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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at The Guildhall, Cambridge Christian Spiritualist Church, on Sunday, 24th March, 1935

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

..."The earth is but one state; you, as a living soul have had many lives in many worlds - and beyond the earthly body, for you, there lies bodies terrestrial and celestial, as you have been taught.

"To those who minister to the mind and perhaps forget the needs of the soul, open your heart so that the earth stage shall be productive of much good. Those who are free from the body see the highly intelligent who ignore the Divine within them, knowing that when they leave the earthly body behind they will have much to learn.

"Those who are bound by material thought and have denied that man was created in the Image of the Divine, will find when they are free from their entanglements, that, as narrated in the Holy Book, their origin was God, God as the Father as well as the Creator.

"When you think of your long, long past, take great cheer for the present and the future. Realise that because within you is Divinity, you have your angelhood, and in time to come - as stated by the Master - you must be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect, because you are His children and your inheritance is immortality - perfect love, perfect life.

"In thinking of this great truth of Spirit Communion which we seek to expound, it must be underlined that there are fallen angels. There are creatures of God who spurn His direction and are swayed by the dictates of self.

"During the earth stage and many stages before the earth was brought into use for the purpose and the plan of man's progression, the children of God fell from their high estate. Yet again comes the glorious hope, instanced in life today, and shown in a spiritual history far beyond earthly knowledge - that though some fell from that laid down, there were many who sought to struggle through. There were saints and martyrs, some of them with but few tools of the mind, as intelligence is regarded today. They have left their mark on time. They have instanced the power of the Holy Spirit at work, and that the power of Holy Spirit is stronger than the body, stronger than earthly enemies, stronger than the force of so-called evil. Humble men and women were able to borrow strength from the Unseen, and in time were numbered among the bright ones themselves.

"It is important that you use those buried resources within you - that which is part of your Divinity and that which shall lead you, in time, to All-Truth.

"Look at modern thought and all those vibrations cast out upon mankind. There is much admiration for the scientist and adulation for the inventor. Yet by comparison with the humble man or woman doing their duty, the so-called great ones - when the body is cast aside - are shown to be only novices in the understanding of spiritual law. Do not forget that physical law, fascinating as the subject might be, is ultimately, day by day and hour by hour, governed by God's Law. 'Thus far and no further': this has been worked out again and again with physical and material law.

"There are those who think that they can control the waves and the winds, setting into being great constructions, the sum total of much intelligence. And as they stand before that which seems so powerful, pride fills their heart and mind. But you have witnessed that man at this stage stands powerless before turbulent nature.

"What is the cause of turbulent nature? There are few who seek to find out this simple fact. All that which is imperfect, all that which is dangerous - which is a menace to human life - is the result of men and women repudiating their Divine Inheritance over the far past. Remember, that as you build in this life the condition into which you will pass, so in the stage before the physical life - and in many stages before that - the children of God were building the conditions of this world of matter, and much time must pass before Nature is harnessed by man. Because man, in forgetting to control himself, has lost that control over other creations which was meant by God.

"Many people will say that angels are a fairy tale in these days of commonsense. Yet, wait awhile. You may not believe in spirit control, yet all the time you are acting as a medium for others. Around you are the great unseen, and not all are angels - for many spurn God. To the men and women who prize their mental capacities: Beware, take care: your mediumship is great, but who has the control of the mind of the body? Who is it that directs your actions?

"You may say that you are in control of yourself, free to do as you please - but no one is independent. We are all one family under God, and all forms of creation are akin to yourselves. The birds of the air, the insects that creep through the soil, all came from the One Great Source of Life in the far past, but were then perfect in beauty and utility.

"So, whether you believe in spirit control or not, it does not alter the fact that the day-by-day-you is swayed and influenced by the unseen entities that are around. From whom are you borrowing your inspiration?

