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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 19th February, 1927.

"O Christ our Saviour, the Beloved of our hearts, tonight we place ourselves at Thy service, and we ask Thee to pour down upon us the power of the Holy Spirit, and that we, looking up out of our darkness, may catch something of the glory of the realms beyond.

"O God, teach us to give out of ourselves that which is true, that which is Divine; teach us how to lend our strength as well as our determination to others, so that those who, as yet, are wandering in the wilderness of misunderstanding, may feel that at last their steps are guided into the safe path home to Thee. Instruct us, inspire us, reveal to us how, though physical some of us may be, we are Spirit, charged with power, instruments for Thy use...

"Commending ourselves into Thy most loving care, we commence our work with happy hearts, thanking Thee for this precious gift which Thou hast given in an unlimited measure to those who will prepare themselves to receive it. Father, we thank Thee...

"...My little ones, to some of you it seems that the plans of the physical have been laid aside for the plans of the spiritual, and I want you to take it as a sign direct to you from God that although the practical things of daily life may interfere with the smooth running of your own preparations, that your Father God has used the very obstructions to do His holy work. To those of my children who are absent tonight, I say that God has them in mind, and it is His will that they also should see the Divine Hand at work over the little things as well as over the big. (Unexpectedly at the end of the week, the day of the circle had to be changed and another group of people invited. W.M.)

"Children, you can follow me when I say that each act during your daily life is 'inspired', or, again, it is thwarted or misused by the destroyers of the Light. You, in your own home circle, you wonder at times as to this and as to that. You send forth effort, you make your preparations; and, your plans, because self is kept outside as far as possible, your plans, seem to have God's blessing upon them; yet lo, as a bolt from the blue, that which you planned is found faulty in construction, and fragments only remain of the hope you built and of the hope to which you clung...

"To all those on the hill to God, these experiences must come, because, dear children, out of your disappointment, out of those tests, so you find yourself a span farther on; for the thwarting of the physical will is the strengthening, the purification, of the will which belongs to the real self within. I want all those who read these words to take what I say as applying to their lives, and to endeavour to build up around themselves the protection of the certainty that God knows best - God knows best.

"But tonight, dear children, while I draw you into my love, and while I thank God for His many good gifts, for bringing you into my vibrations, I must not allow these tender expressions of feeling to hinder the work ordained for this night; and so I speak to you on that which I would name: 'The Weaving of History'.

"And I want you to come with me in thought while we consider the earth aspect, and while I take you on out of the physical into the spiritual, out of the false, out of the half-true, into that which is Truth itself...

"Children, that which you call history is a thing which has to be viewed from afar off. The individual, the doer of the great deeds, or those who betrayed the finer self - they see but a tiny span beyond the effect of that which they wrought. Those Holy ones of old who sought to lead their little flock out of dangerous places into safety, into obedience to the greater self within, think you what were their feelings at the time.

"To you, my children, it all sounds so great, so grand, so pleasing to God, but to them? Ah, how different an aspect was presented to them. It should not be difficult for the thoughtful mind to go back in imagination to the period, to the habits, to the customs, and the equipment of these great ones of old. Remember this, that the Sacred Record you read, that is the effect of effort over a long stage. They saw not that view, the clouds of the limitations of the physical blocked out all else but their love for God. Yes, those who strove, those who faced fearful odds, who attempted the impossible, what were their feelings?

"Little ones, human nature changes slowly, and I want you to visualise to yourselves the teachers of old, the preparers, the constructors, and their thoughts, their fears, their despairs; for lo, human nature changes but little.

"There were those who found themselves in positions of responsibility; under their care were numbers - ignorant in a way you scarce can grasp; beyond them were enemies so fierce, so terrible, that their hearts quailed before the prospect of that which they had been called upon to undertake.

"Can you not imagine their thoughts at night? Can you not visualise the temptation which came to them in guises different and yet the same - the temptation to retreat out of their responsibilities, the temptation to look around for another who was better fitted to undertake the task at hand? And many, at the time, applauded these doubts, so reasonable they seemed, so expressive of the humility that should be within.

