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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 1st August, 1925.

"Infinite Spirit of Love, show us tonight how to live, how to express in our daily lives something of the glory we have witnessed, something of the Truth we have learnt, something of those wonderful promises which Thou hast given to all Thy children as an outward expression of Thy Love...

"Father, let it not be said that we who have listened have profited but little by what we have heard; and let it not be thought by any of Thy children that the over-seeing care, that the unfailing understanding and guidance are absent from their lives even for one second.

"O God, give us that inward faith, so that we may, with confidence, lay our lives in Thy Hands, certain that Thy ways are best, and trusting that what the present holds is but building for that beautiful future, which is for all those who do Thy Will.

"Tonight we ask Thee to gather us in, in the sense that what the week has held may be wiped out of our memories, and that, as the days go on, that deep assurance may come of Thy love and protection, when all the shadows will be dispersed. Grant that we may blend our wills with Thine, and that as we seek to spread this Truth so we may speak with confidence to all, saying: 'My faith and trust have been justified up to the hilt'.

"Saviour, in Thy Hands we leave the past, the present and the future; and we know that, because Thou art our Father, all three will be shown to us in Thy good time, as representing neither sorrow nor loss, but many obstacles overcome, and much gain and comfort to the spirit.

"Tonight then, once more we seek to harmonise our hearts and minds with those from the Bright Realms, and most of all to feel Thy Presence in our midst - Thy Presence, and the blessing that it brings... Amen...

"...Well, dear children, once again the time has come round, and we meet together to bind ourselves still more closely to the things of the Spirit, and also, as it were, to cement once more the tie of love there is between us.

"And I want you, in thinking over your few possessions, to try and remember to count us in these as well, because when you come here you will see so clearly that however many jewels a person may possess, if the jewel of love is absent, then, by its very absence, all the others are but lifeless stones.

"It is a point which I cannot over emphasise. I know full well that you have said together that it is far easier to love those who come to you in this way than it is to love those who walk with you in physical life. You say that, dear children, but so often when the warring things of the daily round come a little too close, you forget that very love which you have professed, and which, in a way you cannot understand now, goes far deeper than the physical and is beautiful and strong in the Spirit.

"Yes, it's a little confusing when you are dealing with two worlds. You want to be centred entirely in the one which calls you in a way that never will be resisted in the days to come - for there your sympathies lie; but perforce, practical life in the physical body goes on, and much disharmony and fret of nerves come as a consequence.

"You say you are so 'out of your element', and so you are. Cannot you understand when this and that goes rather hard, that your Heavenly Father is not unmindful of the position of things? Cannot you realise that there must be always those who live in the world who are yet not of the world? And because the sense of loneliness and unfamiliarity is all around, you should rejoice, for, in itself, that is an indication where your real self dwells, where it functions, and where is its rightful Home. Children of the Light, yet doomed, as it seems, to live in darkness or in half-light, and you long for the door to be opened and to be free of all those obstacles which hinder your progress towards your soul's desire.

"My children, I understand all this and much more, which even escapes your own comprehension, but still I say that you should rejoice because of your alienation from the world and those many material things, which - as you see so plainly - hold the minds of others to the exclusion of everything which is of the Spirit...

"In the days of old, there was one greatly 'inspired' - so you would say - who taught much concerning spiritual gifts and the things which are of God. I speak of one called Paul, and he, tonight, is in this little room, trying to help you, trying by love and prayer to still those many sadnesses which assail the mind of the body.

"In his day, dear children - as all will see in perusing that which he wrote - he, more than all the rest, tried to explain to man those powers which were hidden and imprisoned within; those mighty gifts of the Spirit which indeed indicate - in a way which no one can deny - that close and intimate link between the child and his Father.

"I would like all those who read these records, to ponder still more on the many digressions regarding the things of the Spirit which were peculiar to this faithful servant of the Master. I want them to read and to re-read again - laying aside as much as possible the physical mind - to read with the mind of the spirit, when they will see, slowly at first but in growing degree, that he who was called Paul put into words much which escaped the discernment of others - escaped that spiritual discernment which he declared was essential in order to explore those things which are of God.

