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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 9th July, 1927.

"Infinite Spirit of Love, we draw close asking that we may be taught something as to the gift of Love. Oh help us to get free from physical things, loosen the bonds of the mind which hold us fast, and grant that as little children in faith and trust we approach Thy wisdom, knowing that Thou art waiting to give, waiting to bestow that which has life for evermore.

"O Christ, enter our hearts and minds; inspire us with courage and endurance, and show us that the way in front, though o'ercast to the physical eyes, is glorious with the power and revelation which comes from Thee. Guide us not into the safe path but guide us to that which is steep, that which is fraught with many temptations, for we know that the spirit within, conscious of affinity with its God, has all courage, all endurance - and that the stones of the physical experience are the gifts of that Life which will last for evermore...

"So, O Father, as Thy little children we approach Thee and we ask Thee to pour down upon us Thy blessing, Thy blessing of peace and confidence in the care which surrounds our lives... Amen...

"...My children all, we have met together tonight for the Master's work, and I ask each one, in the measure that is possible to them at this stage, to disentangle themselves from the physical - aye, even from the mind of the body - and for this short time to be Spirit linked up with Spirit, conscious of something of the purpose and the plan.

"Each one present has had sorrows, yes, and many misgivings over that which has transpired, or over that which presents their conditions today. But I say that nothing has gone awry, that each event, each so-called blow, that was part of the experience for which you entered the physical body.

"So many mistakes have arisen, aye, and the brightness of God's Love has been o'ercast because the little children of the earth knew not why they suffered, why their days held so much sorrow, so much anxiety, why the flowers of life seemed to wither in their grasp. This lack of explanation is a great responsibility, and the teachers and the instructors suffer when sight is made their own, for it was to them that the children looked for guidance, and in many cases that guidance was only partial, or missing altogether.

"Thus, over the years, humanity as a whole has wandered far from the fold, has turned from the Good Shepherd, for it seemed that the Good Shepherd, instead of protecting His flock from the enemies which were around, had sent the flock out into conditions where temptations were on either side.

"Little ones, there have been many desiring to do God's work who - swayed by the world's view, hypnotised by the opinions of those equally bound as themselves - instructed that the sorrows of life were 'the will of God' and must be accepted as such.

"And the sufferer, the seeming victim, struggled with the consciousness of the Divine within and that most terrible construction of the Divine without; and as time passed so the great Father and Mother God seemed beyond their reach and still further beyond their reach; and the day came when God, as God, no longer held a place in the mind of the body. They exclaimed within themselves: 'Evil I can see in all forms, but the love of God is absent from my life'.

"But when the body was laid aside, and the past - that represented by the short earth stage - was gone back upon, even as a vision clear and distinct, so to such as these anguish came, for they saw how at this point and that Christ stood between them and those who would attack; they saw also that the sorrows were their gains, that the bitter discipline of the youthful will, that the thwarting of their most natural desires, that that was the choice of the spirit within, because the spirit had seen the real thing and could not content itself with that which was a travesty of gift and power...

"Yet, my little ones, think not that the comforters were far from them, nay, they were there, soothing the heart and directing the thoughts to the future, when, because of their stripes and through the understanding which their pangs had brought, so such as these could be God's tools, could go back to those on earth equally bound as they were themselves, and, by the strength within, draw out something of strength from them; and thus the pattern was worked in as the Father intended.

"Oh, to those who have struggled against a broken heart, who have felt that life was even as a heap of ashes before their gaze, to such as these I speak, directed by the Holy One, and I bid them grasp their gifts, I bid them take the wider view and to be certain that God is not mocked.

"So tonight, dear children, I would speak on that which I name: 'The Three-fold Mind'. For one time - perchance in the distant future - each one will possess that which is the three-fold mind, that which is the trinity of expression, the trinity of aspect; aye, each one will return to that image of the Father in which they were created.

"Children, I have told you before that the ultimate end of the spirit is to regain that which was its own by gift when created by God, and that in time will be its own, not by gift alone but by purchase, by that which the past has held. Perfection is expressed by the highest in the man, the highest in the woman, combined with the faith and trust of the little child. When that stage is reached, you have the Christ-like mind, the mind which is indeed that fragment of the great All-Mighty Mind; and, that is the end, which, again, is the beginning of that perfection of Life which has been promised by the Creator.

