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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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A reading of an address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes, at the Central Auditorium, Brooklyn, New York, USA, on Sunday, October 16th, 1938.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership).

"Saviour Christ, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"Dear-children, indeed my heart is full of joy to come into your presence in this same way; and I bring to you a message direct from Spirit.

"I know that there are some here who have had communion with their loved ones who have passed out of the physical body, and I want these to remember that those loved ones have seen something of the glory of God; they are no longer bound by the flesh, they have had their eyes opened, their hearts have been touched by the Power of Spirit, and they come back seeking to cheer you, seeking to give you that courage which you must possess to carry through the earth journey successfully and well.

"So, dear-children, as we are met together, indeed there are thousands of disembodied souls who have come back, and they are trying to link you still more closely with themselves, to open before your wondering gaze, some vista of the wonderful life which awaits you when the earth body has done its part.

"Therefore this day, I, a humble servant of the Christ, would speak to you upon: "The Truth Regarding the After-Life".

"And I know that there are many here who realise that this life is closely linked to the life beyond the grave, and indeed they are right. Sometimes dear-children, as you review your own lot, it seems to you that you scarcely had a fair chance. There are those with greater tools than yourselves perchance; there are those who are stronger, those who have had better opportunities for progression than yourselves. There are men and women all over this world who are thinking this.

"So it is that God has ordained that messengers who know the truth, should come back and pass on something of explanation to these wounded souls, shall give them the truth which shall quell the spirit of rebellion that arises when injustice seems to have been imposed upon them.

"Oh, I know how you feel, I know the circumstances of your lives, I know that there are those gathered in with high intelligence, with the will to work, and yet there is no work for them to do. And while we think of this, I want you who find the material road so steep, to realise that this crucial test has come to you for a purpose, and that purpose is a Divine one. You may ask: "Does God wish us to be despised and overlooked in the labour market?" And I answer: No, but perhaps you have not thought of a way that lies before you.

"And here I give you a spiritual fact. In the past and in the present, there have been men and women finding it difficult to earn their livelihood, who instead of allowing their talents to decay and the tools of their mind to rust, employ them consciously or unconsciously in helping their neighbour.

"You know, brethren, that there is a vast work waiting to be done in this city, in every city, in all the villages and hamlets; but many men and women who have free time, have not the will nor the spiritual perception to take up tasks like these and do them out of love for God. Yet there have been some placed in this same dire need who have sought to employ themselves by rendering service unto others, and the time has come - because they have built up much spirit power around themselves by sacrifice - the time has come when another, watching, has found for them the material work for which they crave.

"But there are so many who, failing in this test, have missed God's opportunity, have missed the chance to find the work which they must have, to gain the material necessities of daily life. And I want to underline that there has never been a man or a woman who has trusted God and put into operation the law of service, who has ever starved to death, and there never will be, because God is their Father; and once the tests have been accepted spiritually, then the Divine machinery can work to bring unto that one the toil he so desires to make his own.

"Then I turn to the idle ones who do not want to work, who would rather live upon the bounty of others. They think, perchance, that they are cleverer than their neighbour; but when they pass into the next stage, they will see to their horror that they then possess a poverty far greater than the earth-world can hold.

"It is to such as these I send out a message, wherever they may be upon this planet, for I know that there are many who say: "Why should I work when I can collect just sufficient for my material needs, without doing that which brings fatigue?" These are the ones who are deceived by the unseen enemies of the Christ; they are throwing away a magnificent opportunity of showing that they are true Christians, that they are workers that God can use in the life to come, as well as in this physical stage.

"So, dear-children, if you know any such, pass on the warning before it is too late to retrieve that which they are building up. As a man sows, he will reap; and the man and the woman who turn from toil because it is not paid for, these are the ones who are going to find that they cannot work in the life to come, because they cast their tools, their equipment from them, when opportunity was their own.

"Brethren, there are some of you here whose forebears toiled early and late; it seems to others that they were imposed upon, that they were not given that liberty of action that was their right. But I want to say unto you that today in the World of Spirit, they are amongst the honoured, they have a wonderful spirit power, and if you could see them you would scarcely recognise them, because the light of the Holy Spirit streams through them, indicating the freedom of the God within. So you see how man's view deceives and misleads.

"There are those today who are amongst the strike leaders; they call with a loud voice to the workers to "down tools", to ask for this, and to demand that. But you know, dear-children, that for the most part the leaders are missing when the trouble begins. They leave it to the toilers to see the battle through, they were there only to tempt, and once their voices have been hearkened unto, then they disappear into safety and security.

"But again I say that God is not mocked. These so-called leaders of others, they find when the little earth life is o'er, that they walk in chains, and the chains are held by spirits who are terrible to behold. While on earth they gave their soul into the keeping of the destroyers, and the destroyers will not let them go.