"And so the scales went up and down, and many prayed for release from responsibility, prayed that God would direct them otherwise, aye, out into the loneliness far from the populace and the public gaze...

"But God wanted an instrument to use then and there; and so, fearfully, with many doubts which they strove to keep from the children in their charge, they took up their gigantic burdens and they made history for others to read...

"Yes, dear children, such as these stand out as examples to all, of the triumph over the physical and the enthronement of the spiritual; they show to those with perceiving minds that when God calls, that which is weak can be strong, courageous, noble, Divine.

"Then, dear children, we come to those others who made history in a way which, in degree, has kept back the spiritualisation of humanity. I speak of those with great earthly power, the ones who took their tools and used them to flog those beneath their care; I speak of the so-called mighty ones who controlled vast territories, the ones with the warlike spirit who fought not evil, but, in fighting created evil, and set into motion forces so destructive that generations after, the children paid the price.

"These have much to retrieve, much to make good; but because God is our Father and their Father, so to each one, however destructive, however alien they may be to the Light, so to each one the chance comes to reconstruct, to redeem the past.

"Some of these, dear children, they claimed the public fancy, they called forth admiration from those who knew naught beyond the things of the world; and in their time, 'hero', 'conqueror', 'victor' - these were their names. They knew not that as the laurels descended upon them, it was literally a chain fastening them not only to the earth, but to conditions far less developed than that.

"They left their mark on history and the results of their deeds can be seen by those who look with the true sight within. Yet, my little ones, I would not have you think that all was destructive, that all was loss, for have I not taught you that out of the pangs, out of the impositions of one will upon another, out of the stripes, out of the broken hearts and the weary bodies, God takes that which has eternal life.

"So, my children, we pass on. I want you now to lift your minds from the physical aspect and to think with me on those things which are real. The spiritual history of humanity is so different in construction, so different in appearance, that it scarce has one connecting point with the history presented to those of the world.

"Think to yourselves as to this, and I use an illustration common to you all: A great tapestry stretching before your gaze. It represents effort unthinkable by the physical mind; it portrays that which is ungraspable by the physical mind; it is composed of that which has never come within the radius of this material world at all; but it is the spiritual history of humanity, as we see it who are free.

"Children, even with that which you name 'tapestry' on earth, you are staggered when you are told what has been brought together to produce it. You stand before it and you try to visualise the men and the women who worked upon it; their struggles, their feelings, the conditions of their daily life; and your heart aches for them for you know that weariness must have been their portion, that effort and effort again must have been wrung from them to produce that which is there for all to see...

"This gives a faint indication of the Truth regarding that tapestry of history relating to the souls of man. Ah yes, when you look into the tapestry of material, the thought comes: 'Was it worth so much toil? It is perishable; it is passed on to those who scarce can appreciate that which it represents. After all, has the end justified the means, the toil, the unceasing effort?'

"And those with spiritual sight answer: 'From the physical point of view, no; from the spiritual, yes'. It hangs there and brings pleasure, perhaps to one or two, but already decay has set in; the colours no longer represent that which they were; the fabric itself shows signs of age; the time will come when it will crumble away - dust; yes, but that which it called out remains for aye.

"So, my children, we come back to that wider, greater, far more wonderful tapestry of the individual soul; and though we have been looking at things in bulk, yet I would bring you back to your life and to mine, to the lives of the prophets of old, to the life of the tiny child who has just commenced its physical experience; and I want you to take the Christ view, I want you to feel that I am speaking of your life which is just as precious to God, just as precious as those great ones of old, those whose names have survived the ages and are held in reverence today.

"My little ones, as you have been taught before, this little life of yours - charged with much, full, it seems to you, of the things which cause the heart to ache - this little life is just one small part of the pattern of that tapestry, that spiritual tapestry on which, through aeons of time, you have been working - and, again, through aeons of time, you will continue to work, for Love's sweet sake.

"So, my children, holding the thought of the tapestry of your individual life, you can follow me when I say that, now and again, there is a false stitch here and an imperfect one there. You can understand that, because you are blind and bound for the purpose of your earth's experience, sometimes you blunder, sometimes you lose sight of the pattern which must be worked in as you go on.