"My children, much was written in those early days of what you call the Christian era - much was written, which only now is being uncovered to man. Yet had not those words been written aforetime, there would be many today who would bar the Truth because of that exclusion. And so, as always, building for the far future, he - dominated by the Holy Spirit - put on record, not only statements but explanations regarding the gifts of the Spirit which have been given to man...

"Yes, tonight there are many here who, away back in the long ago, trod a difficult path - and I want you in your regard for the pioneers of the great Truth, to remember always that for the most part they climbed the steep hill to God by faith - and by faith alone. Many were shut off from what you call the intellectualities of physical life; they lived in a very humble way, and those who were born to ease saw, by God's grace, that only by laying aside that which came too close to the earth could they attain to the heights.

"You see, dear children, that the physical setting of the so-called saints was very ordinary, was much like the common lot of the majority today - not very much of anything - and yet, as seems so strange to the unthinking mind, required to lay even that little aside because the quest which lay before them was holy indeed.

"And while I am speaking on this, I would like to say one word about the contrast which has been presented to you in the lives of two, both sorely stricken - yet one apparently surrounded with all those mitigations which should be forthcoming in times of physical tribulation, and the other poor, yes, and rather forsaken by those you think should, out of common humanity, do the most.

"Well, dear children, referring to my remarks last week regarding Divine Justice, I can assure you - with a light heart - that Divine Justice will be worked out down to the tiniest degree. Your respect for one whose life of toil has left little behind in a material way - that respect, dear children, is entirely on the side of the Spirit. Cannot you see this, because here are indications of a fine nature, because the past has held much work - aye, and some sorrow too - cannot you see that by the very fact that such a one calls out, not only your compassion for his plight, but that deep admiration for the qualities held and treasured by the soul, that the Spirit is at work, unconsciously though it may be to the physical mind which holds him?

"There was one who told you that, ere she passed out, those of the Bright Throng had gathered to her (Mrs. Grant), and I tell you tonight, that could you but see things as they are, you would know that the lack of the physical and the material brings a correspondingly greater power from those sent by God to tend and care for His beloved. Put all thoughts aside as to the seeming injustice, and hold on to your greater knowledge - that in the Hands of God she is safe, safe and cared for in a way no words can express.

"Yet, think not that the other is not under God's care as well, but as you must know, when the world still holds, those who are free, are, as it were, pushed a little far off, and because the desire for their presence is not there, so they wait until the spirit realises its great need.

"And then, dear children, I would say just one word about the qualities which are possessed and which have been shown in the daily life of the one (Davis) to whom your sympathy goes out so freely, and indeed is God-blessed in its passage.

"Now, dear children, there are those in your little world who do not understand the inner meaning of good workmanship; and here it is that I want to show you that the good workmanship which is individual, and the good workmanship which is admired and insisted upon in others - are quite different things.

"Children, this man is a 'good servant', and I want you to take those words in their highest and finest sense - a good servant not only to his master, but in a gigantic way a good servant to himself. Children, I have told you that the lowest kind of work in the world sense, is hallowed by the way in which it is done; I have said to you that because work of a certain character goes against the grain - causing even physical repulsion - if that work is done well, then indeed it is beautiful, it is holy in a manner no words can express.

" - 'Ah, yes' - you will say to me - 'but this man knows nothing of religion in its religious sense'; and I answer that, ignorant though the mind of the body may be, the spirit within was strong enough to insist on good workmanship; and because he toiled with a consciousness that the best was required of him, so he shall see - in God's good time - that his humble occupation has produced an order and harmony which cannot be explained.

"Oh, my dear children, I know your hearts go out to these forgotten ones, and I thank God for it; I know, if you could, you would lift them out of their need, but that lack shall bring them recompense a million times over in the days to come; and remember my words: That God knows His own and God has him under His care.