"Look at the world today and see what is portrayed upon the canvas; look at those monstrosities of sculpture, and ponder upon the desecration of music brought into being by bonded souls. Who inspired it? Who impinged upon the personality of the one who set it into being? A fallen angel - a fallen angel.

"But the time will come when the power will be so strong, so over-powering, that many rescuers will be sent forth, and those who were fallen will be raised once again, the lost sheep will be sought for until they are found, and the good shepherds will bring them back into the fold of Jesus the Christ.

"The chains of earthly feeling and emotion are so binding upon those who have not been rightly taught. Do not let these words pass you by, for this message comes from the Master Himself.

"As you seek to take your daily way, as you seek to do your task, allowing your creative power to express itself, what is taking place? Your mediumship cannot be evaded, but who is using you? Whose thoughts, whose desires are you picking up? As time goes by, it is hoped that you will desire only the very best, because when the earth garment is cast from you, if you have listened to fallen angels, you will find yourself in bondage that will terrify you and exact much suffering before it can be cast from you.

"There are many who respond to these words. There are some with the pilgrim spirit. There are those who are willing to be used by God for His work. As time goes on, opportunity shall be yours, and those who have the hard lives with many sorrows, will be shown as the ones with experience, as the ones who are in training to be leaders of the masses, as the ones who in time to come will represent the angels of light, angels of truth.

"Can you not see that earthly ambition mocks and derides? Can you not see that there are many worshipping false gods? These gods will be seen by the worshippers - when they pass hence - as mere clay. You are requested to demonstrate your Divinity, those mighty powers that are housed within you and which are of God Himself.

"Therefore, to be held by the desire for earthly fame is foolishness itself. You have seen again and again an earthly man raised into a high place and much is said in his favour. But as time passes, the voice of criticism is heard and the time comes when the one, so honoured, is in disgrace. Earthly things have let him down into the dust itself. But out of deep humiliation comes the power to arise in spirit, out of the weals of suffering, something of strength is made his own - and what man calls failure so often becomes spiritual success.

"You are blessed with something of realisation of the real self within - of a wider mind, of a longer vision, of that sound practical commonsense that will allow you to reason. You say: 'I am only here for a short span of time - what of the life to come?'

"By pursuing the path of duty, by holding up the torch of hope to the many that are in despair, you are preparing yourself to be used by God for His most glorious work. And in time to come you shall lead others out of the valley of earthly misunderstanding, out of the tangle of so-called scientific thought, out of the medley of theories about religion and the life of the physical body - into the sunlit, simple path laid down by Jesus the Christ.

"There are many who will wonder at these words and ask questions. There seem difficult points to these, but they are so simple when you have the Key to Divine Truth. There is nothing on earth that can be presented to the true disciple that cannot be answered. But so often the questioners are insincere - they are out to trap you. The Master went through that experience as well. Yet before simple truth the greatest mind of any age is dumb.

"Peace be amongst you all. There are always many unseen gathered around you, wrestling with you, trying to strike off the chains that still hold, trying to inspire you to struggle on - whatever the difficulties upon the path - seeking to impinge upon your consciousness a truer sense of values and a realisation of cause and effect from the God-point of view.

"Arise, arise in faith and take your place in God's most holy plan. Do not be amongst the cowards, amongst those who want the path hewn out for them. Be amongst the pioneers, the brave souls, the ones who will cut the steps in the rock of truth so that humility may climb.

"Let this be your high ambition. Let the consciousness realise that the ambitions of the earth are as childish toys. Then when physical death comes for you, it shall be the opening of the gates of revelation - no darkness, no doubting - but light and sweet reassurance, entering into your own domain, finding all your equipment there at hand. You will rejoice in your new life, in your wider sphere of activity, praising God because his patience has rescued you at last.

"The workers, seen and unseen are blessed. The golden Cross of Jesus the Christ shines upon them, and it shall shine with increasing brightness as the effort is made. The blessing of peace and of love be with you for ever more. Amen."

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