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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 29th June, 1924.

"O Gracious Spirit, we thank Thee for all Thy good gifts, for Thy tender understanding Love, for the brightness within and without, and for this most sacred privilege of communing with those who are in the Realms of the Spirit...

"We thank Thee for those named and for all those unnamed gifts with which Thou hast endowed Thy children - thank Thee with the gratitude which comes from love, thank Thee that always Thou art able to lift us out of the present into those planes of hope, of faith and of vision - that Thou art able to lift us into these planes and to dry the tears, to send back the sorrowful thoughts and to give that inner wisdom when we can say: 'In Thy Hands all is wonderfully well!'

"O Christ, above all we thank Thee that Thou ever and ever again can lift us up and up and up.

"Send down Thy power tonight, help us in our weakness, guide us in our ignorance, and protect us from those assaults of the evil which leave so deep a mark behind, until Thou hast closed the wound with Thy understanding Love...

"Power and blessing and holiness - these we ask as Thy children, certain that Thou wilt provide all that is necessary and give in abundance that which we require to help us through the days to come...

"...My children, tonight I not only bring joy but I meet it here - joy that another week has been safely passed, and also that inner, deeper joy which comes from the knowledge of the Spirit that the days so left behind have built up something towards that great and glorious Hereafter when sorrow will be no more, and gladness - such gladness as no words can express - such gladness will be yours and mine because of much fought through and the defeat of the contending forces.

"My little ones, tonight I think it would be as well to speak to you a little more on that big, that almost unending subject of: 'Tests'. Yes, I know all of you have felt that you've had enough. The majority of people, while in the physical body, do think that many, many times before the inward Light becomes their own, and they exclaim at the why and the wherefore of so much trying and re-trying of the soul.

"Some there are, however, who are never able to see the Finger of God while still bound by the flesh. They suffer far more than is necessary to bring about that development which their stronger self has determined shall be there - they suffer because of that blindness of the mind, and the bitterness adds to their pangs in a way impossible to describe. The sense of injustice is as the torturing of an open wound, and so the days drag on, and only when the eyes of the spirit are opened beyond this vale of tears - rightly so called in such a case - only when their eyes are opened can the comfort come.

"My children, I want you all to look at this matter in an evenly-balanced manner. You are hindering yourselves unnecessarily if you take a biased view, one way or the other, in regard to the sorrows and tribulations which are so evident in the lives of others.

"I am not here tonight to tell you that your point of view should be that such troubles are to be accepted thankfully, and that the ways of God are never to be questioned even under circumstances most trying. If I told you that, I should be teaching directly against Love Itself.

"On the other hand, it is folly to regard such cases as an outward and visible sign of God's indifference to the plight of His helpless children. Here you see what I mean about getting a well-balanced view of everything.

"These tests - in some instances so terribly severe - call forth from the Master infinite help, compassion and understanding. And because His child so suffers, recompense altogether beyond your comprehension not only awaits them in that far-distant future, but now, minute by minute, hour by hour. It takes the form of a solid hedge of protection, over which the evil may throw its darts but through which it shall find no opening to force its way in.

"And then I say just a word or two in regard to those who, apparently, find it so easy to show these stricken ones - stricken from a physical point of view - to point out to these stricken ones that their condition is either punishment for faults committed in the past or, on the other hand, that the silver lining to their cloud is greater than the cloud itself.

"This attitude, dear children, is unintelligible from our point of view, and so I will not dwell upon it because those who hold such opinions have yet much to learn, and the only way of learning is to tread the path of sorrow until they gain freedom from self.

"You see, dear children, it is all in the nature of tests - of trying the endurance and the staying power of the soul which is protecting the Divine within. When viewed in that way, which is the only sane and normal way in which to look at it, you do see the reason that lies underneath. How often do the children of earth exclaim at this drastic training and testing and trying of the physical will? They view it as punishment direct, and from their heart the cry of despair goes up again and again, that God should not defend them from the evil that assails them with so much ferocity.

