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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 13th January, 1924

"Father, I thank Thee, thank Thee that Thy Love has stretched out like a hand over all, drawing each one into Thy Presence, drawing them by the strands of that Love, so mighty, so enfolding, that all else is cast asunder and indeed we meet in Thy Presence...

"In Thy Presence - like little children, ignorant, unseeing, unknowing, we gather together to get Thy Blessing - the blessing of the Holy Spirit, which even now is descending upon us all.

"Children, I entreat you to raise your hearts and minds, and to meet Divinity in the degree that you are able; to empty your hearts and minds and to pray that you may be found responsive to the Spirit that calls.

"Father, we ask Thee to make this possible. Without Thee we can do nothing. With Thee all gates are open, and with faith Thy children upon each can step across the threshold and meet not only their loved ones, but even the Tender Saviour who came to save us all...

"...Listen to the Voice of the Spirit, cast care aside, lean on your Guide and know that Christ is here - here in all His Majesty. But here much more in all His Love - that Love which knows no barriers, which no defective faith can put aside, because it is the Love of God and you are His little children.

"My children, it would seem to you from the outside point of view that things had a tendency to go wrong in regard to these little gatherings of ours, which most of my children look forward to with great anticipation, for it is as though they brought their troubles and sorrows in a heap and laid them here, and when the evening is over the burden is left behind.

"Yes, from the outside point of view it would have seemed that the shadows were determined to destroy or hinder; but God has spoken - the word has gone forth, and nothing will be allowed to interfere with the working out of His plans.

"That is the position and that is going to be the position not only today and tomorrow but for ever. I give this word to those who may have doubted; those who thought - as so often my children are prone to think - that the shadows are more powerful than the Spirit Itself.

"Now, just consider this for one moment: How could this be so when God created everything - all those forces and powers that keep this little world going, all the wonderful mysteries of the planets that go on unknown, unseen by you, but to perfection, perfection in their working and in the part which they play in the great and mighty whole?

"The thing comes down to this - and it has since the world began: You must remember that those who have been chosen for service, immediately attract to their sides the forces of destruction, the evil in its many-phases - the worst phase being the assaults on the spiritual in regard to faith and the protective Love of God.

"The way of discipleship is the way of the cross, but, my children, you have quite a wrong idea of what this means. Christ was the Redeemer of the world and His road, hard and difficult, ended literally on the Cross of Calvary so far as the physical was concerned; but because Christ died for you and for me that last sacrifice is taken from us in a spiritual sense.

"I want you to visualise that road and to take your troubles, your trials, and your tests, as the obstacles and the rough bits which have got either to be climbed over or dug away. This is the road to God - as you see it - and in front is the cross of sacrifice which you think you have to take up and bear in addition to your other burdens.

"Now, listen to me. I say that if you go forward in faith and in trust - to the best of your ability - then as you reach the cross, instead of the agony of the cross, you shall see nothing but the smiling, tender Face of the Saviour Himself, and sorrow will fall from you, and joy will be in your heart and mind instead - the cross of sacrifice turned into the loving, welcome look of the Father.

"You have got to get this thing right - I am not expecting the impossible. To little children the way seems long, the hills so high, and the wind so keen; but if the little child is holding the Hand of Someone who is strong and fearless - why doesn't it make all the difference in the world? And although you cannot see it, and you forget to so often, this is what each one of you are doing spiritually, because there is gathered to your side the Master - The Master who understands weariness, sadness of heart, falling spirits, and the longing for home and safety - and because He understands so well He is there beside you and will be for ever more.

"Oh, my children, rise in heart and mind, and take that which is offered to you so freely, so eagerly, and then your tears will be stemmed and the pain will go out of your hearts and the weariness from your limbs, and you will have the vision glorious, and seeing this will go on your way rejoicing - rejoicing that Christ has said: 'Follow Me' - not to the cross but to that perfect harmony and gladness and elation which only unity with the Spirit within - which is of God indeed - can bring you.

