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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 13th November, 1926.

"O God our Father, grant that tonight we may be able to leave self in its many deceptive forms, and clothed in the garments of Light which Thou hast provided, may mingle with those of the bright spheres, those who bring their love into this little room by Thy gracious understanding love.

"Oh, teach us how to learn of Thee; give us that patience, that inward peace which shall show us that the storms of life lead on to that calm which no one can wrest from us. Teach us that by the giving of ourselves, so we give to Thee and thus receive again; teach us that a quiet heart, that a spirit which reaches out beyond things physical into those realms which are spiritual - that a quiet heart and a freed spirit can take the journey of experience untroubled, conscious of the protection all around, bound to Thee and separated from the earth, in the sense that the earth and what it holds no longer can grieve.

"Father, we ask Thee tonight to give us of the gift of the Holy Spirit in such measure that we may go our way, having seen and felt with the real self that we are companioned by our Saviour, uplifted by our Comforter, guided by the One who goes in front. Oh, help us to make this understanding our own. Amen...

"...My little children, tonight we meet with an object not yet apparent to yourselves. This object has, as it were, its roots in the Spirit, but during daily life upon the earth plane there are branches, and so it is God's good will that those branches should be covered with leaves and with blossom, in their turn.

"Listen, for I have much to say to you individually, to you collectively, and to the vast host whom I have gathered in. I have much to say, for the Holy Master bids me pass on still more of that comfort which it is His will should be within the reach of every child bound in a physical body, or fettered to those material desires after the body has been laid aside.

"You see, dear children, there has been that preparation put in in regard to yourselves which allows me to speak to you in a measure as grown, in a measure as experienced in the things which are of God.

"So tonight, just underlining that only by Love - God's Love, are you here; that only by Love - God's Love, can I speak to you in this way, so we will pass on to the subject of our discussion. It is this: 'The Valiant Heart'.

"Children, that word 'valour' holds much within it which is hidden from the physical mind of mankind; that word valour represents to us, conditions and thoughts and aspirations with which, as yet, you are unacquainted; but as you continue the climb, so that knowledge must be made your own.

"You see, dear children, to the man and the woman content with surface things, that word valour is associated with some deed, great in their sight, which has been done for the most part on the spur of the moment, and which once done is finished with so far as the individual is concerned. In times of strife, in all times of danger, the call goes out for the valiant of heart, and, as you know full well, there have been those who have responded, and, in some cases, have shown a greater courage than they knew they possessed. And why? Why? Because the wish to do that which was necessary was within, so those in the Spirit who understand the real meaning of valour, gathered to them and made good that which was missing.

"Yes, those stories passed on from father to child, from country to country, from nation to nation - these have done God's work, because they have shown to those who live humdrum lives that there is something great within the heart of men and women, that there is something big - less of the earth and more of the Spirit - something which, although perhaps they express it in different words, something which has God in it.

"My children, each time a child is instructed as to the great deeds of others, so to the one who performed that deed not only joy comes, but power - power to work as Christ would have them work, power to conquer not only his brother in warfare, not only reluctant nature, not only the dangers of the sea, but power to shed purity where only that which was against the Light had found a place, power to cast the blossoms of Love so that they might hide the ashes of hate which were there before.

"Influence again: Influence which throws out a multitude of branches, aye, as rays of Light, in directions not only unthought of but impossible to be known while upon the physical plane.

"Yet, tonight, dear children, because we meet here to learn of God, to release the Divine within, so I must lift your thoughts out of the physical, away from that which seems to you so heroic, and show you things as they are, as can be grasped by you at this stage of your development.

"Little ones, our Father and Mother God sends out to all His children who have recognised Him in their lives, a call to be valiant of heart, to be courageous, to fear not either the enemies which can be seen or those who seem to press against you, undefined, illusive, but there in very truth. Your Father and Mother God asks you to show courage over the incidents of your daily life, over the trying of patience, over the uncongenial tasks, over the weariness of the body, over the sadness which creeps over your minds and seems so hard to dispel.