"Children, I cannot let this point be ignored. There are many in the world who have a love of order, which perhaps appears to others as carried to an extravagant extent, yet listen to me. Thousands and thousands have that faculty - the determination that order shall be the rule of others, yet placed in similar circumstances they would not find within themselves an equal love of orderliness which would induce them to labour in like degree...

"Children, in the Realms of the Spirit, order and harmony is everywhere - on every side, but it is contributed individually. Those who have the power to command others, those who have many at their beck and call - these, though careless and heedless in their own actions, insist with a severity which is almost cruel, on perfect exactness in others.

"They have much to learn, yet mark you this: That because those underlings suffer under the discipline imposed, by the very formation of such habits done under compulsion, these, when they are free, will step into harmony and order - into that perfection of harmony and order which is everywhere in the Realms of the Spirit.

"Cannot you see my point? The one who is in your thoughts, possessed the gift - I call it a gift - and by labour and close attention, he was in every sense 'a good servant', not only to those for whom he worked, but a far, far better servant to that spirit within, of which, at this stage, his physical mind is unconscious.

"I want you to take this in its widest sense; I want those who have this sense of order to try and extend their sympathy to those in whom as yet it is not so fully developed; yet, I must say, that if it is their own possession, worked for and striven for in the past, then indeed when they are free they will find themselves one in the perfect harmony which is the keynote of the Spirit Realms...

"And now, dear children, I have a more interesting subject - so you will think - to discuss; yet, as we go on, you will see that these remarks of mine indirectly had their bearing upon the greater topic.

"Tonight I am going to endeavour to tell you a little about that much misunderstood word, or subject: 'Telepathy'. And I want you to give me your undivided attention, because as usual I must take you entirely out of the physical into the spiritual - if I am to give you, even in the least degree, a true idea of what lies within that word 'telepathy'.

"Children, there are many in the world today, who have not studied the method by which this holy communion (Spirit Communion) is set into being; there are very many who, quite idly - yes, it is a form of idleness - dismiss the whole subject under the word 'telepathy'; and yet if you pursued the subject with them, quite easily you could drive them back against their last post when they would be forced to admit that very little was known, or had been proved, about that misleading gift of telepathy.

"First of all, dear children, I want to touch upon hypnotism, because in the many experiments which have been carried out, the power of one mind over another has been used in some cases to a damaging extent. Dear children, those who possess the power to dominate and control the will of others - these hold a very grave responsibility.

"It is not wise that anyone either in the world of the flesh or in those vast ranges outside, should ever have the power to dominate and control the mind of another. I have told you before that we - although imbued with an immense power by God - that we in the Spirit are unable to influence the thought even of a tiny babe, except by love, and that love is real love in which self never must find a place.

"Yet, there have been those, and there are some to-day, who possess this tool of controlling the minds and the actions of others; and, dear children, it is necessary for me to make this quite clear: That power is not of the good but rather of those who are out to destroy. If the power is used for the mitigation of suffering, if it is put into action in order to protect the weaker from itself, then the gift is hallowed indeed, but how seldom is it used in this way...

"Confuse not this force with the power of the Spirit, with those who are used directly by the Great Healer to bring healing to others, for with these - when they get out of touch with God - their power goes. You have had this illustrated again and again: That the gifts of the Spirit cannot bide when the heart and mind are really estranged from God...

"Children, you see to what I am leading your thoughts? It is a fact, and a very sad one as well, that it is impossible for anyone to be able to dominate the mind of another, without damage coming to the one so used - so far as the physical organ is concerned - and far more damage to the other, because that damage is done to the greater self.

"Then, dear children, we pass on to what I regard as the next stage - that transference of thought between two who are linked together by sympathy if not by love. And this, dear children, goes on in a way totally unimagined by the greatest enthusiast of the practice. It has been in action from the very beginning of creation, and to it there is no end, because in the Realms of the Spirit thought takes the place of speech in the sense that speech seems cumbersome in comparison.

