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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 3rd December, 1927.

"Father of all Love, once more we come before Thee with grateful hearts, and we ask Thee to pour down upon us that measure of revelation which we can make our own. Teach us, O Father, that the humble heart and the determined will can break down all barriers, can make the link between us and those who are as the angels of Heaven, complete, inseverable for ever. We know that the gift of the Holy Spirit is ours by bestowal. Grant that the consciousness may come that as we release the Divine within, so the Holy Spirit can use us, and pass through us healing for others.

"Oh, let Thy children turn from the things of the world and its many temptations, and as pilgrims take the path that Thou hast laid down. To Thee, our Saviour, we come in love, and we ask Thee to bind us to Thy Holy Self for ever and for ever. Amen...

"...My children, this night we commence, as it were, another page of the great book which represents our lives, and I want you, individually, to hold this thought in mind: That by the grace of the One who came to redeem mankind, the opportunity is offered for you to turn over a fresh page, and to see that on that page only that which harmonises with Love is written.

"In time to come, when the little earth stage is o'er, you shall go back on this night and see, as I have stated, that it was the beginning of a fresh epoch, a new era in your spiritual life.

"But remember this: These opportunities come again and again, and the individual alone is responsible for what appears on that fair page, which is theirs by gift of God. There can be writ thereon the same old story as on the leaves before. And on that which is the record of time there appears this, and it relates to all - failure and success, strength and weakness, love and despair.

"So tonight, my children, make a compact with yourselves that, on that which is clear of the earth and material things, there shall appear only that which is of the Spirit. When you pass hence, so, in looking back over the struggles, over the heartaches, the one thing which will stand out pre-eminently above all others, is the sweet recompense of God.

"And this night, by direction of the Holy One, I would speak on that which I name: 'Sweet Recompense' - for every traveller, every pilgrim, sooner or later, faces sorrow and recognises what it means; and in that hour, so, through the illumination which has been purchased, sweet recompense descends upon them and as a cloak is folded around...

"Once more I take you back over the past to those early ones, with their struggles, with their fierce temptations, with their many ignorances and limitations. The time came when the despair which had seized heart and mind gave place to something representing peace; and, again, the time came when that peace was linked up to joy, and they were conscious not of the weariness of the past, not of the anguish of mind and body, but only of the fulfilment of the promises of God.

"But, children, there are countless thousands who take the earth way, and they know not that peace or that joy, they choose the easier path, they take from the world what it has to give and they forget to give in return. But as the years pass by, so dissatisfaction holds the mind, what they have drawn to themselves no longer gives them pleasure, and as the time comes when the physical garment is to be laid aside, very often as embittered men and women they pass out, and in time to come are shown the record of the wasted years.

"In some cases, little ones, hundreds of years pass before they experience the peace and the joy which is of God. And what is even worse than that, they have left, in the physical world, vibrations of weakness and love of self; and many others, off their guard, coming into contact with the power of selfish thought, forget to take up their burdens and to follow Christ.

"Sweet recompense for them also is far away. They forgot that the cross brings the only joy which can last; they forgot that a lesson unlearnt means a lesson still to be mastered; they forgot that the earth body was taken on for the purpose of experience, and in time to come, they, in turn, look back and weep over missed opportunities, and the peace which comes from striving is unknown...

"My little ones, each of you here know something of sorrow, something of that which you name separation, whether it be from the ones you love so well, or from that which God meant to be the lot of all - harmony in the surroundings, that harmony which allows the spirit to gain a measure of the release which it craves. Each one can look back and say: 'When I was young, I thought that life would hold for me something sweet; that love and friendship and happiness would be mine. For awhile I had, and then it passed from me, and today I wonder why and what it all can mean'.

"Again, there are others who can say with truth and with faith: 'The things of the world have failed me, but God's sweet recompense is mine, and I am willing to let all else go'.

"This is the pilgrim's progress - progress out of uncertainty, out of the dimness of misunderstanding, into the brightness of a faith which has been tried and has stood the test.

