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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Christian Spiritualist Church, Torquay, Sunday, April 23rd, 1939

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Saviour Christ into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"...I am instructed to speak to you upon the Sublime Mysteries, for the World of the Spirit and the material world are not two separate states - one impinges upon the other. Because you are Spirit, even though the flesh may hinder, you can participate in the Christ Realm, which is your true Home.

"There are many mysteries, which tease and torture the mind of man. There are people going through trials and troubles who question why some seem to go through so much and others suffer so little and that all their striving seems to be for nothing. Men and women struggle from their beds of sickness by the combination of their own will power and the grace of God. The medical profession possesses many honest men who will tell you that again and again men and women have recovered, when by all standards physical death should have taken place. Those who seek to do God's work by ministering to the sick realise that there is a power stronger than anything earthly science can produce and that this power does indeed act when faith and trust in God is put into action.

"It is wise for the sick to recover and yet be weakly. To those who question this I say: 'Wait patiently unto the Lord'. Many who suffer do not realise that pain can be a friend, it can bring the greatest treasure any soul can have and rust cannot touch that treasure nor the canker of physical life destroy it. That treasure has been purchased by the effort of the Real Self, seeking to be brave, by endeavouring to hold on to faith. That treasure is of the Spirit and lasts for evermore. So you see that some of the earthly mysteries are Divine mysteries also.

"I am sent not to minister to the mind of the body, but to pass on comfort to the soul. Many will read my words that are hungering and thirsting after righteousness and still find that enemies press on either side.

"Those who admire the abilities of the earthly mind should beware. The knowledge of the earth is good when it is rightly used and when the mind of man is dedicated to the Master's work. But science has brought into being much that cheats the soul, that robs the character, that comes as a thief in the night to tear away from humanity the most precious gifts that God could give. So too is the mind of man used to tempt.

"Think of the many with ability who employ their talents to pander to the baser mind of man. When you consider such as these you realise that what was meant as an aid to further the Divine Plan, has so often built the rocks which tear the builders to pieces in time to come. Those who have healthy bodies and well-balanced minds are custodians of much, and when the time comes, as it states in your Holy Book, you will be called to give account of your stewardship. You are all custodians, but for the most part man does not understand his trust.

"Today, they are perhaps able to put off the thought of that future, to make excuses, to find due explanation of that which they have done. But in the realms of Spirit, spiritual fact can no longer be ignored and each one can decide for himself as he reads the record of his own past. The excuses that once came so glibly are shown as the hypocrisy they represent. At last, the individual comes face to face with Divine Truth - that which man sows he must reap.

"But what comfort comes to those who are struggling, to those seemingly closed in by earthly darkness, who are seeking for the Light? Individuals going through crucial tests feel that they stand alone. But understand, that if another fought the battle, then the victory would not be your own. When the angels of the Most High walk too close to man, a wonderful exhilaration seizes his being. The old troubles appear trivial and the pains of the body can be defied. Angels are shouldering the burden and man walks in the light of the effort of another and not by himself.

"As experience comes and the soul grows in knowledge and Divine desire, the bright ones do not leave the individual but stand back. Just as you would train a child to walk alone, to conquer fear, to have the knowledge, the inward consciousness that the ability to walk has at last been made it's own.

"To all of you who have been through troubles, who have felt that hope was absent, who perhaps have lost touch with God, remember, that God never loses touch with you. You are His well beloved and He sorrows over your sorrows. But He rejoices in the thought that you will soon be strong enough to conquer sorrow when you have won the strength to look upon earthly things and to realise that they are your tools. Once you know how to handle them, you are the master of your destiny, captain of your soul, leader of your own boat, which is sailing towards the harbour of your spirit's desire. Sublime Mysteries!

"Those who have stood beside a sorrowing mother while she folds the hands of her child and have marvelled at the strength of her soul when she says: 'God's ways are best'. Sublime Mystery!

"Love transcends the physical. The mother knows that the child she suffered so much to bring into the world is not 'dead'. In one of God's many mansions her child lives on. What a wonderful triumph of faith, what glorious renunciation of earthly thinking. For such a one, when the earthly body is no more, the gates of revelation shall be thrown wide open and more than that, they shall be used to comfort the broken hearted, to bring light to the mourner in the blackness of deep despair.