"So I speak to any brother here who feels rebellious over the portion of his life, and I say that if he can take the spiritual aspect, then when this short life is o'er, he will be found amongst the leaders blessed by God.

"Many, utterly reckless, they barter the future for the sake of today, yet they know not how short is their life upon the earth plane, and they will not face the fact that immortality lies ahead. But whether they believe in the survival of the soul or not, it does not matter, the soul will live on. Whether they believe that spirits can return and commune with those in the flesh or not, it is of little consequence. When their eyes are opened in Reality, they will see that they were led astray by the fallen angels who indeed have their place upon the earth plane.

"Then, dear-children, I turn to something that is happier, something that should bring comfort to you all. I ask you mentally: What is your idea of happiness? And I know that there are some here who will answer unto me: "To see the Lord Jesus and those in spirit whom I love so well." These are the pilgrim souls, these are the ones who will find unlimited treasure in their next home, which is beautiful indeed.

"And I want you to visualise this thought, for it is true: The things you long to possess with your minds now, will be shown to you when you have crossed the little valley of death. Therefore you can see, dear-children, it is wise to overlook your present desires. What would you do in a non-material world with material things? To what use can you put earthly possessions in a home or a city where only heavenly things can find a place? Would not those who love the material be forced to find a corner in a material world, and is this not the truth why so many are earth-bound after the flesh is no more?

"There are thousands of souls who cluster around their earthly possessions, yet they cannot touch them with the old satisfaction, and they cannot use them because no longer are they in a material body. There are those who were drunkards, and they frequent your taverns, fastening themselves upon this one and that in the body, seeking to draw through them the fumes and the so-called delight which comes from intoxication.

"Think of it, dear-children, when you next pass one of these houses filled with men and women who are fast forgetting their Divine inheritance. They are not alone. If your eyes could be opened, you would see strange forms leaning over them; they are drawing from them, as I have said, some satisfaction, because when they were in a body, they loved these excesses, and now they are free from the body the love still remains. Oh remember their terrible bondage.

"But the time is coming when men and women will awaken to the close relationship between the life in the physical body and the life beyond the grave, and then they will do their utmost to prepare themselves here and now, so that when they are free from the flesh they may be free too from fleshly desires, and able to partake of those joys which never pass away.

"This is the message your loved ones have asked me to emphasise this day, so that you may tell others, so that you may hasten on with your missionary work amongst these souls who do not know the truth. Why is it, dear-children, that there are so many insane? The answer is simple: Over the past, men and women flouted God's laws, they pandered to the body and listened only to the desires of the earthly mind; and the time comes when in their children or in those who have grown to full estate, there are the marks of the past, and the innocent are suffering for the guilty.

"Then we think a little ahead. What of the culprits who have brought so much misery upon their own and upon the future generations? Are they at peace, are they enjoying the delights of the Better Land? No, this is impossible, for again I remind you that what a man sows he must reap. There are many souls anguished after physical death who look back over their own record and see the bad seed they have sown.

"But God is a God of mercy, and opportunity is provided that good seed in time shall crowd out the weeds, but it all takes much suffering, much effort to bring it to pass, as you know full well with your own gardens and your own fields.

"So again comes this beautiful thought - and it is meant for many here, for I know that so many of you have tasted of the cup of suffering: Your lives have been hard ones, at times you have wondered whether there was a God at all, at times you have prayed and there seemed no answer for your aching hearts. But I remind you that you are working not for the physical life but for the life to come.

"You know you would not give a little child a heavy burden to carry, you would say: "I am stronger, I will take the biggest and give the smallest unto him." This is precisely what has happened with those heavy-burdened in the yesterday and today. The spirit within you is strong, the spirit within you has had practice over endurance, and so you are carrying a heavy cross; but in time to come the cross will be turned into a crown.

"When you think thus, surely you realise Divine Justice cannot waver. You may say unto me: "I did not ask to be born!" But I answer unto you: The spirit within you did ask to be born, for already you have had many lives in other worlds, just the same as you will have many more lives in other worlds when the physical body is no more. The strong souls have the valiant hearts, the strong souls are the spiritually ambitious ones, they are the true crusaders, and although the mind of the body may mourn, may complain a little, still the spirit within goes marching on in triumph, for the spirit knows what awaits it in God's Land.

"So, dear-children, as you look out upon affairs today, I want you to have a calm judgment, not to feel that the world is being ruled by the few who ignore God's laws, not to feel that some of your politicians are not doing all that they might. That is their part; it is not for us to criticise another. Our part is to see that which we do is done to the best of our ability. In the After Life, we shall not have to answer for the follies of this one and that; we have only to give an account of our own stewardship, and we have indeed to give explanation why we failed when there was so much help around.

