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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 18th June, 1927.

"Most tender Father, we approach Thee this night with grateful hearts and we ask Thee - because Thou only canst bestow - we ask Thee to fill our hearts and minds with the desire for holy things. Teach us how to cast aside all that which stands between us and the revelation of Thy unfailing Love. Draw us to Thyself and let us, having listened in Spirit to Thy Voice, let us go forth and spread the good news that between Thee and Thy children there is nothing strong enough to intervene; that between the little ones of the earth and those who have traversed the road of experience there is nothing strong enough to intervene; and that between the weakest, the frailest and those who have followed the dictates of the Divine within there is nothing strong enough to intervene.

"O God, we with grateful hearts accept the mission that Thou hast bestowed upon us, the mission of demonstrating to doubting mankind that when the Father pushes aside the waters of ignorance so His little ones, protected by those who love them well, can pass out of turmoil, out of the power of the destructive forces and reach the threshold of the Promised Land.

"Oh inspire us to higher things. Let no thoughts linger in the mind that the way is too hard or the discipline too severe. We know that Thy Love can turn the blows, that Thy Love can heal the memories, and that we have Thy promise of peace and joy in front...

"Father, we thank Thee for all Thy many good gifts. Amen...

"...Children, all you who are gathered here have, as I have told you before, been marked with the Cross of Christ. That Cross is a symbol to the many who are hidden from your physical sight, that there they may find help and succour. Even those who are bound by the past recognise that the Cross means security, yet many know not the meaning behind the Cross. It is as a lamp shining from a turret, showing its light to those voyaging on unknown waters. To them the light represents direction, and because it represents direction, their safety in a measure is assured.

"Never forget this: That you, each one, are as little beacons throwing out your light, and that light, because it shines in dark places, is sufficient to give direction to others. What a privilege, what a gift! You understand it in part at this stage; as you go on, so a little more realisation shall dawn upon you, and when the body is cast aside, you will stand in realms of Light and, as you can bear it - for this represents something of the gigantic Love of God - as you can bear it, so you shall be shown the missionary work you accomplished, for the most part unconsciously to the physical mind...

"My children, you have heard from one and the other that the call has gone forth, that this holy warfare has commenced, yet think not that warfare has not been waged since the beginning of creation; but at certain epochs so, by the gathering together of Spirit power, we are enabled, under our Leader, Christ, to make an advance and to hold that advance; and that advance means that creation as a whole is one step nearer to that which it once represented.

"Little ones, I know your thoughts and that which lies in your heart, and when I call you in this way, I know that the theme which brings the greatest peace and the greatest joy is that of our Saviour Christ - those little intimate touches, so few at this stage, but they shall increase as we go on, as these conditions are purified still more by effort. And the only purification which can remain is that brought into being by effort, by individual dedication, by the laying aside of the physical will; only in this wise can the conditions surrounding you be sufficiently refined to allow you to take and make your own a little more as to the beauty of the Mind of God...

"So tonight, dear children, instructed by the Master, I speak to you on: 'Truth'.

"And I ask you to bear with me with patience while I gather together a few fragments out of the past, and show you that those fragments have their similarity in the present. For the present reflects that which has gone, and it reflects again that which must come; yet, these reflections are faint, perchance indistinguishable to those who have not focussed on the release of the Divine within.

"My little ones - I speak to all those who read the written word - there are many among you who have suffered because of your championship of that which you have been taught to believe as 'The Truth', and to these I speak in tones of deep understanding, yet not of commiseration, for you have been honoured in a way you little grasp.

"In those times, ancient to you, so the struggle has gone on between the few and the vast majority. The teachers of old, they had that which they knew was the Truth because they had hearkened to the Voice, that Voice was the Voice of God; and they took their fragments and tried to build that which was as a City Beautiful, but as they built there were many to cast the stones down, there were many out to wreck, those who were not content until a ruin represented a great constructive work.

