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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 28th September, 1924.

"Saviour, again to Thy dear Name we link ourselves. We ask Thee to pour down upon us all the blessing of peace, of comfort and that inward joy which is of the Spirit; which banishes from our minds all thoughts of the world, of the weakness of the body, and of the disappointments with which sometimes we associate daily life.

"Grant that we, gathering together in faith, may indeed find within ourselves that faith as a stronghold so great that the enemy is cast aside. Grant, O Father, that Thy children may in this feel as children no more, but as strong soldiers determined to fight and to conquer until the end, which is the beginning of perfect life.

"Almighty God, powerful as Thou art, we know that Thou only wishes us to retain the thought of Thy Love, Thy perfect Love and understanding of the frailties of human nature. And so tonight, as always, we leave everything in Thy Hands and add one more link to the chain, this most spiritual chain which links up the seen with the unseen, the physical with the spiritual, and the material with that which is of holiness itself...

"Sacred in Thy sight are those who worship Thee, sacred indeed are they who wish to serve Thee, and so, gathering all into Thy mighty Arms, we know we are safe, and more than that - are so linked to Thee that all must be wonderfully well...

"...Good evening, my children, and again I say we meet with joy - yes, with joy and with understanding. And I want you tonight to come just another inch on the way, you know, on that long, long journey of experience which the soul has set out so valiantly to cover for love of God. I want you tonight then to lift your minds - not only above the world but above the personal, and that is a hard task indeed. Why I ask it is this:

"You have been told before that if you focus your attention on the one Great Light, which is Love, all else is included in that. If you think of your near ones, those dear ones who have gone on before, although your thoughts bring them instantly to your side, they cannot get the same power as when you try to disentangle yourself from self and to fix your heart's desire on finding God.

"Finding God! Oh, if only humanity could realise for one instant the possession, the power, and the sacred opportunities held out by trying to find God. In your daily life, with its many distractions, again and again your thoughts seek to free themselves and to contact with that which is of the Spirit. Yes, and you do so more effectively than you can grasp, but still more - still more do I emphasise the need, the desperate need - for mankind, as a whole, to lay self at the Feet of the Saviour and to give itself wholly into His sacred care.

"My children, I speak not of what is impossible, but I speak of that which is hard to accomplish while still in the physical body. I tell you quite frankly that only the courageous, the determined, and the pure, can reach this high ideal and hold it in spite of the opposing forces. Yet to you this evening - and I make no exception in regard to any of my children - I urge you to take a definite step, to make a stand for the God that is within you. I entreat you not only for your sakes now, but far more for those aeons of time which lie in front.

"I entreat you to get free from the bonds of the material world, free from its thought, if you will, because how seldom does God come into that thought, free from its distractions - those most destructive distractions, which are for ever telling you, or if not you then the vast majority - which are for ever telling you there is not time, business presses, the duties of the day, aye, even the duties to 'the dead' come first...

"I am putting it as the world puts it in thought. There are those who are ready to respond to the Call but are confused by the signpost of duty; sometimes it seems to them like this: That one hand points to God and the other, by the fraction of an inch, points to duty only. Well, you know the spiritual ruling on this; you know if you follow the hand which points to God alone you will find, before you have gone very far, that duty walked beside you all the way.

"Oh, if it were in my power tonight, I would draw back the curtain of the future just for one second and show you what effort, what dedication, what concentration, can bring into being - would show you for your comfort what stress and strain and overwork, and the disappointing thoughts that follow - would show you that all these are as the bricks in that wonderful foundation on which we shall call to the world.

"My dear, dear children, listen and try and take in tonight something of the responsibility - yes, and more than that - something of the sacredness of the Call that has come to you. Argue it out in your minds like this, and be certain that the Father's promises never fail:

"On the one side are those multitude of obstacles in the form of distractions, the little unforeseen calls upon time, upon your attention, and upon that active side of your thinking mind. That is the one side, and to the majority it seems as though duty and a thousand things of a spiritual character lie on that side of physical life.

"On the other, what is it? The quiet call of the Spirit - and nothing more.

"You see how it is that man gets confused - because the weight is so much greater on the earth's side, apparently, than on the spiritual. And yet, tonight, I say once more, that in comparison of importance, of construction, of all that creation of beauty and of power - the quiet call of the Spirit is away and beyond all the world's side.

"It is, as it were, a single golden coin against a mass of coppers. To those who did not know, on seeing the two, they would instantly think that by taking the pile they were enriching themselves far, far more than by possessing the tiny coin... It is a crude illustration but it is difficult to talk in the earth language of that which means so much, and so I ask you to search your own minds and to find other similes which will fit in. There on the earth side - I deny it not - you get the bulk, you get what seems to your physical mind overwhelmingly important and tangible and real.

