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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Hanger Lane Christian Spiritualist Church, Ealing Common, London, W.5, on Sunday, October 5th, 1947

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Saviour Christ, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"Dear children, on this happy Anniversary Day, joy fills my being, to be the one to pass on messages of cheer, and perhaps, to open another inch in the great furrow of knowledge.

"I want all who are gathered in, to realise the value of self-denial and labour, to think what it means to those concerned who have done so much to beautify this temple of peace and its outer courts; and I would underline that a blessing, greater than human language can portray, rests upon each and everyone partaking in this work of service.

"Tonight, dear children, I have been instructed to speak to you on: 'Thought-Forms and How They Are Born'.

"Many of you are familiar with the term; but sometimes there is confusion caused because the manner of their birth, and the work they have to do, is not fully appreciated. It is a vast subject and I can but touch upon it in fragment tonight, but many in their thoughts will carry on that which I have given them, into a wider area; and always remember that the gift of the Holy Spirit is yours, to lead you step by step into all Truth.

"First of all we have to analyse the kind of thought-forms we see so oft presented to us. You only have the earthly manifestation, but you do know that there are many thought-forms which are born into the earth-world through inspiration, and that 'inspiration' means that the one concerned is sufficiently sensitive, so that those, unseen, with the greater knowledge, can impinge their thoughts upon the physical mind.

"But the physical mind is a very awkward tool. It is as a cistern into which are poured the thoughts of materially-minded people. These come from places of pleasure, from those with whom you work, and perchance also from inheritance. But I use the word 'cistern', in order to convey that those thoughts which are tumbled into it, in such a haphazard manner, can be cleansed by the waters of refining, and come forth in a resurrected state.

"Today religion for the most part appears to be out of favour, and many of you are saddened by the thought. It seems that in the old days, when there was something of faith and trust in God, that this brought a better result. You have only to go back over spiritual history to find that in many countries 'sacrifice', in a marvellous state of development, was shown when those concerned were challenged as to their love for Jesus Christ. There were many who did not hesitate to choose death - the death of the physical body - and I am not speaking now so much of the saints and martyrs of olden days, but of those in the little yesterday of time; and the tomorrow of time will show something emerging from these sacrifices and the anguish endured.

"But men and women in the physical bodies have short memories, and that is another sign that the mind you use is a very imperfect tool. At one period there is an outcry against the brutality of those who attack the defenceless, but you are surprised to find how soon the attitude gives place to forgetfulness, and more than that, sometimes to even finding plausible excuses for the agony inflicted on those who had done no evil to anyone at all.

"This, again, is an example of the thought-forms which men and women in the flesh are building up, and you have to remember that in this material plane, as well as in other worlds, there is a mixture of good and evil amongst those who are seen and the many disembodied souls. Therefore as you analyse your emotions, your thoughts, and your desires, to do or not to do, you can judge very clearly the kind of influence to which you have been responding.

"Then we come to what is such an important point: You cannot help the fact that upon the mind of the body there is focussed those thoughts which may be destructive both to you and to mankind, but as you are the children of the Most High, you have free choice, and it is your great responsibility whether you allow those thought-forms to gain birth in these conditions.

"And remember that in one sense you are all 'parents', with the privilege of bringing to birth those ideas which can be a lasting blessing to this world, or those which not only hinder others upon the pathway of life, but will have to be worked out by you in time to come.

"You see, we are getting a little nearer to fundamentals, to the things of today which are taken entirely as a matter of course, as part of physical life. You are impinged upon in so many ways, and your mediumship - whether you call yourselves mediums or not - your mediumship is being manifested day by day, as well as year by year.

"Think then of a gardener or a craftsman. These are up against great difficulties in this same time. They have certain ideals in their mind, and they are willing to sacrifice to bring those ideals to birth. You cannot look upon any garden without being conscious of the tremendous influence of those thought-forms. There are some which please you, others which cause a certain amount of criticism, and there are also those thought-forms which have an expression in neglect.

"Few people stop to consider that neglect is just as much a manifestation of a thought-form as a beautiful design. The thought-form expressed in the former case, is simply a lack of interest in Nature, and a lack, also, of understanding of our duty towards other forms of life.

"It is the same with the home. There are many homes which you enter, and at once you are conscious of something expressing harmony. It may not be a rich home; on the contrary, there may have been much struggle to draw together those things which are essentials only; but you cannot linger for a moment or two in such conditions without being impressed, through the sensitive side of your nature, with something beautiful and powerful. The beauty may not be on the physical side, but undoubtedly it is on the spiritual side; and you have to take into consideration what that effort to produce beauty and cleanliness and order, will represent in the next stage of being.

