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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 12th July, 1925.

"Father of Love, we commend ourselves to Thee tonight, knowing that Thou hast provided all that is necessary, and that all that is asked from us is just faith and trust and confidence... Faith in the call of the Spirit which we have heard; trust in Thy promises which never fail; confidence in all the Love which is centred on and around Thy children. Yes, confidence in that mighty power of the Spirit which has been shown many times, under conditions which may be adverse, but which are swept aside, because it is Thy will that those on earth who wish to gather in the Truth as it stands - without adornment, without the misconceptions to which the physical mind is so prone - that to those who wait the Truth direct from Thee shall come.

"O Father, grant that we, with willing and happy hearts, may meet together evening by evening; that the love and sympathy of those on earth shall contact with the love and sympathy which comes so freely from those released from the body; and that the intermingling of the two may not only make the understanding complete, but the communion as perfect as can be.

"Render unto us tonight the gift of peace and the gift of revelation; so that we may turn ever and ever again to our task, with renewed assurance that Thou hast called us, and are using us to call others... Amen...

"...Good evening, my children, and I hope tonight that you feel as closely in touch with me as possible. Of course, you argue among yourselves that Zodiac, having passed through so many experiences, having lived in a time altogether different from your own, having - as you put it - allied himself to Christ right down the ages, that it is hardly to be expected that he should not be influenced by the tremendous gap which obviously lies between his viewpoint and your own.

"Well, dear children, I have to go back again and again on these little points, because it is necessary - for many reasons hidden from you at this stage - it is necessary that you should be able to come to me even as a child to its trusted mother and to feel that there are no barriers in between us at all.

"Has it not occurred to you that The Master would hardly have sent me into your midst if I had been so ill-equipped to understand my children's point of view? Has it not occurred to you as well that it would be a tremendous waste of time and of effort to have linked myself to you in this sweet way if I were not able to say at the same time: 'There are no barriers, there are no obstacles of the mind or body which are strong enough to intervene between me and my children.'

"Now, little ones, I do not want you to make any reservations. I am not only speaking to you here, but I am speaking with added emphasis to all those who, week by week, read these records - records of communion between those who are free and those who, for a little while, are bound to physical life.

"I say, with no qualification whatever, that I understand each point of view entirely; and more than that, their lives - long before they took on a body of flesh - their lives were laid out before me down to the minutest detail, and there are some, in the happy days to come, who will be able to go back on the past and mentally put a finger on this incident and on that and to recognise that, by the grace of God, I was there and I was used by my Master to divert that life into its right and finest channel.

"Children, there are some amongst the younger ones who still think: 'Ah, yes, Zodiac is more in touch with those who are farther on, those who have suffered much, those who, by self-discipline, have brought the physical will - for the most part - into harmony with God.'

"Again, dear children, you are wrong. Those who as yet are finding the road both long and steep - these of necessity need my ever guiding, watchful care; and so I ask them to take me into their thoughts in as companionable a way as can be conceived, for only by this close contact can I protect them, can I lift them out of the passing clouds which the shadows bring along in order to cast a shade on the brightness of the Love the Father has for all His children.

"Well, little ones, tonight we are met together for a variety of reasons, and as we go on, those reasons will be shown to you - and I think you will agree that in themselves they constitute a memorable evening...

"Yes, the peace of God is here, His angels are protecting you all, and around them is a rainbow of Light which is coloured in a way I scarce can explain because, dear children, the colours of your world are not a true parallel of the colours which run through the worlds of the Spirit - which indeed are part of their composition, if I may use that word in a spiritual sense.

"Think then to your selves: 'All, all is well!' - and the Voice of the Spirit shall be heard out of the Silence proclaiming that which is of God, that which belongs to the Life Everlasting - to all that Eternity which cannot be fathomed by any mind except that of its Creator.

"Tonight then, dear children, in quietness and peace, we will consider one or two points which so often cause discussion among those who, necessarily, are limited by the physical mind and still more so by the viewpoint of the world.

"In the days of old there was much prophesying, there was much foretelling of events, and it was the custom then - long since died out, alas - for the people, the masses, to congregate together or to approach the great teachers of their time and to ask in faith for direction. And, dear children, the one chosen by God to demonstrate His purpose - as far as might be - always rose to the occasion, and guidance of a gigantic character was not only forthcoming but was followed without questioning by those who asked.

"Dear children, that is a point which many are apt to overlook; indeed those fast rising doubts make it difficult for them to see beyond the concrete, beyond the present, and to place their faith in any future whatever. Yet I would ask you to consider this in a spiritual way. Again and again there have been those crises in the history of nations which indeed have caused a thrill of fear to run through the hearts of all. But when brought face to face with a catastrophe which seems imminent, then humanity as a whole discovers that also it is Spirit. Yes, that in that intricate physical organism there is - mysteriously hidden - something within which can not only seek its God but which is driven to do so by its necessity.

"Oh, dear children, if only these half-awakened children could realise the power which is within their reach, they would be able to alter entirely the trend of thought, and thereby the history of the world.

