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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes, printed in the Greater World newsletter on Saturday, August 24th, 1985 (date of Message not given)

..."Today, dear children, I have been instructed to speak to you on: 'The Wealth of the World'.

"In these times, the things which are material have a great value. On the other hand, there have been millions to see that material things sometimes have a very short life, and that all the ingenuity of the human mind cannot ensure them remaining and giving the joy anticipated.

"Many realise physical life itself is a very precarious thing. No man can say when he will be 'called'; no man can ensure his life in the flesh, except on purely material lines, and then he does not benefit - the insurance is for those who follow after.

"The lesson has been a good lesson, and it has been learnt by many. There are thousands and thousands who would assure me that all the material possessions of this world would never compensate for the loss of their son or their daughter. And they are sincere, and this measure of Light - which is as a torch in the darkness of these material conditions - is of the greatest worth. And we appraise what science has done; many aspects of pain have been overcome, health in a measure has been secured, and the torments associated with operations have been banished, although the after-effects may still take their toll.

"If you go back over the past, you find that because knowledge was lacking, there was so much endured which was unnecessary and certainly against the will of God. Why was it that this greater knowledge was withheld? It was, in the main, because man sought from the earth answers to Life's great problems. There was too little belief in the power of inspiration, and too great a confidence placed on the human mind.

"And yet you must be fair; you find that although there were millions of victims of the ignorance of that time, there were very brave souls as well, and from their courage - even though that courage was forced upon them - something of Spirit Power was drawn into these material conditions, to remain.

"And I want you to try to grasp that the endurance over the torments of the body, which were common a few generations ago, even a generation ago, was used by God to carve a way, as it were, through the dense material conditions so that there might be a purer strain to allow one of those great rays from the Father's Heart of Love not only to stream down upon the earth - for these rays are always given in lavish measure - but to find a contact.

"So as you search through history, you see that one here and one there were inspired to discipline themselves to the extent that although what they found out about the physical organs did not bring the ameliorations to man that was hoped, yet by the giving up of leisure, by cutting off the pleasures and amusements of daily life, there was brought about a cleansing of the aura.

"And so again and again, it seemed as if by chance, in the midst of vast experiments, one here, one there, came upon a clue to the truth. But it takes time for these clues to be followed up, and it takes more than one life, more than one mind; yet eventually, by the sacrifices of the few, things were brought into being which you enjoy today, and which has robbed physical life of the chief of its terrors.

"Where am I leading your thoughts? It is to the consideration of what really represents the wealth of this material plane. Why is there crime and poverty and treachery? And the answer comes in the one simple word: 'Misunderstanding'. If those concerned and those in their own environment had had more understanding, so much could have been avoided. You may call it ignorance, but there is a difference between sheer ignorance and lack of understanding.

"You must remember there were many with able minds, there was a certain amount of spiritual and mental education available, but it was not applied in the way that it should have been applied; such as these were not ignorant, they simply misunderstood Divine Law. And so, for many generations, there was the holding up of inspiration - except in isolated instances - perhaps one in a generation arising to try to teach man how to live.

"And what is your position? You have education in many forms. Some of you appreciate it, some of you find it very tedious to pursue the pathway of knowledge. You all have different temperaments, and it is not for us to criticise one or the other. There are some who have a good mental equipment, and others who find it very difficult to assimilate knowledge. Many would love to be clever, and some of those who are clever do not employ their energies in the right direction.

"Where does God come in over man's attitude towards life, over the varying stages of equipment with which man is gifted at this same stage? It is a question of free-will. There are some in a physical body who, by their own spirit's choice, are here solely to develop their character on spiritual lines. There are other souls not so advanced who have not the same instincts. The Divine within has all knowledge but the release of the Divine depends entirely upon yourselves.

"So you can imagine that the man who comes with many talents naturally stands a better chance of realising his ambition unless the scourge of poor health is there as well. But there are those who are strong both mentally and physically, and there are some who do acquire the wealth of this plane, yet it does not always bring the happiness they anticipated.

"And there are many, through their own environment, through the conditions built up by their forebears or by their relatives today, who know that life necessarily must represent a struggle. And what do they achieve? Very little it appears to others; their lives are monotonous, they have - it seems to them - such a tiny foundation, and there is no time, no skill, and certainly no wherewithal to build up that edifice which represents their heart's desire.

"How do they stand in God's sight? They are indeed God's mediums, and I want you to go back upon the life of the Master Himself - the One who could have called everything to Him and placed it under His own hand. What happened? Does it not say in the Holy Book that He had not even a roof over His Head, and that He took off His cloak when He found there was real need?

"But remember this: The Master never was sentimental; nothing that He did was for effect. He had the power to look beyond the surface of things, and when there was an exchange of this kind, it was for a spiritual purpose; He gave to the one in sore distress not only a physical garment but a garment of service to stand that one in good stead when persecution should break upon him.

"Let us be very practical. It is useless to live in the clouds or to have fantastic theories regarding religion or ethics or the future. The earth-plane of life is something that is stern discipline for the majority. Why is this? Because it is a time of preparation so that when you have discarded the physical body you can enjoy Life, because you understand it; you can take up the equipment purchased by your suffering and disappointment and illness while in the flesh, and immediately start your work for Christ - the work that matters."...

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