"Now, dear children, I said that this transference of thought goes on in a very comprehensive way, but I want you to realise that quite independently of arrangement, or even of those love-thoughts which are directly focussed on another - independently of all this, thought-transference or telepathy, is everywhere, in every road of life, because it is a spiritual law.

"Children, I have tried to tell you something about Thought, and I have warned you that thoughts are definite things, that they have individual formation and substance of their own.

"Is it so hard for you to grasp that even a child is sending out a multitude of thought-forms which intermingle with the countless millions which are on every side?

"Now listen to me: Every temperament is keyed to certain vibrations of thought and feeling, and because temperament is individual and 'attractive', so do people gather unto themselves those thoughts which are nearest their own. But forget not this - that many thoughts are weak in power, they have no depth in them. There are those in your little world who are classed as the 'shallow', and the word expresses exactly the thoughts to which I am referring. You would be surprised if, with the eyes of the spirit, you could see some of the thoughts which such as these send out. They are, to use a crude illustration, like the unfinished drawing of a tiny child - chaos, for the most part.

"You see how I am trying to prepare your minds for the understanding of what lies beneath that wonderful law of the Spirit which acts so perfectly, and yet, to you, quite automatically in your daily life? As the individuality of a person develops, so also do their thoughts gain in formation and finish, and this applies both to the bad thoughts as well as to the good...

"And then I take you one step further, and I ask you to try and visualise those thoughts which are of love - the unselfish thoughts, the thoughts of sympathy, of help and of healing. And so gladly I tell you that these thoughts, because they are charged by power direct from God - these thoughts are a million times stronger and have a million times more vitality in them than the greatest intellectual thought which ever man has sent out.

"I want you to consider this: That everyone unconsciously is practising telepathy; I want you to realise just a little of the gigantic character of thought-transference one to the other; and here again we bring in that greatest force for evil or for good there is: I speak of influence - the influence that each one has upon the other.

"Now, dear children, it would seem to you quite reasonable that the more sensitive the individual, the more likely are they to be suitable instruments through which the practice of telepathy could be illustrated - and this is so.

"Here, dear children, I would like to bring in a purely physical fact: It is common knowledge that those who are what you call highly strung - the sensitive - that these are affected directly, and sometimes disastrously, by changes in climatic conditions. It is a fact, and as I go on I will show you how impossible it would be that this should be otherwise...

"Children, imagine if you can, even a square inch of what you call 'vibrations' - what this appears like, remembering the conglomeration, the multitude of thoughts which it contains. Then take a room or a building or, again, think of this great big world, as it seems to you.

"Children, that which man calls 'telepathy' is in evidence everywhere, only in a way so gigantic that it is overlooked - yes, because it is everywhere, its significance is overlooked. And here, dear children, we bring in - somewhat as a side issue - those experiments with sound-waves and what can be received apparently without any in-between agency at all.

"Children, you are receivers and transmitters, only no instrument is required, and it is totally unnecessary to wait for certain hours or certain occasions in order to get the connection you desire.

"I want you to think of it like this: Right down through nature, even with the smallest insect, telepathy is practised in a way not yet unfolded to the mind of man. 'Instinct' it is called - that instinct with which the Creator has endowed everyone from the least to the greatest, from the lowest - using earth language - to the strongest and the purest.

"Children, that word 'instinct' is simply a rough translation of one or other of the many spiritual laws which dominate your world and ours; and forget not that spiritual laws concern not only mankind but, because God is the Creator of all, 'Spirit' runs through everything that can be thought of - through everything that has been and will be...

"I must leave it to you to think out for yourselves how this spiritual law is, as it were, automatically always in use between the cruder forms of creation, right up through each 'kingdom', forgetting not the flowers and the trees...

