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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 28th January, 1928.

"O God our Father, Thou who hast given to us Thy Holy word, grant that illumination may come so that we may take the word and go on our way certain that Thou hast provided for all that which the future holds. Oh, teach us and let us ever remember that our part is to pass on this knowledge to others. Grant that no threat of blocking or obstacle may hold back our will, may chain us to the past, but rather, as little children in faith, certain that the protection is all around, we may reach out and find Thy Love and the revelation that it brings...

"Commending ourselves into Thy care, asking that Thou wilt help us to put aside all that comes between us and Thee, so we commence our work with grateful hearts, for Thou hast given to us that which is of the Holy Spirit and the blessing is all around. Father, we thank Thee. Amen...

"...My children, this night has been ordained by the One who loves you best, and I would underline - before I pass on to that which is called the Instruction - I would underline that the great pattern is spread out before me as I speak, and the threads of that pattern are slowly being weaved in by those upon the earth plane. That great pattern is God's purpose for His children, but delay, postponement, much has taken place which has held back the blessing, the mighty blessing which our Father and Mother God longs to bestow.

"Yet, I would not cast a shade upon you, for each and every one is a worker, and that means that what you have done in the past you are willing to do again and again; that out of the release of the Divine within, you have made a compact with your Maker that you will not rest there; you will answer to the Voice, you will follow the guidance even though it may exact a certain price from you in return. That price, my little ones, is your most precious gift; for, can you not see, is it not laid out in the Sacred Record, that only those who were willing to pay the price purchased the gifts which are of God?

"So, little ones, in looking back over what has been, and in your attitude towards the future, remember ever the great pattern and the thread or the threads which you are weaving in; for lo, the time must come when the physical garment is cast from you, when that which is God's purpose must be viewed by you; and, if your threads are missing or have spoilt that tiny part of the pattern entrusted to you, so then not only will anguish fill your hearts and minds, but you must go back and work in those threads as the Divine - the God within you - intended from the beginning.

"Think not that any escape. It is a spiritual law, and the One who brought into being the laws of the Spirit has taken away from Himself the power to alter the working of those laws; for God, although you know it not, has limited Himself out of His great, great love for the little ones He has created.

"Tonight, dear children, obeying the instruction of the Beloved, I speak to you on that which I name: 'The Way of Revelation'.

"And I want you to come with me in thought, to forget, for a space, this little earth, to disentangle yourselves from your anxieties, from those things which apparently have gone wrong, and to come with me in thought, out of things material into those which remain for ever.

"The way of revelation: For your guidance, so the records of the past were preserved, yet, there have been many, and there are many in this same day, who take word or the incident and ponder thereon, but alas, the gate between the physical and spiritual minds has not been unloosened, and revelation, the inner meaning, God's meaning, the meaning that Christ came to demonstrate because of the blindness of those on earth, that meaning escapes them - and why?

"Little ones, the preparation has not been put in. You cannot touch Spirit with the physical mind. There have been countless thousands who have endeavoured to do this, and they have, as it were, thrown a dark cloud in front of the brightness of Love; and those who listened, those who read, they knew not God, they knew only the interpretation of the Word of God given out from the physical mind of man.

"And mark you this: When such as these pass out of twilight into a measure of light, because they took upon themselves the role of teacher, of instructor, so they look back and not only have they to make good what is missing in themselves, but, alas and alas, they have to work out that which they did against another. Whoso'er shall cause a child to stumble (Matt. 18:6)...

"Yet man forgets. The individual goes on his way, seeking to penetrate into the things which are of God by physical means, by material channels; but God has said: 'Come unto Me, come unto Me'.

"Children, though I speak to you, as it were, as a point of concentration, I am speaking to countless others beyond those who read these words, and this night, beyond and beyond again, so they come, drawn by the power of the Spirit, the ones who, in the past, were content to take that which was the world's way and ignore the Christ way, because it came between them and desire, desire of the mind, which in its way is as destructive as the desires of the body.

"Yes, the world's way was more attractive. They took the Holy Word and they applied this and that in the manner that appealed to them most; they shut their eyes to the Cross, to the preparation, to the only way into that revelation which God means that each shall have as his own.

"And so, my little ones, though I speak to you - and the love ties are strong, they were there in the long ago - because here we wish to do the Master's work, so we seek to forget self, and we joy in the thought that the power so produced and contributed is being used for those who have passed out of physical life many a long year, aye, and some have sojourned in darkness for a time unthinkable to you. Tonight, I speak to them, because the One who loves them best has sought for their love and cannot be content without it; I speak to the many, and I say that the way of revelation lies open before each one, if, out of the buried strength within, they are willing to take the hard road which leads into gladness and peace.