"And I want those here who have had their failures, to remember that the failures of the past can be wiped out by the spiritual successes of the present. Within you is God, and in the God within you, is housed the gift of Divinity. And once again I ask the children of the earth plane how many of those gifts are they employing now. Some may say unto me: "I have not had the education I desired." And I answer unto these: There is no one who can forbid you to have the finest spiritual education the world can hold.

"What is going to make the vast difference when you pass out of the earth world, is character; and you cannot turn to me and say: "Another has had a better opportunity to develop character than I have", because to each one comes the same sweet privilege of living the Christ life. And if your conditions are difficult, surely dear-children, there is more honour resting upon you as you develop character in a spiritual sense.

"Men are deceived by the success of the earth, by the so-called famous, by the ones who gain the adulation of the masses. But in God's sight, it is the faithful soul living his life, seeking to serve his neighbour, it is that one who is surrounded by spiritual honour; and there is not one gathered in, who cannot have that spiritual honour and make it his or her own for evermore.

"Yea, I would come amongst you, for I feel that there are many here who are ready for a further out-pouring of the Holy Spirit, and I know that God will never deny the earnest heart. If you only make ready, dear-children, you can do as well as the saints and martyrs of another age. What was the difference between the saints and martyrs and the ordinary folk of that same time? Was it not their sacrifice? Did not those men and women count the world well lost for Christ? Cannot you do the same? Yes, there is not one here who dares to answer unto me: "No", for that is false.

"You are asked to prepare your hearts and minds so that Christ can enter in and be your cherished guest. Then there will be those around, seeing the light that shines from you, who will come under the rays of your healing power. You are changed, yet you are the same. It is only that you are nearer to God, you have made the full surrender, you have found the courage to face your trouble unafraid. A spiritual alteration has come, which is indication that you are nearer to the ideal, you are closer to the Divine Image in which you were created by God in the far far past. Oh, forget not this, dear-children. You were all created in the Divine Image, and in time and in turn, you will return to that holy state with the gift of personal experience.

"Indeed, my heart is full, for I know there are many bright ones gathered in; they have come back to witness to the Love of God; they are the ones, now robed in white, who when upon the earth plane, suffered sore; it seemed to them - at that time - that life held the blackness of despair; but lo, when they were freed from the flesh and they went back upon their beatings, they saw an angel pouring his love upon their wounds. In the next stage upon the soul-body are marked the signs of honour. The old wounds have healed; but there is something that never passes away, and that is the patience, the endurance, shown by God's children under persecution and under the domination of the evil in man.

"Today indeed, there is a call that has come to you to be as brave as your forebears, to be as courageous as the saints and martyrs who brought the light to you; and I know that there are some making fresh vows of service, promising the God and Christ within that they will do better in time to come, that they will be kinder still, that they will be more loving to their fellows, that they will give service - even though their service is spurned - remembering the sweet example of the Master.

"And for such as these there is prepared a wonderful After-Life, a life when sorrow no more will touch them, a life charged with opportunity, a life filled with privileges bestowed upon them by the Master Christ. They were tested, they were tried, but they stood the test, and they did not fail when all seemed lost. So they are examples to the ones who follow after, so God is justified through His own creation; and the Father has built up a life around them which no earthly words can express - but indeed it is tangible, and it remains for all time.

"As I take my leave I bless you. Let not these few facts that I have passed on, slip out of your memory, but ponder upon them. Be wise, be practical, review the past and make your plans for the future - that henceforth it shall be Christ, and Christ alone; that henceforth the messages that you desire from Spirit are those given by the pioneers - by the ones with the endurance, by those who blazed the trail for Christianity - so that others might have peace and light and understanding.

"I bless you with healing for the body, if it is God's Will; but indeed I bless you with healing for the soul, over that which has represented pain in the past. And I say to the workers that not only have they done well, but this gathering is symbol and sign that there are greater things in store. And when the body is cast asunder, they shall indeed come into their own, for they have given of their best, and God the Father has accepted the gift and has blessed it.

"Here too, dear-children, is guidance for each and everyone. Give unto Christ of your little treasure, knowing that when His blessing has rested upon it, it has life for evermore, and is there for you to use for the benefit of others.

"The peace of God descends upon you all. There are holy ones ministering to you direct, placing upon your brows the tiny Cross of the Master Christ. Pray dear-children, that the Cross may remain; and if you desire to do the Father's work, no power, no force, can take that lovely gift away from you, for it belongs to you as followers of the Master Christ.

"Oh let us thank the Father that the power has come this night, that the power has always come, and that the power will ever come, because the full surrender has been made.

"Peace be with you all. When sleep holds you, we shall meet again. Farewell, farewell.


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