"Yes, that is the physical aspect but the physical alone. These great ones of old, they tore out of the vibrations even the threads of Truth, and they guarded, they held them, and they tried to give of them to others; and for ever they are blest; for ever a happiness inconceivable to physical mind is theirs by right; for God spake and they passed the message on.

"Yet, dear children, I want you to bear in mind that no prophet, no instructor, had an easy path. Nay, they were challenged at every point in a way you cannot grasp, for the forces of destruction came in their millions and tortured the body and tortured the mind, and, in some cases, well-nigh wrecked the soul. But God was in command, and out of the very wreckage of hope, out of the bitter disappointment, so they were as corner-stones of that great construction which, in time, should be mounted up and should withstand the elements and the thoughts of their own and every day.

"Think of this; keep their part in mind, and then, point by point, come with me in thought until we reach that consummation of the prophecies - the gift of the Messiah which would redeem the world.

"Children, in the Sacred Record you have there plainly to be read, the type of opposition which met the Master on every side. Clearly indicated are the ones who were determined to crush the Truth; clearly laid down in words impossible to mistake, so the motive of these destroyers in human form is there for the enlightenment of all.

"And what was this opposition? My children, the Master came with so strange a message. In the world and throughout the ages which have passed, might was might, weakness was weakness, and those who were strong were savage in their treatment of those powerless to resist.

"Possessions - the many head of cattle, the area of land, these things signified the 'honour' of the individual who held, and full honour was paid to such an individual, apart from himself, apart from his life, apart from his attitude towards his friends. He was 'honoured' because his possessions were great. But when those possessions were taken from him, then that man was as naught; he was an outcast, one to be passed on the other side; his power was gone, the way of the world and its message, was the only one which those of the world wished to read, or were willing to consider...

"Into such conditions came the Gentle Stranger. And think you of that which was His home, of that which represented His kinsfolk; ah, think you of the garb He wore. How then could He expect that honour should be vouchsafed to such a one?

"And then, my children, turn to Christ. Think of the Lord God of all, of His mighty creations, of His unlimited power, and how He came and expressed Himself to those He had brought into being. Here, my little ones, you will gather to what I am leading your thoughts. In the holy scriptures so you have the arguments, and so you have the attitude of mind of His opposers: 'Who is this one?' And then: 'What is his message?' And the Beloved - with that gigantic courage which marks Him out from all others that have ever been - the Beloved came amongst those who were full of hate of Him, and told them to bless and curse not.

"I want you, dear children, to ponder on those who surrounded the Sacred One. I name them not as to position or designation, indeed they represented all types; but I must emphasise that His greatest enemies were those who should have been His own; His greatest enemies were the custodians of the Truth of that day. To them temptation came thus: 'This man, this prophet; he will take from us all that which we prize the most; we must get rid of him or we ourselves are undone'.

"Two things, dear children, held the minds of the teachers and the preachers of that day - on the one hand love of possessions and gluttony for power; on the other intellectual pride.

"Yes, there have been many so-called holy men who have devoted their energies and their powers to penetrating into the knowledge connected with God and His creation; but lo, if one comes into their midst and, in gentleness, bids them lay aside some of the furniture of their mind and return to simple things, they will have none of him. Not the possessions of the world but the possessions of the mind of the body, present almost an equal temptation to such as these.

"And the One with All-Knowledge, the One who is Wisdom, came into the world of His day and to all gave those simple truths - the patient life, the bestowal of the gift of love, the refraining from retaliation, the forgiving unto seventy times seven. Can you wonder that they spurned the message and crucified Him? He was none of them and He sought to tear from them that which was their god.

"Oh, think you to yourselves as to the Master, as to those mighty reservations which He deliberately imposed upon Himself. The Master - as I have told you before - the Master could have sent out a thought-form and controlled the raging throng around. By that which you name the gifts of the Spirit, He could have hypnotised into subjection the priests and the teachers, the lawyers and the scholars.