"Yes, it is a gigantic truth. Over and over again you have seen, even within your own short experience, that prayer - concentrated prayer - is a mighty force, that it has had the power to stem the tide of evil, that it has had the power to lighten the weight of physical affliction, that it has had the power to regenerate the Spirit of God within the individual, even if it be but for a short period that the awakening lasts.

"My children, those of you who love your country, those of you who with bigger view, can extend that love to humanity - I appeal to you all to forever spread this truth: That concentrated, earnest prayer is unlimited in its power and effect.

"On all sides you hear rumours of war; nay, I speak not only of those battles between man and man, but I refer to war in its wider aspect - to all those contentious questions which are being raised everywhere, in every country, and which, for the most part, are ignored as something too unpleasant, too uncomfortable to be heeded...

"Children, tonight I make a pronouncement which is rather serious in its inner meaning: I tell you all that these disturbances of thought, this hatred one for the other, those many desires for power, for influence, for the prize of controlling others - that all these emotions are stirred into active being by those who are determined that evil shall overcome good...

"Of course, dear children, that is impossible, as you know. All that the strongest evil can do is to delay the working out of the great good which God intends, and which God has laid down shall be the gift of man.

"Yes, dear children, we have got to face this matter both frankly and sanely, and I want you, by your thoughts, to try and steady others. When you hear of a world war, when there are those who whisper sinister things as to the 'punishment' which must overtake both the sinful and the followers of Christ who now inhabit this little plane - when this talk goes round, argue not against it but rather tell them the remedy, the remedy which is prayer.

"Children, right through the ages there have been scourges, there have been destructions to life and property which have been grievous to witness - and it must be so. It must be so for this great spiritual reason - that when things go well, when the conditions of physical life improve beyond a certain measure, then instead of the heart and mind of the individual being raised to God in thanks, the heart and mind of the individual turns to the things of the earth and binds and rebinds itself to the chains of the flesh and all that it represents...

"So sad is history in one sense, so sad to think that man - a child of God - that man could be so blind. Yet, dear children, again and again that journey of obstruction is shortened by one of those so-called catastrophes which, by the very nature of its horror, brings man back to his soul's quest, insofar as it awakens within the voice of conscience, the voice which says: 'Take care!'

"Tonight, dear children, I want to leave in your minds no sense of uneasiness as to what lies in front of your little world, but rather to show you, as far as I am able, that it is within the capacity of each and everyone, not only to save themselves but also to save the generations which are to come.

"Thought, dear children, has such building power; thought, when rightly directed - by which I mean directed to Light and not to darkness - that power of thought is not only used to help the ones concerned but even as a harvest, is stored to be called upon in time of need.

"Oh, my children, let not your vision be darkened by anything which is of the earth, but also let not the earth stand between you and the great hunger of the spirit within; that hunger, that longing, that striving, that intense desire is indeed of God - and indeed must be forthcoming if humanity is to make any great stride towards the wonderful goal which lies in front - the goal which must be reached by everyone.

"Tonight then, dear children, I ask you to be on your guard still more closely over the thoughts which find a holding in the physical mind. This is of the utmost importance, for it means that one day - when you need that bulwark of spiritual thought - one day, a brick here and there will be missing, and through the apertures the darts which cause so much pain to the heart and mind, through the apertures those darts will be sent, and while we can heal the wounds, yet because that bulwark was of your own building, we cannot prevent them from striking the physical heart and mind.

"Yes, the power of thought is a subject to which there is no end; it is a subject which has had a certain amount of attention upon earth, but in proportion to its value it has been neglected indeed.

"Children - I speak to you all - one day you will have to recognise that thoughts are things; one day you will have to contemplate how those thoughts - which were of you and yet not of you - how these were used to divert your heart's desire from finding its rightful resting place in your arms...

"The spirit discriminates, it is true; but the physical mind, so careless, so unused to be on its guard - the physical mind has the power, not to wreck the plan but indeed to mar some of its beautiful outlines, some of that exquisite design to which the spirit gave the greatest prayer and thought.

"Children, I divide the spirit from the physical mind, and if you could see things as they are, you would know that you were not dual but that in each one there is a trinity, separate yet making a complete whole - body, soul and spirit.

"The physical mind, as it were, has its eyes focussed on the present - on the bright, big colours, unable to get any true vision of detail in its real sense. The physical mind - blunted by the body, immersed in interests which for the most part are of a transitory character - the physical mind functions on its own, because freewill cannot be interfered with and as yet the spirit is buried beneath the things of the world.

"That, dear children, is a rough outline of those who, as yet, have not found their God, and of course it varies in degree, but in the main, that is how the physical - the body is represented.

"And then you come to the soul; and to use an illustration in rather a free way, the soul is like a garment upon which much has to be drawn and worked. Yes, worked in with a minuteness of detail which is beyond your understanding.

"Now, dear children, I used the word 'drawn', and it is something like this: The events of your physical life, the incidents and the experiences which the spirit intends that it will go through - these are, as it were, drawn in faint outline on that which represents the soul. Yet, as you will perceive, it is but an outline merely, and the going over even of that outline has to be done while the physical experiences take place in their sequence.