"My children, last week, I spoke to you as to ministering angels. I reminded you that your companions - unseen though so often sensed - that these could be held to you or sent from you by an act of will. I explained, in brief, that those you name the bright ones were those who had suffered in a greater measure than the ones upon the earth plane; but think of this, and it relates to you and to all:

"Those who are as the angels of God, they took their experiences with speed; they turned not from tests and temptation but the Divine within clung to the great all-pervading Spirit, and even as they struggled and overcame, so the sweet recompense of God was made their own. They work amongst you on the earth plane and they take their love, their gifts, into those conditions which are far less developed than the physical, but all the time they have the sweet recompense of God. They hold the Light, and the Light - because it is from the great Source - betrayeth them not...

"I speak upon this point because, again and again, it is necessary to remind you and others that by carrying the cross and following the path, so you are building up that power around you which shall, if you falter not, close you in, and thenceforth sorrow as sorrow will be unknown.

"But you cannot bargain with God. Many during the earth stage argue thus: 'If I may have that which I crave, I will devote my days to the Master's work'; 'If this trouble is taken from me, I will prove to God my gratitude, by giving myself to the service of others'... Not so, little ones, not so. The spirit within has chosen the path you will tread; the physical mind and the nerves of the body cry out, but the way of the cross is the way into peace and joy and that sweet recompense which will wipe out for ever the memory of the past...

"I want you to ponder on this, and although I speak to you individually at this moment, I am drawing in the many who read my words: I say to you and to my children who are far away, as you regard distance: Forget not that the Divine within has seen God in something of His glory; forget not that the physical mind cannot grasp any aspect of Christ unless the will is given up first.

"Oh, think not that God withholds, that God is not aware of your heartaches, of all the shrinking from that which your life may hold. The Father is the Father, and as you pray, so He is bringing to pass that deliverance which will mean everything to you in time to come - deliverance from the bondage of earthly things, deliverance from the chains of the physical mind; but the only way is the Christ way, the simple way, the way of faith in God.

"At this stage, many are going through the throes of so-called adverse experiences. They look around and it seems to them that there are others to whom God has been kinder than to themselves. Those others, dear children, are suffering under the 'kindness' which is the cruelty of their lesser selves, and sweet recompense - knowledge and the consciousness of God - is not for them either in this stage or for many stages to come.

"The prophets and the disciples of old passed through their experiences, and many arrived at the cross with joy in their hearts. What was the power around them, what was the source of their strength? Had they not proved and tested man's way, and turned to God's way although it meant the anguish of the garment they wore? Sweet recompense was theirs in their exile and imprisonment; sweet recompense was theirs as they lay bleeding from the stones which had struck them; sweet recompense tallied not even as the tortures did their worst. The pangs of the body they endured because of that sweet recompense which is consciousness of the Presence of Christ...

"Oh, my children, how little you know of love, how little the realisation has come what love can bear, what love can give. Yet, you are this much farther on than the majority, for you wish to learn, and, indeed, you have tried to rise above the sorrows of life; and out of your gift - that which comes from the greater self - so the great Father has prepared for you a consolation beyond the power of your physical minds to grasp.

"Think of it as this, and I speak to many: For a little while you walk, perchance, in loneliness of heart; for a little while you are separated from that which meant all in all to you; for a little while you remain in a strange and unlovely land, for those around you are alien to yourself; a little while you weep; a little while the weariness of mind and body seems too much. And then the twilight slowly gives place to dawn; and the dawn, with its rosy beauty and glory, heralds a new day; and the new day means revelation - the sight of wonders impossible to be portrayed in words, and, above all, the consciousness, the definite consciousness of the Love of Christ.

"At that time - oh, believe me, children, for it shall be worked out not only in the word but in the spirit - at that time, you will look back on the details of your life and marvel how so little could have given you so much. And then, because you have been trained as missionaries - missionaries of the Most High - with your gift of experience, so, joyfully, you will go to others perchance in a physical body - or in a body less beautiful, less pure than that - and out of that which you have proved yourself, so, by the power of the Holy Spirit, you shall be enabled to give them of your strength to struggle and to endure...