"Think you to yourselves as to this, and place that stage which you have reached during the physical experience, for each one, whether they be man or woman, each one, at some time, must have the three-fold mind, for thus only can perfection be made their own.

"But for one moment I would revert to the physical, yet only to draw you up from the physical into the spiritual; and while I speak upon this point I entreat you all to ever train yourselves in this wise: There are many, conscious of this great Truth (spirit communion), who are unconscious of the spiritual law which is part and parcel of it. They go back on the physical life of those who are free; they bid them search out of what has been, trivial details as to this, as to that; and by the fact that the spirit concerned retraces in thought its steps, so indeed that represents a loss which must be made good in time to come.

"Oh fence not this grave statement. There are many, unconscious of the laws of God, who demand what they name 'evidence' from those who speak to them in this way. And the spirit who seeks to satisfy their demands, finds that the little boat which represents himself, has been swept back by the tide of memories. And effort, aye, and suffering results, ere he can regain that which was his own before he spake.

"When those free from the body come to you, force them, if they are undeveloped, to rise, to go on, never to go back; for the memories of the earth are chains - chains which must be struck from us before we can claim that freedom which is God's will.

"Yet, my children, in order to minister to the mind of the body, I bring to your attention the fact that you, each one, represent the trinity even as you are. The body, comprised of nerves, muscles and bones, is but an expression of the soul-body which, again, has the triple part; and the soul-body houses the Divine within, and the Divine, ah, that again is three-fold and must be three-fold else some part of 'perfection' were missing...

"My little ones, I would not have you concentrate too long on this, but you would find in the tiniest atom, in the minerals, in the vegetable kingdom, in the animal kingdom - aye, in all things - there was the trinity expressed; and, again, that those component parts of the trinity had 'trinities' of their own, and so on and so on, beyond the grasp of the physical mind.

"Yet tonight, we, as pilgrims, conscious of who controls us and from whence we came, we put aside that which is obvious, that which is the material and the physical, and we consider ourselves thus, for only by knowing can we safeguard, can we protect that 'life' which is our own at any period of the journey.

"Children, body, soul and spirit you are at this stage. The body is divided by, so you name it, 'sex'; and the physical mind, in degree, reflects the man's point of view or the woman's. You accept these differences, aye, some unduly emphasise them, and the progress of the individual is retarded thereby.

"Now think you what you were and what you will become. In God, there is the trinity - that trinity of expression; in all there is something of God, therefore the trinity as well. But those bound by the mind of the body, have laid down rules and restrictions, barriers and obstacles, between the two sexes, which indeed are as one and some day must be as one again.

"And so it has come about that some have rights as to this; others have privileges in regard to that; and that which you name the competitive spirit has sprung up, and between the children of God enmity of various kinds, like a rank weed, has grown apace. Aye, in some cases, the man and the woman face each other antagonised in thought and feeling, each seeking to wrest from the other that which they claim to be their own; might has conquered over right, and thus the Divine purpose has been thwarted over the past...

"My children, these things grieve the great Heart and Mind of God - they are directly the work of the destroyers. Men and women should be as one in aim and purpose, between them there should be that mutual trust and co-operation; for lo, one time, perchance in the far future, within the man must be the trinity of the male, the female and the child, and within the woman the same, otherwise they are incomplete. Oh, think you of the great implication beneath my words, and how far humanity has wandered from that which is Reality, that which is God's Truth.

"You may remind me that there have been those speaking in this way, who have said that this one and that has the two-fold mind; and the man or the woman who has the two-fold mind, he or she, is blest of the Father, because to such a one those hideous barriers of sex no longer exist, for understanding, in a measure, has been made their own.

"So I speak to all, and I say that during the physical stage the two-fold mind can belong to each one, and it is a gift above all price. The two-fold mind which enables the individual to understand the temptations of the other, whether they be man or woman; the two-fold mind, which, as it were, functions on two planes of thought at one and the same time, and in the mind of such as these condemnation finds no place.

