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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 19th October, 1924.

"O God, the Creator of all mankind, the Father of humanity, the Tender Shepherd of the flock, we come into Thy Presence tonight with a renewed faith, with a steadier courage and with that consciousness that Thou art indeed within, inasmuch as Thy children wish to be more like Thee, wish to lay aside the trappings of the earth and, free from all that binds, to soar in thought above the world and its petty distractions and to know Thee in very truth.

"O God, we thank Thee that this realisation is coming, that we are conscious of the link between man and his Creator, and that comprehension is slowly dawning upon us that Thou art ours and we are Thine. Grant that the steps in front, steep though they may be, may reflect their own radiance and that this beauty may call us on and on.

"O Father, take away the hindrance of sad thoughts - those memories of wounds that will not heal - take away the remembrance of these and grant that the mind of each one may be so suffused in Thy glory and in the joy which comes from thinking of Thy Love, that all else may fall from them, and thus recreated in strength and in spirituality they may go forward, not only seeking, but finding and holding Thee fast... Amen...

"...Good evening, my children, and I want to say at once that in this room tonight there is peace, that glorious visitor from on high, which, if you will, can be changed from a visitor into an inmate of the house - one who is not welcomed as a stranger but who holds its own place in the thoughts of each one.

"Peace, the peace of the Holy Spirit is here tonight, and I want you all to send out your thoughts - just as you would to a dearly-loved friend - and to fasten on that symbol of peace because it need not be a symbol only, but a reality, if you will do your part. Peace in the mind, peace in the heart, and then there will be that glorious peace amongst you, and sympathy and understanding.

"Peace is as the solid oak tree - its branches are uncountable and the leaves on those branches are unthinkable by you. But as in autumn time the breeze takes the leaves hither and thither, so is the tree of peace; but its leaves are not in their dying stage, they are sent off over the world charged with strength and power, they are deathless each one; and although sometimes they are trampled underfoot, yet I say death cannot touch the leaves of peace - and presently, as a favouring wind strikes them, once more on they go doing God's work and bringing - in spite of the restlessness of the human mind - bringing consolation as they go.

"My children, once more I ask you to try and follow me in thought. I want you to make your own, this illustration of the Tree of Peace, and when I tell you that some of its roots hereafter shall be found to have started in this room, you can gather that I am speaking of things which are entirely of the Spirit.

"Don't you realise the privilege, the honour of this? - That amongst you there has been found sufficient vitality, suitable soil, to house some of the roots of the Tree of Peace. You know I never speak lightly, and the day shall come when, looking back over much that has occurred, you shall remind each other of these words, tonight... The peace of the Holy Spirit is among you.

"Last week, dear children, I spoke about 'waiting', and I am glad to find that in many I awoke a responsive note - they were glad to know that there was one, anyhow, who knew something of the anguish of waiting. And this evening, harvest being somewhat in your minds, I think we will pass on from 'waiting' to the next stage, which is the harvest - the gathering in of the sheaves. And lastly - but that which should come first - the rendering up of thanks for the benefits received...

"My children, most farmers would tell you that very seldom were their efforts crowned with success all round. It often happens that the field they set their highest hopes upon and, as a matter of course, on which they bestowed the greatest labour - that that field did not come up to expectation; in fact, it could be marked off almost as a failure.

"Then in regard to another where, perhaps, seed was sown in order to give the soil a rest, or, it may be, just to use up an extra supply which was not needed for the former - there, quite unexpectedly, they saw not only the fruits of their labour but a harvest great indeed...

"I am having a little difficulty here because I am stretching this illustration in order to make my meaning clear, and, in so doing, I am not stating things exactly as they are in regard to yourselves, yet the illustration stands so far as it goes.

"In some directions you have sown with care, the labour has been heavy and the waiting long, and you look back and you see - so far as your physical eyes are concerned - a very poor return for all that it has cost. And there is something deeper than mere disappointment in this - there comes a sense of things having gone wrong - you argue to yourselves that surely such good seed - seed provided by the Master - surely such good seed should have produced something worth having... You see, I understand everything.

"And then in regard to others - those perhaps you were not so anxious to gather in - they seem less difficult and - in some cases - you will find as the days go on, that those you almost would have rather done without will insist on taking their part. The extra seed sown in carelessness has brought forth a full harvest.

"And there is another point which I must emphasise in regard to the seed which makes no showing - not from the world's point of view. Have I not told you, dear children, that not one word that you have spoken in regard to this Truth will be lost, and I reaffirm that statement again tonight: You sow in the mind of the body, but in the mind of the spirit the harvest shall come...

"You see why I had difficulty in drawing my illustration? I inferred that sometimes effort and care and watchfulness produced only poor results - and that was wrong. Effort and care and watchfulness produce the highest and the best results - and if those results are hidden from you now, yet in God's time you shall see and rejoice at the plenteousness of the harvest so generously provided by the Father.

