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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Dedication Service held in the new premises of the International Spiritualist Home, 79 Riouwstraat, The Hague, on 26th February, 1938

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Tonight is a joyous occasion, because once again the Power of the Holy Spirit has been demonstrated upon the earth plane. There are those still bound by the flesh, who are inspired by the angel-world to do their part towards bringing the Kingdom of Christ upon the earth plane; and those free from the flesh, they rejoice because their cooperation has been accepted, and God is glorified thereby.

"So, for a little while, I speak upon: 'Temple Builders and Wreckers'.

"And I want you to take the wider view of a temple-builder, to realise that although it may not be your part to take of the wood and the stone, and to put an edifice upon this earth, yet it is yours by choice - through your divine aspiration - to build a temple not made by physical hands, but wrought out of the true self within, which is of God.

"Think you, dear children, of this great responsibility and glorious privilege that can be your own. You are all individual; you are all mediums, whether you have the so-called psychic gifts or not. Within you are the gifts of the Spirit, and by your sweet influence so you can build while still in the flesh - in your own homes - a temple of the Holy Spirit, guarded by love and service towards those therein.

"I want to take your minds to the glorious promise made by the Christ. He saw His earthly plans, as it were, crumbling around Him; He looked out over His generation and found that they wanted Him not; but He turned the thoughts of His followers to the temple that no earthly hands can destroy, and what the Master spake was meant as example and as comfort for all those who should follow after and seek to do His will.

"So I ask you, dear children, to bear with me while I seek to probe beneath the surface of earthly things. When you go back over the record of your own life and of those you hold so dear who may have left you for a span, you realise that though their presence is no more in a physical sense, they have left behind by their good deeds, something that can never die. These are the temples of the Spirit, and the mother or the teacher, or the one who serves, each one can equally build a temple of the Holy Spirit, that is not made of earthly things but of those things that never pass away.

"So I come into your midst, and I know that there are those here who shall impress upon the sensitive mind of the greater self within, the meaning I seek to convey. You are each one part of the Holy Plan. You have heard the call - in Spirit you have answered, even with the mind of the body, otherwise you would not be hearing these words - and I say unto you that the words of the Master come back with added force at this same time: 'Many are called, but few are chosen' (Matt. 22:14).

"Some may think there is injustice in these very words, but oh, dear children, the only barrier which shuts off humanity from higher service is the bondage of the self within. The call comes from the World of Spirit, from those, your dear-departed, yet so oft the answer comes from the lips alone. The heart is not dedicated to the Master's service, and while the lips answer 'Yes!' the mind of the body refuses to make those sacrifices which are essential, so that the one concerned may be chosen as a vessel for Divine work.

"Our part is essentially missionary work; we must go to many lands, give out the Truth in many forms, seeking for those who can be chosen to be disciples, to put in their portion of effort, to cut the steps up the steep hill of spiritual achievement, so that those who are weaker may climb in turn.

"Think you, dear children, of the saints and the martyrs of another age. They gave of their effort, they gave of their sacrifice, they poured out their spiritual treasure, and had it not been for such as these, today you would be as barbarians, not knowing the Word of God, not knowing the sweet gift of immortality, not knowing that the veil between the two worlds can be rent in twain.

"Think of the saints and martyrs, and ask yourselves if you, in turn, are willing to contribute your part, so that there shall be spiritual temples of the Holy Spirit built up in other conditions for the rescue of wayward man.

"The world today needs the disciple-spirit as it has never needed it before, because Spirit-consciousness is made possible for the masses by these manifestations of the Holy Spirit upon the earth plane. And I entreat you to do your part, to come forward, not to ask for first place or second place, but to be willing to be as a doorkeeper of the House of your Lord, blessed and blessed again by the Master Jesus, who called Himself the Door through which those of His own might pass into the revelation of the things which perish never.

"I am speaking to the spirit within, and my meaning indeed shall penetrate through the material, and find a lodgment in the mind of the spirit for the furtherance of the Kingdom. There are many out to wreck. There are the ones who build, and the ones who would tear to pieces; the ones who pray for guidance to answer the call, and those who plan and plot - through the jealousy that holds their mind - to destroy what has been put together with so much delight, and it may be, with so much toil as well.

"In the world today, among the nations, there is the warring spirit which is the wrecker of the Divine Plan, and those you love who have passed over the narrow river of death, they are anguished by what they witness. They see that this world of yours could represent a miniature paradise, but no, there are those who would tear from others what they possess, those who would take of the efforts of others, contributing not from themselves so that they may climb. The whole world is in anguish from time to time because of the temple-wreckers, because of the broken hearts in the little homes and in the palaces, because there are so many who have forgotten that life goes on after the grave.

"Think you, dear children, of your lot when you pass into the Great Beyond, and you go back over the record of your life and you see that not only were you called, but God had chosen you because of your sacrificial spirit. And then, free from the flesh, blessed by the Master, you are given a mightier work to do for the glory of His Name, for the raising of humanity, for the fulfilment of the Holy Plan.

"And think again - and this is the lot of many drawn into service for the Master: they come forward and give of their best, and then the unseen enemy creeps close, the poisoned word is passed here, the jealous thought is distributed there, and soon those who were fellow-workers tread the same path no more. They could have done so much, but self reared up, and the wonderful work planned by the unseen is hindered and sometimes wrecked.

"You yourselves, each one, can be of the greatest importance in the Divine Plan, by laying aside the human desire in order to make room for spiritual aspiration. And the call comes to the young, to those who are mature, and to those who are growing old. I was an old man when the Master called to me, and in my old age I took the lonely missionary way, and I was allowed to serve. At last my eyes were opened in Spirit conditions, and I saw that, by the Grace of God, I had been chosen, which means I had been allowed to do His work though the feebleness of body held me fast through the old age that was mine.