"Now, dear children, we come back to yourselves, and I tell you that as man develops, so will this gift of telepathy come into its own. Even now where love is strong, again and again thoughts sent from the far away reach the one to whom they belong - perhaps unconsciously - but there are many who are sufficiently evolved, who can, as you put it, 'pick up' fragments of the thoughts so sent in their direction.

"And the next step is this - so natural, leading on in a perfectly practical, commonsense way - the thoughts, dear children, which your loved and loving ones in the Spirit send towards you. Have I not said that even as the rain, so are these thoughts showered down upon you? - That symbolical rain of love; and sometimes - ah, very often - they fall all around you to the ground, as you would say, shedding their beauty on those same vibrations but not finding a lodgement in your minds, because the things of the world - its many distractions and disturbances - held you too tight and you did not know what you were missing...

"You see, dear children, that when man talks of thought-transference, for the most part, he is totally ignorant of what this implies. Those trivial - yes, from our point of view they are intensely trivial - those experiments which have been undertaken with so much gravity, these, because they concern the things of the earth alone, not only demonstrate but little, but, as it were, have the power to throw dust over the spiritual vision of those who think they would like to know more.

"Now, dear children, I have shown you in very rough outline, something of what underlies that word telepathy, yet the point I have not yet touched upon is its relation to this sacred communion, which is going on now so widely between those who are held by the body and those who are free in the Spirit.

"Well, dear children, think over my words, and you will see at once that it is rather beside the question of telepathy; in fact, its concerns are so definitely - not in an opposite direction - but in an entirely individual direction, that you realise that the two gifts operate in a different way.

"Children, in regard to those who seek out these instruments of God (mediums) and ply them with questions - many of a very misleading character, and, sad to relate, put with the express purpose of proving the one so used as unfaithful to her trust - such as these questioners very often cover both their own lack of spirituality as well as the lack of complete satisfaction they have experienced, by saying that 'telepathy' is the explanation of the facts so gained.

"Well, dear children, telepathy in those cases, is going on in rather a terrible way. The doubter and the scoffer, by the very fact of his unworthy thoughts, by his concealed distrust of the one he wishes to use, he - all unconsciously to himself - is contacting with, and attracting those out of the body who are like-minded to himself. If the 'conditions' could be seen with the physical eye, such a one would be aghast at the companionship he had brought around him.

"And because these instruments of God, so delicately poised, so at the mercy of those who are brought into their vibrations - yes, so at the mercy of such as these if God is not definitely in their hearts and minds - these suffer in proportion, and the gift which they possess is not able to demonstrate itself with the freedom which the Giver intended...

"I want you to mark this well. There have been many of your own acquaintance who have gone to these instruments with faith and with trust in their hearts, and they have received a hundredfold in return. Distrust - that hypocrisy of the mind which, while the lips say: 'I seek the truth', yet says to itself: 'I seek to prove it false'. These get what they bring themselves, for here are those who are attuned to finer vibrations than the physical world presents, and because they are, as you say, direct 'mediums' between the coarser and the finer, so they must suffer by the ignoble actions of others...

"Children, when you come here it will seem to you thus: That the communion between those in the body and those who have laid it aside (Spirit Communion) is such an extraordinarily natural, simple thing; and when you look at what you call telepathy - at that mighty thought-transference which is going on in a way no words can express - you will, with reason, think that it is a very difficult subject indeed to understand. Not so to us because, remember, we are well grounded in those laws which govern Spirit life, whether that Spirit life is free or whether it is entangled in the depths of the earth.

"Yet recollect my words, that every moment of your life you are receiving direct thoughts from those who love you in the Spirit. The telepathy which goes on between the Great Father and His children is continuous. One thought of God makes the contact complete; even one thought of love or compassion for a brother or a sister in your daily life makes the contact between you and the Great Heart of Love complete. You cannot take it in, but these thoughts of Love are, as I have said, rained down upon you wherever you may be, whatever your thoughts, whatever your actions...