"Again and again, dear children, I have tried to underline the importance of good workmanship, to pay tribute to the honest businessman, however uncongenial his work may be to him. The attributes of a good businessman are essentially of use in this world, but of still greater use in the world to come, because for the most part you, on earth today, understand but the edge of law and order. You have only to think of the great constellations and of the Master Mind of the Creator, to realise that order and precision are something far beyond the human imagination.

"I would underline this point tonight, because there are many - you gathered here, and those who will read my words - who are sorrowful at heart because it seems to them that their life is wasted, in the sense that they are producing so little, which to their mind is of worth. But there is always the Inner Life, and I want to comfort you by reminding you that thought-forms which cannot come to birth upon the earth-plane, have their birth in another state of being. Perhaps the conditions on earth were too crude, perhaps your ideals were too high to be able to vibrate to the material vibrations of this world, and the people who abound upon it.

"And there is this point, too, to be remembered - your last life and those many other lives which you have lived in other worlds and in other bodies, all intended for the progression of the soul-side of you; and the purpose of the soul-side is the linking up of the soul with the Divine within.

"You today in a physical body demonstrate according to your thoughts and actions and desires, what has gone on in those previous stages of life, how far you were able to rise above the conditions, how far you were able to curb the lesser self. And all those who have a longing for service - it does not really come into it whether that longing has been materialised in this state - all those who have a longing for service, can be perfectly certain that they are being used in a way that transcends the human imagination, for you have a double life in a spiritual sense - the physical associated with the physical mind and physical body, and that time of freedom when sleep holds the flesh, and you can express yourselves in the way that you long to do during your waking consciousness, but the opportunity is not there.

"So tonight I want to try to impress upon the mind of those who will listen, and those who will read my words, how these thought-forms are brought to birth. It is a complicated business, as you would say, to make possible that something from the etheric state shall be so clothed in matter that it can have a place and be recognised by those who are in a material body.

"Consider those stories you have heard of groups of people, guides and helpers, and many who wish to learn, congregating in large bands on the Other Side, to bring something important to pass. This is a reality, but not exactly as presented to you upon the earth-plane. You see, dear children, it is not necessary for us to meet in a college or a hall: it is not necessary for us to meet at all as a 'band' or group who have been entrusted with the work concerned.

"There are no barriers between us in the World of Spirit. One soul might be working far from another, as you regard space and time, but that would not alter the fact that those two were keyed to the same vibration; and this law relates to many souls - they must be keyed to the same vibration to bring to birth a thought-form upon this physical plane.

"Naturally you are very much impressed by the great masters - the musicians, the artists, and those who seem to use words in such a beautiful way that they leave a benediction upon the mind of the one who reads them. But when you are free from the flesh, and you see the gigantic effort which is required for the expression of that talent or gift upon the earth-plane, you will then say the task is far too big for you to undertake; and it is, but you are not expected to undertake it by yourself.

"And I would remind you in regard to absent healing, that the same law is brought into action, perhaps in miniature, but, as you have proved, in a very definite way. There are those in their own homes who have promised at a certain time to concentrate on someone who is sick. There are others who meet in temples of peace, such as this one, and they do their utmost to shut out the material thoughts of a busy world and to be used by higher forces. Some may say: 'I am not very successful, I find that my mind is like an unbroken pony, dashing hither and thither, in spite of my desire to keep a strong hand upon the rein!' Yes, we all suffered in that way, but go a little deeper than that.

"What is your desire? What do you try to do? What is the keynote of your life? As you take your daily way and rub shoulders with other workers, are you so self-centred that your thoughts are only upon yourself? Self-centredness, from our point of view, is one of the greatest obstacles we have to contend with.

"There are many good people who, literally, live in a world of their own making. They would not like anyone to say it was a selfish world, and yet it is. It is a world where they can find something of peace and harmony, and as it were, close their aura to the auras of the teeming hundreds who are around. That is a habit, dear children, that you will have to lose when you are free from the flesh, because then you will see that those thought-forms were not of use to anyone, even if they were concerned with the desire for a greater measure of perfection in yourself.

"You have had the Master's teaching, and you know that the only way to progress is to try to bring about the evolution of others, to try to expand your understanding, to give a sympathetic ear to one here and there in trouble; and if you have not suffered illness yourself, to do your utmost, by that wonderful gift of imagination, to conjure up some sort of picture of what pain is like.

"This is a very difficult thing to do; it takes a lot of courage and a lot of persistence, but I would not cause you despondency, for again I remind you that if the desire is within to enter into the lot of others, so during the sleep-state, and so far as the Divine within you is concerned, you are doing so. The pity is that there is not sufficient practice and not sufficient sensitiveness on the physical side, so that the thoughts of the Divine man or woman - which you represent - can penetrate through the corridor of the subconscious and force an entry into the mind of the body.