"And then I wish to divert your attention to another thought. While you are pursuing your course in regard to this work, you are able only to visualise the sowing in regard to others, but from our standpoint that is a very one-sided view to take. No one has ever sown the seed of one good thought in the mind of another that has not produced beauty of a definite kind in their own, and that is what I wish to drive home tonight.

"Remember that the harvest is two-fold. You sow the seed and the result is shown in the life of another, if not in this world then in the Great Hereafter. And as you sow that seed, in the garden of your own spirit a root has taken hold, and that root turns into strength and power. And when you have spiritual sight you shall see that from very small beginnings, flowers and all things that are beautiful - because they reflect something of the beauty in the Mind of God - that those things are there in abundance in the garden of the Spirit, of which as yet you are almost entirely ignorant.

"So, dear children, it should not be difficult to lead you on from the thought of the two-fold sowing, to thankfulness and joy that you have been called to serve the Master. Oh, there are many, many in the world to-day who are as straying children, bewildered by the cries of this and of that. Hither and thither mentally they go, dissatisfied, restless, always craving for that which is beyond their reach. Peace seems very far away indeed.

"My children, what is it that they lack? It is a guide and a leader whom they can trust - and trusting can obey. It has been asked: 'What is it that the young require?' And the world answers: 'Pleasure and distraction!' And youth takes that greedily without a thought for the morrow. They are as children wandering this way and that without the guiding hand to help and to sustain.

"I wish you all to adopt this as your belief and faith: That away down in the heart of the restless young, there is that which has never been touched, which lies sleeping, dormant, crushed in by the world and it's many temptations. Yet within, as I have told you all, is that which is Divine, that which only waits for a voice strong enough, tender enough, arresting enough, to wake it from its slumber.

"Youth calls to youth, and life at that stage seems deceptively fair, but in spite of this, happiness eludes their grasp. Youth is nearer to the Spirit than it knows, and God, mindful of the sparrows that fall to the ground, not only has them under His watchful care but sooner or later will call to them to arise - for their sleep is ended and the day of work has begun.

"Oh, if the world but knew the treasure lying in the heart of the young; if those who have undertaken leadership - in God's Name - if only they had sufficient faith to brush aside the vanity and the careless indifference of youth, and to say to this one and that: 'God wants you - what are you going to do?'

"My message to youth tonight is this: That in God's sight, they are precious indeed, and that He calls to their courage, their endurance, and to that brave pioneer spirit which the young possess in all its beauty. He calls to them to arise, to scale the heights, and to find that happiness which so far has escaped them. Oh, do not underestimate the potentialities of youth. Go back on the history of your times and you will find that when the need arose youth responded and showed itself heroic indeed.

"What did they want - and what do they want today? A leader - a strong, brave shepherd, a fighter - one, who by showing intrepid courage, calls out the bravery in others. That is what youth wants, and until there shall be those who can free themselves from conventional ideas, who can cut the bonds of dogma and of doctrine, youth will stray - youth will stray!

"I ask you all to do your best to spread this message to youth. Don't underestimate the goodness that is within; remember there is God there - beneath the trivial, petty, careless guise - there is God there, and that which is of God waits for the voice to call.

"But it is no use calling to youth in a faint-hearted way. Youth wants to do big things, it wants to scale the highest peaks there are, and because there have not been those who have had sufficient courage to say to youth: 'I go first, follow after!' - so youth lingers in the valley and precious opportunity is wasted.

"Yes, it will be a surprise to some. There are those who want to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. They try to attract youth's attention by giving them facsimiles of their own enjoyments under a different name, they try to buy their love by amusements, to fetter them to the Church by the social instinct which is so deeply implanted in them. Some there are, dear children, who can be caught by these means; they are young from a spiritual aspect as well as in regard to years, and the idea of diversion appeals to their minds because wherever they are they want to play.

"But that is not youth in the main. During the great so-called catastrophe which came upon the earth (war), youth showed its greatness - and how great youth was you will never understand until, freed from the body, you shall see with us, the quiet sacrifice and the spirit of duty that held and possessed thousands of once careless boys. Youth showed then that only the best was good enough; and I say that although toys may be held out with the best motive there could be, toys will not attract those with active, growing souls.

"Change your tactics then and see what can be done. Get out of the rut; talk to youth in the only way that youth understands - with that sincerity and straight-forwardness which some may think extreme.

"But I know youth - I know the thoughts and the feelings cabined in youth - and I say that if there could be just half-a-dozen who would raise their voices above the clamour of the world and call to youth to climb - those who were brave, sufficiently brave, to get down from their intellectuality and to talk to the young as Christ talked to His disciples, then youth would respond in a way magnificent to behold, as history has proved again and again.