"Let the world go by; don't cling to the little material things - the toys and those attractions that draw you and distract your attention from the things of the Spirit - let them all go. You are offered tonight gifts in plenty, gifts which will not please the mind for a moment and leave you dissatisfied later, but the gifts which once had you will never wish to part with, because with the things that are of God they grow in beauty and in power and in revelation, and these only can satisfy the hungry heart of mankind. They know it not - here and there they go, trying to get the happiness which for ever escapes them, trying to drug the spirit which cries out: 'Let me be free and let me demonstrate God in my life!'

"Little things I tell you - I cannot do more; just little fragments of the Truth do I try to impart, but beyond these are others, and beyond again and again - no ending - fresh beauties, fresh visions, and as you step forward the greatest gift of all - further revelation of the Love of God and all that means.

"Prepare your hearts and minds to meet the Saviour, to meet Him with the wish to be as He was and to live as He lived. That done the Saviour does the rest. This is the only gift we can make - the dedication of our hearts and minds - the only thing asked from us, and in return there are those things which I cannot touch upon because in the earth language there is nothing to express them.

"The Sign of the Cross - remember - remember that the sign of the Cross to you, the children of God, only represents the Compassionate Saviour who came to earth to bear your cross and my cross, and to lift us from all the sadness and all the pain which, of necessity, physical life doth bring. It is but preparation for the life hereafter when sorrow is no more, when gladness fills the heart and mind to overflowing, and when the one wish of all is to pass on that same freedom to another, and in so doing to be just a little as the Saviour wills - just a little, and that is all that is expected from us.

"My children, there is so much to say, but I must not press things too far this evening. You are anxious for your loved ones to come; they have prayed for this opportunity, and so I leave you to let them through - 'leave you' only in the physical sense because where my children are concerned the word separation has no meaning whatever.

(Note: After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued.)

"Well, my children, I think today has turned out better than you anticipated.

"I remind you of the words: 'At even, ere the sun was set, the sick, O Lord, around Thee lay'... and then it goes on: 'As to the divers pains in which they met, and with what joy they went away'. That is the result - the effect of all these evenings. My children come, depressed, saddened by the trials of life and its many irritations - they come, their minds are healed, their spirits are restored and, for the time being, they can go on their way rejoicing.

"Now, I want you to enter into a compact with me - not to promise, but to say that you will try ... I want you when you find this brightness - which you prize so much - slipping from you, to recall that you are soldiers of Christ, and that being so, the Light is around you always.

"It is not easy. You get up from these evenings, when the Holy Spirit has been upon you, and your courage is high. You ask yourselves: 'Why did I feel so sad? Everything is going to be all right!' And then the enemy, which has been pushed back, regains its strength and slowly approaching, the chill comes again, and the mind - the physical mind, remember - cries out: 'How long, O Lord, how long!' and that cry gives the first advantage to the shadows.

"Make no mistake. No one who wishes to love and serve their Saviour is ever allowed to give all the advantage to the enemy - the protection is complete, but the little stings, the flying darts, they reach you, and we, with all our love and wish to help, cannot do the impossible because, all unconsciously, you listen to the voice of that which tells you that God cannot love you, otherwise He would not allow the evil to strike you so.

"This is very sad for us, dear children, and it is terribly sad for Christ - terribly sad for Christ! Your own hearts ought to tell you that you cannot turn from One who is Love Itself without bringing a double blow - the blow that strikes your shrinking heart, and the deeper blow that strikes the Tender Heart of He who is our Father.

"Oh, if you could but see the tactics of the enemy - how they deceive and divert you - you would indeed throw all aside and say: 'With Christ I am secure'. But your physical mind tells you - suggests to you - that the security is not quite perfect, and that is how the sorrow comes.

"Our work is this - even that of He who came 'To give Light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death' (Luke 1:79). This is our work. This is Christ's work. And this is the purpose and plan of it all.

"These months of concentration, of trying and of striving, they are the preparation - the building of the foundation. See that the foundation is firm, so that when the beautiful edifice is erected, piece by piece, above that which was done in ignorance, and with much suffering and self-denial, it shall be found worthy to bear that which is of God.

"God bless you all, my dear, dear children. Goodnight."

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