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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 24th March, 1928.

"O God our Father, be with us this night; blend our thoughts in with those thoughts which belong to the greater self, and grant that the Holy Spirit may be able to do its work unhampered by things physical, unfettered by the body. Teach us to come to Thee in faith, and grant that the vision may be made our own that where Thy children are gathered together in Thy Name, so not only Thou art present but Thou art folding them in Thy mighty Love. Oh, grant that the sense of comfort may be so great that these Thy little children, with courage, may go on their way rejoicing in their privileges and demonstrating the power of the Spirit to others...

"Bless us, cleanse us, heal us, and give unto us understanding as to that which the Christ spirit represents for all time. Oh, draw us closer and still closer; let us feel upon ourselves the rays of Thy Love, the radiance of Thy smile, and thus, with our gifts, we may meet our enemies and be victors every time. Leaning on Thy strength, O Christ, we commence our work this night, thanking Thee for all that which Thou hast bestowed. Amen...

"...My children, these evenings represent to the Master of us all something so close to His Heart that, if you could see things as they are, the little inconvenience of the crowding in, aye, even the chatter, this would bear so spiritual a significance that you would rejoice that you were partakers in that which indeed is part of the plan, part of the holy purpose. I want you to remember this ever and anon. There have been those in the past who have taken up the work of Christ, and yet have ignored that essential part which the Christ, during the earth stage, illustrated to perfection.

"Little ones, I went amongst the crowd where the Master lingered, and it was my gift to be withdrawn from the crowd, to listen to His words of wisdom, to feel upon my brow the gentle Hand, and to receive the holy blessing. I watched the Sacred One from afar off, and I knelt me at His Feet, but at one and all times the Master showed the universal spirit, and though weariness of the body pressed sorely upon Him, though His sensitiveness was only just covered by the earthen garment, and that sensitiveness shrank again and again from the populace - from the great mixed crowd of all races and many creeds - yet the Master denied not Himself to such as these.

"And if the question should arise as to making these evenings more personal, of forbidding so many strangers to cross the threshold, then I remind you that in the measure that you withdraw from those you know not, with the physical mind, in that measure you are varying from the direction laid out in example by the Master Himself.

"We who are free from the body have the long vision, we work not for today or for the little years to come; we are weaving in countless thousands beyond your ken, and the children in the physical body are essential as links, one with the other. And forget not that although the garment you wear at this stage seems somewhat crude, hampering, and hindering to the pioneer spirit within, yet it is playing its part in a definite way, it is furthering the purpose not only of the God within yourselves but the purpose of our Father and Mother God, the Creator of Life, the Holder of all strands.

"So I greet you in the Name of Love and I bid you welcome and welcome again, and when the body is no more you shall look back on this little room and though you may smile at the remembrance of the conditions under which we worked, thankfulness will go to God that you were there. And you will see how the Master passed in amongst His little ones, blessing, comforting and recharging them for the journey in front.

"Tonight, my children, under the direction of the Christ, I speak on that which I name: 'The Temple of the Holy Spirit'.

"And I want you to recollect, in the first instance, that although the Divine may be suffocated, quenched, yet that which is of God cannot be destroyed; and though some of God's children may be functioning in garments terrible to look upon, awful in the history which they denote, yet God is not mocked, and that which is of Himself one day shall be set free, and there will be joy in the heavens over the lost one who has returned to peace and joy and completion...

"Last week I spoke regarding: 'Earthen Vessels', and I tried to widen your outlook regarding not only this stage but that which took place before the physical body was donned. It is the Father's will that I should speak further on this great subject, but I would underline that what I pass on is merely for your consideration, and you are called upon by the One who loves you best to amplify, to work out, and, above all, to get away from the personal to your brothers and sisters who are less free than yourselves.

"In time long past, so the Father created you and me in the image of Himself, gifted with His powers, ah, sharing in His mighty wisdom. But it was as a gift, and the purchase price had not been paid. Over time unthinkable to you, the price has been given, and, again, it has been withheld. And so, today, you look around you to those upon the earth plane, and you are conscious - and it brings something like despair - that there are many who do not wish to grasp their Divine inheritance but only to seize and to hold the possessions of the earth. You argue thus: 'My Father's business must be done; He has imposed upon me the command to lead His sheep out of the valley, on to the hill. What am I to do? They prefer the valley, they refuse to respond to my efforts'...

