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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 14th December, 1924.

"Beloved Saviour, with a gratitude too great to be expressed by words, we come into Thy Presence tonight, and we ask Thee to raise us up in spirit and to help us to for ever dissociate ourselves from the trivial things of material life...

"In quietness, in sympathy, in unity we meet together, and we know that because in the heart and mind of each one is the longing to contact with Holy things, out of Thy beneficient goodness Thou wilt so close us in that indeed the things which are Divine may be sensed, if not seen tonight.

"O God, make us pure, make us noble. Grant that we may rise nearer and nearer still to the gift of the Holy Spirit which is within us, and that we, for ever casting off thoughts of self, may, in our new-found freedom, contact with the selflessness which is of Thee.

"Father, out of Thy great Love, give us tonight that which we need most - the comfort, the renewal of courage, the inspiration of hope and the certainty that in obeying the Voice of the Spirit we shall emerge from the shadowy misunderstanding of the meaning of physical life, into the illumined glory of the knowledge of Thy Love...

"Into Thy Hands once more we commend ourselves; and we know that, far more than the physical mind can grasp, Holiness is with us tonight...

"Father, we thank Thee ever and ever again... Amen...

"...Good evening, my children. Tonight I can say that it is a 'good evening', and you can understand the underlying joy in that phrase. To you upon earth, the words come as a matter of course; but on this side, even so, we are bound by the law of Truth which is immovable, so far as we are concerned, and only that which tallies exactly with the bright, unswerving flame of Truth - only that can come through to you.

"Therefore, when I say 'Good evening', my children, you know that not only is the goodness of God all around, but that you too have contributed your little towards harmonising yourselves with that which is Divine.

"Tonight, then, dear children, being in suitable mood, and finding sympathy in a way you little grasp, I would speak to you of the outside fringe of that vast subject - the spiritualising of your hearts and minds.

"My children, in your records, you read that: 'God is a Spirit' (John 4:24); and I draw your attention to this in the beginning because on that hangs everything else, and without that magnificent fact I could not be in your midst tonight... God is a Spirit.

"And then from that I lead you on to the contemplation of your part in the scheme of things. As God is a Spirit and you are His children, then it follows - without any reserve whatever - that you too are Spirit, because you are of Him.

"Now, dear children, in thinking of those in physical life, it seems to you sometimes that it is a far cry to even the things of the Spirit, far more to the Spirit itself. But I ask you to think the matter over with that inner vision which God has given you - I ask you not to deal only with the past and the present but to send your mind on, forging through the many stages of development, until you can find the connecting link between the body and the Gift which is enshrined within...

"My children, in the consideration of this subject, I would touch upon that vast one - to you - of what is called the functioning of the subconscious mind, or, as some prefer to name it, the subliminal self.

"Now, in the mind of man, many graves are dug; many stiles also are erected over which he must climb, before he can get out into the open pleasant country of spiritual understanding. In regard to the work on which we are engaged, there are some who would dismiss this sacred communion with those in the Bright Realms solely as a strange misdirection or misuse of the so-called subconscious mind.

"Well, my children, you know it is not my custom to fence matters in any way at all, and so tonight I state bluntly that, to a certain extent, these deductions are correct - but they know not of what they speak...

"Let us come back to the beginning. Few in the world today understand more than an infinitesimal part of the construction of the human brain. Vast areas are inaccessible from the physical standpoint, and in order to designate that which cannot be explained, the term of the 'subconscious mind' was brought in, and ever since has been made the culprit for that which is beyond the range of the mind of the body.

"My children, in regard to this sacred communion, the so-called subconscious mind plays a tremendous part. Indeed without it, it would be impossible to break down the many barriers between the material and spiritual world's which man has thrown up so recklessly.

"The subconscious mind is even as the ante-room between the physical plane - with its clamour and many distractions - and the inner sanctuary of the Spirit.

"You can imagine how necessary it is with the things of God, to get away from those which, in the main, are not of Him. It is even as emerging from the noisy courtyard into the quiet vestibule which leads into the Holy of Holies... In the subconscious mind the preparation goes on - without it, it would be impossible to step into that sacred domain of the Spirit.