"And if you think on these lines you have to remember, also, that in the next state of being, things will not be very much easier, because habits of thinking become almost as the furniture of your own little world. You want, therefore, not only to analyse the kind of thought-forms which are impinged upon the physical mind, but to go a little further, and to see what you can do to bring the useful ones to birth.

"And always I have emphasised, instructed by the Master Christ, that although good thoughts are good, even the tiniest good action is better, better far; because at once it is an expression of the birth of a little thought-form which, as a babe, will have the capacity to grow, to become mature and to cast its beneficent influence on those around.

"I want to comfort all those who do so much in faith, who have started a church and have had to meet disappointments and perhaps the betrayal of so-called friends, those who have had many hours of anxiety when sleep has escaped them, wondering as to ways and means. They have prayed, yet the position remains the same; but the thing is this - and there are thousands who have proved it - that somehow or other, they have got through, that although the difficulties have not been swept out of their path, from within has come the courage to meet them unafraid, when there were those to lend of their help and their strength, and another span of testing was passed.

"There are many people who say: 'But if they are doing God's work, why does not God help them more? Why should they be badgered by this and that, why should their efforts not reap a greater spiritual harvest? We can understand that a material harvest might be scarce, but why not a spiritual harvest that would gladden the heart and mind of the ones concerned?'

"But you see, dear children, the thought-form has not only to be born upon the physical plane, but there must be certain things provided, so that the infant can grow. As you realise with physical birth, bringing a baby into the physical world is only the first stage of your responsibility. You have to find clothes for it, you have to safeguard it from the cold winds or even from too much sunshine; and that responsibility is something which is taken up and will not be laid aside until the child becomes strong enough or wise enough to fend for himself or herself, as the case may be.

"So it is with churches and temples; so it is with religion. Some have been astonished at times, to find that some great teacher or leader, who had the power to raise the dormant self within others, had not a longer influence upon the earth-plane. But again I remind you of the cumbersome tool of the physical mind which can so easily forget the horrors perpetrated by cruelty and lust. So also it is equally easy to forget the influence of that wonderful thought-form which was so charged with the Power of the Holy Spirit that it appealed to hundreds of thousands of people, and turned their restlessness into peace.

"Of course it did not despatch their troubles; that is where the weakness lies in the human mind. There is always the argument put forth: 'If I do this for God, what is He going to do for me?' But you cannot bargain with the Divine within. It is not a question of God withholding things from His children whom He loves so well; everything the Father has, is waiting until we become ready to make it our own. The difficulty is this: We cannot vibrate to those thought-forms from the Divine Mind as we should. So we lose them, and there is much delay over the evolution of man.

"Yet he is evolving, because out of the very suffering caused by his weakness and his folly, something is saved; he has gained a little of experience, and the gift of experience is essential to allow anyone to emerge out of the kindergarten stage and become a pupil, when there is some hope that in time to come he may be used as a teacher, and bring to those who listen the Light that shall lighten their darkness and kill the fear of death.

"So where have we come to in our thoughts tonight? We realise that those wonderful manifestations of the true self within have their labour-pains. Sometimes they are very severe and very prolonged; and it depends entirely upon the persistence of the 'parents', whether those lovely thought-forms shall find a place upon the earth-plane and bring their measure of refreshment to those around.

"But, as you know, there are some parents who give up, they are tired of suffering, they feel that the struggle is hardly worth while, and so, as with some with weakened bodies, they pass into another state with the thought-form unborn. There are many in the physical body who will not bear the labour-pains of these thought-forms, they turn their attention to something which requires less effort and concentration.

"And I want to pass on a reminder once again, in regard to those great pioneers of religion. It is heart-breaking to us, and heart-breaking to those concerned, to find how soon people forget the message which they were willing to suffer all things to deliver. There are some now in the flesh, who have unhesitatingly bartered their all, in order to give birth to that religious instinct which has been nurtured by the World of Spirit, and which has changed the lives of countless numbers upon the earth-plane. But when they are gone, what will take place with those who remain? Will it be the easy way, will it be merely the satisfaction of finding that that thought-form still has life in it?

"I warn you, dear children, that the life in it, cannot last, unless there are those willing to make the same sacrifices, to endure the same hardships; when not only will the life of that thought-form be enhanced in beauty, but similar thought-forms will be added to it. And it is wise for such as these to pray that when they pass on, there may be found others to follow their example, to add to the beauty and power of those Divine thought-forms which, literally, have rent in twain the Veil between the two worlds, to reveal a vision glorious.

"But great things must exact a great price, and only those who are willing to make the fullest sacrifice of mind and body and soul, can have the power to leave behind them those trailing garments of light, which represent a pathway out of materialism into the glory of God's Eternal Home.