"Yes, and when you are free, you shall stand with sight, and see for yourselves how through your life, here and there, and again, here and there, you showed a valiant heart, you showed that you trusted your Heavenly Father, you showed that the Holy Spirit had you sufficiently under His care so that the sorrows of life were thrown from you, and the peace, the confidence which is of God claimed all spaces in heart and mind.

"In regard to this, dear children, I am bound once more to take you back to that time before physical birth, aye, when, being of God, you chose those experiences which would bring you not only knowledge but wisdom, not only strength but love. There in the past, so you see the root of that valour which is shown, in part, in this life and in that.

"Yes, in the sorrows and the losses, in the things that went wrong, in those many disappointments which chill and discourage because the bound mind in the tabernacle of flesh cannot remember the past and is unable to see the future. There in that time which has sped, so, dear children, you gathered from God that seed of valour which one day - one day, is going to represent a tree of beauty indeed.

"Therefore, I want you to consider those in your vibrations, those, perchance, who are hard beset by the enemies of the physical body, those who toil and yet seem to produce nothing by their labour, those who give out love and receive but coldness in return, those who stand back and let others take the lead, and, so it seems, are passed over not only by their fellow creatures but by God Himself. There, dear children, so plainly to be seen, is the growing tree of valour - that desire to be strong and not to be weak, that longing to be courageous and not fearful, to bear pain and not to shrink from it, for they know, in Spirit, that the pains of this world are the powers of the next.

"So, my children, in regard to your own lives - those amongst you who are older, go back over the past and think to yourselves: 'Yes, sorrow may have touched me but there are others who have felt its pangs more keenly still. Losses may have been mine, but there are those who never had'.

"Here, dear children, you get the great distinction - that matter of degree, and mark you this: That each one, in the Father's sight, rich or poor, strong or weak, are equal, are loved in the same sweet way. That each one started from God pure, strong, imbued with His good gifts, and the time will come when once more they will belong to Him by choice, by desire - through work, through effort, through suffering - His children, because love binds them to Him; His children, because they have purchased that right by all that which has gone before...

"Yet, think you like this: That valour, that courage, is a quality that can grow, can expand. But how? Only, dear children, by exercise, by putting into action those great thoughts in your minds. Thought, as I have said, has its power - a power which is used by the Father in the furtherance of His plans. But action, the putting into practice the beauty which is in the mind - that strength, that courage, that determination - this, dear children, not only produces power, but gives you and others the gift of creating, creating for God that which the Father asks from us all.

"And then to the younger ones - and I speak to a vast assembly of those who laid down the physical garment while material life still called with an insistent voice, to all these - whether they fell in battle or through that more terrible warfare directed against the body, which you name disease - to all these I speak. I gather them into my love, and I tell them that in the measure that they fought against the weakness of the body, against the weakness of the mind, that in the measure that they fought for duty and for those ideals which some treat so lightly; or whether, again, they were forced into the fighting line against their desire, against their inclination - to all I speak and I tell them, instructed by the Master, that they have commenced, and, in some cases, have climbed a span of the high hill of aspiration, which will take them into those conditions where sorrow finds no place.

"But, dear children, those young ones who are free from the body, they, in a measure, see things as they are, and they know that what the world calls valour and what valour really signifies, are rather different things, somewhat separated by the element of sacrifice which is within the act.

"You see, dear children, that when those called to fight for country were also called to 'die' for country, that although that deed stands enshrined in glory, yet there was a greater glory still, and that was in the training stages, the waiting stages, in all those petty tasks, that unutterable weariness of the body, that stumbling against obstacles in every form, both from within and from without; waiting - waiting for that which would give them a freedom of thought, of action and of aspiration, impossible for you, bound by the physical, to understand.

"Children, the attitude of those on earth is this: 'What a waste of life, what a waste of effort. Countless young swept out of earth life and only their graves remain'.

"You, dear children, know how far removed from the truth is this aspect of war; you have been taught that what represents your loss is the gigantic gain of the boys and the men who are now in conditions where they are able to work out their heart's and their spirit's desire, unhampered by anything except lack of aspiration.

