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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 16th March, 1924.

"O God, send down Thy blessing upon us all. Give to each one that which they need, close the wounds of heart and mind, and grant that the thoughts of all may be turned toward Thee and Thee alone, so that the Holy Spirit may be here in very truth - the individual possession of each one.

"Grant that the soul within may free itself from thoughts of self, desire, and the world - and be linked with those who are in Thy Bright Realms, joining in the peace and the power and the love which is of Thee. Grant that the little children of the earth may be able to take one step across the bridge between, and may meet and commune and be made one with those they love.

"This, O God, is Thy promise to the faithful, to those who are steady and true - it is Thy promise that 'death' shall not exist between the children of God on earth and those released from the body. Tonight once more we claim this blessed privilege, claim it as Thy children, and ask that all barriers and obstacles may be swept aside because the wish is there to love and serve Thee.

"Saviour Christ be with us; lend us of Thy purity, of Thy grace, and of Thy endurance. Pour down upon each one the strength which shall combat weakness, and the faith which, though the eyes are blind, yet shall see beyond this vale into Thy glories.

"Saviour be with us tonight and grant that we may once more go on renewed in will, in faith, and in determination, so that we may be counted amongst the little children of Light, who set out in darkness to find the One True Light of the World, and there found rest indeed...

"...My little children, it is with a singular joy that I come to you tonight, because, looking into your hearts and minds, I see stress and storm and doubt. The shadows were very troublesome and called forth all my power - lent by God - in order to combat them and to send them back to those dark recesses to which they belong.

"Over and over again I have said that nothing shall interfere with the progress of this work, and my word stands. But I did not say that nothing would be allowed to attack it. It is only by attack that we find our strength, that the weak ones are exposed to view, and that the fainthearted fall to the ground. Yes, but they rise again, and with the strength that comes from the great Fount of all Strength, on they go again.

"I think that some of my children started this work with rather a curious idea of 'a campaign'. What is a campaign? I want you to follow me in thought.

"The army on one side is assembled, and the foe on another. It is a matter of brains and tactics - yes, but above all, of faith and of courage. You know well, my little ones, that it wouldn't be 'war' if the one army set out and marched boldly over the enemy's lines and they retreated without a blow. That is not warfare - it never got to warfare.

"How then, my children, could you imagine that with so important work as this, the enemy would not put up a pretty stiff fight? It is not reasonable. Yet such is the mind of a little child that when he goes out with his great big brother, he thinks that all his enemies will hide. To him, that brother is a tower of strength, and he thinks that no one could face so formidable a foe. He does not know that all the foes are not little boys, that there are big and dangerous adversaries waiting to strike even the most courageous - those who are strong with the evil within them.

"My children, to a certain extent, you place me as that elder brother, and you have been aghast that anything should dare to challenge our progress. But I - old in the ways of the world, of your world and of our own spheres - I knew. But it would not have been wise to have told you of battles long, long before the enemy was even on the horizon. No, I bid you walk with me, and I tried to strengthen and train you, and to build up your faith, so that when the enemy really came across your path, some preparation would be there.

"My dear ones, these battles are not easy even for the most experienced, but with God in your heart there is no doubt as to which side the victory will go. Sometimes that victory - that longed-for triumph - is postponed. You were not quite strong enough - this is the training process - a little more had to be done before you could entirely extricate yourself from the network of evil which surrounded you, and find God. In the end you have always found Him. The tears, the sorrow, the regret - yes, all of these have been there, but mounting on the grey steps of suffering, at last you emerge from the darkness into the Light.

"My children, of necessity, you have much to learn, and the majority - nay, all of us - have much to learn in order to try and follow in the footsteps of the Master. Don't be downhearted; don't let that fearsome thing called depression or despair... don't let it tempt you. It is nothing but temptation to suggest that you had better take the easier road in the valley below.

"All in good time and, do you know, we are getting on much better than would appear from outward and visible signs to your physical eyes and minds - much, much better; and with joy I say that the time is coming soon when those, the faithful few, shall indeed stand under the Sun of God's Love, and in that brightness and warmth forget everything which is of sadness that the past has held - forget, and go on their way rejoicing.

"This is not a promise to steady your wills - it is an instruction, it is a direct injunction from the Most High that I should tell you that God sees all, knows all, and will withhold nothing.

"Oh, my little children, have I not sorrowed with you? Those of you who have had big sorrows - did Zodiac fail you then? Did he not gather you into that same brightness which is of the Crucified - He who understood suffering so well? Go back on the past and recollect this and that, and remember that in your time of trouble and temptation you were not forsaken, you were not forgotten, and the healing and the blessings came straight from the Heart of your Father. The blessings which showed themselves in visible form then, have since been gathering in value and are like a deep river under the surface of your life, which flows on and will flow on for ever more.