"Little ones, the way of revelation is beset by much. Those of the past they faced despair, those of the past they flinched not under persecution, those of the past - because of the release of the Divine within - they separated themselves from things material, aye, and suffered greatly things physical, but, in return, they had the gifts of the Spirit, the gifts not only promised by the Master, but long before God came as man the gifts were there, waiting to be handled and used by those who had the courage, who could find the endurance to put in that foundation which would hold fast in the day of tribulation.

"Once in my life, dear children, there came upon me this experience, and I am bidden to pass it on to you, for it illustrates, in part, something of the character of that which has touched your own lives, or will touch them in time to come.

"I have told you that when the Master commenced His ministry - that which you name the three years - I was as a man aged when we came face to face...

"I see it now - the sun with its burning rays upon the stonework that scorched us as we passed. My thoughts were troubled. I knew the Word, and much had come to me through that which you name sorrow. I knew that the Word which our Father Abraham had taught and had shown by example, could be followed, could be lived. I knew that that Word was being distorted in the Temple, that there were those who had not God in their hearts but only the love of possessions. I knew that certain parts of the ancient teaching were being applied in a way that was abhorrent to Truth.

"And I was troubled, for I was linked to such as these; and although you scarce can grasp it, the teachers and instructors of that time were surrounded by a network of chains which it was very difficult to cast asunder; indeed, that which was the Temple represented a prison-house.

"I was troubled. The voice of conscience struck at me with a thousand thongs, for, in my blind and bonded way, I loved my God, and I would that He might take that which was myself and use it for His Holy purpose. Yet, no Light could I find, only bondage, dimness, and the hideous darkness of deception; and as a rank weed it sprang up and covered the sacred altar itself.

"And then, as I walked with my head bowed in woe, Someone passed. It seemed to me I had been struck by a flash of lightning and I thought: 'God's judgement has come upon me'. Yet I met Love instead, the sweetest smile, the kindest eyes. Someone stood before me; He spake not a word but He looked upon my face; and, in that second, anxiety and its torture fell from me. Peace held my mind, and never from that day has peace left me, though that which you name suffering might have come very close...

"Little ones, I know that some are surprised that I should thus speak of myself. It is the Master's will, and as the words come forth so the same gracious smile, so the same tender look, is upon you all, and I say that troubled thoughts should ne'er find a place within your minds again.

"Then, my children, came the test. We passed, yet the unspoken compact had been made, and in a later hour so one within the Temple questioned: 'Hast seen this Prophet?' And I answered from the gladness within: 'I have seen'. The next question was: 'Art thou of us?' And, in that moment, the decision was made.

"Oh, my children, could I portray to you the joy of that surrender, so, indeed, you could let the world go by - aye, and stand with calmness the scorn and the bitterness of those you name your colleagues; and, remember, that same test comes to all.

"From that moment I was a marked man. In these so easy times, it is impossible for you to grasp the network of watching and trapping and treachery which surrounded the marked man. Lo, as I rose at morn, someone was at hand; as I break the bread, so another enemy was there. It seemed that every thought was torn from out of my mind, distorted and chronicled, so that those who held the power might have nothing hid from them.

"Yes, I knew, for had I not seen others under like suspicion? Was there not John (the Baptist) and those who sought him? A few sought him by day but many by night, for they feared Authority. Life was as nothing in that time when Love Itself chose to tread the earth way and to bring Light into darkened places. I knew - but oh, the joy of having purchased that measure of revelation which was within. God had answered my prayers, and the Master had accepted that which was myself...

"Little ones, so oft I take you back to other days, for only by pondering on the lives and experiences of others, can you get your own life into its right proportion. The picture of that which was the past throws a gleam of light on the canvas of today; and you, by that which took place before the physical body was donned, you have reached that point when either the great decision has been made, or must be made.

"And the decision is not merely to believe in this great gift or to take that which it has the power to pass on to you; the decision touches the inward not only the outward. What are you prepared to do? What have you done? Is the preparation sufficient? That which the past has held - the work, the anxieties, the putting together of fragments - that has given you a measure of revelation, and revelation shows you that you cannot stop, that pausing is dangerous, that God has called you on.

"Out of that little release within, so you have a glimpse of what this great gift can mean in the by and by; out of your wisdom so the realisation comes that this is but the beginning. Aye, there is the next stage and a million stages beyond, and you - if you are strong - you shall have that which God has promised, not only the gifts of the Spirit to be used for others: The healing of the sick, the power to mend the broken hearts, but the greatest gift of all: Through the Holy Spirit to bring Light into the world.

"But remember that the Light you have at this same time, was purchased by others far less spiritually awakened than you are, by some with very little earth knowledge and only a minute acquaintance with God as Love.

