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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Unitarian Church, Westhill Road, Bournemouth, under the auspices of the Temple of Light and Healing Centre, 34 Poole Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth, on Sunday 13th July, 1947

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"I come to give you fragments of truth that some of you will gather and make them part of a spiritual feast. Consider the circumstances of physical life. We of the Spirit World wish to come and speak to you on very practical lines. The mere fact that we have been in the spheres for thousands of years does not alter the fundamental fact that allows us to become a teacher. We have to keep in touch with the present needs, with the thoughts of the physical mind and the circumstances that surround human lives.

"There are those who would divide Capital and Labour. But there are those good employers who realise that the greatest capital, which is of the highest value, is the good worker, the man or woman who takes an interest in the work in hand, the faithful servant. When we are free from the flesh it is a great honour to be a servant. For unless we can serve our neighbour, leadership is far from us.

"It is only those who have been through the adverse experience of physical life, who know the meaning of pain, who can enter into the conditions of those who seem as earthly failures, who have gained experience by going through the suffering entailed, who can be chosen to be teachers of others, to lead out of the darkness into the Light that never fades.

"You are the ruler of a wonderful kingdom - the kingdom of the aura - your own little world over which you have full jurisdiction. There are influences from others that fall upon the sensitive conditions provided by the aura. But you are the master - or you should be - and it depends upon you individually whether that influence is allowed to be absorbed or to be despatched.

"You are tested every day; you are tested by the thoughts thrown off by the leaders of science, of art and music and you are tested by your friends. Many are afraid to offend others, but do not realise that in their weakness they are offending against the Divine within, against that Spark of Life that must live for ever more.

"So, when you think of your own 'lot', you may not be materially well placed or the circumstances of your life may be contrary to your desire, but you are still king or queen of your own little world and you have there the problem of capital and labour.

"What of your talents? In that word talent are included sight, hearing and the power to walk and to enjoy life. Where is your capital? It lies within the province of your own power. The limbs you have, the talents you possess, they can be as labourers or idlers and according to the effort given forth from them so your capital dwindles or increases. You pass out of this state of limitation to find yourself either free from limitations and restrictions or as a bonded soul, buried in the prison-house of your own making.

"Belief in Survival is a halfway house. Many people say they want to enjoy life and think of another state when they are old. You can see that there are intelligent people who think in a very unintelligent way. They are under the influence of the worldly-wise, swayed by materialism, and the cry goes out on either side, 'Eat, drink and be merry while you may'.

"From the point of view of those in the World of Spirit these are very poor businessmen and women. They are squandering their inheritance for something that is essentially illusive. Life on earth is a very precious gift. There are 'accidents' every day, the phantom of disease - and you cannot foretell your future in this respect although you may enjoy something of health in this same time.

"On very practical lines, if you believe in survival then the all-important point is - how will you survive? How is man raised from the dead? That is the fundamental question. He is raised from the dead - but in what guise, what is his position, what is his power and his chance of happiness?

"While in the body everyone wants happiness, but it seems so illusive, here today and gone tomorrow and the hungry heart cries out: 'O God, feed me or I die'.

"When you are free from this plane you will be far more sensitive than you are now. Life will have so much meaning human words could not describe it. You will have lost the physical body that acts like a narcotic to feeling. You may believe that you feel so acutely but that is because you do not realise that the next body you will wear will be far more sensitive if you have tried in any measure to do your duty to those around you. Sensitiveness is a gift. It is not something to be regarded as a menace to happiness and comfort. The more sensitive you are the more the spirit is able to dominate the flesh, and you must prepare for the by-and-by.

"How is man raised from the dead? With all the force of my being I long for you to have the privilege of using those wonderful gifts that God has granted unto you. You may be strong in the body, you may have an active mind, you may have a vivid imagination, but after the transition the time will come when you will look back and it will seem to you that you were half dead in comparison with life in the Spirit World.

"It is a life of active pulsating life - of usefulness, of power, of understanding the laws relating to the creative gifts - all held out for the children of God - if only they will be willing to endure a little discipline, to learn the lessons of the earth plane, to insure their lives now for the great Life to come, when things will matter so much, when the greatest grief that could hold the heart and mind is to be cast aside among the unemployed because the gifts and attributes have not been exercised in the stage before.

"Around you many are suffering because no one wants the work that they undertake. They are young, they are full of zest and high ambition and their hearts are slowly breaking because after sacrificing so much there is no room for them in the labour market for which they have striven to fit themselves.