"I ask you, dear children, when you hear those who, in tones of discredit, comment on the functioning of the subconscious mind in regard to communicating with those who have gone on before - I want you to take up the challenge, to accept it and to stand by your faith, that without this most precious medium, neither you nor anyone else could contact with the things which are of God.

"You see, dear children, that God, in creating man, took a very wide view indeed. As you know, He provided all those many good gifts of nature and the toys which the children of the earth love so well; but, being God, He knew that in time to come these would fail to satisfy - that from within, from the real man and the real woman, the longing would come surging up to reach out beyond the spheres of physical feeling into the realms of spiritual understanding.

"Therefore, in the mechanism of man, the necessary channel was provided, so that at any time - at any period in the world's history - the soul which had come to itself could, through the medium of that which lay hidden in the physical brain, contact with its affinity in the Spirit...

"You must not confuse the soul and the spirit-part of life. You have been told over and over again, that that which is of God is untouched - untouchable - by the world or any evil force there may be... It is somewhat as with the diamond in the mine - I use this illustration, crude as it is, to convey some impression of things as they are, for you are not ready yet for the greater vision, which, dear children, only waits for your progress in order to be made your own...

"As you know, this jewel, which you rank of great price, is very often buried deep down in the confines of the earth - and much labour, much disappointment, much that causes the mind and the body to ache, has to be forthcoming before it is wrested from the encrustations of the soil.

"And so it is with the soul - the soul which covers and protects that which is Divine; the soul which, sometimes, is far more deeply hidden - by thoughts and actions and weaknesses - than the diamond which is embedded in the earth.

"And then, my children, I ask you to pause and think, for here you get your parallel again. After that which is precious has been rescued, still it is dull and unlovely to look upon, and much work has yet to be done - the preparation, the polishing, the refining, all the skill and thought. But even then with the jewel in your hand, if the light of the sun is not there you will get no responding ray from it...

"You see, the simile is complete. Even when man has found his soul - through thought, through work, through sorrow - he waits for the Light of the World to shine upon him before, in turn, he can throw out light upon others. The beauty does not reach perfection - it is not able to express itself unless the Light is there.

"And this should teach you what your part and what my part always must be. We have been through the first stages; we have known what it was to be crushed down by the earth and all that means; we have known, also, when the desire came to be free of the darkness and to be of use to others.

"But even then, dimness and dullness was there until the spirit within, contacting with the great Father Spirit, made that which was imperfect complete. The greater Light, shining on the smaller light, enables that smaller light to cast out rays of beauty; and these - according to the Light which shines upon it - are able to reflect that which is Divine.

"My children, the spiritualising of the soul of man is of so much importance that you cannot give it too great attention; and yet such is the irony of physical life that it is, generally speaking, the one thing which is ruled out of consideration. How like the folly of humanity! How like our own weakness and our own inclination too - that that which is of primary importance comes second, third, and sometimes is relegated so far in the distance that it ceases to obtrude itself upon the mind at all...

"And so you see, dear children, that every voice that can proclaim the duty and the privilege of the soul of man, and every heart that can respond to the outpouring of Love Divine - each one is needed, is necessary as leaven. We are responsible not only to the self within but also to those who are building up the thoughts of the generations to come.

" - 'You cannot serve God and mammon'. How often have you heard that quoted, and yet today it is what the children of the earth seek to do. They try and they fail, and in many cases the world wins all along the line. But there is one thing that is forgotten by humanity as a whole - that man is Spirit, not body; that man is of God and not of the earth.

"And the day will dawn when that consciousness - that self-consciousness, the consciousness of the pure and perfect self within - will come to each one, and then they will go back on their tracks, seeking to remake the road they built so carelessly in their folly and misunderstanding...

"Little children of the Light, cannot you see how greatly you have been blessed? Cannot you see that even in your deepest sorrow, in the loss of those you hold most dear, you are gaining your freedom, you are acquiring power - the power of the Spirit - you are forging on, leaving that which seeks to hold you back, forging on into the freedom of the consciousness of the Divinity which is within?...