"Oh, dear children, your opportunities are so great. When we were upon the earth-plane, we had every disadvantage you can imagine to grapple with. Authority was as an impenetrable wall, and it imprisoned us, and dwarfed our efforts; but as I look back upon those times, I see how wonderfully it was demonstrated that the thought-forms from the Master's Mind were not only focussed upon us, but were built up, even as a hedge, around us, so that we should not wander from the one true path, so that we should find the courage to meet our physical end, and not deny our Lord.

"What is your position? How far have you got? How many thought-forms do you want to bring to birth, and what kind are they? Dear children, it is useless for man to juggle with his conscience. There are many in the world today, who are striving to serve two masters, but they are finding that both of those masters are betraying them.

"So there comes to you that direct challenge as to the real self within - what is it creating? You may say: 'It is impossible to alter my conditions; I am surrounded by everything I dislike the most!' Are you? Is that not the physical mind crying out in distress? God understands, but may it not be that your spirit took on those tests to burnish up your character, to make it possible during the sleep-state that you could bring to birth that which you desire with all your being? Yes, and I would indeed raise your hearts and minds above the hardship of today, above the many temptations and, above all, take it beyond that feeling: 'What is the use of it all? I shall go on in the same groove unto journey's end!'

"But the groove is far wider than you can see with your physical eyes, or understand with your physical mind; it is not just brown unpleasant earth; there are the blossoms of the Spirit forcing their way through the soil, and they have life eternal, they are born out of the suffering, out of the denial of those natural desires of the physical self. These are flowers you have never seen before, and they have properties which you cannot understand with the mind of the body. Are they not literally thought-forms being brought to birth with much labour-pains? And have I not said that they have life for evermore, and their beauty never shall be tarnished?

"So, dear children, I ask you to try to carry on, and to expand the thoughts which I have endeavoured to express tonight, to look at your physical life in a different way, to realise that what you see and what you know with the mind of the body, is a very poor presentation of Life as it is; it is only, as it were, your shadow. As you walk in the sun and look back, you do not think much of your shadow; it only amuses the young.

"So I beg you with all the force of my being, to remember my words, not to allow your shadow to break your heart, not to adopt the attitude that you are hemmed in and are failing in the Divine purpose which you desire so much to bring into being. God does not allow these things to happen; God controls earthly law and physical law. That which a man wants to do sincerely, he is doing, and the physical representation is of little importance in that inner Life of Spirit, where the pattern is coming so marvellously into view; and the one concerned, as sleep holds the body, marvels at the love of God, marvels, too, that so little given by the physical self can produce so much in the etheric state.

"And now I come amongst you, dear children, to pass on the blessing which the Master Christ has entrusted unto me. And I want the young to realise what it all means - that greater consciousness in early years, and how those on the Other Side are seeking to instil into their minds, those thought-forms which are wanted so badly in this vale of sorrow and misunderstanding.

"And those who are giving their help to others, who are working so hard to build, so that many may benefit, shall we not say to them that they are doing well in the Master's sight?

"We have to grapple with the physical minds of those upon the earth-plane, we are custodians of the Truth, and if it means war in a spiritual sense, then to war we must go, for right and justice, and the bringing about of the furtherance of God's Will. You see, dear children, in giving way to those who are in bondage, sometimes you forget, through the charity that holds your hearts and minds, that they will be punished in time to come, punished by the Divine within themselves, for having failed to render a true account of their stewardship when upon the earth-plane.

"So in the Name of the Master Christ, I bless you all, and if the physical barriers make it difficult for me to reach each and everyone, remember my words - there are no divisions in the World of Spirit, no divisions when love holds the heart and mind; and as I speak, there are many unseen, passing to and fro, marking upon your brows the Cross of Jesus Christ, and putting upon your shoulders the cloak of service. Hold it fast, hold it fast, for it will mean more to you in time to come than you can understand now, even though you love our Master and our Lord.

"I bless the workers here, and I say that each and everyone has been tested, tested as to loyalty, tested as to judgement, and perchance the testing must go on. But let the next anniversary show that a few more rungs of the ladder have been climbed, a little more experience has been made your own; and as you put forth increased effort and sacrifice, so you shall find the protection is complete.

"Yes, the blessing has been given, and around us, gathered close, are the bright ones, and when the bright ones come in their number, we know that the Master, too, is close at hand. Oh, touch the hem of His garment and be made spiritually whole. For great things are coming to pass upon the earth-plane, hindered only because of the difficulty of bringing to birth those thought-forms which are essential as a background and a protection.

"Peace be with you all, dear children, and when sleep holds the body this night, many of us will meet again. Farewell."

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