"And on the other just faith - faith in yourself that you have heard the Voice of God.

"You see, I am trying to get you on; I am trying to shorten the road of material experience. And why? Because I long for you to enter into the shining path of spiritual experience. And then, dear children, on looking back - if you ever have an inclination to look back - you will smile at the gifts of the world, those treasures of the earth, and you will see that moth and rust had corrupted them indeed.

"Yes, to those who once have heard the Call of the Spirit, their treasure is in Heaven - and Heaven in this case means in the Heart of the Father. Their treasure is there, and that is why until the unity is complete on your side peace evades you, and unrest - that unrest which frets the nerves and builds up imaginary horrors or ugliness of other kinds in your minds - that unrest will torture you because you belong to God.

"My children, of old you heard a lot about stewardship and the duties that go with that trusted position in the King's household. Well, tonight I would like you to think just for a minute or two on your stewardship in the house of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

"Perhaps some of you have not looked at it in this way. It has seemed to you that you are not of sufficient importance, that rather the Father's Love is extended to you as a child who doesn't yet know very much of the Father's will. Those in prominent positions, who are the avowed servants of God, they are the stewards in the household of the King - so you would think. But I wish to enlarge your minds on this as on many other things. I say to you all that whether you recognise it or not, whether you seek that position of honour or not, you are stewards in the household of the King.

"I want you not to confuse the remarks I have made about the duties of earth, and so I lead you on to the discussion of your stewardship and how God has put you in the position in which you find yourselves today. You know, dear children, that there are some who love God dearly, who have an idea that by devoting themselves entirely to the contemplation of His Love and the study of the Sacred Word they are following as closely as possible the rules laid down for stewards. Sometimes it so happens that that is part of their little bit of the pattern - but I am speaking tonight to those in the busy world, to those who have to work, and, perhaps, provide a livelihood for others; I am speaking to the toilers, to those who think they are fettered hand and foot to the work of the world - and for these, as for you all, I have a message of comfort. I tell them that each one in their separate niche, whether they think it fits them or not, they are at one and the same time stewards in the household of the King.

"Then I would turn to the home-folk, to those who it seems to them are just the 'hacks' of daily life, doing the jobs which the luckier ones have escaped.

"Oh, my children, there are countless thousands today who mourn their lack of opportunity, who feel their talents are wasted or that they have never had a chance of developing them. These we feel very kindly towards because, you know, in the home there does not seem much chance of proving that within them is that creative force that can build something which will last for ever. Oh no, they would tell you at once, the work produces nothing but irritation - it is the same thing day in and day out! To them I say, as to the outstanding figures in the world - perhaps I say it more to them - that they are stewards in the household of the King.

"Could you but see the working of the spiritual life underneath the physical, you would know that not one of the simplest tasks well done does not produce beauty of a permanent kind - and because the task was not exactly a congenial one, then if it is done willingly and to the best of their ability, the beauty is greater and grander still.

"Get down from the heights of physical thinking and start to climb the ladder of spiritual thought. See in your daily lives the opportunity, not of startling the world - for the world forgets you tomorrow - but of creating something which will stand for all time, something which will make others say: 'There goes a good steward!'

"Comprehensive as the spheres may be, stupendous as the marvels to be unrolled before your wondering eyes, I say that only are these things there by the quietly sustained effort of those doing their daily tasks - the monotony of life transformed into the radiance of the Spirit by God.

"Yes, you see now that life, the trivial round, is a bigger thing than you thought; and I want you to bear in mind always that by doing your task as well as you can, you are also seeking God - seeking God and finding Him too if the heart is kept right with Him.

"There is no confusion in the two ideas. I have told you to focus your attention on the Great Spirit. I say that in your domestic life, it may be, or in the slightly wider area of the office, still focus your mind on God - because, if you do that, you are bound to work well. The spirit within knows no second best, it only knows that which represents completeness - completeness, the finished task done to the best of your ability. And what in the end seems to you faulty, well, your Father finishes what you would you had had the power to do yourselves...

"Work and effort and strain, these are the bricks of that foundation on which we can stand and call to the world. See to it that your bricks are in their right places; see to it too that in placing your own, you do not disturb those of another; see to it that the harmony between you all is complete in the wish to build for God. And if the wish is there, you shall find, in such a wonderful way, that you have builded better than you knew.

"But watch the outposts of your life; watch and be on your guard against those most subtle forces out to hinder the Spirit - sadness and depression. These, dear children, very often are the last of that great army you have fought and conquered. They come when you are feeling over weary with the strain. They come at the end of a long day. They come when the body is weakest and frailest. They are indeed, to many, the hardest of all to overcome and to banish.