"As you know, there are many who falter by the way, but to those who have God in their hearts I say: Be of good cheer, that which is of darkness can touch you no more. Steep though the hill, arduous though the climb, many though the heartaches and the pains of the body, yet around you, once free from the restrictions of the physical mind, you will see the Spirit bands, those who are strong in courage, those who are wise in the wisdom of the Spirit, and they - commissioned by the Saviour, the Redeemer, the Great Father - they watch your steps lest you should fall. And so it means just this: A stumble now and again, and then on once more...

"Oh, my children, try and take in tonight this great gift of spiritual vision, which is being given to you as fast as you can hold it. Try and make your own the knowledge of the power that serving Christ brings to all; and then you will not hesitate to throw out those cords of love on the outsider, on those who still cling to the faded toys of the world.

"Instinctively your love will go forth to this one and that, and though setbacks may come - discouragements in plenty - yet, as I have said before, not one word which has anything of God in it shall ever die. In the Father's good time, the seed shall put forth leaf and blossom, and you, little children of the Light, will have been the sowers, by the grace of God and through the illumination of the Holy Spirit...

"My children, I said in the beginning that I could only touch upon the fringe of this subject. But I want you to take away with you the thought that your Heavenly Father, out of His great wisdom and understanding of the heart of man, placed within the human mind that connecting link, that channel by which he might contact direct with the things of the Spirit - and housed there are many, many things which you know not of, and which none in the physical world can grasp - treasures of power and possibilities - a myriad gifts of the Spirit are stored in the ante chamber of the human mind.

"But as you go on, as you wish to rise, so shall the use of those gifts be made your own; and that which you dreamed not of, shall, in time to come, be as a natural faculty - and yet will but lead you on to others, still nearer to the great wisdom of the Spirit. In that day, you will see what the knowledge of the physical mind is worth - it will be as the sea-spray compared to the great ocean of spiritual understanding.

"Yes, that is held out for the children of the earth when man is fitted to use the gifts provided, but not till then. Individually you can do much, and this explains why this one and that seems to be more gifted, spiritually, than others; it because man - as a whole - is not yet ready for wielding that wonderful power which lies within his reach. The only way is by preparation, by dedication, by offering up the heart and will to God.

"Yet, it may seem to you that there are many who love God with all their hearts who have not these special gifts of the Spirit. But there are two reasons:

"There are those who, consciously or unconsciously, bar them out. The physical mind, even with the best motive there could be, holds the reins too tight and the spirit is hampered - but not much when love for Christ is there. When the material body is laid aside, illumination and the revelation of God's Love will be theirs, even as they pass out.

"There are others, as you know, who rule out the things of the Spirit because the things of the world are so much more important. Well, dear children, it is only a question of time - and in speaking of time, I am referring to generations. The years roll on, and the day will come when the imprisoned spirit within man will at last assert itself - only then will direct contact with the things of God be made possible.

"You must not judge hardly; you must remember, dear children, that although, to you, humanity seems to be growing rather old, yet, from the spiritual standpoint, it is still in its baby stages. When you come here, you will look back on the brief physical existence, and you will marvel how, in some cases, little children carried so great a load; and again, how, seeing the Love of God on every side, that those little children could have regarded it as a burden at all.

"The contrast is always there with those who have the wider understanding. You marvel and you marvel again, and the second marvelling blocks out the first, for you see that even though the children staggered under that which seemed so heavy, all the time the weight was borne by the One who bears all for us, Who suffers for us, through us, and by us - Who heals and heals again; Who inspires with courage; Who dries the tears; Who raises up from the earth; and not only that, but in man's hand puts power - puts that wonderful power of the Spirit, when the children are children no more but grown-up sons and daughters of the Most High...

"Yes, let it sink into the minds of all - that you, living out your humdrum lives; that you, beset by entanglements from which sometimes you find it almost impossible to extricate yourselves; that you, the little children of the earth - are the sons and daughters of the Most High, and as heirs of everlasting life are indeed of Himself, part of the One who created you and started you on the long journey of experience.