"They look at their weaker brother, at that which besets his path - aye, at his many failures - and out of the wisdom which is within, compassion, like a flood, goes out to such a one. Or the man looks at the woman; perchance he finds many follies and weaknesses; but, again, no condemnation finds a lodgement within the two-fold mind. As an inexperienced child so he regards her, and he reasons thus: 'The part of the elder brother is to safeguard the foolish, the ignorant, the one who is inexperienced or unaware of the purpose of physical life'.

"And the woman - ah, the one who has suffered much, for only suffering can release the chains of the physical mind - the woman looks at the man, perhaps one a prisoner in every sense to his weaker self, but no scorn or contempt finds a place within. That one is a soul - aye, a child of God - yet, not knowing whence he came or whither he must return.

"And that which the world calls vice, ah, my little ones, that indeed has roots so numerous that it is impossible for anyone in a body to rightly judge another, for though the weed itself may show in this one or that, the roots - which do not show - they come from several sources, and, alas, many are responsible for the awful growth which follows...

"Little ones, this is the sign of the two-fold mind: The man who tries to put himself in the place of the woman, who will face facts, throwing aside all that which the world so fondly regards as rightful reserve, yes, the man who endeavours to put himself in the place of the woman and all that her life represents. And the woman with the two-fold mind does likewise in regard to the man. And such as these, when they pass hence, are as the sharpened tools, the polished instruments ready for use by the Great Missionary of us all...

"Oh, my children, could you but see the evil - in the sense of the blocking process - which has come about by all those divisions and distinctions and oppositions between the so-called sexes, you would be appalled. God's will, God's way, is that the man, in his life, is conscious of only half of that which he came to learn; and the woman who is content with that which is within her own orbit of experience, she also has that other half to learn when the body has passed away.

"God's way was hand in hand. To the Father, distinctions of sex could never exist. We are His children, and we have much to learn, much to understand; and the greatest barrier to progress is that which is expressed in the inability of the one to enter into the life and the lot of another.

"My children, be on your guard about that which you name the rules and customs and conventions which have been built up by those blind to the purpose and the plan. Call out the best in each other, trust each other, love each other; for one day, if not in this stage then in another, all that which is missing in your sympathy and understanding must be filled in.

"And then, my little ones, I would take you on just a step further, but I want you to remember, as laid down in the Sacred Record in parable form - yet so clearly defined that it is plain to all - that God created man and woman, that He set into being many creations which, at that far time, were under the control of the highest expression which was called man.

"Lose not sight of this, for when you are free from the physical tabernacle, those you love, with their distinct personalities, individualities, characteristics and attributes, will be there with all those things, enhanced and beautified by God. And this goes on, an unalterable law, something which in itself is part of the ultimate whole. Yet, confuse not my meaning, for Spirit, as Spirit, has no sex as you regard sex, but Spirit, as Spirit, is the trinity of expression - the finest in the man, the finest in the woman, and the pure heart of the little child - that which represents the Christ-mind, and the Christ represents the God whom we all adore...

"Many questions will arise in the mind of the body, yet each one will be answered in time and in turn. The thought I throw out into the vibrations tonight is that of: 'Unity', of the importance of acquiring, during the physical stage, understanding of each other; and this understanding - aye, in completion - is housed in the Divine within.

"You but release the bonds here and loosen the chains there, and as you gain your freedom you look out on life, on your fellow-creatures, on all creation, with a different attitude; you are conscious of the link between you all, that the life within comes from the same Great Source of Life, and that therefore you are one; ah, one in that comprehensive sense which the finite mind cannot grasp...

"And so, directed by the Beloved, I bid you go over your equipment; to put aside the world's view that to be masculine you must not only be strong but you must rule out those softer emotions of the heart, that sweetness which is so beautifully expressed in the mother with her child.

"And to the women I would say: Oh, cast aside that poisoned thought that because you are a woman, weakness must not only be excused, but that it is an attractive quality to the so-called stronger sex. Weakness in the man or woman is weakness; strength in the man or woman - that is of the Divine within...

