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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes in the earlier part of the twentieth century.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"To Thee, O God, we turn in perfect trust, and we ask Thee to send down upon Thy children gathered here the Holy Spirit, to inspire and illumine. O God, take that which we have to offer, and grant that each one, charged with Thy power, may go forth and spread the Truth. We ask in faith, as the little children we are, we commend ourselves to Thy most loving care. Amen.

"My children, it is a great privilege to come into your presence this morning and speak to you of the Christ. Think you like this: In time long past I walked the earth plane in a physical body, held by the same restrictions which hold you. Ah, and in my surroundings there was that which beat upon the physical mind - temptation in a thousand forms unknown by you; but because within there was the desire to find my God, so at last, through the grace of an understanding Father, the Christ passed me by. Oh, think not that He passed me by and left me forlorn. The Christ passed me in the outer courts of the Temple, and a spiritual compact was made, never to be broken.

"Little children, how can I portray to you the beauty of the Christ? I know that I stand in that much more favourable position, for I saw the Master. I knelt before Him and His blessing was given - the blessing of the Cross; aye, the Cross which is the support of man, the Cross that heralds a new epoch in the life of everyone. For not until the pilgrim has faced the Cross - that which you name sorrow and suffering - can he be an instrument of the Most High, for the preparation is absent, the tool is not prepared. Drawing in your sympathy and your love, I would tell you at once that each one is known to me separately. I know your cares. I know your sorrows and I know the weaknesses of the body; but I say to you: These are your gifts. Your earthly possessions, that time when ease was your own, when you thought not of others - the so-called good time of man - that, alas, is the bad time for the greater self within.

"Children, instructed by the Master, who indeed is present among you, I would speak this morning on that which I name: 'The Temple of the Holy Spirit'.

"And I want you, each one, to think in this wise: You, for the time being, are cabined within a garment of flesh, you are held by limited senses and by an understanding which is bound by the earth in the measure that you allow yourself to be swayed by the earth. But I remind you that that tabernacle is but one garment of thousands of garments in which you - the real self - have functioned and have learnt some of the lessons necessary to fit you to return to your great inheritance as sons and daughters of the Most High, children of God by that which you have endured, aye, once more bearing likeness to God Himself.

"So I ask you to think of the physical body in its true sense, as the temple of the Holy Spirit. In this little world there are that which you name the Temples and the Churches, edifices built to honour God. The few within pay deference to the Lord God Creator, but - alas and alas - there are many who have other gods than the One True God. There are many who worship self in one of its many forms, and Christ is pushed beyond the borders of their physical consciousness. Yet I tell you that whatever a man may do, however a man may betray the Divine within, God dwells within the individual and nothing can destroy that glorious fact.

"Within you, my little ones, is God, is Christ, for Christ is God. How then shall the temple which holds that which is Divine be trained, be used? Ah, here we come to truth in its noblest form, that truth which remains, permanent, long after the physical experience is forgotten. How are you preparing the surroundings, the environment of the Holy Spirit which is gifted you by God, your possession for ever and for aye, although out of blindness and ignorance in the past you may have desecrated your gifts, sold your inheritance for a mess of pottage?

"Children, listen to me for I speak in love. I see the path in front, I see what lies beyond the so-called grave, and I know that the time must come when you, each one, must face Reality, must go back over the past and read the record of your lives - not only this life but of the many lives lived in other conditions, other planes. Oh think you! When you stand before Truth, when you are shown the mighty provision round you to rise to higher things, when you see the messengers, the angels, the guides, and the power they supply, then you may have to face the fact that you turned from those who were of God, and threw in your lot with those who were arraigned against the Christ.

"Little ones, in that day if such a condition is your own, you will for the first time understand the pangs of anguish. Self condemnation will flay you like a whip with a thousand thongs, and more than that. Oh bear with me while I explain that which must take place. In the measure that that which you did, that which you thought, that which you failed to build, affected others, in that measure so not only must you rectify your own past but literally you must recreate the past of others; those whom you injured because you turned from the steep hill and chose the valley of self-indulgence; turned from the Cross; turned from the sorrow; turned from pain; for you knew, you knew the path that Christ took Himself; you knew the loneliness, the persecution, and that which you name the Crucifixion, and you cannot say within yourselves, 'I was ignorant of life as it is.'