"My children, I feel I have carried you with me in thought tonight, and I feel also that in the days to come you will look back on this evening, and from your remembrance of it will gain strength - will find within yourselves that inner strength which is of God.

"And then you will be able to put sorrow in its right place; not as something you turn from with horror, but rather seeing in its very pangs the means by which you are brought nearer to your heart's desire - and your heart's desire, dear children, is, in its essence, that which is of the spirit too. The spirit within knows to Whom it belongs; the soul-part of you has heard the call of the spirit; and, lastly but not least, the mind of the body responds... Here you get the trinity, the unity, the completion - the at-one-ment with your Father, God.

"And now, I leave you for a little while, but I want you to lay aside self as much as possible - not to think of this one or of that, but to be quite certain that the Master knows what is best for each, and that He - seeing into the future - is clearing from out your path the briars, the thorns and the stones, which would impede your progress. Seeing and knowing, He gives to each one that which is needful, and in His Hands all is wonderfully well..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...I have come tonight, by the power of God, to give a message which I hope will help you, but I want you to help me first.

"We are strangers in the body, strangers in religion, strangers even in nationality, but I am sent into your presence tonight to testify to the far-reaching, the amazing Love of God.

"It is Father Damien, and I ask you to give me of your sympathy in an unlimited degree because it is not easy to speak. My mind seems full of memories of the days that are long past... You remember how my life ran and where I chose to be, and tonight I've come back with the greatest joy, to say that the life of service is the only life worth having.

"You know my story, if not in detail then in outlines. I was allowed to choose, and I chose to be amongst the lepers and to help those who were helpless to aid themselves. Those days, by some, are enshrined in a glory which does not belong to me. Those days to me, even with their consequences, were full of happiness - of that inward gladness which close communion with the Saviour always brings - and I smile when I hear people, as they have done, refer to my 'self-sacrifice.'

"What did I sacrifice? What did I gain? I gave up the world with its worries, with its entangling thoughts, with its disappointments and disillusionments - and I sought a far shore where I found friends and love and peace and joy. That was my self-sacrifice.

"Oh, it should teach you much; it should tell you that what the world calls 'sacrifice' is gain, and nothing else. It should tell you that the gifts which God bestows, far, far outweigh anything that the human mind could hold out. It should show you too that the life of service is the shortest way to God.

"Oh, my dear brothers and sisters, you know, as I know - having watched human souls on their winding way - that the length of the road is the part which tries them most - but the length of the road can be measured by the service which is given out. You can travel on over a whole life-time of experience and not consciously find God even in the end - or you can take the short, sharp climb, and though, may be, you arrive breathless and weary, the prize is yours...

"I have come tonight to tell you, as my colleague told you before (Father Bernard Vaughan) that in the sight of the Father creeds, doctrines, differences of opinion, are as nothing. The only thing that matters, the only thing that produces, is the love of God in the heart of man - which instantly expresses itself in service to others...

"When you hear that word 'self-sacrifice', remember me, remember my joyful road, and remember its shortness too... And then, for ever gathered into the Light which fades not - purified, stripped of that which held me back - the Father, out of His gracious goodness, has used me and used me again...

"Oh, think of this as well: Those physical horrors, as you regard them, are nothing in comparison with the diseases of the soul - to those terrible marks of self-indulgence, of evil thoughts, of wilfully seeking that which is of darkness. I say that the body of the so-called vilest leper is beautiful in comparison to the malformations with which man, by his sin and folly, inflicts on the soul, and which - by processes too numerous to be told - have to be worked out, purified, healed, before he can go on...

"Yes, I thank my God that He gave me sufficient sight to see the joy of the road that lay in front; and I ask you to allow your love to go out to one, who in seeking to serve the Master, brought unto himself treasure - treasure which cannot be expressed in any language of the earth.

"And then I would speak of this: I would ask all those who read these records, to bear in mind ever and ever again, that what is not done during the physical stages, has to be done when the body is laid aside - if it was not done before the physical stages commenced.