"My children, during these trials of spiritual strength you are held - held in a most marvellous way - not only by us, but these great tests call to your side the Tender Saviour and the Father of mankind. During the contests with the evil forces, you fight, it is true, with the strength that remains; but the battle - the real conflict - is between the Master and the destroyer, and because He is the Master it is only a question of time.

"Oh my little ones, try ever and ever again, to take in something of the meaning and the power which lies under these simple words. Literally and actually, you are held by Christ. And if only you could keep in your heart and mind, away down underneath - all the rebellion, the bitterness and the sense of injustice; if even crushed down by these thoughts there remains just the wish to do better, the Saviour, out of the magnitude of His compassion and understanding, can do the rest...

"You see where the danger line comes in? If once man allows that faint desire to be stamped out of being then God, even though He be God, cannot work directly against the independence of the individual - and the evil, for the time being, gains the upper hand.

"Yet, even so, I would not have you think that this spells defeat. Always and for ever the still small Voice of the Spirit goes on entreating, beseeching, urging, that they should try and think one thought of holiness. And holiness, dear children, can be brought out even by that faint thought of God - the merest wish that He should intervene - holiness, which seems so far away to you - holiness is able to show itself in that fraction of desire because it is of the Spirit itself...

"This is the message of hope which I, and countless others, have come to teach. It is entirely opposed to despair or to criticism and blame. It is a message of hope inasmuch as it says to the least developed: 'Come, arise, the Master calls!'

"Oh, how I long for you all to take in something of the comfort which lies underneath the Name of Christ. To you and to so many others, so often your Creator appears merely as a stern taskmaster who exacts for every act His account, and which - it seems to you - is never paid in full. This is the interpretation of Love sent forth over a suffering world by the evil which is out to destroy.

"And yet rising above that insistent clamour, there is the clarion voice of the Spirit which gives the Lie Direct: 'I am Love and I am here to save!' cries the Master. If only the suffering could take this in. If only those who are forced to watch the suffering of others could listen - listen to the voice of Peace which is everywhere, even in your world of conflict and of strife. If only the children of the earth could listen to the Spirit, troubles and sorrows would be halved, and God would be enabled by their faith to show what Love is like.

"Yes, it is difficult because everything on the physical plane works against this teaching. Misconstructions arise on every side. Those who are brave seem to call down the reward of fresh blows upon themselves. Those who are cowardly step aside and allow even their meagre allowance to strike the other - and God is condemned by man out of the ignorance of his own heart.

"In saying all this, I want to keep ever before you what I have tried to teach during these sacred evenings - to emphasise again tonight that God's Love is stronger than all, and His power is able to work through even the deepest, the broadest, and the highest bulwark of evil; but it takes time when man throws his strength on to the wrong side. He is not able to frustrate good, but he can hamper it in a way that causes us sorrow over here - sorrow because in so doing he has one more ring to his path, and each time he turns to the shadows and from his Guardian and rightful Companion, Christ, so a further ring is added which he must traverse before he can reach the Centre, which is the Spirit - Divinity Itself.

"Children, you have often thought over your many experiences, and it seems to you, very often, that so many of them were repeated - with only slight variation - again and again over the course of your earthly experience. Well, my little ones, you have had the illustration before of the spiral staircase, but I think you would find it easier if I took into your minds the symbol of the rings, each one centred by God. I emphasise this in the most emphatic way possible, because I want you to understand that however large the ring may be that you are on, you are under the direct eye of your Creator, Who is able - at any moment - to stretch forth His Hand across the intervening space and lift you out of danger.

"You see my point: Each ring, long and wearying as its journey may be, slowly - though imperceptibly to you - brings you nearer to the Centre, and as you reach certain portions memory catches up the echo of what the past has held. And again in regard to certain tests, where perhaps the vessel was not sufficiently strong, that echo is turned into actual experience. Nothing is learnt over twice, but those parts which were not quite taken in at the first instance, have to be gone over again - and thus it is that experiences are repeated, but as the years go on the memory of the anguish grows less and less. You see, you are farther away from that which was, but remember that there is no part of the journey which does not hold something which links you to God, and which - at some future stage - will not be used to bind you to Him.