"The Light today was won by the simple faithful ones of old, who turned not back from suffering but faced the cross, aye, long before that which you name the Crucifixion was even thought of. They took the cross and spread the Light for countless thousands, not only on earth - forget not this - but, out of their stability, so those in the twilight planes, strangers to them, arose and called them: 'Brother'. For all unknowingly by that which they endured, so the Light from the spirit within penetrated far beyond the earth plane and reached those in despair and brought them home to God at last...

"This is the implication, this is what I pass on from the Father: Not only are you fighting for yourself, for your children, for those linked to you by physical and spiritual ties, but, by your resolution, so you are making it possible that a measure of revelation shall reach the ones who indeed, if you could see them, you would think were lost. No semblance of a physical garment do they wear; their minds - or that which should represent their minds - even as the deadly viper casts its venom around. Yet, forget not that these Christ seeks, and the great, great Missionary will never rest until they return to the likeness of God Himself.

"This is our work, the work of each one who knows his God. Self-preservation - the preservation of the Divine within - Oh, my little ones, the only way to soar, to get nearer to that perfection which one day indeed you must represent, is by forgetting yourself, your fate, your destiny - aye, even your own salvation - and doing the work that God has entrusted to us all...

"Children, though perchance I seem to speak in tones that are over-stern, oh, believe me that love inspires. Over the long past, so I have watched your thoughts; and, by the grace of God, at times I have forwarded your aspiration. But this night, because the love within has broken its bonds and you are here in very truth, so it is my gift to pass on something of Truth, for I fain that you should share the peace and the joy which a loving Father has made my own for ever. I would that you should have the best.

"Around each one there is temptation in a thousand forms, because you are the instruments which God desires to use; but around you with a strength beyond my powers to portray, around you there are God's messengers, feeding the body, ministering to the soul and casting off the chains from the spirit. For times are urgent and there is need on every side, need on the earth plane, and a greater need in those conditions which are less enlightened than this. And because you know, because something of revelation has come, so, my little ones, when the greater sight is made your own, not even Love Himself will be able to save you from the torture of self-reproach if you go back or pause at the cross-roads; or, again, if you take this gift and use it for anything but God's work.

"I underline this point for much power has been wasted, scattered by those who seek to fetter the Holy Spirit to their physical desires and material needs. God's gift is open to all, but in the measure that the individual desecrates or misuses the gift, ten thousand times it were better that they had gone through life without that grace...

"So, dear children, I leave upon your minds this night that which, to me, is reassurance in its finest form. I say - and you know it well - that what the past has held has given to you at this day something of Light, something of wisdom. But the way of revelation, the way that the Father desires that you should follow, is the Christ way, the way of patient work, holding the will firm, facing your enemies undismayed, positive that God has you under His Hand and that He will never fail you.

"And as you go on step by step, stumbling perchance, disconsolate, asking yourself: 'Can I do it?' - as you go on, so, point by point, the vision will open, the power within shall gain its release, and not only shall you demonstrate the working of God on earth but the Light of His countenance in worlds where darkness only was known.

"You give but you take; you cast from you that which is the lesser, in order to take the greater; and God has prepared for you that which passes your comprehension now and for many a generation to come. Revelation - the revelation of the wideness of the Love of God, the depth of His protection, and the heights to which you, individually, can climb, for Christ has blessed you and He binds you to Himself...

"Thus I go. Hold fast to that which is here, for tonight, out of the revelation within each one, so the spirit asks nothing for self but only that God's will may be done..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, just one word in closing. Those who meet in this little room they come to serve. Remember ever that by serving, so the Christ within is served as well. At other gatherings those you love speak to you, cheer you, and warn you. Here the universal spirit takes first place, and those who come are wanted - though some may know it not - wanted for the great comprehensive pattern, and the personal in the earth sense stands aside for the personal in the Christ sense.

"So thank the Father that you, out of the release within, have made your gifts, and that the spirit not only finds contentment but has gained just a fragment of further revelation - revelation as to the meaning of this gift, as to the way which God intends the gift to be used, and the purpose for which the gift is given:

"To show, in the measure that you can grasp, something of the mighty unlimited purpose of Life in its grander sense, something of the love of God, who, as Christ, not only passes on through me that which is of Himself, but indeed has been here amongst you... Yes, the same kind eyes, the same radiant smile, no sorrow is there, and He blesses you with a gladness and joyousness I cannot portray; for you are His children - and more than that - you seek to be His instruments, and out of the desire within so indeed you can be used and you shall be used, and the power of the Holy Spirit is upon you all.

"I bless you with further illumination, with consciousness that with the courage within, so you can draw to you the courage of the Christ, His steadfastness, His patience and His unflinching will.

"In the Name of God I bless you with revelation as to something of the glory and the peace which lies in front... Farewell. God has linked us all together; we are His children, He is our Father and Mother God, and - forget it not - all are of the same Household, children of the same King... Farewell."

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