"Yet, my children, I would not speak in tones to cause you sorrow upon this happy morning, for we have much to do and the opportunity comes each minute, by provision of a merciful God. It is never too late to come to the feet of the Christ - never too late; but, oh, again I send your minds back to 'what a man sows that must he reap.' No one can learn your lessons for you, no, not even the One Who loves you best, Who has fought for you, striven for you over time unthinkable - God cannot give to man that which is against his own free will.

"God stands by the 'sinner', by the one who turns to that which you name evil - Christ and His messengers stand by such a one. They are waiting to help, waiting to lift, waiting to guide; but they cannot until the individual wants his Christ; the power of the Lord God of all is limited according to man's desire. Yet within you, my children, however weak you may seem to yourselves, however bound, however restricted, within you is God - power, courage, endurance.

"Oh then, cast your chains from you. As little children in faith, in trust, turn to the Saviour and ask Him to help you to be that which you long to be for His sweet sake, for the sake of that which is within, and for the sake of humanity as a whole, which, as yet, knows not God and wants not that which the Father can supply. Within you is wisdom, within you is purity, within you is a capacity for sacrifice hitherto undreamt of by yourselves. The world may seem to hold, but I say that with Christ you are more than conquerors. You have that strength which you draw from Him.

"But the only way, dear children, to provide a fitting temple for the Holy Spirit imprisoned within is by work. Oh forget not this - first by work. Faith is glorious, but faith without effort is as the sunshine behind the clouds. Work - that form which is service - and if you say to me: 'My opportunities are limited, I am bound by much; my responsibilities forbid me taking up the work that I fain would do,' then I say to you: God has provided a way. You can work with your thoughts. You can create power, spiritual power, as you go about your daily task, as you pass among those in the busy streets, as you take your way to purchase that which is necessary for the nourishment of the body; in your offices, in your homes you can create power, God power, by the tender wish to help another, by the sending out of healing thoughts, by compassion, by pity, by giving a portion of that which you have.

"Oh little children, you can be missionaries of the Most High even though you may, by sickness, be fettered to your bed, for within you, within you is God; and you are gifted with powers undreamt of by anyone upon the earth plane. But the only way to release those powers is by dedication, by the consecration of the temple so that the Holiness within may have freedom, may have the power to express itself, through the physical, on the vibrations, and to inspire others to do likewise.

"For think you like this: One day each child of God must return to that perfection from which he started on the long journey of experience. One day you must be as God Himself - that fragment which you represent - and not only you yourself, but every soul in every condition must return to perfection. But the only way, my children, to draw back those gifts which God meant should be your own, is by service, by giving out of yourselves to others, by lifting the sorrowful, by going to the bonded and telling them the good news...'Brother, sister, arise! Within you is God. Arise, and take the blessing of the Christ.'

"Temples of the Holy Spirit! Oh let this thought pierce the physical consciousness and then you will realise how greatly God has honoured His creation. The mighty mind of Love instituted that most beneficent law that each one, by helping another, should indeed help himself; and, again, that the individual who thought not of helping others could not be helped himself.

"Do you think, my children, that although I have passed out of the physical body countless years, as it seems to you, that I could come into your presence this morning, drawing upon the power of God, if over the years I had not sought to do the Master's work? When I passed out of that which held me - into Life, sweetness, freedom and peace - so my Saviour blessed me, and within a few short hours I had commenced my work again. And when the tool had been tried, when the purification of sorrow had done its work, so the Master sent me amongst His children upon the earth plane, and for years and years I have sought an instrument and sought in vain until this child, through physical suffering and the sorrows of the mind, provided that which was essential in order for me to speak and do that which God commands.

"My children, I feel I must leave this elevation and come down amongst you. Take this child and lead her amongst the people, take this child...be careful of the step. My son, take the child and lead her down amongst the people, for I would speak as the Christ spoke and as I spoke when upon the earth plane. I would speak to the children; I would be amongst you, divided by naught...