"Ponder upon my words, for their deep import has never been grasped by mankind; the Truth has been lost under the garbage of the earth, buried, and that which has caused antagonistic thoughts and actions between men and women has risen up over that which was meant to be the great gift of physical life.

"Remember - I speak to the men - that within you there is the compassion, the tenderness, and the patience of the highest evolved woman. And to the women I say: Within you there is the courage, the initiative, the constructive power, and the endurance which belongs to the freed man.

"These gifts wait for release. Oh, pause not nor waste the time and opportunity which is now your own. Discard that built up by the world and demonstrate yourselves as spirits, conscious spirits, part of the great Father and Mother God, and join hands one with the other, giving out of what you have to the one who has not, and taking from that one that which is, as yet, undeveloped in yourself. Only in this wise can you look back on the earth stage, and with thankful, grateful hearts, see that your talents were put to the greatest use possible in the conditions in which you were placed...

"That is one other fragment of Eternal Truth. Do not forget that the way of the pilgrim is the hard way, the hilly way, yet it is the glad way, the way of peace, the way of an inexpressible joy, for you draw to you those who have these things in that lavish manner bestowed by God. Therefore, hold before your gaze the ideal of the two-fold mind, for the two-fold mind leads on to the three-fold self - that perfection of being in which is housed all power, all gifts - for you were, and are, and shall be, of the Lord God of all...

"Now, my little ones, I will leave you for a space. In the future, I will return to certain points which I cannot go into this night, but time must elapse, for we cannot sow too many seeds in the shallow soil of the physical mind without due preparation. Yet, each point one day must be made your own, each aspect of Truth, each fragment of that which is the story of Life; all this but waits your preparation, and God delights to give to those who desire to learn. And thus I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...I pray you give me a welcome. It is the one you name Martha, and I come at last. Oh, sisters and brothers, we have much in common. In this little home long since I have found a place; in that which is your own vibrations so Martha has worked and prayed, has healed and soothed, yet ever under the Master's direction...

"Oh, bear with me, for I have much to say. In that far-off time when the story of Martha was narrated, Martha had much to learn, so methinks I will speak as to that far-off time: The treasured one whom we named mother, and the lord and master of the house, they had been gathered to their fathers, and we three lived alone. I, as the elder, was even as a mother to the one I loved so well; you name her Mary, and that name is blessed for ever.

"Oh, think you as to that little home of ours: The brother that we loved, and this same one to womanhood grown, employed with much, full of those considerations regarding things material that would not be denied; and the sister, like a beautiful flower, growing up beneath our gaze... So well remember I, that it seems as yesterday that I baked and prepared the food for all, that I weaved the garments, and that I bid my sister brush her hair; yes, even as yestereven it seems to me, for I indeed was as a mother, yet motherhood was never mine...

"In that far-off time, duty and rules and customs, they governed our actions, they controlled our minds; and had I neglected to teach the Flower (Mary) to weave and bake and sweep, then the condemnation of the women would have been my lot. Idleness was a deadly sin, the shirking of the daily task - that indeed was a fault which must be checked. Canst understand?

"So I bid you think of Martha thus: Many responsibilities it seemed at that time rested upon my shoulders, and the thought came that mother and father - the two combined - to the Flower must be my part; yet, love, like an ocean, held my heart and mind for those two who were my all. And the Master understood, yet the Master checked me in the anxiety which held my mind...

"This night, I am bid to unfold that which has not been passed on to any before. Today passes, and I stand out in that which you would call the garden of the house, yet it was land open to all but numbered amongst our possessions; and there Martha stood and thought. I remember well the consciousness of impending doom and how sorrows held my heart, and I wondered what would happen to the Flower if I no longer had a place in that which we called the home. And thinking thus, I heard not the Master's step, yet He was there. And in those moments of solitude He opened the future and showed me something of the past.

"Aye, brothers and sisters, my experiences were to give me that gift named the two-fold mind. Canst understand? Mine to be the guardian, mine to be the worker - yet a woman I, and frail in many ways. And as He spake so I saw before my gaze that which you name renunciation, yet it was even as a plant long since barren which had broken into leaf and blossom once again... Oh, strange it seems. Upon me now I feel the gracious eyes, the tender look, the understanding of the test, and thence-forward regret and rebellion died within; and Martha, a woman yet a man, took the hard way which was the glad way - for the Master went in front..."


