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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Christian Spiritualist Church, Maple Road, Surbiton, Surrey, in March, 1948.

"Those in the World of Spirit come back by the Grace of God, bringing many gifts. But as you can understand, they cannot force their gifts upon others. Some people look for one thing, others for something else more attractive to their own minds; yet they always place before the earth children the gift of knowledge, which will bring them understanding.

"For when you are in the World of the Spirit, without understanding, you will lose so much. All around you there will be wonders of many kinds; yet they will always seem to you merely as beautiful pictures, not to be entered. Nevertheless, they are still conditions, something calling you to explore - for they represent the Unknown.

"You associate pictures with the portrayal of scenes executed by human skill or any other means that is possible. Many have found comfort from their pictures or even from their photographs; they bring back memories; they are a symbol left in the conditions of a happy time, of days of pleasure when your friends gathered round you. Some of the joy of life filled your conditions.

"It is important that you think of something deeper than that. Many have listened to the news, and they are filled with anxiety over the future and the conclusion of certain activities which have gone wrong. Sometimes you wonder why it is that prayers for peace have not been answered more fully. You wonder too, whether those in charge of affairs have faltered, even though you recognize that the running of any nation is represented by a great machinery of effort. Are those in charge of that machinery failing to bring to pass its purpose?

"It is so easy to criticize. Over generations there have always been those, sitting in comfort, doing very little, who have poured out criticism upon the creators and the workers. Great things are hanging in the balance, and your prayers are wanted just as much as they were in those grievous and grave times of war; they help the power - that wonderful gift granted by God - may be forthcoming: the power to judge correctly, the power to have courage when courage is necessary, and the power to have grace when it is wise to give way.

"All these things may seem as something reserved for the few. There may be some wondering how they can influence great affairs, or what they can do in their own limited environment when they have their many duties. The busy days seem to tumble one over the other, until you ask yourself: 'Where has the Winter gone, and is the Spring really here?' Then, so shortly afterwards, you say: 'Where is the Spring? Summer has already come!' Thus, the year passes as if it were on a swift flight.

"Yet, what has it weaved in? How has the year affected human life? To what purpose has effort been put? Has it been a wise effort or has it been an effort so closely associated with self that damage has been done?

"At this moment you are too close to the picture to get a true view of what it is meant to portray. You have to stand back and review the years which have sped by, when you see certain things that you overlooked at the time silhouetted clear against the horizon. There were also many things over which you gave blame. However, on standing back from the picture of what has been seen, you realise that your own intuition as well as your judgement has to be revised. You only had such meagre facts, you did not know the whole truth, perhaps only a particle of what really had taken place. There are a great many who have revised their views of people and of other things, because the light of knowledge has brought understanding.

"Big things are brought into being only by the effort of many units. Those in charge of important affairs may represent the casting vote, but in no sense do they represent all the toil, all the prayers and all the hopes which the majority have given to a world greatly in need of spiritualisation.

"You may be someone unknown, someone without earthly authority; but you are well known to God. You need to know that you have a far greater authority than has ever entered the physical consciousness. Why? Because you are a child of the Most High. Within you, struggling for release, are all the Divine gifts, all those talents which in time will turn you from a body of flesh into an ethereal being. You will have a mind able to grasp something of the great truths expressed by the Creator of all mankind.

"You need to be aware that sometimes it is wise to get away from those famous, or infamous, who may be at the head of affairs. You have to come back to the ordinary people, to the great company of human souls who are weaving the tapestry of the present - even as they weaved the tapestry of the past. Without many spinners, without many weavers and toilers, how can the great loom of life do its work? The machinery of effort represents a collection of a million parts, and each part, in the degree that it is as near perfect as may be, is essential to that great machine which will shape the future and which will prepare and protect the conditions for those yet to be born.

"Those in the World of the Spirit understand the difficulties you have to encounter, the pains of the body, and the limitations imposed by your own environment. There are very few people in the flesh who do not feel that they are in a cage; their song is sung only in part; they know that within them there is much sweetness of melody which will never gain expression while the body holds; they know also that their voice, or the beauty of their thoughts, will not penetrate beyond an inch or two of the conditions which surround them. That is indeed the material and physical point of view: Limitation by circumstance, by health, and by up-bringing.

"You need to know how Divine Law overcomes material and physical law; how through the Love of God, His children on earth can do so much in spite of all that would hold them back, and in spite of the dungeon of the body in which they live for a while.