"My little ones, how well the Master understands this sorrow which tears your heart. Oh, think you as to Himself. The Beloved, perfect Love, passed among those who not only rejected Him, but those who denounced Him in tones imperative, and never rested until they had destroyed the earthen vessel in which God functioned.

"Children, in these days, so peaceful compared to those of my time, it seems to you that the ignorant could know so much but they hug their ignorance and turn from the Truth which you seek to bring.

"When the Master passed from us, and we, his humble followers, gathered together to decide upon the work in front, the path that each one should take, so it fell to my lot to leave Jerusalem, aye, to sever myself from those I named my friends and to take a path which was lonely and beset by difficulties inconceivable to your minds at this stage.

"I was a man in full years and I remember so well - for the past is gathered around me as I speak - and those of the past are mingling among you, seeking to give of their strength purchased at a price which would seem terrible to you. I remember so well taking my last look at the Temple, seeing in the eyes of those I had worked with over the years not only hostility but hatred and worse.

"I looked at the sunshine outside but darkness was within; the breath of treachery, like an icy wind, swept round me, and sorrow would have claimed my heart had it not been for the remembrance of the warmth and the radiance of the Christ, which held me fast. I passed out and my days were spent among those whom you would call alien people, yet with me went one, and he not only shared my cross but indeed I was honoured to bear half of his in return.

"In front, so by the machinery which worked so accurately at the Temple, pitfalls and that which to you would seem acts barbarious, these lay on either side. I told you before that death came close to us in so many ways and at so many times that when, at last, it claimed us, we knew it not. That was our gift; but remember, little ones, that these things cannot be made our own without the testing process, without the going on in faith, and, if faith is absent, still the going on until faith - the greater faith - is made our own.

"Oh, think not that those you name the disciples, the followers of Christ, that these had perfect faith. Far, far from that. These were as my brothers, and we conversed together. Over the years, we met in quiet places and discussed that which had taken place, and the next stop in front.

"And I tell you for your comfort and your encouragement that many, at times, felt that that which was their faith lay in ruins around them; but forget not this - and it is a mighty promise given by Love Himself - that when one was so attacked the other was his strength, and when the one who showed the valiant heart came upon his Gethsemane, lo, the other had passed on to the resurrection. And thus the children of God in their earthen vessels demonstrated that the body housed the Holy Spirit...

"My children, I have told you before that my life on earth is as naught, except for that which it holds which can comfort, instruct and reassure you over your experiences now.

"And so it was with us. Those who had left the physical tabernacle in past years, they came to us. Our Father Abraham and the holy prophets spake with us in the quietness of the night, and each one had the same tale to unfold - how they stumbled, how despair seized them, how their friends forsook them, how their enemies tore from them the possessions, so few, which remained; the traps of the avengers, the treachery even of little children who were used by older, more bonded ones.

"Aye, they came to us in our dark hours when the face of the Christ seemed hidden from us, and they told us to go on, that that was the path of the pilgrim, the only way into the Promised Land. And, as we listened, so the night of physical misunderstanding gave place to dawn, and once again the sunshine of the smile of Christ warmed the heart, recharged us with courage, and another milestone was passed...

"Oh, my little ones, as I speak so indeed the past is with me and I would get away from myself to the One who taught us, who showed us how the physical life could be lived though everything was arraigned against us. Think of the Master, the obstacles, the obstructions in the home, all that massed effort amongst His friends to thwart the holy purpose and the plan; and then the emerging out of obscurity - the One so charged with feeling - and entering into that which was as a nest of vipers, and they did their utmost, they tortured in a way you cannot grasp.

"But what of the Beloved - did He show a faltering faith? What of the Master in His weariness and poverty, did He say: 'I must lie down and rest'? No. And for this we thank God from our very being. He showed us how the earth garment could be a temple of the Holy Spirit, a temple beautiful, with all the windows thrown wide open so that love and light could pass out and gladden others.

"This is our goal and we must not linger until that same gift is made our own. Yet, my children, lest I discourage you over the long journey which lies in front, I would draw to your attention those in your surroundings. Are there not some who can triumph over the physical, who are as a light set in a lantern? And that light has the power to draw countless others out of dark and dangerous places on to the hillside, if it be but the first span.