"As you go on the weary round - and how weary it is only those whose spirit is out for the best can testify - as you pass on those rounds, gradually, yet certainly, you are getting nearer to the one great Goal - the Light of Light. And each ring so traversed, brings you just that degree closer under the rays of the Light, and with the pilgrim who loves the Saviour it is surprising how soon the dark stages are over - surprising how quickly he can get under the direct rays of the Sun of God, when darkness is no more and sorrow falls from him, for his eyes are fixed upon Love Itself...

"That is the picture I want to build up in your minds. Take it which way you like - as the 'spiral road' or the 'circles of experience'. It is so described because however long the way may be, the drawing-power of the Spirit urges you on. The only reason why I choose the circles is this: With the spiral staircase it seems at times that God is lost from view, and it is more helpful if you visualise God in the centre - All-Seeing, All-Knowing, All-Wise; and His little children travelling ever round Him, always in touch with Him, and He always having them under His care, no blocks in between, no portions of the road when the vision is obliterated, and even as I said, in your times of sorrow or temptation, there the Father stands - you are under His immediate and personal care, and instantly you look to Him the power comes.

"Oh, my children, try and hold this little simile in your minds. Think of God as your Father, as the Light of the world, as the Power that is drawing all humanity to Him; and you travelling - separated only by conditions of holiness and of experience - but always in direct and open communion with Him and He with you.

"And never forget this: That although it is impossible for a child in his inexperience to cross the circles - instead of going round them - yet God does that to you and to me and to the weakest and the frailest, again and again. We cannot approach His Godhead, but by His Fatherhood He is ever by our sides.

"Yes, it is a wonderful thought - how wonderful you will never know until you are free from the body and see the rings that you have traversed, and the protection all along the way - protection in myriad forms because the Mind of the Greatest Protector of all is unlimited in thought and in Love.

"And so, my children, I leave you, not wishing to pass on to other subjects lest I remove from your physical minds the little comfort that I have been enabled, by God's Grace, to get in tonight.

"My child and I have much to do in the future, and much then will be explained, and all will be as happy as a bright spring day with the promise of summer to follow.

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"Well, my children, a little sad I find you and yet that should not be. The one who has just left you is making such a big stand for Christ in so many ways, that in reality the impression left behind should be of great, great gladness.

"To us, free from the bonds of the physical, we look at things in so different a way. We see them like this: That it is even as a week of the twelve months of the year, and if you knew that for all those other months you were going to have joy and peace and harmony beyond expression, you would willingly go through a very uncomfortable week because of what lay beyond.

"Now, my children, try and translate that in your minds in this wise: Physical life is as one second of time out of the great immensity of Eternity. Suffering and trial and dark days - ah yes, I am not denying their presence, but with the larger view, looking at things with the eyes of the spirit, isn't it worth while?

"I am not going to keep you any longer tonight. Two of my children are tired, and I always know exactly and precisely how tired my little secretary is, although she sometimes thinks that this is ignored altogether. But not so, little one - I have you companioned safely on all sides, and you shall yet find God's blessing in evidence in a tangible and a literal way.

"My closing words are simply a blessing - a blessing upon all from the Great Spirit, from He who is not only your God but your tender, understanding Father. Never forget this or allow it to be confused in your minds... The blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, means in literal fact that you are linked and fettered to the sweetest Companion you could imagine. Take in the love-side and let the power-side be submerged in the greatest of all. This is God's will, this He has directed me to say: That being His little children, His Father-Heart cries out to you all to give in the measure that you can - love and trust.

"Love and Trust - that is my blessing tonight, and may God so open your hearts and minds that indeed you may be able to regard Him as your Father - All-understanding, All-Love - unutterable Love.

"Into Thy tender care we commend ourselves, knowing that Thou hast, out of Thy great knowledge, provided just what the spirit within longs for most... As little children we ask Thee to lead us and control us - as little children, trusting and confident in their Father...

"Goodnight, my little ones."

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