"Exercise your imagination much more; you are one of the weavers of destiny. It represents not only a great responsibility, but a great joy and a great privilege; it is an expression of your future, when you will be able to bring into being that which you desire with the better self. How can this be? Because of the struggles of the past; because of the withstanding of those limitations which caused you so much pain, and because of the frustration. You wanted to do so much that in your mind it seems so possible to transcend what appeared to be your lot; but the opportunity never came - or if it came, it was so shackled that you could not make it function as you wished.

"God and the Christ comprehend all that has gone on in your lives, the empty years, the disappointments, the hopes struggled for which were never realised, the failure of so-called friends. With those who are nearing old age, there comes either a sense of peace and resignation or a sense of discord and increased dissatisfaction. Some fail to understand the lessons of life; they may have had a hard life; but it depends entirely upon the temperament whether they are now embittered or whether there has dawned upon them that beautiful Truth: God knows best.

"Do not dismiss this subject by just regretting what happens to some and being thankful for that which happens to others. You have to give out - so far as you understand it - the explanation which should rob every experience of the bitterness it may hold, which should take the sting out of the death or the frustration of those great ideas, and allow you to lay them aside without shattering your ideals.

"The tapestry of your life is of importance to the Father. It also seems to be very prominent in the picture so far as you yourselves are concerned. It may represent but a tiny tree in the picture of Life, but is that tree growing or has it been killed by the frosts and the storms of physical life?

"There are those who look back over the years at the small beginnings of their work; it may have been work for God, it may have been the education of the young, it may have been carving out a career. But as they look back over twenty or thirty years, some wonder how they had the courage to start, how there was so much hope and so much ambition and so little knowledge of all that must be encountered in order to gain what appeared so desirable to the physical mind, or that which came from the soul's command.

"Looking back upon the life and childhood of Zodiac in that far away land of Palestine, there was much authority on either side, and choice of a career was never considered. His desire was to be a teacher, to be one who expounded the Scriptures to those who were willing to listen. Many years passed and he was happy in his own way, although his life was lonely so far as human companionship was concerned. He spent many days and much of the nights in studying records of the time, in seeking to understand, from the high heavens, some of its mysteries. Also, he was trying to get a little nearer to the Lord God, Jehovah, whose ways were not his ways, and who seemed to exercise His power in what was almost an impersonal way.

"As old age came along, there came also the one thing in his life which really mattered. He had heard of the Messiah, the One who claimed so much. He had also heard of the anger He had provoked in the minds of those who held authority. He heard of strange cures by the laying on of hands, and the stories that the dead had been brought back to life. But he had learned from experience to wait and to pray. Curiosity seems to him to be almost an insult to offer to the Light-Bringer - if indeed He was the Light-Bringer. If he was a fraud, which so many acclaimed with a loud voice, then he felt that it was far better to keep to the quietness of his own home in the Temple, and to continue to expound the Scriptures, and to influence the young men who came eagerly to learn the Way of Life.

"Then in the outer courts of the Temple, Zodiac came face to face with and Gentle Stranger. No word was passed, but as their eyes met, Zodiac's limitations fell from him before the love which shone from the eyes of the One who was indeed representing a God of Love on earth. What followed after was the natural consequence.

"He did not know then that he was helping the weaving of the destiny of the yet unborn. He did not know then that that so-called chance meeting would change the whole trend of his life, that in old age he would be transmuted out of a student into a man of action. But so it was.

"One and all, like Zodiac before, can transcend the restrictions and the limitations of human life by responding to Divine inspiration. From small beginnings you can find your place in the weaving of spiritual history, and the bringing of Light to a dark and ignorant world under the heel of evil forces.

"The persecution which followed those great disciples was inevitable; they did not expect anything else. Death came so close in so many ways that when they at last were struck free from the body, they did not know that it had taken place. For those who believe in the Christ never see death, but only Life in the abundant measure possible from the creative force of the One who brought into being everything good and beautiful.

"So, it may seem that your lives run on humdrum lines; you may be doing the same thing day by day, and you may feel isolated through the nature of your work. It may indeed go against the grain, but if you give the very best that is within you, then you can be certain that when you are free from the flesh, and you look back upon the tapestry of human effort, your portion will bring no regret. The memories that tortured you over the years will be withered down by their roots, and so it will be good in your sight because it does not stain the Almighty pattern.