"You in this little room, and countless thousands upon the earth plane, day by day, many unconsciously to themselves, are able to demonstrate that the body is a temple in which the Holy Spirit rests, but is not fettered more than is essential at this stage. Are there not those that you can call to mind who indeed stand to you as Spirit, not as man, not as woman, for they have triumphed over sex? Already they seem to have wrapped round them the garment of the Spirit and the physical is forgotten in the glory that is shown...

"Oh, my little ones, this missionary work of ours is so important that I cannot portray it in words. With your greater knowledge, your consciousness of the power which is all around, it is your part - by prayer, by effort, by concentration - to turn the earthen vessels of others into temples of the Holy Spirit.

"You say to me: 'This is what I long to do'. And I tell you for your comfort that although you seem to fail with individuals, that which you desire to work in the Name of Christ is being done on those hidden from your sight, a little removed from your consciousness; but they equally are sons and daughters of the Most High. Cannot you see, my children, that by striving with one - even if failure comes - that that which you sought to do is worked out upon another? For you have created power, and power in the God sense is used again and again, losing not strength but, by its missionary work, gathering strength as time goes on.

"And for those who have tried and have been disappointed, this is a message passed on direct from the Christ who understands so well: Be of good cheer, little ones, for you have worked in that which shall surpass your highest hopes, for God is not mocked and His Love controls all things.

"So, my children, I would draw together your thoughts, and, as it were, fasten them on one great and glorious fact: That you have it within your power to demonstrate to others that though you wear a body of flesh with its necessary restrictions, though perforce you use a physical mind with its many limitations, because there is life within you and wisdom and love, indeed the garment can be as a temple, lowly without but housing holiness within.

"The eyes of the body have been named the windows of the soul, and there is not one with a released spirit who cannot, through the eyes, do missionary work for God. You know it well. Immediately you meet the glance of another, so the instructor within tells you whether that one is free or bound.

"Think of this. So little it sounds, yet a mighty work has been done by a look - a kind look, a look of compassion - which tells the other that understanding is there. Thus God takes the fragments and weaves them into something great and strong and lasting.

"So, my children, I entreat you - with those who love you who have gathered close tonight using this precious opportunity to tighten the links and to cast off the remaining chains - I entreat you to think what a privilege is yours, that you, each one, can demonstrate something of the loveliness of the Spirit, though bound by the garment of flesh, something of true liberty, something of pure joy.

"And when the little earth life is o'er, robed in garments of light, you will hold out your hands and see Spirit-power rushing from them waiting to be used for others; you will have a vision which, to you, will seem unlimited, and a wisdom which shall send you on your knees before the generous Giver. This, little ones, is the next stage for those who have the courage, the will and the determination to face the destroyers, and to work on until they are overcome.

"With sight I stand in your midst. I know not only the little history of the earth life but can look back over the record of the long past, and I warn you and I encourage you. I tell you that you have reached that state of Spirit-consciousness when it must be a coming to grips with the enemies of Christ; but I hold out to you the promise of God that if only you will strive, if only you will go on in spite of the heartache, in spite of a weary body, in spite of the unequal combat which is being raged, so it seems to you - if you will go on, then no longer as earth children will you appear to others but, indeed, through the earthen garment, the radiance of the Spirit shall give reassurance to them to fight on in turn.

"And forget not that no one is tempted beyond their strength, for as you rise to your difficulties, as you seek to make that which is the plan part of your daily life, so, my little ones, you are opening unto yourselves unlimited power, courage and determination. For those walk with you who know every turn of the road, every point of attack, and they have prepared the way, and they are allowed to give the strength.

"And could your eyes see things as they are you would know that the blessing is around the climber, the tired traveller; and that blessing, passed on from the Christ, can carry the pilgrim through and bring him to his journey's end triumphant over the lesser self, even as the Christ. The Christ way is our way, the Christ freedom can be our freedom, the Christ endurance is ours if we will ask, and, having asked, take of that held out to us in unlimited measure.

"The temple of the Holy Spirit: Keep that thought in mind, and remember that that which you wear at this same stage was worn by God, and you - by the mere fact of the density of the garment, of the trials it represents - you are linked to the Beloved by that which it holds and that which it has cost.

"And now I leave you for a space. Hold fast to these conditions for they are holy, built up by self-denial and effort - aye, and aching hearts - the only way to provide suitable vibrations for those of old, pilgrims on the same road, to speak to you through this instrument (Miss W. Moyes) and claim you as brothers and sisters, comrades under Christ. And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)

Mary the Mother of Our Lord...