"It seems to me, dear children, that tonight I have only touched on such a little of this great subject, but the time has sped and I cannot say much more now, yet to those who have held the thought in their mind as to telepathy relating to this work ('taking control'), I bid them think again and get things into their right position. Those who have passed on, are able to use the physical organs of the trained and the prepared, and for the most part they refer to their thoughts and to their attitude towards life when on earth.

"I want the doubters to consider this aspect, and to give telepathy its rightful place; and once they have done that, they will find that the two gifts are quite separate in their working - both God-given, both harmonising, but in effect, in action, they are separate and complete in themselves.

"And then, dear children, I bring you back to the thought of order and harmony in daily life. You will realise ere this, that only by precision - which is a physical expression of harmony - could your little world or the many Realms of the Spirit continue producing and progressing.

"You see, my little ones, that God's Mind is perfect, and because that Mind is perfect, only that which harmonises with Perfection could emanate from it.

"The conditions on earth may be distressing and destructive because of the disharmony which humanity, by forsaking its quest, has brought upon itself; yet in spite of that obvious disharmony, the spiritual laws set into being by God work on in perfect order, unchanged, unchangeable - protecting man from himself as far as he will allow it, renewing and recharging every second of time. And only by this perfect precision, this exquisite harmony, would it be possible that those who stray should be gathered back into the Home they have forsaken...

"You see, dear children, man wars against the greater self within, and so long as this feud goes on so suffering comes, but because God is the God of harmony so, by the power of that same telepathy - that thought-transference - man will be brought back to that same Harmony from which he started out to learn his lessons and gain his own experiences.

"Perfect is the Mind of God, perfect is that which is of God within you, and because of that Perfection within, so the evolving stages go on, and as the spiritualization of the soul-body takes place, so the spirit is able to link itself - just a few threads at first - but to link and knit itself to that Perfection and Harmony to which it rightly belongs...

"Children, think it out for yourselves; try and grasp something of the great gift which is your own and which is in the possession of all, and then go back to the one I named first - to that same Paul, and read between the lines. Ponder over his life, on his many visions, on his fight against the attitude of the world, and the Light which came to him, on those many truths which he struggled so hard to put into human language that might convey to the mind of man something of the wonder of the Mind of God...

"And as you think, so your appreciation of the Divine Mind will grow; and as you think again, so you will realise how limited is the physical mind and how generous is the Mind of the Father - All-Thoughtful, All-Love; and His children, so many of them misunderstanding the purpose and the plan, so often thinking of their Father as one who but represents what they would be if His powers were their own. I have told you, dear children, that the Father-Mind is not like ours, yet, as humanity goes on - by suffering, by work, by emancipation - so, by God's grace shall man represent in a fragmentary way something of the beauty and the humility of the Great Giver of all...

"And now I go. Keep a firm hold over the conditions here - they are, as you would say, of the 'finest'; treat them gently and with respect, for God has blessed us all in this happy communion tonight...

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"Well, my children, we have had a busy evening, and I am going to close almost at once. Yet, just one word I would underline, and that is: Because you are the children of the Light, you are keyed to those finer vibrations of Spirit which are all around you; and because the things of the Spirit are harmony, and peace, and love, so I entreat you to gather in that thought - to hold on to your rightful heritage, and to believe that God is directing and guiding your lives.

"And now rest and be thankful - thankful that the gifts of the Spirit have been shown so freely tonight - and resting on the Father's love, certain that strength will be forthcoming, mentally and spiritually, to meet the incidents of your daily life. Rest and be thankful, and give over your heart and mind into the Father's care, when indeed that which now seems a little awry will be found to be perfect in design - all those details of physical life working together in complete harmony with those of the Spirit.

"Yes, blessed and controlled by God who seest all things, and by whom all things are provided, even as the need arises... Rest and be thankful because so much of the hill has been climbed.

"Now, my children, Goodnight. Yes, this has been a 'good evening' in every sense there could be. Let the days to come be good as well, because the promises of the Most High never fail, and His love changeth not... Goodnight, my children."

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