"...It's Dan Leno, and I wouldn't be kept out. You see, Mrs. Moyes, I'm like a burglar: I knock at the front door, can't get in; so then I step round to the back door, can't get in; but I'm not out to be done. I climb up the drain-pipe, Miss Dorrie; I'm a burglar, oh-oh! But I'm here.

"Well, it was very funny, but while I was waiting just now taking in the proceedings, I had such a strange feeling. It seemed to me that this miserable specimen, Dan Leno - a little wisp, you know - he disappeared. I thought to myself: 'Now what's the game?' D'you know what happened? I was a bit scared; oh, I get scared, you know, I'm not up to it, not up to this company here - I felt someone put a hand on my shoulder, and for a moment I had the same sense of panic as, when a nipper, I used to try and slip a sandwich off the counter because of my aching inside...

"Yes, I knew what it was to get almost delirious for bread. I remember distinctly praying for manna - oh, I'd heard about the manna - and I thought to myself: 'If the sky provided manna in the old days, why couldn't it now?' And I got it. I remember once it came rather abruptly, just here (side of head). I looked round and it was a great fat turnip. It was my manna all right, and I got on with it...

"But I was telling you about something... I felt a hand on my shoulder, and standing beside me there was an angel. You couldn't describe her as anything else - an angel from the top of her head, to the sole of her foot. And do you know what she said to me? I guess you'll laugh, I didn't, I nearly blubbed. She said: 'I want to borrow your help'... I thought for a minute, it seemed to me there must be a catch in it; but she said: 'I want to take you to a little home on earth because there is so much sorrow there'. I'm saying this very badly but I can't get over it; she is here all right. She said that she wanted me to go back to a little home on earth and make the folk laugh.

"Well, you know, that's rather a tall order but I've done it before, and I'm going - directly I've had my little pow-wow - I'm going to do it again. Do you know how we go to work? We use all sorts of trivial things to get a link. I remember once it was a towel - nothing very funny in a towel, is there, especially when it's wet? But I went - it was down by the docks; and there was a poor old chap all alone - the others were out working - and he was just as miserable as anyone could be. But there was a towel on the post of the bed, so I did a bit of conjuring - oh, we can, you know - I just passed my hands over his eyes, he was half asleep, and presently that towel turned into Dan Leno; you know, the old lady. I twisted it round, conjuring, and he thought of me on washing-day, and in spite of his pains he chuckled: 'Good old Dan Leno; he was a rare one!'...

"Oh, I seem to laugh, but, you know, when people talk like that I want to cry like a kid. That's what I've bought, so they tell me, by the past; couldn't have done it without the hungry days, without the black days, but it's mine, and I'm here, there and everywhere, like a commercial traveller. My wares now, what are my wares? A bit of fun here, and a pat on the back there. I'm one of them - I understand. I understand what it is to be in rags, to have a body that hasn't had soap on it for a week; I understand what it's like when the 'toffs' look at you as though you were an animal; I understand what it is to be kicked out, to be loathed, and the feeling that God has forgotten you, if there is a God...

"Well, you see, I'm bound to get serious at times; as a matter of fact, when I think of that angel I want to take my boots off and go creeping about like this... It isn't that I'm overawed in the earth way, only I feel, well, well, that I'm last week's goods instead of this. It's a rotten feeling. I want to be today's produce, and I've got my chance.

"And all you, you've got your chance, you know, in a wonderful way. You understand the poor folk, and some of you understand what it is to have plenty of cash. You've got it both ways: You know what the poor are up against and you know those two-edged temptations that come to the comfortable. You've got your chance, and I'd like to say - if I'm not taking up the time of another - that when you are out of the body, why, if you've put up anything of a fight, you're a 'lady' or a 'gentleman' even if you were born in a workhouse...

