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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes in the earlier part of the twentieth century.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"MY children, around you all there is as a golden cord and when I speak of 'you', I am also drawing into that circle of light the many who read my words, and the great majority who in time will be drawn into that which has been bestowed by the Christ. I want you to visualise this circle of gold, for within it the protection is sure; without, although the witnesses of the Light seek to protect, yet there the enemies swarm; and forget not that in the measure they are able to influence you against the bidding of your greater selves, in that measure not only are you hindering your own progress but ten thousand times more you are erecting barriers between them and freedom.

"Oh, think of the responsibility of condemning perhaps your brother, your sister, to that which indeed is twilight or darkness, for alas! no man can injure another without having to work out the deed in anguish of heart. So I say to each one: When you are conscious of that which is temptation, remember first and foremost that the strongest temptations come to those who seek to be free from their lesser selves; and, secondly, that if you fail to fight and overcome in that measure you are condemning another to sorrow and suffering.

"But, having emphasised this point - and indeed it applies to every child upon the earth plane and to uncountable travellers in other conditions - having emphasised this point I wish to speak upon that which I name 'The Threshold of Reality'. Now, think you as to this. Around you there are things physical, some sweet to look upon, some which cause you to shrink, others which make you stumble or turn back from the hill of achievement. These things to you are tangible, they are those which represent the real, the vital, something which stands as life; yet speaking under the guidance of the great Truth-Bringer I must tell you that all this is as seeming, and the things that are real, the things that are tangible, lasting, those with the true life, they, as it were, are just across the threshold from where you stand today.

"Therefore I bid you look at physical life and what it represents with judgement, with caution, holding the fact always firmly in the mind that the things around are only symbols, only the outer wrapping of something that is precious within. Yea, even the flowers which fill your hearts and minds with joy, these, dear children, however beautiful they may be, are but reflections of the flowers of the Spirit; they are the shadow of the real blossoms created by our Father and Mother God.

"Yet I would not have you think that I belittle that which you love so well. I use this illustration but to warn you, to show you that even that which stands for loveliness, fragrance, pure life, that all this but indicates in a tiny measure that which God has prepared for those who love Him, and which indeed shall be your own in time to come.

"This law applies to the gifts of the mind, to the capacity of the hand, to the power within to create for the benefit of others beautiful sounds, harmony, that which lifts the soul of the listener into other conditions than their own. Oh, think of this as you hold the brush and seek to transfer upon the canvas the beauties of Nature, the wide scene, the stately mountain, the exquisite flower at your feet. Remember that you are trying to do that which is preparation for the next stage in front. And those who, out of their inner consciousness, charm the ear of others by the sweet melody drawn from the instrument before them, these are training themselves for that which lies ahead. I say that the man at the bench, the woman in her home, in the measure they seek to produce good workmanship, to create order out of chaos, to take what is meaningless and to mould it or to chisel it into that which delights another, or is of use for another, that these are preparing themselves, are endeavouring to release something of the creative spirit within.

"Oh, my children, how oft must I emphasise that within is God, and the Father - the great Thinker-out of all life, beauty and power - has bestowed upon you that which is of Himself; and as you apply your mind, as you seek to train your thoughts, so slowly, as it were, you are cutting away the rope that binds, and you are even as something representing loveliness, yea, in time to come you shall find that the old garment is cast away and you bear resemblance to Christ Himself.

"Ah, as I speak I am gently leading you a step nearer into Reality. You pause upon the threshold of things physical, they represent to you the familiar, those which stand for life; but I say: Have no fear or misgiving, for as we meet together so, through the power of the Holy Spirit, you are crossing the threshold of things as they seem and drawing to you a faint consciousness of things as they are.

"Yes, dear children, the next stage represents something which can be glorious, something which will fill your hearts and minds with a joy that nothing can kill; but remember this: That this stage is the testing stage, it represents the plane of temptation, for you are free yet in a measure you still are bound. The God within is able to guide, to instruct on this day and that, and then the physical mind, as it were, slams the gate and the spirit in anguish is bound within.

"These things are true, they indeed are real, yet I would not have you think that sorrow is in my heart over any one. I see not that which you name your failures but I see, through the grace of God, that you can overcome your failures, you can be strong although you may seem as weak; for around you are those with the strength, those who have taken the steep road, who remember their own shortcomings, their own weaknesses, and out of their pangs, out of the remembrance of the weariness of the journey so they come to you and they say: 'When you feel weak rest on our strength, and through the strength of the Christ we can help you and you shall not fall.'

"Yet I would draw you by my love, over the threshold of the physical, into something of the glory of Reality. I want you to feel 'this concerns me,' not that it concerns another. I want to show you something of that prepared for you by the great Creator, by your Protector, who has never lost faith in any one of His children. Oh, send that thought round the world. Man may fail himself and fail the God who loves him so well, but God the Father, the Mother, He is certain that in the end His child will be won by love, He is certain that the day will come when Parent and child once more will be linked together in perfect unity, for indeed that is the mighty plan.

"But, little ones, I would focus your attention on the next stage, which indeed represents something of Reality. Now hold this thought in mind: You cannot pass out of one stage into a stage that is totally different. If I could take your minds back over the long past, over the many so-called spheres in which you have functioned in other garments than the one you wear in this stage, so you would see at once that involution and evolution was by very slow processes indeed. Remember ever that when you lay aside the physical garment you pass not into that which is unfamiliar.