(Mr. A. led the medium from the platform to the middle aisle.)

"All is well. Children, out of the love which I have for you, I implore you to come to the Christ, to let not anything upon the earth plane hold you, for the Christ is here blessing us, and the sunshine of His Presence is on everyone. He asks you to give up all and follow Him. Oh think you of those fishermen, those bound by much, how they - in spite of that which man named persecution - how those humble men braved the enemies of the physical, braved the powers and the principalities of darkness, and gave up all for the sweet Saviour Who spoke to them in tones so kind.

"Little ones, forget not this. Within is God, and the Master claims His own. Only by the power of the Holy Spirit I enter your presence this morning - and I would speak again this night, for times are urgent and the preparation must be put in - and I ask you all to make this compact with yourselves: 'I will follow Christ up the steep hill and naught shall hold me back. With His strength I shall be strong. With His patience I shall have endurance. With His love so the love shall pour forth from me over my brothers and sisters, and they, through the force of my love, shall be drawn back to the source of Love.' This is the message of the Christ. Children, turn not from my words; say not to yourselves: 'I am weak, the world holds me'; for one day with sight standing before Truth, so this hour shall be returned to you, and you shall see the gift which God held out to you, and torture must be your own if you turn from that which is opportunity in the God sense.

"When upon the earth plane so the children, the men and the women, gathered round me, sitting upon the hard earth, and I taught them as to the Christ. I told them of the sweet Saviour, of the One Who had laid aside His power and come in a physical body, fettered as man, to demonstrate to man the love of God, the glorious humility of the Christ, aye, the Christ aspect of the Great Being Who created all things. In this room this morning, so indeed those of the past have gathered to bless and teach in turn...I feel that I must go amongst my children. Touch not this instrument, but I must bless. Son, lead me down and then return, for I would be amongst the children of earth as in the time of old.

"Oh little ones, within you is power, within you is wisdom, within you is God. Take of your gifts, and henceforth stand by the Christ, and you shall do miracles in His Name, miracles out of the Grace within - truth, dedication and consecration; you shall do miracles in the Name of the Christ. The Cross is athwart this little temple. The angels of the Most High stand at the points; and, by direction of the Master, I stand as the centre, humble servant though I am. The great God of all, the Christ calls you, calls you, calls you...'Give up all and follow Me!' aye, out of the misunderstandings of earthly life into the illumination and the revelation of the Spirit.

"Let the sunshine of the love of God pour upon you and cast its sweetness, its healing power, over those in your surroundings, for time is fleeting and the call is coming for volunteers, volunteers to stand and fight for Christ, volunteers who will take up the Cross - not the Cross of sorrow but the Cross of joy and peace and power - so that those who as yet know not God, by the peace and the power and the joy shall be drawn back into their mighty inheritance - the temple of the Holy Spirit cleansed so that the God within can function as the Great Father intended.

"Thus I bless this room and I consecrate it in God's Name. The Master is here, and only by the effort put forth by that child (Mrs. Boydell) could such conditions have been created - only by the effort. Faith is grand and glorious; but faith without effort, without work, without sacrifice, ah, my children, it is as the Spring when the sun is absent. The buds wait to unfold in beauty, and many wither on the stalk, for the power - the creative power of the sun - is absent.

"So then take this message to yourselves and pass it on to others: That henceforth you have bound yourselves to Christ and you mean to work for Him, to strive for Him, and to create for Him that which shall remain for ever. Thus I bless you; I bless this room; I bless those who have made it possible for us to meet together in this way, and I bless you each and everyone. Take the blessing of the Christ, passed on through me out of His infinite compassionate love and grace, the blessing of the Christ - peace and harmony, service for God.

"The message of the Christ calls. The blessing of the Christ waits. Oh little ones, remembering the God within, take of the blessing, and do that which the greater self has desired over the long past.

"Farewell! So I leave you. All is well. The Master's work has been done.

"O Thou Most Holy One, grateful are Thy children for all that which Thou hast bestowed; grateful are Thy children. Amen."

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