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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
in the earlier part of the twentieth century.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

..."CHILDREN, I come into your presence sent by the Master, by the One Who walked the earth plane in time long past. I come into your presence with a message from the One Who loves you best, and the message of the Christ is this: Little children, prepare!

"Think not that I would cast dismay upon anyone, yet my vision is open; I see and I know what lies in the little tomorrow, and I see what lies in that which you call the years ahead. I say now, because I love you and because I seek to protect you from the enemies that are around, I say to you in the name of Christ: Prepare, for great things are coming to pass.

"Little ones, this is a great and glorious opportunity never before afforded to man in the same stupendous way. When trouble comes upon the earth plane, there will be many camps. There will be those who turn with faith to Christ and who banish fear from out their vibrations. There will be those who will say: 'I knew that this would come to pass!' Yet their very words deny that which they utter, for indeed they show no preparation at all and such as these, alas and alas, must pay the penalty, heavy and long!

"There will be others who will defy that which they call the fates. Oh, pray for such as these, for when the body is no more they must wander for years and years, and each lesson shirked when upon the earth plane must be taken up, pursued, learnt and made their own. These are the ones who today are named the clever ones, the ones who are so sure of their mental equipment that they can learn from no one else. They say unto you: 'What is this that you would teach? Give me proof, give me evidence!' And when proof and evidence are forthcoming still they evade the point. Such as these are mental cowards, but one day they must face the truth and then they will stand shamed before the exhibition of vanity which they showed to others.

"Aye, there will be many camps, but thank God there will be a few who have sought strength from the great Source of Strength; there will be a few who will be able to forget self and to minister to those who are like lost and frightened children. Thank God there will be some prepared souls.

"Thus it is I come into your presence and seek to pass on words of warning, and I entreat you all, for I see what lies in front, to make ready, to be on your guard.

"Having called in your thoughts I am directed by the Master to speak on that which I name 'The Tools of Man'. Now think you as to this. Each one of you present, man or woman, has certain tools. You have tools which are purely material, and you have the tool of the physical body, which responds or fails to respond according to the command you have over it. Again, you have the tools of the mind, and then those most precious tools of all, the tools connected with your spiritual equipment.

"You have read in the Sacred Record about the man of talents. You have pondered as to your own talents; you have looked upon others who possess certain talents and you have said to yourselves: 'If I had those I would be at the top of the tree.' And perhaps regret or envy has seized your mind.

"Far away from this little country are those, children of the Most High, who possess tools superior to your own. Again, there are many who seem to have no tools at all, and because of this they are even as slaves, controlled by those with the power; and the onlooker without discernment fails to grasp that such as these may be great although they have no earthly possessions.

"But think you, does not this viewpoint indicate at once the tools possessed by the onlooker? There are many with the treasures of the world who are destitute of spiritual consciousness, for the Divine within - all-wisdom - has been buried under the mountain of self. Over the years the man or the woman has sought for the things of the earth, and these things cleave to them even as some horrible slime, while the Divine within pants for release and gains it not.

"Yet there are those in high places who have put God first in their lives. Blessed are such as these! The possessions they hold are a trust and they give to those in need, they fail not in following the Divine command. Then there are those who have naught of the earth and, perchance, the body represents a burden as well. Such as these eke out a bare existence; despair draws close, and from the rebellion within they cry: 'There is no God or else He would take pity on my plight.' But God, as Christ, bears three parts of his suffering even as the words are spoken.

"Oh gather in this thought. With those who have to contend with the ills of the body or the troubles of material life, Christ bears three parts of the burden and they but carry one.

"The tools of man! Day by day the tools which represent the provision of your daily bread are under your hands, but how oft do you think of the spiritual significance of those tools? What is it that you hold? If something breaks beneath your hands or becomes blunt, it is cast aside as useless, and you seek for that which will do what you have in mind. Is not this an indication of your position in the great mass of humanity today? Are you a tool that can be used by the grand and glorious ones, or are you a tool used by those in a bondage greater than your own?

"Oh, face this fact, for upon it hangs your bondage or your freedom in time to come. During the hours of the day, who is it that controls you? Talk not to me of independence - such a word is unknown in Spirit realms. You are dependent for life itself upon your Father and Mother God, dependent upon Him for thousands of gifts which in the past, out of your ignorance, you cast aside. Independence is unknown when truth is faced. Go back upon your daily life. Who is it that controls you - the angels of Christ or those arraigned against Christ? How much of self comes into your thoughts? How much of yourselves do you give out in service to others?

"To those who have not faced this fact, to those who have been betrayed by the lesser self, by the enemies around, I say: From this night change your guides. Free-will is your own and there is no one, free from the body, who can guide you or control you against your will, for God's laws forbid. So think within yourselves: 'What does my day produce?' And then you can answer as to the nature of your guides. For you are indeed controlled in a way you little understand, controlled by great and glorious forces or by those out to wreck. And forget not this: In the wrecking, in the hindering, so the one who seeks to influence has that much more to work out.

"Cannot you see that you can do God's work amongst your guides? If they fail the highest, you, by remaining firm, by challenging those who seek to mislead, you can raise them from the twilight and set them into the light which never fades, aye, the light of God's love and the illumination which follows.

"The tools of man! Think you and turn not from the thought: One day, not far ahead, you will have to face the record of the past. Therefore remember this: That those who cannot be classed amongst the intellectuals, those who go along day by day doing their little best, feeling perhaps that they fail because of the ability which is absent, to these comes opportunity in a priceless, God-like way. Forget not that when the physical body is laid aside, that which man calls ability - the powers of the mind - that will be laid aside as well; and because of this some of the so-called clever ones find after physical death that their ignorance is gigantic.