"And what happens? Well, little ones, it depends on this - whether the individual wishes to do God's will. If you try to keep in touch with the One who loves you best, then though stitches may be false, though the scheme itself may be hindered or marred, the miracle of God's Love rights the wrong, brings beauty in place of disharmony; aye, and enhances that beauty because you suffer over the false stitch, because unwittingly, you did that which turned out to be 'wrong'.

"That is the spiritual view, yet a fragment only, but gives you your guidance for the days to come. You cannot go back on the past, you cannot go forward into the future at this stage, except when sleep claims you; for if the tapestry of your life could be read by the mind of the body, it would present so much danger that the pattern would be marred for many a life to come.

"No, little ones, God's ways are best; yet I would encourage you by giving out that which is of the Truth: I say that because - in spite of your troubles, in spite of the adversaries on either side - you have sought to hold close to God, that that in itself is an indication that the tapestry of your life is as the Father intends... It represents untold effort in the past, striving and striving again; it represents tragedy upon tragedy turned into victory upon victory; and now, as a result, in the measure that is possible at this stage, you can see God in your life.

"But, my children, we must not rest there, for have I not told you that the resting stages are the dangerous stages? Have I not told you that the tapestry which represents your life is but a tiny part of the huge pattern, a tiny part of the spiritual history of mankind? Ah, then, little ones, it is work and it is striving; it is building by thought when the hands are engaged with the toil of the world; it is pouring out that Truth which is your own through the gift of the Holy Spirit; and because you give out of your little, so a wider entry is made in the vessel that you represent, and God gives and gives and gives.

"And you, little ones of my heart, are not only working on that which shall fill your hearts and minds with joy, but you are constructing that substance, that stability, which, as it were, is steadying the instability of the physical world.

"My children, when you are free, it will amaze you to see the many forces at work on this little earth of yours, and, you will know then that one of the greatest forces of destruction is the instability of the physical mind; the concentrating on the trivial, on that which has life but for a little day, the devoting of the energies to build that which has nothing that remains after the material has passed. Yes, precious power, vitality, and that which you name 'thought', are squandered on the things which pass away...

"The effect to those who are free is as this: Beautiful clouds of power - capable of inspiring, capable of revealing God's purpose to man on earth - these are destroyed, scattered even as they are given. That which God would bestow on the individual, it is there, sent by Him and contributed to by us, because only in this wise can we rise; but even as the contact is made with the outer vibrations of the individual in need of help, the instability of their thoughts, the trivial nature of their desires acts as a barrier; and because that which is material cannot contact with that which is of God, so by their very selves - that lesser self which holds first place - the healing, the revising, mighty gifts from God, these are sent from them, scattered and scattered again.

"So, my children, as always, I bring you back to little things; I bring you back to the daily round, to the circumstances of your lives, to your troubles, to those hopes of yours unfulfilled, to the laying aside of the physical will - and I tell you that, in these things, you are building for God, you are contributing of stability to a world, which, for the most part, knows it not.

"In your suffering you are creating joy and light and power; and these gifts, so sorely needed by the majority obsessed by that which appertains to worldly things, these gifts of yours, little as they may seem, they are doing God's work on earth.

"So, when I speak of weaving history, I take you back to my first point. The great ones of old, the instruments of the Most High, they felt just the same about their lives, about their ineffectual efforts, even as yourselves. But mark you this: They resisted despair; they said not to themselves: 'What is the use of trying? I am an unfit instrument, the last tool that should be chosen'.

"Children, those thoughts were there, but they heard the Voice, and God said: 'Do this'; so with quailing hearts, aye, and with reluctant minds, they got themselves up from the valley and climbed the hill. And lo, as they emerged out of the physical, so the balm of the Spirit healed their wounds, replenished their strength, gave them not only the will to go forward, but joy in the thought that between them and God the link was held intact.

"But they knew not, little ones, that they were weaving history. How could they - seeing but the fragments of their efforts, but the things which went wrong, the disobedience of those under their care? Had one approached them thus, pointing out that they were creating something which would never pass away in the history of the earth, they would have pushed the idea aside, they would have said: 'Not this, not this'.

