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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Leek Staffs on Sunday, June 16th, 1946

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Comrades and workers for the Cross, how gladly I greet you once again, and I bring reassurance to one and all, because through days of test and strain there was firmness, determination and the will to carry out the work of Christ. If at times it seems to you that those you depend upon fail you, that things beyond your own province go wrong, then remember these are merely tests so that you can show to others that you are firm enough in faith to ignore them; you can rise above them and be a witness to the spiritual freedom which you have made your own.

"I am sent into your presence to speak to you upon: 'The Warrior Spirit in Religion'.

"I know you all dread war; many of you have experienced two dreadful wars during your physical lifetime and the strain was great. You have suffered yourselves and seen those you love suffer too, and the limits of endurance were taxed to the uttermost. So you dread the thought of war.

"But I want to remind you that war in its true sense is the only method by which growth can be attained. You cannot evolve without war, you cannot gain understanding without going to battle with the inexperience which is within. I want you to take the true view of war, to realize that war with material weapons is but one aspect.

"Try to imagine this world of yours in the far past when ignorance held the mind of man. He was then at the mercy of the wild beasts; he had no weapons with which to defend himself and the warfare that took place between him and those beasts which he tried to secure to maintain life in the body, was terrible to behold.

"But through suffering man learnt in a measure how to find simple and crude methods of defence. You remember the catapult, and the darts made from certain trees. Man had to use his ingenuity in many forms to try to defend himself and to gain that nourishment upon which he depended for life.

"There was no cultivation of the fields; there were not those legitimate forms of food to which so many today are turning, gladly replacing them for the animal food to which the body has grown accustomed.

"So I want you to realize that primitive man had to go to war and through the effort he made so, by his suffering and seeking to fight suffering, he learnt a little and his children benefited.

"With progression human intelligence expanded and there were brought within man's province many forms of help. Today they would seem childish, crude in their mechanism and elementary in their ideas, but they were wonderful in their time, just as wonderful as your aeroplanes are today. It is wise, dear-children, to go back upon those early times and clear one's vision.

"But as time went on and man gained more aids, there was a certain decline of effort. There were only certain classes who had to do the work, who had to go to war against Nature and pit their puny strength against the insects as well as other forms of terror that sought to cut off the life of man.

"And we will pay a tribute to those of old, the men and women, the victims of authority, who toiled for others as well as for themselves. They were warriors, pioneers in the true sense; they went to war not for their own gain but for the benefit of others, and their names are enshrined in the Book of Life. Today they are amongst those chosen by the Master to go hither and thither and do His holy work.

"As time went on the body was abused, the appetites grew apace, all that was available was taken and so retribution set in, for man's body is keyed to health and the only way to maintain health over the generations was the following of the Christ Law, the Christ Law of Necessity, to take for the body only that which the body demanded to keep the blood pure, keep the strength circulating, to aid the mind and replenish the memory.

"But all the rich food, all the heavy drink was as deadly poison to man, and through the abuse of free-will, the greediness that has held his heart and mind, so was set into being a train of consequences, and the children that followed after and their children bear in their bodies the consequences of man's selfishness and greed, man's denial of the God within.

"Today science is making much progress and your two wars have brought to pass great revelation in regard to surgery and the treatment of the human body from a medical point of view. So you see, there had to be victims, but those victims passed into honour and glory and they found that the strength of the next body not only made them forget the past, but was a compensation beyond all earthly thought in regard to what they had to endure.

"So today we come to another stride forward. We know that medical science is blessed, that all those who are striving so hard to restore the body - desecrated and abused by the free-will of those in the body over the past - are blessed and strengthened by God.

"We in the Spirit World are leading them - and this too is your great part - we are leading the scientists to recognise another factor still, and that is the power of prayer.

"I want you to take upon yourselves an added responsibility, to regard yourselves as spiritual warriors, that you are going to war against the sickness that torments the flesh, against the grief that torments the human mind when those they love pass into another state of being; you are going to war against the seeming injustices of physical life and against the despair that has overwhelmed the blind and the lame, those who are still young and feel that they have a right to some joy in the physical life.

"As I speak I am shown a vista of the future that is opening before you. You are warriors! But more are wanted to join the ranks, there have to be recruits, there must be those to come forward with willing hearts and minds to make full surrender; there must be the men and women in their own homes giving up themselves, as they do their mundane toil, to the Master's work. Their hands may be busy but their mind is free.

"This one and that stand in dire need of help. Go forth to war as a comrade of the Cross! Whatever your conditions, whatever your environment, you can be a true and strong warrior. Your weapon is faith, your staff is trust, your impetus is consciousness of God, that He, through you, desires to work out His most holy purpose.

"I speak to you in the churches, you who are leaders or sub-leaders, and to the congregations too. Is there a slackness, is there an apathy, is one here and there growing weary of well-doing? Is there one desiring first place where another is more suitable for leadership?

"There again is your battlefield and as warriors of Christ go forth to war amongst your own conditions. When there is one fearful of doing this, afraid of daring for Christ and His work, hesitating, waiting for another to come forward and lead the way, remember my words. There is your battle and you must go to war until victory has been made your own. So much depends upon it.

"We have no time for waiting, no time to allow the days and hours to slip by; life is passing swiftly, no one knows when the call will come, but what they do know is this: that they must face their record when the Veil is parted and they are in conditions of Reality.

"Did they stand back when another asked for help? Did they fail in co-operation when another tried to make a big effort to spread God's truth? Did they want to rest when there was so much work to be done?

"You have been tried and tested; you have perhaps reluctantly taken upon yourselves the chains of office, you have gone to war against the apathy of those who listen, against those who desire only signs and wonders and are not interested in the development of a spiritual outlook. To you, dear-children, the call has come, you are in charge of your flock and you must see that not one lamb strays out of the true Fold seeking another.

"We are with you to strengthen your will, to steady your faith, when you ask if God has forgotten you. We are there to turn your eyes from the easy path, to draw you by the magic power of love step by step up the hillside, for although you know it not you are cutting a path for others by your effort, by your will to endure you are showing the way for those who are less spiritually awakened than you are, and in time to come they will claim you as a friend and leader, as rescuer, and the power that you will gain from this act of unconscious service will fill your heart and mind with joy for evermore.

"So my last words are these: The warrior spirit in religion! - against apathy, against standing back and waiting for others, against fear and every device that may be used by the enemy to stem your efforts.

"You are warriors of the Lord, you hold the shield before you on which is emblazoned the Cross. Behind it your heart may quake, but with your shield and with the holy ones unseen by you throwing back the power, you can climb, you can go to war with the enemies which are on either side and you can win!

"So the message has been given. In our religion anything of an inactive nature must be ruled out; we are on the active plane, we venture because we know that God loves venturers for Him, for that is the pioneer spirit. So we go forth, not waiting for the promises but depending on the power of God, and knowing that as we strive so the Grace will be given, and as we venture so our imagination will expand and our will shall harden.

"At last, united together - groups here, groups there, churches banded together in loyalty and love - you will represent an unbroken army of warriors, bearing upon your brow the golden Cross of Jesus Christ, invincible because you have confidence in the One who loves you best.

"I bless the workers and I say that the way is opening before them. Shadows may cross their path; they are but tests! The golden sunshine of God's love shall draw them on and as each fresh venture is made they shall find that courage wins, for God loves a cheerful giver! Farewell, dear-children, farewell!"

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