"When I come back in the body (of instrument) I get common again, but when I'm in my own little home, why, I'm the same but a finer article. I can think without any of the remembrance of the way I talked on earth. The only thing that does me in is the holy ones. They make me crinkle up; yet, if they'd put their eye on you, you might crinkle up, but they'd have you: 'Come along, what's the matter with you?' They don't say it but they mean it, you know. That's the only thing that knocks me out, but I love it, and I'm never the same after I've been through their hands...

"And now I've got to go. Seems a long time to wait before I can come again, but I know I'm always in your thoughts and I can press the button at will. We've done a lot together and we are going to do something that's rather big... But I must toddle now because, well, you see, there's work to do; I hope you will send a thought after me that Dan will be able to be used, for I'm told the need is great.

"Goodnight, and don't forget the manna. It may not come just as we want it but it comes all right, and in asking in the right way we get manna for our real selves as well. I've found out that since. Goodnight, and I'm very much obliged to you all. I'm told to say that the lady I used the other night and her youngster there (Mrs. White and Kitty) they're invited in the near future. Do you understand? You're to come again, for tonight someone stepped aside and let me do the speechifying instead, I owe you both one; that's two, isn't it? Oh, I'll pay; I'm an honest man. Don't forget you're to come again. If I hadn't said that, perhaps you wouldn't have liked to ask, would you? Thought not, but it's all right, we understand each other. It's the manna, don't forget, and there's plenty more to come.

"Goodnight, and wish me luck, won't you, because there's an awful lot to do... Night, night..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, dear children, this evening perhaps has been unexpected to some. Contend yourselves with the thought that the will of Christ has been done. You, individually, have contributed of your best, and the Father blesses the children who come with their gifts into this sacred sanctuary to learn something of those things which are of Him.

"Oh, I bid you all have no fear over the future or the work entrusted to you. We have commenced a mighty campaign, but during the years you have been prepared by the discipline of physical life; the temptations which assail you now are so-called spiritual in character.

"There will be, with some, that tug of desire which comes from the mind of the body, to draw from those who speak (spirits) that which ministers to their physical needs, that which directs as to the material things of physical life.

"To such I give this word of warning: The gift of communion with those who are free from the body, again, has a triple purpose: The raising of your thoughts to higher things; the inspiring of those who speak to reach those higher things; and this combination of thought and pure desire, that creates a power which is sent out on the vibrations, and is used for those who, as yet, are too weak to help themselves.

"Now think you, my children, as to those who use the Divine power to protect themselves from the experiences for which they entered the physical body. Think you of those who use this precious opportunity and then contribute nothing to your upliftment or to your freedom from that which binds. Loss, Loss, Loss. Loss to those who listen, loss to those who speak, and the power which is so terribly needed for the weak, that has not been sent forth.

"The highest and the best, the humble heart, the gathering together in unity under Christ, asking that something shall be given to enlarge your understanding of that Reality which is all around: This, dear children, is the only rightful usage of this gift, a gift which is holy in a sense which, as yet, you cannot understand.

"But without God, no words could come through the instrument I use; and the protection, which is as a wall around you, that would be missing. Thus it is that the destroyers are able to fulfil their terrible purpose amongst gatherings when the physical and the material alone hold the minds of those who listen, and, in turn, of those who speak. That which has taken place in such conditions can only be worked out in time to come, by anguish, for its wide-spreading effect is beyond human comprehension, for a Divine law has been outraged.

"So, my little ones, you see the blessing which surrounds you? You come to listen to the direction of the Holy One, passed on through others, and Christ not only gives of Himself, but as you listen so many others are working upon you, widening your vision, releasing your sympathies, opening your understanding; for you are the missionaries of the One you love and the One who loves you best.

"So, through the grace of the Father I bless you with pure hearts and minds, and with the faith and trust of a little child. I bless you with the will to strive for the two-fold mind, for the two-fold mind leads on and on until the Christ mind is made your own. I bless you with that deep desire to get nearer and nearer to that high ideal, the Christ mind, the Christ attitude, the Christ love in your daily life. Rejoice in your gifts - the gifts of the Spirit that are drawn to you by that which the past has held... The Cross upright, glorious - that is our star - upright and glorious.

"Goodnight, my children, and rest in peace."

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