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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Corn Exchange, Market Place, Leicester, on August 28th, 1954

(This message was edited for a more general readership)

"...We are blessed in this desire for 'communion'. If your eyes were opened you would see what sacrifice has brought you into this condition; how the laying aside of desire for rest, taking the journey and refusing to be daunted by experiences, will give to you - when you are free - a power that cannot be understood while the flesh holds. You are to be congratulated because of the varying measure within you that desires to learn of those things that are true.

"To some it may seem that, in the days of old, there was a granting of the power to see the things of the Spirit and hear angelic voices. Today, you are comforted when messages from the 'Beyond' are passed on to you from loved ones. You thank God for this great dispensation which helps to cast grief aside, which heals broken hearts and which has replenished the lamp of hope to help you find your way. All those who regard Spirit Communion in this way are casting the good seeds over the bare earth. The time will come when the harvest will be shown to feed many hungry souls, the outcasts of humanity.

"We think for a while on those things which seem 'Supernatural'. Why are they called so, and why are they regarded by the majority as something beyond human understanding - who, if they had the faith to seek, perchance they might find! Looking back over the history of the earth we see that all the good things have come to man because of the faithful few who were willing to listen for the small sweet Voice, and when they heard it had the courage and the faith to obey.

"Why was it that there were these special witnesses of the Power of God that could be manifested upon the earth? It was because such as these had come face to face with temptation and had conquered. Something was born within them, and that was the consciousness that the world could be well lost for the mission entrusted to their care.

"If you analyse the lives of saints and martyrs and the early followers of the Holy Master, you will have explanation at once why it was that they had the capacity to bring a complete change in the spiritual and material history of the earth. It was because they were prepared to make the full surrender.

"The whole trouble with the religions of today is this: There are many to teach, there are many to exhort others, but there are only the few who are prepared to make that full surrender to ensure the life and the light that is within them.

"In the yesterday of time, it was my part to prophesy that great tribulation that should come upon the earth, but only the few were willing to listen. There were many to scorn; many to turn to those who gave the so-called 'good news'. But in spite of all this disbelief - engineered by the dark forces that used human desire for their own end - the war came, and it spread beyond the imagination of any human mind to grasp in those early days when tragedy knocked upon the door of your hearts and took away those ones so dear.

"Why do you need reminding of this? So that once again something of confidence may be implanted in your minds to listen to the warning, by the Grace of God. As you have perceived, there are many enemies, seen and unseen. Now there has come about a direct campaign against the ones who believe in 'supernatural' happenings. There are those with fear in their hearts. There are those who are foolhardy.

"But you have to take the course of Christ, which is neither that of fear or of bravado. You have to consider the workings of Divine Law; and there has come a clarion call from the World of Spirit for those who have understanding of 'Spirit Return and Communion', to make haste and to put your house in order so that sufficient Divine Power may be forthcoming about the protection which is the Father's Will should be there.

"But you know that there are leaders and so-called teachers who are adopting the same attitude towards this new war as they did towards the war with material tools. They are as children playing with fire - and the fire will consume them.

"You have your example in the trend of events which you see laid out before you today. The enemies of Christ, those who were determined to satisfy their material ambition, such as these plotted and planned over the years, and when they were satisfied that all doors of escape had been closed, when the weak were within their grasp - for those who should have been strong had forgotten to prepare when everything was according to their own will - they struck, and the world at large trembled before their might.

"Those forces of evil upon the earth, under the tuition of unseen principalities and powers (Eph. 6:12), laid their plans so carefully that their conceit overwhelmed them. They knew that from a material and physical point of view, success was assured.

"Yet, there was one thing they forgot - that was GOD. Holding fast the reins of power, God waited and watched for the response to come from His children. What happened? Only the few were able to contact with the Spirit; only the few found within themselves the courage to dare; only the few had pledged themselves to fight to the end.

"As the Father watched and waited, slowly but surely there was a gathering together of the power upon the earth. By the sacrifice of the few, only through full surrender, so that in spite of everything that could be imagined by the mind of man, instead of complete success they found crevices in the defence of the enemy.

"What caused those crevices? Always remember that the dark forces help man up to a certain point: they pour flattery into his mind until self-pride dominates; then, because they are evil, they are evil in intention towards even their co-operators. But more than that, there is no force of evil upon the earth stronger than faith and the will to endure.

"So you have the explanation of the changing aspect of the earthly war and the parable with regard to the spiritual war - that war which has always been waged against true religion.

"Remember, that today you would be as savages, lower than the beasts of the field, had it not been for the crusaders of old, the humble-hearted men and women, young lads and maidens - who could not tell you how - found within the will to go into the arena, to stand fast for faith, while the flames devoured the flesh.

"Does that spirit belong only to past ages? No, it is an inheritance. God has planted within each one the same capacity, the same great ability. But the Father does not interfere with freewill.

"As you go back over the past, remembering what the pioneers of religion endured - how, when some were slain, others came along to fill their place - surely, you can take that guidance as an example for today. For I warn you that there are forces abroad to stem our efforts and, so far as possible, to quench the flame of sacrifice which shall release the Holy Spirit and bring about manifestations of Divine Power upon the earth.