"But the Tender One passed amongst the masses and looked down with compassion upon all - for indeed, they were as little children in their blindness, aye, as little children in their defencelessness - He passed amongst the misery of their conditions, and His Hand went out here and His understanding glanced there; and in their joy He found the only joy which was the experience of His earthly life.

"Can you grasp, can you, in any measure, go back in thought and in love on that olden time? We were bound by much; indeed that which you name disease, and a thousand horrors hidden from you, it was our daily sight; and if perchance a stab went through our hearts, yet we were powerless to help, and we passed out of the seething throng into some quiet corner to forget, to lose ourselves in the contemplation of this, in the unravelling of that. It was the 'life' of the world, and we understood scarce a fragment, for the darkness was within.

"My little ones, all those who have followed after and carried the message of the Christ as that message was given by the Christ, they too have suffered in their turn. There have been many who have claimed themselves as the representatives of the Holy Master, but they have surrounded themselves with a hundred things which Christ ruled out of His own vibrations. They have withdrawn from the masses, and in their comfortable dwellings have enriched the mind at the expense of the soul. Though the written Word was before them, though that mighty Example was laid out in a way that cannot be ignored, the world's way proved too strong, and the Christ way was followed only in part.

"Oh, think you to yourselves as to this, and as to the sorrow which assails such as these when sight is their own, for they cannot plead that ignorance which was the lot of many of those who were the enemies of the Beloved in that olden time. In that time, the Lord God Jehovah was regarded as an almighty being surrounded by treasures and comforts and luxuries which the richest part of the physical world could ne'er produce. Around Him there were legions of slaves and servants who waited but to obey His slightest command.

"This was the God built up by the minds of man, because to them that only was great which had great possessions. Yet, those who follow after have not this same excuse. They have the life of the Holy One, His humble origin, the toil, the many privations, and those years of definite ministry among the ones He loved so well.

"And, my children, you cannot exaggerate the toil, the expended effort and the weariness of those years, for that which you name the climate was not as your own. There were extremes so severe, that the strongest body at times was sore put to withstand them, and the Master He thought ever of others and never of Himself.

"Little ones, we think of Christ because He is all in all to us. The saints, our own dear ones, they have their place, but the One enshrined is the Beloved, the Christ who walked this little earth, who suffered as you have suffered - ah, and as you can never suffer - who understands all that the body and its pangs can represent.

"We love the Christ - yet there are countless numbers claiming themselves as Christians who find it almost impossible to think of God as the gentle, patient Christ. They ponder over His words and that expression of the Godhead, but that belongs to the past; when that which you name the Ascension had taken place, once more a King, a Governor, a Powerful Ruler - that was God.

"And so this night, instructed by the Master, I send out a great entreaty to all those who preach the word of God - aye, and to those mighty numbers who love their Christ and who seek to follow in His steps - to all I say that the Christ who walked the earth and the God of us all, they are the same.

"And when you, or they, pass hence, it will be the same tenderness and patience, the same sweetness and humility that will meet you as your God. And because of this, there are thousands believing in God, who have passed out of physical conditions and have met and conversed with the Master, but they know Him not. They look for One great in power, surrounded by that furniture which, to them, means so much - the rich garments and the vessels - those things beautiful to the physical sight; but these are as nothing, nothing when once a soul has looked in the eyes of Christ and read there the gigantic humility of the Lord God of all.

"Oh, I entreat the thinkers to ponder on this. Christ is not changed; it is they who have changed their conception of the Sacred One. Because the Creator is the Creator, so also He is humility Itself. Only the Creator of all could rise to such heights. We, in our turn, for ever seek to hold the humble heart, and when the Master gives of Himself to us - even as He ministered to those you name the disciples in the days of old - when our God ministers to us, so then, out of the wonder of it all, we gather to ourselves a little more of that humility which is His alone.

"So, my children, I bring you to those in your own vibrations who have challenged the Truth, challenged that which you have purchased by dedication over the past, and I say to you: How great a comfort should be in your heart and mind, for the very arguments they bring against this further manifestation of the Love of God (Zodiac Messages), they are precisely the same as those addressed to the Master and the message He sought to teach...