"My little ones, how oft you say that you marvel that the bright ones long to come among you; how oft do you remind each other how fortunate you are to have the love of such as these. But how can God recompense in a more beautiful way than by allowing them to come into your vibrations and to see your faces brighten, to feel your hearts take an upward bound, to know that tomorrow life will seem a little less grey because of them? Oh, the sweet recompense which the past has brought to me, and to those others whom you love so well.

"When Spirit-consciousness is your own, your gifts, the beauties around you, all that stupendous generosity of God - this, dear children, will not satisfy you; you will want it not if others cannot share. Many have this tender emotion, even as they go along the common way. They have that which is pleasing to the eye, or someone bestows upon them a little of the treasure which they have themselves. At once, the thought comes to share that which is so unexpected, and, you think, so undeserved - to share it with another. And as you watch their joy, is it not sweet recompense for the journey taken, for that which you have parted from which was for yourself?...

"So, my children, I bring you to the One who loves you best, and I ask you to focus on Christ. Think of His life upon the earth plane. Toil, weariness, aye, and all that which is hidden from you - the consciousness of that which you name evil, and it was all around. But as He went among the masses, here and there in looking down, He saw in the eyes of His children something of love; or He turned to those who were His followers, and, again, something of love was written in their eyes; or the children, as they gathered close, beseeched Him for attention...

"Sweet recompense came to the Lord God of all only in this wise. Forget not that Christ in that day, and Christ today, is the same. There are those, bound by the mind of the body, who find satisfaction in the thought that when God rules over the earth and the universe once more, it will be as a changed Being, that when they pass out of the physical experience and are taken to the One from whom they draw their life, that they will be faced by someone so magnificent, so all-powerful, that they will be as the servants of a mighty Ruler...

"Little ones, that is not God's way. Not even those you name the celestial beings could bear to witness God in His Infinity, for the Father is the Father and the children are the children. How could a tiny branch bear the weight of the solid trunk which has withstood the storms over the long past? And the symbol of the tree portrays to your mind something as to the distinction between the great Source and the spark which comes from it, imbued with life from All-Life for ever and for ever.

"We are as the tiny branch of the great oak-tree. And though I have been so blest as to be with the Master and to work under His direction, out of mercy He is shown to me as Light and Love and by that which is within my comprehension, so that no barriers may come between.

"Oh, confuse this not: No one can comprehend the Infinite, but God, out of His stupendous humility, blocks out that which is so baffling, and comes to His children in the way that each one would love the best. Think not that when you pass hence, you will be taken to a king or the King of kings. In the measure of your release, of your pure desire, so is the Christ - the One you can approach with confidence and love - thus you will meet your God.

"My children, damage has been done and many barriers have been erected between the great Source and the children of this and other planes, by the thought that God is illimitable, so mighty that contact with Him is impossible. God is in everything and everybody, but God understands that human longing which is Divine, and as an Individual - Someone who can be touched and who can lay His Hands upon you, so God manifests to those who love Him. Aye, to all, but the ones who do not love Him recognise Him not, for the humility of His bearing deceives a mind which is keyed to the earth vibrations of power.

"Should another say to you: 'A personal God is necessary for me', answer with faith that when they pass hence they shall see Christ face to face, they shall feel His tenderness and the radiance of His smile, if the love within them has been sufficiently strong to make them do His work...

"You cannot limit God, and to say that the all-pervading Spirit cannot be captured into 'personality' is limiting God, in the same way as to say that the personality of Christ expresses the extent of God. No, the Father understands. He knows that within the greater self is the longing for love, is the longing for Someone who can speak and can comprehend, and out of His humility - as He laid aside His power and came as the Babe to link man up with Himself - so you and I, my children, can be certain that our God will not be too far off from us to prevent us clinging to that which He represents...