"...It is Mary - you call me the Mother, and once again I come into your presence to speak to you as to that which touched my life. Dear sisters and brothers, we are so akin in our experiences, although, in that far off time to you, there was much that life held which is absent now.

"I would speak to you as to that One whom I regarded as my son, and, as I stand here once more, the Child lies on my arm. I never wearied of gazing into His sweet eyes, and as He looked at His mother so gladness and sorrow filled my heart, for I remembered the bright one who stood before me, and I knew that that which was my Child was only lent, and the time would come when I must give Him back to God.

"Oh, I think you will understand and can enter into my humble life. There was in the home, as you have been told, not only lack of things necessary for the feeding of the body but for the due nourishment of the mind, and oft, as night fell, and I went through that which was my store, I wondered, as I counted those that had to be fed, whether there was that which would keep the Child - the Child - free from want.

"Oh, I speak not in disparagement of those others that I brought into physical life, but the Child would not think of Himself and oft was passed over because of that...

"But I would take the sadness from me, for it is against the will of God. I would speak of happier times when my son, now grown to nearly man's estate, would come to me as the shadows fell and teach me out of the wisdom that was within; and, again, the joy and the sorrow swept over me like a rain. I looked into His eyes and the shadow of the unknown future blotted out the sweet present, but that too was against the will of the Divine.

"And now I pass from that to another scene. We are all together, my birthday has been celebrated with a joyous gathering of my friends. I am leaning against the portal of my humble door, I look over that which lies before me, and across the sky there seems as a flight of angels. I turn me to my son: 'What means this?' And He answers me: 'Hast forgotten, mother mine, the shepherds and the angel throng?' And, again, the sadness and the joy sweep o'er me. That was His birth; what means it - is it another birth into the life to come? And so my life.

"I tell thee this to show how little faith was mine and how my heart was troubled, yet the gift of sunshine was all around; and I pray you each one - for I love you well - to take cheer by Mary's lot, to rise to higher things than she could do, so bound, so ignorant concerning the love of God; and say to yourself: 'That one, she wept and mourned in the silence of the night. I will do better, I will stretch out and hold fast to God, and the shadows shall be no more, for faith will have taken the place of doubt'.

"I feel constrained to speak to each one in turn, yet this is not the Father's will, for did I undertake so great a task, then, perchance, those others who read my words and the many more who cherish my name because of the honour that was mine, these might feel that my love could have been wider, for to us the personal must stand aside. Love to me is as the Master taught and I seek to mother the world, to go to my sister here and to a child there and gather them into my love, binding them to me by that which my life held, and which now I see presented in so different a guise.

"Thus I leave you but we shall meet again, and I fain would impress upon you that in that far-off time we knew so little about our God; in this same day, the Father's Love is all around, and the understanding of the Christ is open to you all.

"Farewell. And I thank my God that once more the Child has rested on my arm..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, there is all around happiness and freedom, yes, above all, liberty of the Spirit; and I want you, in going back on the events of this evening, to feel that you indeed represent a temple of the Holy Spirit.

"Far away beyond your consciousness, so I am gazing upon thousands and thousands. These are bound by the past, fettered by their memories, yet they belong to us and we belong to them whatever their plight, whatever their blindness, whatever their bondage. And until they are free as we are free, rest we must not, it is on and on; and if at times the burden of the body seems too great - oh, believe me, that because it is only a garment, so each one shall find if they cling to Christ that the power of the Holy Spirit shall be poured down, and yesterday will be forgotten in the joy of today, and the promise will be fulfilled tomorrow.

"Aye, as Spirit we function whatever the garment that holds, as Spirit we claim our link with God, and as that link is strengthened and made firm so we follow the glance of the Christ, and the eyes of the Beloved are upon those farther down the hill. Thus we get our direction, and we retrace our steps protected by that which experience has bought, and with words of encouragement, giving out of ourselves, the weary traveller is turned into a joyous pilgrim, and again God's work is done...

"I bless you under the power of the Holy Spirit with greater courage and with confidence within, for Christ has called you, Christ will lead you, and Christ will be with you all the way.

"Farewell, my children; rest on the promises of the One who loves you best. Farewell."

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