"Here we bring in that subject of 'fate', we bring in that gigantic hypothesis that as life on earth is planned, it is no use resisting the tide which takes you on.

"That, dear children, I will explain, but first of all think of it like this: On the one side there is the physical mind - limited, in some cases literally crippled by the obstructions which it has gathered to itself. On the other you have the spirit - that which is all pure, that which is of God Himself; and between the physical and the spiritual the struggle goes on.

"On the one hand the spirit is striving that that outline shall be traced in with the precision which it intended, that the weaving in of this and of that shall be in harmony, that the bright colours shall blend with those which are less bright, that even the darkest shall contribute their beauty to that which will remain for all time. Yes, fighting and struggling it does what many will never understand until the mind of the body is laid aside. Over and over again the situation, as it were, is saved; some devastating, destructive work is averted, and, moreover, the spirit sends back the physical mind over the same ground again and again, until that part of the tracery is true to the great design.

"Children, you see the 'trinity' - and I would not have you think that the soul is represented by a garment merely, although that word 'garment' expresses both the physical body and the soul body as nearly as is possible.

"Now, dear children, listen to me: Those who are seeking to find The Master, those who have found Him, and yet at times drift a little away - these, unconsciously, have handed over the domination of their destinies to the spirit, while the physical mind has lost what it once held so rigidly.

"You see what I am trying to teach: That apart from anything else, the wish to find Christ immediately reverses the balance of power, and though the physical mind may err on this and on that, although its treacheries may be many, yet because that deep decision of the physical will has been made, so the spirit is able to make good that which otherwise might have marred - might have hindered the beauty which was in the process of execution...

"Children, I want you to get this clear in your mind. Sooner or later, that garment which the soul body represents, has to be finished according to the spirit's desire - and I ask you to think it over and to reason it out within yourselves: Isn't it wiser to try more and more to help the spirit by your thoughts? Isn't it only practical to so hold the reins of the physical mind that the tracing of the outline can be done once and for all, with no retracing to make that which is ugly straight and neat?

"By 'thought' you can not only complete the outline of the design, but you can fill it in in a way no words can describe. Children, I would tell you that there have been those who have done even better than the spirit set out to accomplish during the earthly stages.

"To you this sounds impossible, I know. Have I not said that the spirit is ambitious indeed? Yes, but you forgot one great important fact: That ambitious for advancement though the individual spirit may be, the Eternal Father is more ambitious still; and so it has happened that there have been those who, on gaining release from the body, have seen with thankfulness indeed that not only was their life worked through to design, not only was the harmony maintained, but, by the grace of God, they did better even than the spirit's quest when it entered on its physical experiences.

"Children, I come back to this: That when some of you long to lay aside the little cabin of the flesh - which holds you so fast, which is so irksome, so cumbersome in use - that when you are free, that soul-body, which is a direct result of the physical experience, must be worn by you until, by processes of refinement, again that soul body is discarded for something which is so closely allied to the spirit that there is no distinction except in the degree of representing Christ.

"Oh, children, if only those in authority would speak, if only those who have the care of the masses could find within themselves the spiritual strength to tell them what they are doing and what lies in front. Yes, it is easy for some to talk of great catastrophes overcoming this little world, but to go back to hard bed-rock fact, the greatest catastrophe of all is going on in the individual life, in the individual soul, while the spirit is tortured indeed...

"Only by getting down to the individual, only by breaking up those obstacles which obscure his vision, only by teaching him how to hold on to God, can catastrophes in bulk be averted.

"You see, my little ones, that indeed the greatest tragedy is as it concerns the children who stray. Let not you think that judgement comes in here, but oh, the pity, oh, the waste, oh, the unnecessary suffering which man is piling up for himself when the way into happiness and peace lies open to him.

"Children, a great responsibility lies on those who refuse to penetrate into Truth, a great responsibility lies on all who have it in their power, in their capacity to teach and train the untutored minds of the majority.

"Yet, dear children, let not your hearts be sad, for again and again, when the need has come, there has been found those who could lead, those who could do God's work and save His people. These crises come as an inevitable result of careless thought and careless living. Therefore we come back to our starting point: I entreat you all to give full value, full importance to those thoughts which flit through the physical mind, sometimes remaining, building up character or destroying that foundation which already has been commenced...

"My children, I seem to you very serious tonight, and so I am, but not in the way you think. The seriousness of it all is that there is so much reckless waste of opportunity, so much unnecessary toil, so much that could be dispensed with in the way of grief, of pain and of mental suffering. Human nature cannot be hurried, but it can be steadied, and the only steadying process which is possible is by the prayers and thoughts of those who know their God.

"Yes, think it over and try and put yourselves into that attitude of mind when the Father can not only use those thoughts to strengthen and purify yourself, but in an unlimited measure can use them to drag out of the mire, out of the darkness of misunderstanding, those who are linked to you by the closest tie there could be - those who are your brothers and sisters, those whom God calls His children although as yet they know Him not.

"And now, my children, I will leave you, yet keep in mind ever during this short time we are together, the importance of thought - the power it has to contribute or to take away..."

(See also the extract: "The Effect of Thought")

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