"You know, dear children, that those who were cut off so speedily, rested not, that countless thousands fought on, unconscious that the body was no more, fought on and on until they fell asleep; fell asleep, yet awoke again to fight with their comrades and to be with them when they fell, in turn.

"Death, in connection with those who desire to show a valiant heart, death is impossible to take place. Could you have seen with the eyes of the spirit you would have known that the valiant of heart could not rest; aye, and at times it was the desperate of heart, and at times it was the frightened of heart; but because the Divine within was in control, so they fought on, helping, guiding and relieving those others who still had to face the horrors of another day and yet another day, on those fields which once were sweet with life, in those woods which once held the song of birds and pleasant companionship. Yes, in those wide stretches of desolation, the so-called 'dead' fought and fought again.

"But, dear children, once more I must take you back to things as they are seen by God. When you pass hence, and, by desire, look back over your lives and over the lives of others, you will find that many a mother wore the medal of valour, many a young girl showed a courage which was not of the earth at all, many a father, by his endurance, created for others power to endure, which even at this late date is being used and used again...

"Keep your vision clear. Let not the physical mind distract you by that which seems so beautiful to your eyes, by that which so appeals to your imagination. Keep your vision clear, and again remember that there were those - the mothers of sons, the wives and the girls, who saw taken from them that which represented the joy of their lives - that such as these showed a courage, yes, though their hearts were breaking, showed a courage which shall never be taken from them, for it was purchased at a terrible price.

"And then, dear children, I bring you to your lives today, and I ask you to try and take a calmer view of things in general, that calmness being built up on confidence in God. You see, my children, that in these times we are building, we are erecting something which will be wanted in the days to come; and here and there a valiant soul takes on a burden, perhaps too heavy to be borne bound by the limitations of the physical, but that burden - whether of trouble, whether of illness, whether of heartache - it is shared by those who are free. And if the individual concerned could only reach out to God, so the comforters could hold them fast and give to them that quietness of spirit, that patience which is understanding, and all would be well.

"But we must go on. The resting stages are the dangerous stages. Those times which come to all who are hard beset - 'Can I endure?' - those times point to one path only by the very doubt which is expressed, and that path is higher up still, with the pace not slackened but quickened; and the strength which seems as ebbing shall be replenished, and the joy which seems to have forsaken shall not only be as a companion but shall be as your very self.

"Children, the valiant heart is needed for God, the valiant heart is needed for suffering humanity, the valiant heart is needed to build up conditions for the generations to come. This must be faced, for though the wars of the earth may pass, yet that great war between those who are for Christ and those who are against Christ not only goes on, but the conflict increases...

"Have I not told you before that when mankind was, as it were, content to sleep, so also the opposers slept too? But when there are signs and sounds of an advance, so then the destroyers seize their tools and advance as well. This must be so. That was demonstrated during that time when Christ walked this little plane - demonstrated in all its hideous force, in all its destructive purpose.

"And when the angels or the hosts of the Lord, after untold effort, advance a pace - bringing you, dear children, with them - so then those who are out to strike at Christ, advance too. Yet, would the call be to retreat? Never - because sooner or later, those enemies of the Light must be forced back, and their defeat shall be not only the victory of God's soldiers, but their victory, because out of their defeat so consciousness - that first flicker of consciousness - shall come as to who they are and to whom they belong.

"It's one step towards the ladder of retrievement. Never forget that as you fight with them, you are fighting for them; for in overcoming those who are set against you, you are bringing nearer their redemption, their restoration as children of God and inheritors of Eternal Life.

"And in this particular, I must emphasise once more that true valour can be expressed during the minutes of your daily life, that a courage absolutely beyond your comprehension can be shown by you, each one, by using your thoughts to bring about the overthrow of those who are out to destroy.

"When the shadows gather round - as they must gather round in order that your strength may be tried - send out to those who would strike you compassion, and that compassion will lead on to love. When you feel those in your vibrations who are assailing that 'something' of your self which you cannot define in words, then pray not that you may be guarded, but pray that the assaulters may be helped, helped to do better, helped to be kinder, helped to be happier in the Christ way.