"Christ told His followers that the road would be hard, that they would be stripped of everything that the world called comfort, that persecution would be their lot, that so-called friends would betray, and even hinted that death at the hands of the people awaited them at the end.

"Is there so much difference between this and the call which has come again and again - the call to go on those long journeys of exploration, with its inevitable suffering, hardship and probable starvation? And is there one young man, who is a man, who does not long to go?

"Then, in regard to the girls and, as you know, I have a very large heart for the growing girls. They too, perhaps in a different way, but entirely in a God-given way, they too long to do something which will justify themselves to themselves. They long to do this but the same irritations go on day by day, and life - look at it how you may - seems a very unheroic, if not a sordid, round of work.

"Sacrifice, dear children, is part of a woman's equipment; and, at one time or another in their lives, that power within finds expression. Yes, sacrifice and womanhood very often run side by side. And so I would underline it, that in speaking of calling to youth, in my mind, quite as much as the boys, are the girls, who only wait the Divine touch to set free those wonderful qualities within: the abnegation of self, the capacity of suffering for others. These are gifts of the Spirit, and, as I said, they only wait to be called forth from their hiding places.

"My children, I have spoken at length tonight; but it was necessary, for in these days people are asking how to gain and to hold youth - youth which, at the moment, seems unwilling to give its attention to anything but pleasure. I speak in God's Name, and I tell them, with all the earnestness of which I am capable, I tell them not to lower their standard, because, in regard to youth, ideals cannot be high enough. I tell them to demand the very best, to bluntly and candidly point out the hardships - but also the corresponding gladness - to call for volunteers, volunteers to climb the difficult path into spiritual revelation; for volunteers to be the pioneers, so that others may be encouraged to follow after.

"Speak to youth in the language that it understands; speak to the God within, and that Divinity will show itself stronger than all the world beside. But you must have the leaders and heroic ones at that. Christ fettered His followers to Him by example, and that is the only way it can be done. Go back in thought: Was there one officer with courage who called in vain for helpers? Not one. And so it has always been.

"The heroic, because they are God-gifted, call out the heroism in others: The fighters, courage; the great, nobility; the spiritual, spirituality - and so happy in companionship, taking the rough with the smooth, trusting each other and certain they will not fail, the leader goes in front and the army follows on.

"That is Christ's message to youth and to maturity - the message which I pass on through this instrument lent to us by God - hoping that there may be some who will think and ponder on it, and then arise and act.

"And now I will go. Hold fast to the thought of the Tree of Peace, and give out of yourselves help and encouragement to those who, in coming, demonstrate the goodness of God in remembering the longings of His children. Thus I bring in again the need for thankfulness to the Great Giver of all, who not only bestows good gifts as you travel on your way, but at one and the same time is building up for you treasure in heaven - which means in that harmony and unity with Him which expresses 'Heaven' in every sense there could be..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Tonight I have been allowed to come chiefly because I was one of those who eagerly heard the call to get away from city life into those great white wildernesses which are associated in your mind with polar expeditions. It is true that we had pointed out to us beforehand all the disadvantages of such travelling, the discomforts and the obvious dangers, but I never knew a man yet who had heard the call that was ever influenced one iota by the narration of the privations which lay before him.

"It is curious in looking back to remember the changed feelings which, I suppose, more or less we all went through. The sense of excitement in the beginning, all the preparation and the talk amongst our friends, and then the voyage out which was always regarded as part of the happy send-off until we got beyond the range of so-called civilisation - and then the settling down to work. Oh, it was a business concern so far as routine was concerned. We did our jobs at stated times and in certain ways, and the time so taken was never interfered with except by an acute call for help.

"That, as I see it now, was the time of preparation, the hardening of what is called 'endurance' for the struggle that lay in front. It is an enormous advantage to be well trained, even if it is only in the matter of peeling potatoes. You've got to harness your energies and your mind to certain things at certain times. It is the curbing and the restraint which are both needed in order to give stamina to that endurance.

"And then, as you can imagine, the sense of anticipation when we first started the land journey. Like all things in the beginning, the enthusiasm staves back the sense of fatigue; but only for a while - and that's really the gist of what I have to say tonight.

"In regard to the call of youth, they have got to face the fact that the time comes when the enthusiasm wears down and they are dependent only on the capacity within to hold on. It is particularly applicable to you because you've reached that stage now in the work - the hardest stage of all.

"And yet there is all the difference in the world between journeying after the things of the earth - however valuable they may be - and seeking to cross that unexplored territory of the Spirit. The great difference, as I see it, is this: That with the things of God you are certain of getting through to your goal at last; with the things of earth it's nine chances to one that you'll never reach the spot you set out to find... It makes a difference, doesn't it?

