The suffering comes from the abuse of man's own free-will; just the same as the pains of the body endured today is the result of the self-indulgence of those in the past. Little did they know the heritage they were leaving behind! But you, today, can now, by the habits of discipline, by seeking to safe-guard the body and the mind, do your part to give to those yet unborn, stronger bodies than you yourself possess.

"Even though you have no child it makes no difference. All this refers to the conditions. In Spirit you are all parents and there are no children who are orphans. Your duty is to learn how to be good parents for those unseen by you, who will be born upon the earth in time to come. Do your part to release the Christmas spirit so that they may find the conditions sweeter, brighter and stronger than you have to grapple with today.

"Is that not a wonderful ambition? When you will be in the World of Spirit you will have the joy of coming back to those in the flesh, and you will find the power to influence them for good - not as the unseen enemies of the Christ, to influence them for evil.

"Think of Christmas time as a wonderful opportunity. It matters not what is in the home in one sense, although those in the World of Spirit like to see a little Christmas cheer, the sound of laughter - to see children's delight. But if these things cannot be, remember all the wonderful presents being given to you by those who love you and have gone before. If you could see those gifts you would no longer desire the transient gifts of the earth. Your whole attention would be riveted upon thanking God that through His Laws and His Love, disembodied souls can come back and give you their spiritual treasure - that treasure which never changes except to become more beautiful and more useful - and those gifts never pass away.

"You are blessed with the brightness and spiritual peace. From this day forward look at life from a different angle. See in your troubles opportunities for progression, to regard the pains of the body as something which will give you a wonderful strength in the next body that you will wear. If you are lonely, remember the Unseen, those perfected companions, the ones who never misunderstand you, the ones who love to help you, step by step, until at length you gain the strength to stride forward up the steep hill to God, where sorrow and pain and disappointment no longer strike your heart and mind.

"I bless the workers who stand firm and work in the Name of God, and as I speak, the One - so understanding, so compassionate - has been drawn into your midst. For where there is love of service, where there is the desire to understand Divine Truth, there the Master of All Life comes to add His blessing.

"Peace be with you. Hold fast to the golden Cross of Light and Love which shall protect you for evermore. Amen."

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