"Nothing can touch you if only you are true, and nothing can harm you if only you wish God to guide you, and nothing is strong enough to stop the promised revelation if only you endure. Soon for those who have endured the most, that word is going to be changed for ever, and they, looking back on the chains of the past, which cut and tore the flesh and tortured the mind, they indeed shall look back and see them behind them for ever - free, made free by suffering, purified by the blows of life, sacred unto God because they wished to do better and wished to rise to that strong self enthroned within.

"My children, tonight is a joyous occasion because the blessing has drawn you together - the blessing which is entirely of the Holy Spirit, a blessing which cannot be translated into the earth language at all, because there is no end to it, no limit - no limit, I say, because it is of God in that sense which nothing else could be - the blessing of the gift of the Holy Spirit.

"Tonight, dear children, your friends and loved ones are here in great numbers. They are drawing you nearer to them by those rings of love, and could you see with the eyes of the spirit you would know that for this short time you were as one - no separation, no barrier - nothing strong enough to come in between. Think of them as this, feel their hands upon your heart and know that God, by His great understanding of human needs, has brought them and kept them in your lives although, in some cases, you have put them outside or have forgotten that which was in other days.

"Christ is in your midst, drawn here by the wish for service, by the longing to follow in His steps - drawn here because no heart, however frail and wayward; no mind, however dim as to His infinite compassion; no heart or mind that shuts Him out by physical limitations - ever finds Him absent when the need is there. Send out your minds to Him, trust in the Giver of all good gifts, ask and ye shall receive that which you crave - the presence and the visible evidence of those you love.

"God first, gathered into that, those that wish to be as God would have them - be in your world and in ours. We do not make the same great distinction that you do - the body does not alter to that extent. You are the children of God, all on the same journey, all imbued with the same desire, and whether you are in the flesh or free from it, we see the spirit within - that spirit that strives and fails and strives again, and finally gets the grip and then the struggle is over... I will not keep you longer.

(After others had spoken Zodiac returned and continued...)

"Well, my children, I think we can say tonight that we have come rather close to the things that matter - that we have lifted the veil just a little and looked within and have seen that which makes the mind ponder, and that which separates us a little more from the desires of the world.

"I want you to understand me over this. In themselves the desires for the things of the world are not evil; they are toys, and it is not wrong for a child to ask for pretty things. But if that child preferred his toys to his Mother, I think those of you who are Mothers can understand that the pain would be acute - if he turned from his parent and even refused to take of that love, then the pain would be worse, and in that case the toy would have an evil influence.

"You see the difference? It is not easy to make people understand, and yet it is quite simple. Unconsciously, insidiously, the things of the world get such a hold on the physical mind that Holy things are first put a little further back, and then they are ousted from their right position. That brings the things of the material world into disrepute, and it rests entirely with the individual.

"Any parent wishes to give his child the things that please. Is God less of a parent than you? It is an indictment that many make, unconscious of the blasphemy that lies behind. But be on your guard, for where your treasure is, there is your heart - and if your treasure is of the earth, then it certainly means that your thoughts do not turn towards Heaven.

"I want to help you all so much - I want you to readjust these little differences, which are used again and again by the shadows to veil the love of God. I want you to trust the Father more, and to know that He understands the longings and the yearnings of the human heart.

"But be on your guard against the wolf in sheep's clothing. That phrase has caused trouble to one, but I say it applies to all. It is the masked enemy that takes you in. It is the 'kind friend' who finds the third path - not absolutely right and not absolutely wrong; but it is the third path - and I have told you before that there is no third path - it always leads into the wrong.

"You see, dear children, you have this privilege which others, many of them, are denied - the privilege of being put on your guard, and the privilege of being warned against the second best. The spirit within will have only that which is of God, and until you listen to the voice of the spirit, sorrow will come, dissatisfaction with self, restlessness, and a weariness of things relating to life.

"Strip yourself of that which holds you down - be free. Say that nothing, nothing, shall hold you back, and then the strength will come. I say that weakness shall be turned into strength - and more than that - that those who hold firm in the Lord, to them the great Light will come, and that Light will convince those who were wilfully blind, as well as those who looked and could not see. God will gather them all in.

"The Spirit is in such command... you do not understand, but the Holy Spirit is coming upon the world, and to the patient watchers the first sign has come, which shall be revealed at the appointed time. I say that in looking back the patient watchers shall know that tonight, as I speak, the first sign has been shown.

"God's blessing be on you all - you are indeed His little children, following in the way, stumbling, footsore and very weary, but we are nearly home - nearly home in this sense: That the Light is in front and the wood is fast being left behind, and when there is light, why, you know where you are - you get your direction, and home is in sight.

"Goodnight, my little ones. God bless you all - you are indeed the loved ones of my heart. Goodnight!"

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