"I would ask the men to weigh up in their minds the relative value of the things of the earth and the things of the Spirit. It is wise to be sane, even though it seems to you that there is much that is insane in this plane of existence. Mediumship is a gift of God, but alas, tragedy comes because so many, denying the gift of Mediumship, are used by the enemies of Christ to cast conditions of hatred and jealousy and the consequent treachery that follows.

"You are meant to employ your abilities to gain a living for yourselves and those dependant upon you. The man who runs straight is nearer the Kingdom of God than he can grasp while the body lasts. As you strive and plan by legitimate means to earn your living, do not forget to pray, for God understands your material needs. In the same way, He understands your spiritual needs. Many a good businessman, by arguing that it is impossible to obey Divine Laws and still become successful in the material sense, has dug a pit into which he has fallen by his lack of vision and understanding.

"What kind of man do you turn to when there is some enterprise to be brought into being? You look for an honest man, a man you can trust. That is a spiritual instinct and a wise business instinct to create in the minds of those with whom you deal. Even in this, there is tuition for your heavenly home. In the next stage of being men who have used their minds aright are wanted desperately; there are greater problems there than those upon the earth plane. Do not forget that you are face to face with your reality in the next stage, there is not the same opportunity to deceive or be deceived. There is no way to hide the rotten sores that lie beneath a beautiful facade.

"You must face facts as they are. Those men who have sought to honour their word and their obligations are the disciples of the Christ. When they pass hence, in the degree that they have struggled, they shall penetrate some of the Sublime Mysteries of the World of the Spirit. They shall be set to work anew to do that which they longed to do when upon the earth, but conditions forbade.

"I yearn for everyone to pass into freedom when this dim veil is over for him or her. What is freedom? You have such a distorted view of freedom here on the earth plane; it means physical liberty; so often it means material possessions or to be able to follow the whims and fancies of the mind here and there until at last earthly desire is worn out. Is a man or woman free when released from the flesh if memory tortures? What if the man or woman goes back upon the incidents of his or her life and remembers their short comings, letting down a faithful friend, breaking promises and making excuses for themselves, things left undone that they promised to do? Memory can be a great gift; but on the other hand it can be as a sword that pierces the very heart.

"Remember Divine Law: If man does to the best of his ability then God finishes what man has begun. There are many who cry in their inner depths: 'I have failed', but they cannot judge. Besides, if a man or woman is certain that they are a success, does this not show a failure in itself? I speak to those who want to accomplish so much, but it seems that humanity is too strong. You hope that strength will come, but as the day draws to an end, despair overcomes your being; you feel that the precious effort you made is lacking something. Many a faithful soul goes to his rest wondering what God is thinking of him.

"Be of good cheer. Our heavenly Father understands our frailty. If you were able to overcome all that you desire, then the earthly stage would be finished for you. The Sublime Mystery which encloses our life, is the Love of God. Remember that within you is a fragment of the Love of God, for you are of Him and that which is His can never die. Some feel that they have loved and it has brought them deep sadness in their lives, that which they gave is spurned. There is around you a band of Holy Workers loving you in the Christ way, seeking to close the wounds in your hearts and minds, placing over them the balm of their own much deeper love; you had forgotten them. Do they reproach you for this lack of remembrance? No! They understand. I bring from them these words of consolation. Even though love has brought so deep a pain, love on, because love is a Creative Force which has never been understood by man. The Witnesses of Light are seeking to come back and explain the miraculous power of Love that is within the reach and possession of every soul in every plane of existence.

"It is a well-known fact, that a builder to build truly, must love his work. It is an unassailable truth that no artist, no musician, can give out to the world the desired effect unless there is love of the task at hand. This in miniature underlines the spiritual law that is the guiding principle of life in all realms. When you pass into the next stage it will be shown as gifts that are around, by the way in which you loved, how much you loved, how often you arose from the grave of love and brought new life by giving out love again.

"Just think, when you are in a state where earthly minds are no longer of any account - for only the effort is saved from the earthly mind - how will you feel as you look over your equipment? For when you are seeking for something to do you see this great Creative Force bringing into being miracles of grace.

"Many will rejoice! They pass out of the earthly stage, unwanted and alone, they have had their little day, the young ones are coming on, the old are despised and broken-hearted. But they leave this veil of sorrow and pass into the Light. Waiting to greet them is a vast company; they feel that there is some mistake. But no! The bright ones are there for them. Gone the desolation, forgotten the old betrayals, the heart can ache no more, happiness within and around, as they enter their own garden, they see a Sublime Mystery: Unravelled before their bewildered eyes, the sorrows are turned to blossoms and the troubles to sweet fragrance that is a healing power, unlimited, for their use as well as for others.