"So I joy to enter this temple of peace, for I know that much love has been given to bring together the material things. Much love from your unseen ones has been given too, to sweeten the conditions, to make them a fit place for the worship of God. And I say unto those who have given of their prayers and thoughts, of the sweet flowers of the earth, that all these things have been accepted by the Father and blessed by Him, and in the tomorrow of time you shall find in your heavenly home signs of these love-thoughts resting there.

"I send out to those who have heard the missionary call, those in the far parts, as you name it, of this little planet, I send out reassurance from the World of Spirit that God shall hear their prayers, shall answer their thoughts. They shall all be chosen in the degree that they have hearkened unto the call, in the degree that they have sacrificed and are willing to sacrifice the lesser for the sake of those greater, glorious things that never pass away.

"Temple-builders: If only your eyes could be opened, you would see in your own homes, in your own places of toil, strange and sometimes beautiful temples built up there by the thoughts of those who work therein or live therein. Sometimes the edifice is lovely in parts, but marred in portion, by the unruly thoughts, the hasty words, the lack of forgiveness which is darkening the brightness of the beauty that might be there. Think not, my children, that you can deny these things.

"You are held at this stage by many restrictions, but within you is Divinity, and in Divinity there are housed the gifts of Divinity - that which expresses the Godhead. One day you will understand in fuller part. What the mind of the body can grasp, what the tongue can tell, what the ears can hear - these things for the most part are of the physical alone; yet within you, because it is of God, is that holy spark, and you can contact with the great wide World of Spirit; through the gift of omnipresence you can function here and now as a holy being, able to rise above the limitations imposed by the physical plane.

"This night there is between you in the body and the angelic ones who have gathered close, a linking up, so that you, each one, can be a temple-builder for the furtherance of the Kingdom, so that you in turn can contribute your part to the beauty of God's World, that World of such creative power, that man at this stage cannot understand even one fragment of the miracle this represents.

"So, drawn here by love, I bless this temple of peace, I bless the walls and, by the Grace of God, they are marked with the Cross of Jesus Christ. I bless the floor above and I pray the Father that constructive thoughts alone may be given out there. I bless this floor, for many shall pass herein, and I pray the Father once again that when such as these are in the World of Spirit, they shall see that the footprints left by their influence upon the earth plane were indeed for the raising up of humanity and for the continuance of the redemptive work of mankind.

"Oh, dear children, let your hearts rejoice, because in part you know there is no death, because you know that life goes on for evermore. If the majority of the children upon the earth realised that their past builds up their future, would they not be more on their guard? This is the truth we must give out: that communion between the two worlds was instituted by the Father so that there might be many unseen temples of the Holy Spirit upon the earth plane, so that there might be many builders, and the power might be drawn from the wreckers, who in time and in turn must be taught to be builders too.

"Sweet are the sounds of Spirit music, yet sweeter far can be the sacrifices made by you who seem to be blind and bound by the flesh. Blessed are those who ignore the pains of the body so that the spirit can do its work. Blessed are those who seek to understand the sacrifice, and are willing to make the same surrender when their own test comes, by borrowing from the efforts of others, so the lesson is learned to give to another who must borrow in turn.

"I say to you, charged by the Master, that there is much grace here for the healing of sorrow, for the healing of the pains of the body; but the ones concerned must have more faith and trust in God, they must respond to the Spirit rays, for free-will of mankind is not interfered with even by the Lord Creator.

"Therefore, when the days seem dark, when sorrow knocks upon the door of your heart, come into this temple of peace, and have the faith to believe that the healing can take place and the wounds can be closed; and when the balm has come to you, forget not to render thanks unto the Great Giver, and show your gratitude by going out and drawing in the stranger, and teaching him or her the simple miracle that can take place when there is cooperation between you on earth and those in Spirit.

"Now I take my leave. I bless you each one by the Power of God, and on your brows has been placed the tiny Cross of Jesus Christ, to hold or to cast aside; but once again I remind you that free-will cannot be interfered with, for it is God's gift to you. Treasure the Cross and the wonderful symbol it represents! To the unseen who have lost their way, you shall represent a rescuer, one whom it is safe to follow.

"Oh, wonderful privilege to be trusted, to be a true custodian, one used for the Master's service to bring in the straying sheep to the One True Fold. Yea, the Cross is placed upon your brow. Let it be, through your efforts, brightened and brightened as the days go by; let it be as a light that shines beyond this dim earth into those darkened conditions where your brethren wait for redemptors, wait for peace of heart and mind.

"Oh, I bless you indeed with the consciousness that what has been done is well done, yet I remind you, beloved children in the Lord, that a task well done is indication that many more tasks lie before you as precious opportunity. The missionary spirit must be quickened and quickened again as the years go by. Think of it: to be a pioneer, to be one who has gone in front, braving the difficulties, facing the dangers, leaving a safe road for others to follow. Could there be anything more precious to the spirit within?

"This is the message from the Master Christ. Gather it up, dear-children, and make it your own, for the unseen seek and seek for more on earth who can be chosen, and having been chosen, will remain firm to their trust for evermore.

"May the Christ-Presence ever be felt within these walls. May faith, like a beacon, flame higher and higher, may many strangers be gathered in.

"Peace be with you all, dear children. With joy I come, with a deeper joy I link myself to you and to those unseen who love you well, and I pray the Father that throughout all time we may work together under His Wil, for the furtherance of His Holy Plan. Peace be with you all. Farewell."

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