"And then to think of this: That once free from the body, those who have tried to serve God have His Love revealed unto them - and that when they come here, all distinctions are laid aside, and often those whose experiences were in direct contrast come together to gain help from each other.

"I speak of this because of Vaughan. His life, so strangely different from mine, made no barriers when he was free from the body. What he did not, and what did not come his way during his earth life, now he has taken up in the Spirit with joy unimaginable; and he and I have worked together in those conditions which to you represent the 'under-worlds'.

"Together there we work, my greater and longer experience guiding him, and he asks me to say - with so much humility he asks me to say: Think of him no more amongst those of the world, in their comfort and their ease, but think of him working out God's will amongst the sin-stained - those who are so sadly afflicted, those who have turned from the Light to the deepest darkness.

"There he works, seeking by prayer and by service, to make himself one with the Divine within; and I tell you tonight that he is of God in heart and mind, that nothing that does not express God now finds lodgement in his thoughts; that he is making good, as you would say, in the only way that is possible for you or for me or for him - by Service - by tending those who have lost the power to help themselves, by seeking to cleanse that which is so dissociated from purity that the cleansing process is slow indeed.

"Yes, in this work for God we gain that which is greatest and best - we gain freedom, we gain wisdom - the wisdom of the Spirit - which for ever blots out the knowledge of the mind of the body... And so we go on - pulling up, sometimes by main force - indeed using all the power which God has entrusted to us, trying to extricate those who are as 'buried' beneath the mass of their own weakness and folly.

"Again I say to you that the life of so-called self-sacrifice brings the greatest gain of all. Never was there a word which had such a double meaning. Selfishness is loss; in the replacement of self is treasure and freedom for ever more...

"God bless you all - God bless you (NB. From here, unfortunately, the final paragraph of Father Damien's Address is mostly illegible in this source text. However, it appears to have many references to gratitude to God for a million things, and that 'Religion' in the earth sense is lost in the bond of Service)."

(After all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children (NB. Unfortunately, from here, the first two paragraphs of Zodiac's closing words are mostly illegible in this source text - However, it appears to be about preparation; that Love is the key which opens everything of the Spirit; that to come through suffering successfully requires practice; and that to love as intended also requires practice - and that without training to love as intended, ones progress is retarded).

"You see, dear children, that in the Realms of the Spirit, love abounds - it is the essence of the very life itself - and were you to cross over now, you would find it terribly difficult to grow into those conditions which are rightly your own...

"I have referred to this before, and I emphasise it doubly tonight:

"In order to contact with happiness, in your own mind there must be some semblance of happiness too. It is most important. Grief, sorrow - these things of the earth block your higher progress into the Realms of the Spirit. And so I ask you to take yourselves in hand - to studiously cultivate the seeds of love in your hearts until they are strong and hardy plants, and to realise that in so doing you are following God's will.

"The days of preparation have been long, the going very hard in some cases, and the time has arrived when I say to you that you cannot contact with the happiness of the Bright Realms unless that physical mind of yours is conscious of happiness too.

"Therefore, once more I tell you to take on this task - perhaps it sounds very difficult to you - but to take on the task of bringing the physical mind up to the necessary standard of happiness, when you can contact with something of the joy of the Spirit which is all around you.

"My children, we must close. My child is getting a little tired, and I want the days in front not to be hampered by the ropes of the physical body, which sometimes seems weighted with a load which is almost too heavy to be drawn along. I want my child - and I want you all - to feel that you are unbound and free; that as children of the King you can go forward in happy confidence in the One who goes in front.

"Tonight, then, we close on a note of perfect understanding all round; and if sorrow has crept a little close during the days that have passed, well, they are past; and all you are expected to do - and all you are asked to do - is to hold still more closely to the Love which never fails, and to the Love which, in due time, is going to place you on that high pinnacle of spiritual understanding, when you will look down on the years that have been, and marvel that darkness ever had the power to shut you off from the Light...

"God bless you with peace, with that sweet contentment, with that close communion with the things of the Spirit, which shall guard you and protect you from all that seeks to harm... In the Name of the Father I ask it, and in the Father's Name I say that the blessing is all around...

"Goodnight, my children."

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