"I smile sometimes in looking back on my thinking of the importance of our earthly quest, and the pity it was that so little lay between us and entire success. Now I am free, and I found - as you heard the other night - that we were greater than we knew; that all unconsciously we had crossed a fairly big stride or so of the territory of the Spirit.

"And when I came here - getting out of it, it seemed to me, in such a wonderfully easy way - when I came here, I found that all the real work had been put in on the pattern I was working out in regard to my own development.

"It seemed very strange how such a thing could have escaped me for so long. I went back in my mind over the journey, each stage, and I saw the counter-part - only such a beautiful counterpart - in the life of the Spirit; and each pang was reproduced on this side as power - power in a way in which it is impossible for me to describe - power and happiness beyond all expression...

"Yet all we did was to follow, in a curious blind way it seems to me now, the call within our minds to get up and go out and seek, and not to cease until we had found.

"I am quite a stranger to you all from your point of view, but it gives me great pleasure to be here tonight; only sympathy and God's Grace could have made it possible. I came with my old friends, Scott and Shackleton, and my name is Oates - something that horses like to eat - and a name which is honoured by the world in a way far, far exceeding anything that was done or thought of by me.

"Yes, I got out of things in the end in a wonderfully easy way, and I stepped into... I must leave it - but even now the remembrance comes back almost as a shock because of the contrast, and yet I knew at once that those who, as it were, met me on the threshold, had been with me every inch of the way and we were friends and comrades in mind and in spirit...

"Wonderful are the ways of God, and, most of all, wonderful is His understanding of man's need and the desire within.

"I must leave things there. It is my wish to come again and speak if possible, but there are many outsiders who must come first...

"I am asked to thank you for what was done in regard to Shackleton. He asks me to say: 'Remember that what is sown in the mind of the body shall produce its harvest in the mind of the spirit'. He adds: 'Many forces are at work but the power of the Holy Spirit is stronger than them all'.

"That's the end - goodnight, and I hope you will not forget the result of my journey and the glories into which it took me, because it is symbolical of your lives as well. Thank you..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"Well, my children, that last message was certainly a bit of a strain, but you know my opinion on struggle, and so it is not necessary for me to say that because a thing is difficult it should be abandoned - quite the contrary - because a thing is hard to accomplish, so we set our will on the strength which is of God, knowing that by faith we shall carry it through.

"Those are my last words of cheer tonight. Set your wills on the strength which is of God and you shall find, however hard the enemy may attack, however diligently it may tear to pieces that which has been put together with so much effort - however destructive these forces may be - the Great Constructor can repair all damage, and instead of the attack causing weakness to the foundation, by your very resistance, it shall be made doubly strong.

"So, dear children, go on in faith, in certainty, and in perfect confidence - for the things of God are the things that last. The fabric built by human hands, if made of the earth, shall pass away; but the owners of those same human hands shall find with delight that when using the tools of the Spirit, even though they build in common clay, yet by the miracle of God's Love, that shall be turned into a thing of such spiritual beauty that it can be carried intact from the earth to the High Place where it belongs.

"Therefore, dear children, be of good cheer. Do not say: 'How long is today!' but rather: 'How bright tomorrow is going to be!' And if chill is in the air, then take for your comfort the assurance of the protection of that wonderful Love which surrounds your life now and for ever more.

"God has ordained that the fuller Light shall come, and if hindrances arise, yet what He says stands, and you shall find - even if events on the surface belie my words - you shall find that in the heart and mind of man great things are working - the Spirit is asserting itself, and sooner than you dare to hope shall the realisation come... And that is the beginning of the cleansing of the world...

"You and I, dear children, used as tools, shall in that glad day have cause to rejoice; and all those, be they great or small, who have struck one blow for the liberty of the Spirit - they too shall see and rejoice, and God's blessing shall be worked out with that infinite completeness which only the Divine Mind could conceive.

"Happiness is in the air - and not on the wing from some far distant shore. Therefore, prepare yourselves to go out and meet the welcome guest, and know that God has sent happiness in order to prepare you for the greater happiness of the Spirit when your earthly race is run and you are free to explore what you will. Understanding shall be given you to take in something of the great truths of the Spirit, and learning, you shall teach others, and, as you teach, shall yourselves step into new areas of thought and comprehension, and so joy mounted on joy shall lead you on and on...

"This is the Promise given to all who are willing to climb. Nothing shall be withheld from those who seek; and if courage is needed, then I say that the greater courage which is of the Spirit shall be your own, and the brightness of the Master's Presence shall hallow and sanctify the path you tread.

"In God's Name I gather you in, in His Name I bless you, and under His most inclusive care I leave you... Peace now and always - the peace which is of God.

"Goodnight, my children."

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