"And so tonight I say: Be on your guard and watchful of the outposts, and when the first sign or first hint of their presence is felt, say to yourself: 'I belong to joy - the joy which is of God!'

"Sadness, dear children, is hallowed in one sense - because of what it has produced, what it has worked out in the physical mind of man. But once its work is done - and it was only a test sent to prove whether you were strong enough to emerge from it into joy - once its work is done, you belong to it no more.

"You belong to that perfect happiness, that perfect harmony, which is ours on this side, and is in the possession of those you love, who have stepped out of the physical body in order to come into their own place in the Kingdom of the Lord. They too are wedded to joy, and their work now amongst you is to link you to joy as well. Therefore, sadness and depression and loneliness are not of them - they are of the shadows only, from which your loved ones call to you to step forward into the light of understanding - into the revelation of the Love of God.

"See to it then, that you put on your strongest armour to fight the enemies that would approach. And if you call upon the Saviour and upon those you love, who are also of joy itself, so shall you find that happiness in its most beautiful form - contentment - shall enter and remain a guest until that contentment is turned into something stronger still, when between you and your loved ones the unity will be complete.

"One word more: Remember, dear children, that when you think a sad thought, you are adding to the sorrow of the world. When you think a glad thought, then instantly you are giving us extra power over here. When you think a brave thought then, unconsciously to themselves, the weak ones square their shoulders. When you think a holy thought, then the Spirit of God within men rises and dominates that which is of the earth...

"It is cause and effect right through. You can build or you can destroy. You can add a link, or you can break one that already has been put together by much effort. You can lift another up, or you can push them one pace further down. You can be an instrument of God, or you can - unwillingly though it may be - you can be used by the shadows to strike that which is Love Itself...

"And so joy hides its head until you recognise that you belong to light and not to darkness, to freedom and not to captivity, to peace and not to strife, to gladness and not to sorrow...

"And now I leave you..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...And now, my children, we are going to close. My little secretary has had quite enough to do; and my child during the week will find also that she will have quite enough to do to give you a faithful representation of this evening. You see the question of 'stewardship' comes again. Each one of you has your own particular work to do, and, for your own sakes, see that each life is kept as intact as possible.

"You know, it is like a big school - you say to one: 'That is your little bit', to another: 'That is yours'. There is always the lazy child, and there is always the one who will work; and, again, the one who can be very busy when the mood takes her, and the one who thinks tomorrow will do just as well. Children in a school - only in regard to life, it is a bigger and more important thing altogether.

"I just mention this because you sometimes wonder that an extra burden seems to be put on one who doesn't appear to have sufficient strength to carry it. Dorrie feels like that sometimes, both with her work and with the messages (note-taking) - but I say, in God's Name, that she will find the strength to carry her through.

"To those who suffer, I say also that they shall find the strength of the Spirit to carry them through.

"But remember, all of you, that you are chosen stewards in the household of the King, and because that post of honour is yours, then not only will the King see to it that you have the tools with which to work, but also that the strength will be forthcoming to make that which appears so difficult, possible to accomplish.

"You are tired and I must not keep you any longer, but I do want you, if you can, to remember that in work of this kind - more especially in regard to the spreading of a new truth that has got to be hammered in - that in a case like this, the power which is of God is given into your possession in a way so stupendously greater than would be possible for you to imagine.

"My children all, my children, in God's Name I ask you not only to continue in faith, but to be steadfast in hope; and, day by day, in reviewing what has happened and what has been done - so far as you are able - to be certain that it is gathered in as grain in the store to be used as food later on...

"You cannot grasp these subtler truths, you cannot realise that the tasks of today are just those which are needed to produce the power of tomorrow; but I do wish you could sufficiently distract yourselves from the personal to know within yourselves, that, from the spiritual point of view, you are producing - by your daily effort, by the wish to be steady and to be true - you are producing that spiritual food which, in time to come, shall be used to feed the multitude so that they may not go hungry.

"I cannot go into this particular phase because it would be revealing too much, and so I ask you to go forward in hope - in hope and joyful anticipation that the grey days indeed will be turned to those of sunshiny blue - and in that time you will look back and marvel what in ignorance you did, and how God has turned that ignorance into illumination and understanding of the things which are of Him.

"Christ in your hearts, hope to lead you on, faith as the strong staff, love as the motive power - these things are yours, and one day you will be enabled to use them as they are meant to be used, without any restrictions at all.

"God bless you and keep you in the brightness of His Face, and give you your soul's desire, which is unity with Him for ever and for ever.

"Goodnight, my children."

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