"I emphasise that around you, representing your environment, your surroundings, there is in intangible form that which you yourself have built by your thoughts, your actions, your omissions, your commissions, during the stage before. But here is comfort and in no sense condemnation or that which should cause you to shrink. Oh, think you! In this same state perhaps at times you fail your better selves. What happens? You suffer; you suffer within, and even the physical mind suffers by the lack of harmony without. Aye, and in the degree of your sorrow, your regret, you seek to reconstruct. Perchance yesterday you were unkind, then today by some act of service you seek to make that which was ugly beautiful once more. Perchance today you forgot to give the help that another desired, but you know, oh so well because of past experience, that as tomorrow comes so regret will come as well. The children of the earth cry in their half bondage: 'Why was I weak?' - and out of the stripes, and still more out of the desire to retrieve, so that which was done can be obliterated so far as the next stage is concerned.

"Cannot you see the comfort of this great, grand spiritual law, set into being out of God's mercy, God's understanding of the frailty of His children? Cannot you see even in this stage how you yourself condemn and judge yourself, indeed pass sentence upon yourselves; and that is God's way, God's most wonderful way, so that when you pass hence into something of Reality there shall be gain and not loss. Oh, how wonderful is the mind of God! Yet that is but a reflection of the love of the One who has fought for you over time unthinkable.

"God says to man in the earlier stages: 'Thou shalt not': and then as man gains something of consciousness, something of realisation as to the meaning of life in its wider sense, God says to His children: 'Thou shalt!' and, little ones, could you grasp things as they are, that indicates the crossing of the threshold of things as they seem into things as they are. You have grasped something of Reality, no longer is it necessary to say to you as children: 'Thou shalt not touch, thou shalt not do'; but God speaks to you as the missionaries you are and He says: 'Go to my children who have not your freedom, and give them of your gifts; come up higher and I will show you something of that which is Myself.' Oh, what honour is ours, what a privilege to think and to know that God has recognised that within there is the desire to be as His sons, His daughters; the desire to claim our inheritance, that which He has prepared for us, held for us, protected for us, although an army of destroyers may have been around.

"My children, that which I would pass on is this: Your daily tasks, whatever they may be, they are preparing you for the next stage in front; and in the measure that you put in good workmanship you are making it possible for a miracle to take place. It may be the needle and the raiment, it may be the garnishing of the house, it may be all those things which seem to you so trivial, so mundane, so far away from God. Yet as the mother puts together the little garments for her child, as the wife seeks to make the home as beautiful as may be, so, by the grace of God, a miracle has happened and the transformation has taken place. And when you pass into Reality, in your hands, in your minds, will be creative power; and according to your holy desire, according to your willingness to endure, so the Kingdom of God is opened unto you, and you can create - in the measure of your strength - something which represents that which emanated from the God-Mind, for within you is God.

"So, my children, hold ever close and closer still the thought that though you may be in a physical garment, bound by many restrictions, held and fettered by that which causes your heart to ache, yet at will, through the grace of God, you can not only function in the world of Spirit but you can draw to you the things that are real, the things that have life everlasting. And as you seek to put this law into operation, so you are preparing yourselves for the next stage, that stage which, in comparison with this, represents a liberty, a power, staggering to your mind.

"Therefore I entreat you to apply what I have said to everything in this little life of yours; not to hold fast the fragment I have passed on, but to increase that fragment into something that will guide you in the days to come; as it were, to look at what has been and what is, under the light which shines from the love of God, and to say: Not only are God's ways best but they have worked out that which is the plan, the most merciful plan, for my life hereafter.

"We are prisoners upon the earth plane only in the measure that we despise the freedom that can be ours, we are free because we are the children of God; and never forget that failure one day need not mean failure the next day but indeed, if you raise your hearts and minds, can lead on to success. And when you pass hence that success not only represents something which concerns you but - and I bring you back to my first thought - in the measure that you resist temptation whether it may be great or small, in that measure you are making it possible for the one who tempted to be that much less bound. And when that takes place there is joy in the Heavens, for forget not we are all children of the one great Father and Mother God, and we dare not, aye, we cannot attain ourselves unless we help another to attain as well.

"I want you to realise that only Love can work the transformation, and that the only Love which is strong enough is the Christ-Love. I can borrow of that love and you can borrow of that love as well; therefore in your hands it lies to work miracles in the name of God. Oh, realise that around you there are the things that no enemy can destroy, for they are built up by effort, by suffering, by the desire to do better.

"So then, my children, hold fast for your comfort this great, grand truth: That although you may be prisoners in part, yet the real self can ignore restrictions, can pull down barriers, can open the gate which leads into revelation. Why? Because within you is God. O turn to the One Who loves you best, on your sad days, and perhaps still more on your bright days, for in the pleasures of life the enemy seeks to strike so that the morrow shall represent sorrow. Yet with Christ the protection is complete. Let not the past hinder or hold you back but turn to Him with confidence, certain that He understands all things and cannot fail. And the time will come when you will look back with amazement and see the transformation which took place all unknowingly to yourself; the transformation which was brought about when you turned to Love and sought to overcome in His Name.

"I bless you with strength, I bless you with illumination as to your daily life, as to those Realities which lie all around; I bless you with the courage to go on until the peace of God is made your own, never to pass from you. Farewell!"

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