"And so, my children, the comfort I want to bring you is this, and I want all those who have ever tried to reach God and have been sore distressed by the tests which have followed - by the thwarting of their hopes, by the ruin of that which they deemed constructive of good - to such as these I bring comfort from the One who understands them best, and I say to them that though their little lives leave no mark on the history of the earth, on the tapestry which those who follow after may gaze upon, yet their efforts are forever on that which will not pass away.

"They are weaving the bright with the dull; yes, and even the disappointments and the mistakes play their part. They are weaving their portion of the pattern on the great tapestry of the spiritualisation of mankind, and sorrow should find no place in their hearts, for they work for God.

"So, dear children, in your own lives, aye, in each little day, hold fast the thought that because you wish to do the right thing, you are putting your threads into the great tapestry of that spiritual history planned by God. And if things seem to go awry and you are conscious of blundering, or of working in that which showed a limited judgment, so you think, then, take heart, for God is greater than you understand. This little life, it is the training stage - the circumstances, the environment, those who cause you pain, ah, these are the tests to see whether you have that spiritual stability which is essential if you are to be used by God.

"Yes, on earth or in the Realms of Light, without that staying power, without that firm will, without the brave heart, so, dear children, you cannot do the work of the Great Constructor, the great Redeemer of this world and all those conditions which are, as it were, beyond...

"So, my children, I want you tonight to think thus: 'When I am free, I shall look back and see not only myself and those in the body, but I shall see a mighty throng; I shall see that my thread was worked in with countless other threads; that it was needed as well as theirs were needed for part of the great pattern set into being by God'.

"And now, my children, I will leave you. Hold the peace, and relinquish the desires of the physical mind, certain that even if your loved ones do not speak, they are all around you, giving direct - and receiving direct - love, and that wonderful power which reunion always brings... And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, although tonight the power gifted to us by our Father and Mother God is so unlimited in its scope that those who are free could speak to you until the early hours, yet God's will has been done even at this stage; and the Father, because He is the Father, is conscious of the tax upon the child who writes (Dorrie), and on those who present the written word to the many who read...

"So, little ones, we will conclude; yet, I would say one word more to link up those who have come and those who want to come, with the angels in Heaven.

"One day, dear children, I will explain to you as to the angels in Heaven. So simple are God's ways, so complicated has man made those ways appear to the ones on earth. But tonight, I describe for your comfort that those who have spoken - and the countless numbers who are waiting their opportunity - that these are working together on that part of the pattern which is called Redemption.

"Christ, the great Redeemer, worked long before the body was donned; God the great Constructor, thought out the scheme for retrieving for man that which he had thrown away, thought it out in a time unimaginable to you; and in that far distant past the first threads were commenced, so that the power essential for restoring to us the Divinity which once was our own - so that power was set into being...

"And you, my little ones, in miniature are redeemers. Oh, hold that thought and say to yourself: 'If I am to redeem, how then can I hold aught for myself!' Those who redeem for others, first empty their heart and mind of the desires connected with the earth, for before you can restore to others, you must restore to the Divine within something of its great and glorious heritage; and then out of your freedom, the power comes to cast off the chains of those who are bound; and they, rejoicing that bondage is no more, redeemed themselves, carry on the long chain of effort and redeem those who, as yet, are too weak to help themselves.

"So, little ones, in thinking of the spiritual history of mankind, first think of Christ the great Redeemer, the great Restorer; and then, gather to yourselves the comfort of the thought that you are called to be like Him; aye, and that with the call so the power has come. You are linked in your sacred work with God and the angels in Heaven...

"Children, I bless you with peace; yes, and with that confidence which only striving can bring; for the peace of the spirit is work, is constructing, and achievement in the end; the 'rest' of the work is sorrow and pain and bondage; the joy of God is lightening the hearts of others, inspiring the weak, recharging the frail with courage, and, as you strive, drawing from Strength the power to serve again.

"In the Name of our Saviour I bless you with the desire to redeem; in the Name of our Father and Mother God I bless you with the desire to father and mother others; in the Name of the Holy Spirit I bless you with the desire to bring Light into darkened places, so that God's will on earth may be done and His Truth established for all time.

"Goodnight, my little ones..."

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