"The challenge to all men and women who know that these gifts are possible is: 'What is your attitude?' Carrying on is not enough. You must see that your conditions are purified by the same spirit as that shown by the martyrs of old. Only if that spirit is released can you pass into the Light and take your place among the pioneers.

"What is it that may hold you back? The mind of the body and the emotions play their part in life; but the mind of the spirit and the instincts of the true self surely, at this critical time, must be to govern the lesser. For your own sakes - hear these words - for however clever a man may be, Divine Law works on and retribution will come to those who knew - but refused to listen.

"There is no honour in punishment that is rightly earned. Those who do not realise that the gifts of the Spirit are sacred, are indeed tearing to pieces the great canopy of protection that the Bright Ones have tried to build up for this new revelation of the Love of God.

"Say to yourselves, whatever the past has held of good or ill, there shall be a revision of the whole situation, a humbleness of heart. If you believe that you are only human with human longings, and that God, your loving Father, will understand these failings - yes He will. Your Father and Mother God understands you far better than you understand yourself, and He knows that the only way to happiness is the way laid down by the Master Christ. Understand that all the martyrs during those far off days of persecution passed out with peace within - the peace that this world cannot give and that this world cannot take away.

"Your part is clear. You have sought and found. You are instruments to show that supernatural happenings can take place today as they did in days of old - as narrated in the Holy Book. But hold in your minds that unless you are prepared to turn your churches into temples of holiness and to see that the instruments are keyed into the highest and the best - then your part in the great plan cannot be fulfilled. Opportunities like this you are experiencing take a long time to work out, if through wilfulness they have been allowed to slip by.

"There are many upon the earth who glibly give out the words of flattery, many who pose as faithful friends; but the only friends you will recognise when you are free are those who had the courage to tell you the truth.

"Many turned away on hearing prophecy about the coming earthly tribulation - but today, willingly or unwillingly, they know that the truth was spoken.

"With regard to the next war - the war against true religion - that also will be worked out down to the minutest detail. The messengers and the workers who are not linked into Christ by love, who have not kindled the sacrificial flame, will fall to the material enemies. But whatever punishment is theirs, it is inglorious martyrdom, so different from those instruments who are determined to go on and, if need be, to pay the price of human suffering.

"You are drawn together by the Power of Love for a special purpose. So listen to the word of warning. Be of good cheer. Those who carried the torch of truth, from which you gain your strength, also could not look into the future. It seemed to them that they had held up their taper which the world had blown out, and that they passed hence to be forgotten. But that was not so. Today you honour their memory - and you long to do the same. Many were so frail, so little versed in truth, yet they showed you by example. There is no one who cannot share the same great honour. When they passed into the Light they saw from the Eyes of Christ that they had fulfilled His purpose.

"The whole trouble with the world is the lack of supernatural happenings which can strike away the materialism that binds the heart and mind of man. But the power is being gathered. How is the power being gathered? By the young, who hardly know anything about God, who have laid down their lives for their brethren. Only an inch they saw in front. Sometimes it seemed so futile, it all came to nothing, they just did what they were told and then passed on. Their eyes were bound until they were free. But when they were free they were shown that by their determination to stay at the post of duty, greater things were able to come to pass.

"Again you have your parallel. You seem to blunder, others may criticise you and condemn, and many more scorn you for your childishness; but remember those of old, and remember that through the test of 'limitation', greater Grace can come to you when you understand.

"Therefore, go through the house of your heart and mind and remember ever the power of suffering, and when suffering is bravely borne the power reaches far. What is to be your part? Will fear hold your imagination? Will you recognise the voice of expediency and allow it to guide your actions? Remember, that when the test comes - and come it must - your part is to be true.

"But you cannot become true in an instant; there has to be the foundation of truth on which you can stand unafraid. From the World of Spirit we yearn for you to have the very best. Whatever your conditions, whatever your upbringing or your education, you can do as well as any man or woman, because God is within you. Keep to the path of duty. Do not let your fears influence you. Let the Voice of God find an entry into your heart and mind.

"Tend your churches as a garden where no weeds must be allowed to remain. If only this could be done, revelation in a measure you cannot grasp would flood the earth; revelation as to the Love of God and as to the mighty power housed in man. Soon, by the understanding released within, man could become master of every condition. Man could enter into his inheritance as a son of God, in training to rule with the King of kings in His Heavenly Kingdom.

"You are blessed with determination to seek from disembodied entities not that which panders to the earthly mind, but to hold yourselves as a clean vessel so that the power of Spirit can flow through you to those who must be cleansed.

"It is the only way to peace for this world, and for the breaking down of the dark conditions in the hells of man's own making. In the Name of God, if only you co-operate with the World of Spirit, you shall see the turning of the tide - even as with this earthly war. By the sacrifice and effort, by holding fast to faith, by the will to go on, evil things shall become controlled and the children shall come to earth protected and prepared by their true parents. They in turn, surely through the training they have received, will prepare the conditions for the young who are yet to be born.

"When in the sleep state, you do not need to be told this. But the mind of the body needs to be instilled with the knowledge that time is slipping by, that great things spiritually are coming to pass and we must make ready for that time of Spirit manifestation when God's Handiwork will be visible for one and all to see, though bound by the flesh.

"Father, once again we thank Thee for all Thou hast done for us. Bind us closer still to Divine truth and give us the courage to go on unto the glorious end... "

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