"And now, my children, I will leave you for a space, yet once more I must underline that if you are for Christ, then, of necessity, you must be soldiers, you must be fighters, you must be workers; for Christ is the great Constructor, the greatest Worker of us all. Christ never rests, never ceases in His efforts, never forgets the needs of His many creations - the difficulties, the temptations, and all the help which you and I, and countless millions beyond your imagination, not only want but require as a necessity to carry them through - aye, to enable them even to retain the physical body, or if that is no more, to retain that garment which now clothes the spirit...

"Christ works and thinks and plans and hopes and prays for His children. Therefore, it behoves us to do our little part, not to be the contemplators of the work of others, but to be builders ourselves; not to be those who criticise the efforts of others, but rather to be so busy that we have no time for that or for thinking over our sorrows. We are workers for God, and in that concentration, in that struggle, in that effort, so we forget things physical, for our hearts and our minds and our eyes are fixed on those things of the Spirit which never pass away.

"And now I will leave you. Hold fast to that which is here tonight, and remember always that though your hearts may obtain not that which you crave, yet your spirit is satisfied that God's way is best..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, although the boys you love so well have gathered to you this evening, because it is God's will, then it is their will that they should wait until another occasion.

"I want you all, dear children, to remember this: That each one who speaks through this instrument has had to show a valiant heart. You know it not, but before it is possible for them to give their message in person, a preparation, a self-discipline altogether beyond your comprehension is undertaken by them voluntarily, ah, joyfully, in order to come to you and to assure you that not only is their love poured out upon you, but God's love is shining down, unhindered by your attitude of mind, unchecked by your inability to reach out and find Him... God's Love is your gift for ever and for ever.

"And so, my children, recall, when you read these records, that those who came first gave of themselves in effort and in suffering - yes, suffering is the cleansing part - remember that they gave to you of their little best, for your sake, for their own sake, and for Christ's sake...

"And now, dear children, I want to say just a few words more in regard to that valour which, recollect, belongs to the spirit, and is not something foreign to you that you have to strive to make your own. If you remember that when God sent you off on the journey of experience, you had courage, you had the will to fight, so you can say to yourself: 'It is but unlatching the gate, when in my hands, ready for use, those qualities will be found my own'.

"Never forget this: That what you are today, what you were yesterday, what you will be in the days to come, depends - and depended - on your will to open that gate which lies between the physical and the spiritual minds.

"Within you, there is knowledge; within, there is the wisdom which is of God; within, there is purity and aspiration; within, there is compassion and that love which only can admit you into those conditions of Spirit where Love abounds - your true Home which you have left awhile, yet nevertheless, your Home, and your place has never been filled.

"The Father waits for you to respond, the Father waits for you to meet Him as His child; His child not only as a gift, not only by the spirit's choice, but as His child because the love within you, even as you are, is so strong that nothing can keep you from Him.

"Oh, remember, dear children, that life upon the earthly plane is but one short stage. According to your valour now, so the next stage shall be charged with power; according to your valour now, so when you are free, you will be able to work for God in the Christ way, in that way which we all long to make our own...

"Christ - the valiant One of all the valiant ones; Christ - that embodiment of courage, who came into a nest of enemies, and, unafraid, taught and demonstrated God's Love for humanity, even though humanity recognised Him not. Christ, that embodiment of hope, that demonstration of faith - faith in His children; and all He asks from us is to have a little of that faith in Him.

"Now, my children, I bless you, by the power of the Holy Spirit, with understanding from the Father; I pass on to you courage and endurance from the Beloved; I give to you something of that pioneer spirit which He showed in perfection when He too, restricted by the physical, lived amongst His children on earth in order to bring them closer to Him...

"Rest in the assurance that what you strive to do, yet fail to accomplish, will be worked in by the One who loves you best.

"And now, my children, I will say Goodnight; yet we shall meet again. The parting is but physical - the unity is of the Spirit, never to be broken.

"Goodnight, my little ones..."

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