"How unwisely man has been taught and how base is his definition of values! In the Heart of God the truth that makes us free is shown for all. I plead with you as travellers on the long journey home to God, if you are not already a disciple of the Christ, make your vows now. Look at life with a clearer vision than ever before, look at individuals and try to understand what their lot has been. Then because of your own knowledge, purchased by dedication to God, push aside reserve and shyness and go to those who are heavy laden and show them through their imagination the glorious future that awaits them. It is their Divine inheritance. No one can snatch it from them for they are the children of the Most High, sons and daughters of the King of Kings.

"The Sublime Mystery of Life and being, the Sublime Mystery of the unfolding of fate. Many men have respect for the humble worker, the sorrowing brother, despised and rejected because of economic conditions, because that man still believes in God.

"But the sadness that tortures us, in the Spirit World, is that explanation is not given to these sorrowing souls, they walk in darkness. They cannot realise, because they do not know, that the Divine Law of Compensation is being worked out moment by moment in their drab and mundane lives. This is our responsibility, the reason why we come back, to give explanation so that God and His Love can be made clear to wondering, blinded man. Sublime Mysteries can be unravelled by a word here, by an understanding look there.

"To those who have suffered I say that it is good you have bought the experience, otherwise how could you lead someone else out of the slough of deep despair? So you see that man's ways in the material sense are not God's ways; yet man belongs to God.

"It is only that man has imprisoned himself; but the time comes when the stone is rolled away from the tomb and the Master shall say: 'Lazarus, stand forth'. Then man shall be born to a greater understanding and a realisation that he is Divine, that his Home is not here, but in God's Fair Land.

"To those looking for opportunities, I say that you are where God has placed you and your opportunities are second to none, for within you is Divinity. Also, do not forget that fragment of Divine Love, that great Creative Force which allows you to link up with Spirit in all conditions and in all planes, to touch the hem of the garment of Christ and be made whole.

"Man limits himself. But God's Will is that there should be perfect freedom. Through the Divine spark within you there can be perfect freedom. When you pass through the doorway of physical death into Life, you shall look back over the days that have been. If you lifted your heart to God, if you sent out your sympathy to those around, you shall see that you did missionary work far beyond the little earth plane. You were sending forth a great force, a healing force, although you did not know it. Strangers, those far from your imagination, came into contact with that force, because it was love. Love raised them and they came a little nearer to the Kingdom of God because of you.

"We understand so little while held by the body of flesh. But through the graciousness of God it does not matter whether we understand or not, so long as we act. We must take up the duties of the day, seek to make the home a citadel of peace, giving out love to those who are lonely, to those who have lost loved ones. Such simple ways, the Christ way, open to you all.

"Do try and grasp that moment-by-moment, you yourselves are demonstrations of Divine mysteries. But one day, the veil will be parted and all will be made so clear. If only you were a true custodian of the mind and the body, of that which you possessed, then flowers will line your way; there shall be nothing between you and the Loving Christ. As you seek to reach Him, so His Love-Ray will go out to meet you. The unity will then be complete, for you are His and He is yours and God has ordained that for each and everyone of His own creation there shall be pure joy and the peace that passes all earthly understanding.

"So I bless you all. Let not your hearts be troubled. Whatever events take place, raise your consciousness, try to stand as those who are soldiers of Christ. These are the ones you can depend upon in time of need, the ones who have won their courage. If there are those around needing consolation, point to the Cross. The Cross is theirs and it is yours, and from the Cross the Light that shall never fade. When you are free from the flesh, something of the power of the Cross shall be shown to you and you shall borrow of that power, for God has promised and God will fulfil.

"As I take my leave, I bless the workers. In the quiet hour it is good to meet together and feel the rays of the Holy Spirit upon us and realise that between us and the World of Spirit there need be no barrier at all. Within us is the unfailing link, the unbroken link, the gift of God and the knowledge that through His Son, Jesus the Christ and through the Power of the Holy Spirit we are all one family. In time to come we shall work together for the coming of the Kingdom. Peace be with you all. I thank the Father that it has been His Will that this further link should be made.

"By the Cross of the Holy Master I bless you. Do not forget His Love, His unfailing Love for you all."

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