"But this is as nothing in comparison with the grief and the sorrow that hold the heart and mind when passing into the planes of Light to find miracles all around and the teachers standing ready to instruct, and opportunity piled upon opportunity - and yet the shirker has to be passed over, he is not wanted simply because he has no power to contribute and no experience upon which to draw.

"So you can see that belief in survival is but the pothook stage of learning about life after physical death. Then you will find that you died to another world to be born into this material plane. You will see that physical death is simply dying in one state to be born into the next and this Law has been in operation since your creation in the far distant past, long before the earth plane came into use for the furtherance of the Divine Plan.

"This is a grave thought and one to ponder upon because it relates to the sowing and the reaping. Some in the body today have unselfish characters who desire to serve. That is indication that in their last life in another world - in another kind of body - they strove, they tried to make the best of their conditions.

"Do not be deceived by the material aspect of human life. Sometimes the most progressed take the hardest road of all, the road of poverty and pain because they want more experience, because the Divine within them is so released that their eyes are upon the shining Cross of Jesus the Christ and they long to be more like Him. Their home is not here, they are in the world but not of the world - their home is in the Celestial City.

"Look at life with the mists of the material brushed aside, and face up to your troubles, and stem the words of complaint. As you pass those suffering from disabilities, as you hear of one here and one there in misfortune, remember that such as these may be more progressed spiritually than the majority. They are pilgrims on the long road home to God. Even if the physical mind murmurs against the tests, the spirit is strong enough to dominate the physical, and the burden is carried to journey's end.

"When the gates of revelation are thrown wide open all those disabilities and the sadness of the past, the unkindness of others and the falsity of so-called friends, all this is forgotten in the joy of emancipation. There are many waiting to greet you and to show you that all the time God has been piling up your riches, for the labourer is worthy of his hire.

"Adopt a very sane outlook to your lives. Allow yourselves to be impressed by those unseen with the greater knowledge. Look at the mishaps and triumphs and probe beneath the surface; have the courage to speak to those who are wasting their substance for a mess of pottage, and guide them into the way of Truth; for the way of Truth is the way of happiness, of freedom, and of power.

"Many are surprised to find who are the leaders in the Spirit World. They look for the 'so-called' great ones but do not find them. Often it is a careworn mother or father who sacrificed for his family and worked on when the body was worn out. Sometimes it is a boy, perhaps your son, the one who made full surrender in the name of duty, the one who laid down his life for his brethren. You cannot tell except by probing Truth, and in the Spirit World promotion is entirely by character.

"So I say to you with all the force in my body, belief in survival is not enough. You must be about your Father's business. You must bring to bear upon the material things of this world the Light that shines from the Christ. Then your burdens will be lightened, your responsibilities will be halved. It was only that you did not understand, and so you grieved and could not be comforted, but there were those - unseen by you - covering you with the balm of their infinite love, and the power of their experience.

"The time will come, when in that wonderful World - free from all those things that vex and torment the human mind - you will be set to work anew. You will be able to create that which your soul desires, finding because you trod the road of duty, that your equipment is at hand. More than that, the leaders on the Other Side will show you that there is a place for you among their band of workers. You have been remembered and your part is provided for you. There is no joy like the joy of finding your place in the Plan of the Master's work.

"Those who seek shall not seek in vain. Remember always that the price of power is experience, and the only way that experience can be won is by being willing to suffer now for the sake of the glorious tomorrow.

"You are all Spirit. The flesh is as a garment to be cast from you and forgotten. God is within you in miniature. Gifted to each individual are all the gifts possessed by the Godhead. Think upon it and as you think so humbleness holds your heart and mind. You are a son or daughter of the Most High, inheritors of the Kingdom.

"So then, make haste, cast aside those trivial toys that block the road, grasp the things that you will never have to give up and see to it, while the opportunity is yours, that you are insuring your life for the by-and-by; for the time when, gathering your friends around you, you will plan and work and pray and be willing to suffer to bring into being something of utility in the Father's Household, something of use to His children wandering in twilight upon the earth plane.

"So I bless you with spiritual consciousness; with the realisation that life is a bigger, greater thing than you have ever thought before. The call has come to you to make ready, to prepare yourselves so that sorrow may be left with the earth and an inexpressible joy will be yours forever more. I bless you in the Name of the One who loves you best, our Master and our King."

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