"There was one (Pilate) who asked: 'What is Truth?' And there have been countless millions since who have asked: 'What is Truth?' The answer lies open before them, but it is not that 'Truth' which they want. Oh, ponder on this, for within its folds lies a most terrible temptation...

"Truth walked amongst man, and by His simplicity, by all that which He dispensed with, He illustrated The Truth; but His own rejected Him and deemed Him worthy of death. In these so-called enlightened days, there are the same minds, the same evasions, and only the few ask: 'What is Truth?' - and take the answer which God has provided for them.

"My little ones, let no misgiving enter your vibrations, for the Father over-rules your lives. By that very similarity of experience, you are honoured in a way the physical mind cannot grasp; you are linked to the Master by the very criticism which has been thrown against you. You hold the Truth, but it is not that Truth which these others so desire. The Truth they look for and the only Truth that they will recognise, is that which allows them to retain the elements of power and those possessions which make the earthly pathway pleasanter, so they think.

"And time passes, and precious opportunity is scattered on every side, but the day must come when all those with the great minds, and all those with the great possessions, must come back to the simple life and the humble heart, aye, to that nakedness which God, as Christ, demonstrated for all to see - if they had the will to look.

"Never forget this: You may suffer under attack and your hearts may ache, but in time, to you, dear children, those who struck will come; and they - before they can enter into conditions of peace - they must shed the furniture of the mind, shed the physical will and those embellishments of material life to which they cling, even when the physical life is no more; and as a pilgrim, as the Master, take the humble way; yes, the way of persecution, and, in turn, the Garden and the Cross, until they are born again...

"My little ones, we, in these quiet conditions, have a gift impossible to express in the language of the world. Because of that built up over the past, so I, as a servant of my Master, can give out to you that which is as a ray, ah, a faint ray from the Mind of God Himself; and this night, at His command, I bid you fill your hearts and minds with joy, for you have that which nothing of the earth can purchase, and nothing of the earth can take away.

"In your grip you have fragments of that great Truth which God represents, and because the will is there, so you focus on that expression of God, given to man in Christ. And when the earth way is ended, you shall see Him, see the Creator, and feel upon yourself the radiance of His tender, most understanding Love; the gentleness and the humility of His concern for you. That is Truth and that is God.

"And now, my little ones, I will leave you. Keep your minds off all but the Holy One, for the Holy One is with us; aye, and in that way which only He can accomplish He is ministering to you, closing the wounds of heart and mind, and claiming you as His own by service and desire...

"And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, the time we spend together in this sweet way is drawing to a close, but I want each one to realise this - that Christ has been here in very truth. I want you all to send out your thoughts and your holy desires to the many who, as yet, know not the Sacred One. Pray for them, aye, and call to them, and in the Name of the Beloved I promise that you shall be used to bring about their redemption in time to come.

"Each one of you has been called; each one has responded, and the response will grow and grow, and out of that response, what think you? Response brings response in turn; and from your holy desire to be clean vessels, so you shall cast the dust of ages out of vessels which have stood idle over the long past. This is the Truth; and this is the work passed on to you by the Great Missionary of all creation, and His love shall ever grow more real to you as you proceed upon the upward path...

"Thus we close. The Holy Spirit has been shown in your midst tonight. The eyes of the body may be blind to the sight of the things of the Spirit, but the Divine within has had its daily bread; and as you go your way, you shall find that because you are fed, so you can feed others with that which is the manna of life - the simple truths of the Christ, unattached to anything else; the simple truths of the Almighty One, who is never-ceasing in His efforts to redeem for us that which we have cast aside...

"In the Name of the Beloved I bless you, and I bind you to Him forever and forever.

"Goodnight, my children, and with restful thoughts hold to yourselves those fragments of wisdom which you have made your own through the power of the Holy Spirit upon the earth plane.

"Goodnight, dear children..."

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