"God judges by other methods. The little child, the tired mother, the harassed father who has many responsibilities and no time to probe into the theories and the doctrines put forth by man, these - by doing the next thing and the next, by hoping, by keeping a brave heart, by sending forth a word of cheer - these when the body is no more stand as the clever ones, and it is their part to go to those who were honoured for their minds when upon earth, and to teach them the simple truths which open the gates of wisdom and reveal something of the marvels of the Mind of God.

"The tools of man! Many crave the tools that they have not in their possession. Many call out from the despair in their heart: 'Why am I a failure?' And the answer comes: 'God's successes are those who try; God's successes are those who seek to hold on, to hope when the stars of hope are hidden by the clouds of physical and material trouble.'

"My children, I speak in tones that are stern for I see so much. You are well known to me; long before the earth life was taken by you, in other states, other conditions, you were known to me, and I was shown the very hour that we should meet in this same way.

"When I lived upon the earth plane many studies were my part. I had to teach those with minds nimble and discerning. The so-called sciences of my day had to be made my own in every detail. I could speak to you of the constellations, of the planets of which this little earth is one, I could minister to the mind of the body, I could tell you facts and truths hitherto unknown by man; but I am under the ray of my Master, and the Master's teaching today is the same as in time of yore - simplicity! - lifting the hearts and minds of those who listen above the knowledge of the earth and seeking to impart something of the wisdom of the Spirit.

"Mark you this: The knowledge of the earth has its roots in the earth alone but wisdom remains for aye; and the man or the woman who seeks to raise another in sore distress, the little child who turns to her parents in love and desires to comfort, these have the wisdom, and that wisdom shall remain for ever. Cannot you see the marvellous provision made by God for His children upon the earth plane? Inequality from the earth point of view, perchance, but perfect equality from God's point of view.

"Free-will cannot be interfered with, as you know full well, and so it is when the children of the Most High have finished the earthly span many pass into greater consciousness; but a still greater number find themselves in a bondage which is terrible to behold. The rich man and the poor man who turn to God, who realise that their own strength is of little worth, these as brothers pass into revelation together; but out of that purchased by suffering and poverty so the one who was poor gives of his gifts to the one who was rich.

"Cannot you see how the scales of justice are held by God in spite of man? The tools of the Spirit, the tools of the mind and the tools of the earth, these things are evenly balanced; and it rests with the individual to pass out as a freed man or a freed woman endowed with gifts that are Divine, and with a power which is stupendous in comparison with the powers of the earth plane.

"There are many here who are far-seeing according to earth standards. They look ahead; they acclaim themselves as business men; they provide for the future upon the earth plane. To them I speak: I challenge you by that very gift you prize so much, I say unto you: Be still more far-seeing in regard to the future, the great and glorious Hereafter, otherwise you may find yourselves stripped of your tools, bankrupt, because you forgot your God.

"In the Sacred Record, there you find the teaching of Christ: Feed my lambs; seek for the lost sheep and seek until it is found; little children, love one another! All these things, so simple, transcend in wisdom the greatest knowledge given out by the scientists of the day, for many of the so-called scientists reckon only with life upon the earth plane. But again and again their boundaries have to be altered, they reconsider and reconsider; again and again their hypotheses and theories prove false in their essentials, for they endeavour to tear the secrets of Life from the earth and not from God. If those men gave up one half of their time to studying the things of God, the mystery underlying that which you name radium and electricity would be as an open book to them. Many are wasting a life which should be dedicated to God, and when the body is cast aside before them lies a great humiliation, for even that which they 'discovered' will be found faulty in all its essentials; and once more the scientist will revise, but this time he will revise by truth, the truth which is of God.

"So, my little ones, I entreat you - the great and glorious self within - to prepare, to make ready for that which must come to pass. Go over your equipment - the tools of the earth, the tools of the mind and the tools of the Spirit; and as practical men and women, practical in the God-sense, put in the foundation of faith and trust and service, the foundation which shall be found immovable in time of need. Cast not my words from you, for I have been sent to you to give that which is the truth, and I can speak not if the power of Christ is withheld. The Master gives unto His servants the message that the servant shall deliver, and the message of the Christ is: Prepare, prepare, for great things are coming to pass.

"Hour by hour, day by day, keep ever in your mind the tools that you use, and then go back on the thought, 'Am I a tool of those with the wisdom, or am I a tool of those who know not God?' For forget not the time must come when you must face your controls and, little children, it is far easier for you to free yourselves from your lesser companions at this stage than when the body is no more. By free-will you have riveted the link, and anguish must take place before you can free yourselves from those chains. At this stage you can, by your attitude of mind, call to you those who followed Christ in time long past. There is no barrier between man and Christ and there is no barrier between you and those servants of the Master but the barrier which you erect yourselves by flinching from the hard road, by turning from the steep path. That is the only barrier between you and those who are as the angels of the Most High.

"Think of your privilege, aye, and once more I remind you that in time to come so the test must be faced, and without your holy companions you must fail, you must fall. But with the bright ones, the ones who are charged with the power of Christ, so you, as warriors, flinch not from the battle, and by your strength and calmness you shall strengthen those who are weaker, those who are as children in understanding in comparison with yourselves.

"So I pass from you, yet once again I impress upon you the message of the Christ: Children of the earth, prepare, for great things are coming to pass.

"In the name of the Most High I bless you with understanding, and I entreat you out of the love for you which fills my heart - although I seem as a stranger - I entreat you to cleave ever more closely to Christ, for in time of danger, in time of suffering, one thing only can bring you through with peace in heart and mind - the Cross of Christ.


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