"Whatever you have done in the past for the good of others, see to it that the greater energy which can come from the Divine within, is at the disposal of the angelic ministry on the physical plane. Their problem is great; their responsibilities at the present time would seem crushing to you. But the one thing that holds them back from doing God's will, is the selfishness and the wilfulness of those they are seeking to use.

"So many have 'other gods'! That is the reason why trouble comes to the nations, and you cannot point to the people of one country and say that this is only peculiar to them. Desire of earthly power, and the realisation of ambition, brings temptation fast upon the tracks for those who could do so well; and in yielding to the voice of temptation, they ruin not only the pattern of their own lives, but the great tapestry which represents the working out of the beneficent Divine will for the children of earth.

"Great things? Certainly, it is the individual effort, the individual prayer, and the individual hope that wields so mighty a power. You have found it in all walks of life. If only you can get together in united effort a large enough mass of people, then, in spite of authority, their voice is heard louder than ambition, louder than personal aggrandisement, louder than the cries of those - unseen - out to wreck those who have found souls from the Higher Side of Life who are prepared to support in every way that they can, all who seek to improve the Tapestry of Human Life.

"So, come back to the grand simplicity of the Christ. Some have wondered as to His thoughts over the training years in the home: The hard toil, the submitting to many irritations, and the struggle against the poverty which was there after Jesus had passed into another state. What were His thoughts? We cannot penetrate Perfection; however, we can be certain that His thoughts were not upon Himself.

"Here you get the essence of religion. Moreover, you get the capacity to carry out your part in the weaving of the Tapestry of Life, so that there may be no going back to rectify the mistakes which have been made, or covering over of the ugliness which remains.

"You have to face this all-important fact when you are free: God will not judge you; it is you yourself who will pass judgement upon the past. However, you will know more about the facts of every action taken, those from other people's point of view as well as your own. In what degree did 'self' come first? In what degree were your thoughts centred upon the troubles of others? In what degree did you contribute to situations around you? In what degree did you contribute to the raising up of the standard of mankind?

"There are many who will feel such relief, such joy, when they stand upon the Golden Shore and realise that out of the little they started to construct, so much that was part of the Divine Pattern was brought into being.

"Thousands of souls, on gaining freedom from the flesh and witnessing the wonders which surround them, ask in amazement: 'This surely cannot be for me?' But the smiling, happy faces around them reassure them. Their field was barren - so it seemed to them while in the physical body - but through the Love of God, the bare field now seems to them as a garden full of glorious flowers; and the Love of God wishes you to know that these flowers have life forever more.

"There are some who are conscious that something has gone wrong, even so far as idealism is concerned. When they were young, they were able to think higher thoughts, but somehow the material conditions around them have sullied that beauty in which they revelled. Today they are feeling rather disillusioned about themselves.

"If this is so, remember for your comfort, that thoughts - however beautiful they may be - are not so constructive as simple acts of service; the things you force yourself to do out of sense of duty will right many a wrong. You will find also that you did not really lay aside your idealism, but its aspect was changed; no longer were you a dreamer of beautiful dreams - you were a doer of simple actions. Because the effort was made and there was no will to accomplish, God finished those tasks too difficult for you to carry through to the end.

"Always remember that the infirmities of the body are not so important to be healed as the infirmities of the soul. If you can pass out of the physical body with a healthy soul, you will forget in an instant the pains of the body and all their hampering influence. You will be glad of them then. Why? Because without the experience of pain you could not return to the earth and find the power to relieve the greater pains of others. That is the Law: You can apply the Law to every phase of life.

"Man has been wrongly taught; he knows so little because he has been blinded by material thinking; but always within you is the Truth. By following the road laid down by the pioneers of old, many who were poor, forsaken and defeated in the fight, you will be able to claim their friendship, and their help will be unbounded as you progress.

"Blessed indeed are the ones who were inspired over the years to hold up their torch, so that in their spot of the earth there might be the light for those who sit in darkness and under the threat of death. There are many deaths of the weaknesses which are within, and many births out of weakness into the strength which represents your higher, nobler nature.

"So, strive on. In the happy time to come you shall indeed look down upon the 'carpet' set into being by your own efforts and thank God that it is not unpleasant to your sight.

"In the Name of the Creator of all good things much power has been gathered. This power is badly needed to rectify that which seems to be going wrong in this material plane. By the children of the earth gathering together to listen to the Word of God, the power comes, to be taken far and wide, and perhaps to save further mistakes being made and the penalty which must be paid.

"Amongst the singing of the birds and the great choir of those who have been set free, you will find peace for your soul."

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