"Blessed thought: Christ, the same today, yesterday and forever. You saw not the Master as was my gift; you felt not the love that poured out from His Being; you had not in your conscious mind the remembrance of His kindly, healing touch; but sweet compensation shall come to you because of this. I knelt me at His Feet - the aged before the young - and as His Hands went over my head, whitened by the past, so in that moment I was lifted up into the highest heaven. And when I trod the lonely path after He had gone, no loneliness, no suffering, could affright, for still I felt His Hands; and the benediction is upon me now...

"Oh be big, my children. Give God credit for at least as much compassion and understanding as you have yourselves. You say, when one you love has passed: 'Oh, to feel the garment (body) of that sweet one again'. And many there are who have said within themselves: 'Oh, to feel the touch of Christ'.

"My children, the One you love and the One who loves you best, is caressing you as you speak. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, understands His children, and the instinct for nearness, for something tangible and definite, that comes from the great Source Itself. Was it not for that reason that He created you and me?

"Oh, think you again: The great Mother and Father Heart of God was lonely, so out of His perfection He sent forth branches of perfection; and though they may seem far distant from Him, the branches are joined to the great Source. For once the tree has given out its branches it draws them not back into itself, but, in time to come, each branch has its leaves, and, perchance, its blossom and that which is for the use of others. And the seed falls, and another, and another branch is formed, all from the same Source, yet individual in themselves.

"That is God. The great Father and Mother Heart which stands as the perfect example of Parent to us all. Is it weakness, is it foolishness, to long to hold your babe so close? If the eyes could see the truth, as your arms go round the little form, so by the strength of your love, you are giving to that tiny branch of your body something of power, something of protection. And the All-Perfect One, when He laid upon my head His sacred Hands, not only bound me to Himself for ever, but gave that sweet recompense which nothing on any plane, no power or force, can take from me - that sweet recompense which was and is the protection of the Divine within...

"So, my little ones, I come back to yourselves. I say to you over this period of suffering and that time of sorrow, make the Truth your own. Those you name the bright ones, the angels of God, are all around, and the Master passes through your home or room. He lays upon you His blessing, and that sweet recompense shall not only bring you peace in this day, but when you pass hence, you shall find, to your great comfort, that through the pangs and because of the pangs, you can take your gift of recompense to others.

"And when you see Christ face to face, the only anguish which will hold you will be that you have not more to give from yourself for His most holy work. But that 'more' can be developed as you strive, as you hope, as you pray; and as the days go on, as stage succeeds stage, as conditions change from fair to the brightness of the sun, so the thought will hold you as to the recompense over that little you suffered yesterday and in the past; and, in your gladness, in your freedom, so you will turn once more to the Beloved of your heart, and recompense upon recompense will be piled upon you, for in the Saviour's smile so real life begins...

"Now, my children, I will leave you for a space, but I want you to hold fast to these conditions, for the gift of the Holy Spirit is resting upon you all. This night the page has been turned through the power of the Holy Spirit, and you shall write thereon that which is of God.

"And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well my children, some of you came as strangers, but I hope you leave this little centre as friends. Remember that to us strangeness is unknown. Each one of you has been under my care for many years past, and this night it was the Father's will that we should meet together, and I should tell you that around you always are the angels of God fighting for you, and nothing can affright them, nothing is too difficult for them to overcome.

"This is your direction: 'By faith, I will draw to me the things which are of God; by faith, I will put from me the things of the earth which vex my heart and mind; by faith, no longer will I be a traveller only, but a pilgrim seeking a better fairer land'. And as you pray for faith, so the gift shall descend; and as you put your faith to the test, so, though sorrow may strike you, in a little while the sweet recompense of God shall come and dwell within...

"I bless you with courage - courage and trust in God. And you shall see, to the content of your heart and mind, that not only are God's ways just, but sweet and beautiful and love itself. For to the Father you are His children; your sorrows are His sorrows, and His joys shall be your joys. They shall come and shall remain, for after the test so the wounds are healed, so the consolation approaches, and so sweet recompense is made your own.

"Farewell. Rest on the promises of God."

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